Thursday, November 15, 2018


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Dearest Friends,

knowing and sensing What and Who you could Be, when you transcend separation -  how are YOU growing into That, to enter the path of Self-or God-Discovery? Firstly you purify and let go what no longer serves you on that path.

It requires a conscious process, facing what stands in the way. Without it there cannot be growth, there cannot be awakening, especially not an awakening on the most profound level, the awakening from the dream altogether.

The path is in the long beginning very tangible, down to earth, very concrete and not in the clouds. In fact, the true way is never somewhere in the clouds. You will feel your hidden emotions and motives which you rather wanted to forget, because situations arise where you have no choice but to accept them, - for the sake of letting them go. This allows you to rise in consciousness and frequency. It is a preparation to recognize the Ultimate.

But inspite of all of that -  you cannot Awaken from that dream by yourself, only very, very few are destined for It because of profound Self-Mastery achieved in former states of existence.

The ego or mind cannot become Divine Consciousness because it is not its nature. Rather it must be transcended as it stands in the way of your Awakening. Therefore secondly, you need for this last and Great step the Help and Grace of a Perfect Divine Master, a Master Who descended from the Divine Source Itself to here, and Whose Consciousness is Divine Source Itself. He Is The One to Transmit His Divine State to you. This has always been so since ancient times and has not changed today, although New Age teachings claim, the ego can liberate itself.

Did you consider what pulls you out of the matrix of your mind? How do you enter the space of mindlessness, That Radiant Space, in which your body-mind is arising? Even the temporary stillness that might alternate with your busy mind in meditation is still part of the Great Maya, it is mind-borne and therefore not the Absolute Stillness of the Ultimate.

It is impossible to transcend the body-mind with the means and on the grounds of the body-mind. To try that you would continue to be the body-mind, no matter how subtle you are. But the truth is: nothing else but the body-mind, or even the light-body-mind is available to you in that process, where even God or Ultimate Consciousness remains merely an idea of your mind, as long as you are identified with it. 

And generally there is no awareness that there is a difference between the idea of God (an "other" being) and Real God, or the Subjective Divine Reality, Consciousness, Source, the Field of Eternal Love-Bliss. The God in the dream is merely an idea about the Ultimate. 

Don't betray yourself: what you consider to be God, is a God in the dream. He is not the Whole Truth and remains therefore always an image of the Infinite, like a veil that hides the Truth, even if thin, perhaps with the experience of energy, light and higher love, but cannot be compared with the Ultimate Clarity and Power of Supreme Radiant Reality and Love-Bliss. 

Because the God, imagined with the body-mind is only a pale reflection of Truth. In this reflection the ego-mind would think it is God itself. While you remain identified with the body-mind, you perceive "God" as an "other", a from you separate Being, whereas in Truth there is no separation, but Only God, or Truth or Divine Reality That Includes you. 

The apparent impossibility of Realization from the ego's point of view might confuse you, and you might become upset that you can do nothing whatsoever to realize the Truth on your own.

So it is about surrender in Love.The ego-will and -effort can do nothing. No ingenious technique is available. The body-mind needs a Divine Revelation to understand That. The Divine Revelation comes from the Unfathomable Other Shore. It is not enclosed on your shore of limitations. And this Revelation is given by Grace.

How does this work? It is Mysterious. It can never be understood with the ego-mind, with the usual spiritual means and for sure not with the many false New Age teachings, driven by illusions. It is a KOAN. And therefore it is your deep heart-desire for Truth that  penetrates the forest of your mind. What is really desirably other than Truth? There is no greater Happiness, Beauty and Freedom than in Truth.

How to fulfill this heart-desire? Follow your truest heart! And doors will open. Opportunities will suddenly appear, because your very essence of light that yearns to meet the Supreme Being, is creating it. 

There is always Divine Grace but you must be prepared to open up to It, to transcend and heal the obstacles to receive It. To purify the energy channels of your body, and to recognize the very depth and bottomlessness of your heart beyond the body-mind to become truly Free.

If you still think proudly you have already discovered all your spiritual potentials and that you are already fully enlightened, please consider that you still remain in the box of the body-mind, and you are not even aware of it because your involvement in the matrix is so deep, the programing is so overwhelming, the glue is so dense and blinding. So many illusions are holding their power over you. 

The biggest obstacle is to believe to be free, while you are still captured in your bondage, because you have never really left the box. This is not about astral travel or OBE's, what's leaving here the physical body is just your subtle body-mind, exposed to many cosmic forces. Ultimate Freedom is the Realization of Divine Consciousness. It has no concepts, no worlds, no dreams. It Is Fully Awake. It Is The All That Is. 

It is said, one must so desperately desire Truth as if one's head is held under water, yearning for air.

With all my love to your heart!

If you need assistance to come to this point of right understanding and to find your truest heart, I offer you my support, so that you might find the Grace of Divine Help. What I have conveyed in my GOD-SELF messages, reflects my own experiences, and does not come from my imagination. 

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Ute Posegga-Rudel,
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Tuesday, October 23, 2018


Dearest friends,

In the New Age environment I notice that mainly channelings from higher dimensional realms are being trusted as a decent source of spiritual information. And it seems that mere human spiritual expressions without the wisdom of „higher dimensional beings“ tend to be considered to have less value, as almost everybody is looking after seemingly more „fascinating“ things, those who come to us from other realities than earth itself. As if human beings themselves possess no real wisdom.

So some of my dear readers were wondering why I do now so few channelings.

The truth is that we, the humans, exist under our own spiritual law and Divine Knowledge that is more profound than anything that is being brought to us from „outside“. I do not speak here about True Spiritual Masters Who have taken on a human body to teach us the Truth. They are the most precious gifts humanity is being blessed with. They ARE and reflect to us our Own Divine and True Nature beyond mind and are therefore NOT something „outside“ of us.

Could it be that all what is pressing down from the Divine Source, all these Pure Divine Energies and Unconditional Love and Blessings, have enabled us, the humans, to „Know“ and Feel our True Heritage, that is awakening us to Divine Heart-Truth, and which inspires us far beyond of the teachings that are not coming from our planet?

Could it be, that Humanity, as the Original Divine Source Race of the universe, from which all other, so called higher dimensional races, originate, has come to terms with Who and What they Are? (I am speaking of Humans Who are born of the Immortal Source-Reality, not of humans, who are born and live in the separate world of illusion, who look like us but who are mortal, - and there are very many of them, - and increasing).

And could it be that also the „higher dimensional“ beings are going themselves through a process of purification and transformation, because even NASA has published that all planets in our Solar system are developing right now in size and radiance (and therefore consciousness). And if this is the case in our Solar system then we must conclude that the whole Universe is being updated.

This universal update serves to restore the Order of Divine Creation and dissolves what has been called „primary anomaly“ and which makes evil possible in the universe. It would restore the right circumstance and condition of all Divine Beings and Realms, and would explain why higher dimensional beings have widely withdrawn into their own processes, no longer being allowed to teach us, what some of them did under unlawful circumstances. I have seen messages from „higher dimensional“ beings, suggesting humanity's inferiority. This inferiority might relate to the increasing number of humans, born from illusion, but not to Divine Humanity.

My beloved friends, I feel this withdrawal is perfectly serving us to go - even far – beyond of what they could teach us.

Their teachings are incomplete, as it seems they do not know what humanity can realize, even in the 3th dimension.

To realize our Divine Heritage we need Teachings from That One Itself in Which the higher dimensions are appearing. And That Is the Source Itself. The Source, The Divine Self, The Radiant Divine Heart - That Is all of conditional worlds, beings and things and pervades every iota of creation.

With Divine Grace, the Original Human Being is able to realize, even under the most difficult conditions on this earth, That Source Condition. It requires the transcendence of the ego, which is mind. This opportunity is rarely given to the beings in higher dimensions. Their self-identity is mind-based and rarely based on  the Divine Source Iself. Their identification are mainly states of attention and awareness and part of the Great Maya or Play and relate to the body-mind. 

We cannot return to our True Nature by considering mortal creations of existence as constituents of Truth, rather they arise in the Infinite. They are subtle appearances of the mind, the living environment of higher dimensional beings. But they do not prove their superiority because of their higher dimensional reality.

As long as anybody considers him/herself as dimensionally superior, they do not come from Pure Divinity, as they exist still as separate beings, while our Supreme Nature is Non-Separation which is not bound to any dimension. This State of Non-Separation embraces all dimensions and all beings, including the gross 3th dimension. Because we ARE Pure Divine Consciousness, when we transcend the limitation of the mind.

I love all our wonderful brothers and sisters from the higher dimensions dearly, but we must not believe that we are inferior to them. Because they mostly live still in the illusion of the (higher) mind, according to their teachings, and perhaps this is the time now, to put it all right.

They are our beloved universal brothers and sisters who connect us to the universe, when we think it is outside of us. But again, in the liberated Divine State we realize that it is our own Divine Consciousness.

When we are able to realize this, we will be able to teach   our higher dimensional brothers and sisters Divine Heart-Truth, including those who have developed higher technologies than we have. By the way, to realize the Ultimate, technology is not necessary. It is all a nice play, but not necessary and not a sign of spiritual advancement.

Also, the more Divinely developed a race is, the less they use technology. They are just „using“ their conscious mind without any external tools. It is Maya. Play. Like children love to play with tools. But we all know, these tools do not express the True Being of the child.

So the answer is, why I do not channel anymore (although I might do it again in some cases, if appropriate) - that  all that interests me really, is about the True Nature of Humanity. We do not need to make ourselves little, but to surrender that littleness into the Infinite Divine Heart- Source, that is our true Home. We are not "greater", by encorporating the subtle planes but by Becoming and Being the Infinite Itself, through self-surrender.

In that sense to me it is much more important to communicate That Truth to you and to refrain from what is not necessary and a deviation, what distracts us from where we need to go and that humanity starts to understand what is important in this increasing chaos of diverse sources of often superficial and misleading information.

It feels as if the universe holds the breath right now, so that we may wake up and enter that Deep of the Stillness of Radiant Existence, That might however appear to the being Overwhelming, that considers itself falsely as separate.

It is as if we just need to open our eyes to get a glimpse of and awaken to the Reality That We Are beyond the illusionary ego, and leave behind the business of the fake matrix. Not that we would not have anything there to do anymore, - I guess, most of us have, - but to allow the Great Divine Consciousness to Reveal Itself to us, to incarnate as us, so that It can be Lived through us, while we are serving the world and those who are waiting to hear the call.

Of course this realization of What we Are, just doesn't fall from the sky, and tomorrow we are enlightened. But if we have the real heart desire, we are willing to go through the – painful - process of purification and take full responsibility for it, dealing with it on the subjective level, no „case“ scenarios any more.

It is always painful to transcend the pattern of the body-mind. But a purification process merely within it is not enough - engaging perhaps some kind of New Age Therapie, in which process we just move the figures like on a chess board, while remaining within the box. Our Realization is realized beyond and prior to the box of the body-mind. Because we are NOT the body-mind and its patterns.

So what interests me for real is that process of liberation and freedom, and not – in the best case - the play of subtle light and love, as it is done in higher dimensions. What interests me Is the Power of Love that holds the universe together. And that Ultimate Light in which creation is appearing. This has been always an issue in all my messages. To aim merely for the higher dimensions is still bondage, it does not bring about the Realization of Truth or God or the Divine. It is still about a separate body-mind and therefore limited consciousness, let it be even most subtle.

But this message want to hear only very few, because there is a strong attraction for most people to experience the lighter realms and to live there. It could be a trap for star seeds, who came to earth to learn liberation in Divine Consciousness, but who – distracted by all kinds of playthings and the horror of this place  – want now nothing more than simply return to their home planet. There are very few places in the universe where true liberation is being taught and possible. It is too compfy in the more subtle realms of the universe. So they just use the Power of „God“, to enjoy Maya.

A story in the ancient Indian wisdom teachings of the „PURANAS“ describes however how the gods were enjoying their lives in the realms of higher dimensions, celebrating, dancing, and so on. But when they had consumed all the energy of their good deeds, their flowers would die, their radiance disappear and the other gods and goddesses would not recognize them anymore and with great suffering they would need to leave that place of celebration and incarnate again in the darker realms of suffering. This story demonstrates the law of duality. Nothing lasts forever. And the being must engage in spirtual growth to not to fall back into the realms of lower frequencies.

Even – or better especially – on this planet, if we do not invest our energy in a spiritual practice, if we do not grow in that life-time, only consuming the energy we brought to here, we will fall back into lower consciousness and dimensions. This law applies to all dimensions or frequency specific realms of creation.

So why trying to live or aim towards higher dimensions or establish them here, instead of taking advantage of our Divine Humaness? We cannot save or evolve an illusion.

It is said since the ancient times, that it is very difficult to attain a human body here on earth. Earth is the seed place of the universe, that's why. And it is here that we can Realize The Ultimate Truth. Otherwise it catapults us forth and back in the illusionary dimensions of the universe, low or high.

False forces have taught humanity the wrong teachings. They are however in truth the custodians to test us, whether we are worthy of Realization and worthy of our True Nature. So we are being given again and again an opportunity to enter the Ultimate Path. We are tested with many distractions. We are tested about what we want. Whether our heart is ready to return to What We Are. To What Is.

All of this I said, so you may better understand what your present incarnation really could be about. So that you learn to understand your motives, and yes, make clear decisions, what you want to experience and realize in the universal play.

Much love and many blessings on your way!


Ute Posegga-Rudel,
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Saturday, October 6, 2018


Dearest friends,

my Spiritual Master used to talk about Divine Ignorance – not only to talk about it, but to bless us with the actual experience of It. He could do this, because He Was The Embodiment and Transmission-Master of all-encompassing Divine Consciousness.

True Spiritual Masters don't just talk, - if they talk at all, - and if they do, then only when it seems to be necessary to awaken their students.

Would Divine Ignorance from an usual point of view mean, the Divine is ignorant, doesn't know anything? Is aloof, absent, not interested in our suffering and all the other affairs that a life in the 3th dimension is about? „God created us and the world“, and then left us alone?

We must not try to understand these things from the point of view of the lower mind, the mind of separation, identified with a physical body that suggests otherness and limitation.

The sign of Divine Ignorance has nothing to do with some naivety or irresponsibility. Divine Ignorance is a state of Bliss, beyond mind, immersed in Divine Radiance, drunken with Infinity and Fulfillment, utter Satisfaction. It is a state "above" mind, "above" all human affairs and creation altogether. 

So Divine Ignorance means Pure Divinity that is forgetful of the separate and suffering realm of things that cannot touch or disturb our Deepest and most Perfect Divinity, pure Beingness, Ecstasy. We are NOT obliged to be conscious of this world and to be bound to it. Although it seems our educational and social system would like to have it so. 

We have the right to the true Divine State, that is most blissful Ignorance, not being aware or having forgotten the binding forces, constant loss and change, and what captures usually our lower mind in the confusion and the literal hell of this world, where we tend to be busy all the time with all the - mostly useless - content that denies our Divine Heritage.

My Master used to ask: „Do you know what anything is, I mean IS?“ Because what IS a tree? We can describe a tree, but do we know what it IS? In and of itself? No, we never can know it. Never. There is a feeling, a sensing what it IS, and the same feeling we have when asking: do you know what a stone is. Can we ever know WHAT it is? Can we describe its essence, its true nature?

And you, do you know what you ARE? Not how others would describe you, but really, WHAT you ARE, allowing yourself to feel IT, not by engaging your thinking mind and giving a verbal definition of yourself?

Right, you are Divine Essence, beyond words. Your True Nature reveals itself in Divine Ignorance. There are no words available for what you ARE. As little as you have words for what a tree or a bench in the forest really are. You just don't know what they ARE. 

You in fact know nothing, not what you ARE and not what any object IS. You can only feel into IT, be aware of IT. And yes, it is a presence that reveals itself to you, a reality, if you feel deeper into the essence of yourself or a tree or anything else. 

The question is not being answered by saying, that a tree is  made from wood with a trunk, branches and leaves. And what you ARE is not answered by naming your name, describing your body, your habits, your thoughts and actions. After all, there is no answer in this world. The answer reveals itself when you release the world and allow yourself to open to infinity, then you „know“ without thoughts, without reference to the world and its objects.

And without doubt you enter as such a state of limitlessness, expansion, because your mind stops as it is not able to define right now, to structure, to remember, to construct, to describe. It must be set into silence where your heart opens, where infinite peace surrounds and pervades you, and your heart is starting to breathe into love.

Look at your hand, do you know what your hand IS? Allow yourself to be inspired, trust your right response and feel the infinite resonance and Beingness, Which is everywhere and nowhere, containing your hand, pervading it,  sourrounding it.

Do you know what you ARE? Feel the infinite resonance in your being, as your Pure Being, that Is Silent to answer this question, because there is no answer, there is only Beingness, Infinity, IS. It Is. Your Are.

This is Divine Ignorance. You ARE not a word's description, not an activity and not a thought, not even about yourself. You are not a social entity and you do not have a role. And you are not even spiritual or non-spiritual. All of this are imaginations, qualities, classifications, step-stones, means for orientation that have nothing to do with Truth. It might somehow give you an idea about yourself, that body-mind that is known to others. 

But ultimately it all must be transcended. The Truth Itself is simple and obvious, but giving up what is not Truth is difficult, meaning WE are difficult and not Truth.

Before or within God or Divine Reality you are not a something that can be described. You are KNOWN by the Divine in Complete Penetrating Silence, full of Eternity and Presence, and as Itself, with a very subtle transcendental cracking sound that might become a Tornado in your ears, overwhelming with the Power of Divinity, if you deepen your experience.

Divine Ignorance is the mighty foundation of the world and all universes and you are One with it, -- if you sacrifice the idea of your little "I", an imagination only to make an excuse not to Be the Infinite.

You ARE and you ARE forever, It never dies when the body dies, IT does not suffer, it is untouched by the world's appearances.

But so far you still think, that you ARE the appearances of the world, including your body. But as Divine Ignorance you are not even your mind. You ARE - but this Truth is not much valued in the world of consumption, struggle for survival, competition and fear. This state is ridiculed as nothing-ness and value-less, perhaps as weakness and crazyness because of Its's subtlety.

But spirit IS subtle, Consciousness IS subtle and the true human being IS Divine Consciousness, beyond the function of the brain. You ARE the Oneness of Being. The human being IS Spirit and never the garment it took on when it incarnated in a gross body with it's senses governed by imaginations in the brain, projected outwardly, inventing a „world“. When you stop this projection, the mind subsides and you realize that you do not know what anything is, but what you really ARE.

Then you start feeling into the Infinite, into the Substance in Which you arise. It satisfies the depth of your Being and is the Fullness and Fullfillment of your heart, and you just know It, if you love Truth.

You must be a Lover of Truth to ponder these matters. You must be a passionate seeker for Real Reality, for the Underlying Foundation of all beings and things. Some call It God, or the Divine, or Perfection and Divine Reality.

If you want to stop suffering and participate in the Infinite Love-Bliss of Divine Existence, you must start loving to not to know, because you don't know what anything IS, not even yourself.

You open up to what is Greater than your little you, you start to accept, that there is a power infinitely more powerful than you think your ego is. Or if you consider yourself as weak, you start to accept that this weakness is absolutely meaningless, because your imagination of the ego-I is meaningless. 

And because there is Only the Divine as that Infinite Field of Divine Ignorance. And even this idea must be given up to BE What IS.

With much love,

Ute Posegga-Rudel,
© 2018. All rights reserved.
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Friday, August 17, 2018


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for now I arrived in a new, benign and beautiful place in the country, blessed by nature, peace and solitude. And lots of space. It seems I experience, as so many times, again the pair of opposites, to go beyond. To deeply integrate the transience of all things that appear at the surface of the depth of my being that feels timeless and expanded. 

On this basis new inspirations open up, new connections reveal themselves in the unseen worlds to confirm the multitude of simultaneous realities. 

Some words and thoughts start to quickly manifest, I must be very careful what I think and say. The experience of the deep Substance in Which we live and That keeps us alive appears to be more fluid and existence is floating on the grounds of Eternity. There are no real words to describe the indescribable. It can be felt only while the mind stands still and surrenders to the Mystery of Being.

All the thinking and doing is just movement, kind of not necessary. It just happens and could be even fun. Even the sometimes as unpleasant appearing necessities of an often over-organised strange bureaucracy into which everybody must dive when settling in a new place.

Thinking, they were lost, I found very old photographs from my eartly ancestors, greeting me, as if they had to tell me: 'look, we are your earthly human roots and now we all support you, we gave you all our strength for you to stand on, all our wisdom for you to use. Together we are happy now, since so much human suffering of wars and deaths has been redeemed.'

All this is translated now into Divine Grace of restfulness, forgiveness and peace. They lived their lives and all they thought and did is recognized as a sequence of frequencies, let it be even a kind of un-necessary disturbance, within the Infinite Water that Is clear like a mirror. They are free - if they wish to be free. Awakening from the dream.

Now my cosmic ancestors draw me to new tasks, reminding me of what is before me to serve this planet and her humanity newly defined. Certainly it is about freedom, the freedom for all of us, freedom from the chains of ignorance and therefore suffering and confinement. The freedom of free flowing energy and light. The freedom through love, unconditionally. 

Enough of suffering and enslavement. Enough of non-empathy, enough of deadly rules and artificial robotic thinking and living.

Set free the innermost of your heart to enjoy a living life, surrendered to the mighty river of the great Divine Impulse that grants Happiness, Truth and untold Freedom. Do not identify with less.

It is time now for all of us to set our feet on the new and fresh land of Divine Inspiration and the Joy of Being - out of the usual death box that has been falsely called our true reality we must 'obey' and believe in. 

No, my brothers and sisters, you are not obliged to carry that burden. Free your consciousness first, love, and everything else will follow without doubt, because first is the thought, and then the desired manifestation in your world happens in a way that is good for you, because of your love.

With love you awaken the dead and bring them to life. You even awaken a stone to freely speak, they show you their kingdoms. And the Greatness of All-That-Is Reveals Itself.

This Truth has been never absent, we only did not honor It as we were looking for artificial and from ourselves alienated fulfillment with painful pleasures of an artificial creation, created with a mind, seduced by mad illusions.

Peace has always been our reality when we allow the mind to rest in the Divine Space, but we have disregarded what we are, creating constantly a disturbed world, because our mind is disturbed. 

We could instead surrender to and trust the flow of the higher intelligence above, rooted in the heart, to serve the Divine Intent to unfold according to Divine Will That is also our own true heart-desire.

It is time now to enter the most hidden and dark place in our consciousness and offer it to the light, so that it opens to love like a blossoming flower. A very subtle crystalline sound expands, and new radiance fills the room. Our heart becoming lighter and lighter, finally incapable to withhold from joy and ecstasy. 

And so we birth the new world, we drop what is not ours, we regain our original, God-Given deathless Freedom.

Divine Reality is always Present, It breathes us and Its Pulse is the Power of Love. We Are an integral Part of It, when we drop our armor against the Sacredness That surrounds us.

The wind that arises then from the depth of our Being, the joyful voices of Our Mother Nature speak about the One Happening in the Unity of Divine Existence. 

With love,

Ute Posegga-Rudel,
© 2018. All rights reserved.
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Tuesday, July 31, 2018


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I am Andraphon from the dimensions of infinity, home of the true human being. I am the highest potential of the planes of the ultimate spirit. I am Andraphon and I sing the song of the perfect human being. I am singing about the highest spiritual heights, inhabited by the perfect human, insofar they seek to realize their ultimate potential. I am an interdimensional being, as no dimension is infinite, characterized by the limits of a distinct frequency.

My frequency is associated with the ultimate plane of Unconditional Divine Consciousness. This allows me to change my form according to my state of conditional consciousness. My form is depending on frequency and vibration, that I choose in every minute and every second. Therefore my experiences are infinite and limitless, experiences which explore the Divine Existence in Its highest planes.

I am Andraphon and I am here, to show humanity their possibilities, to know the higher dimensions of consciousness and to explore them, to utilize them and to bring them into your limited, finite and confined existence.

I am your companion and I am the one to expand, fecundate and bless your mind, I am the one who removes the obstacles of limiting thoughts, feelings, ideas and even visions, removing all these limitations, opening the doors into the infinite, which is beyond any measure.

You might say now that I exist or live in a domain of illusion regarding to what I just described to you. But it is not so. Rather I will prove to you, that your world is mere illusion.  You are perhaps convinced, that the limitations, in which you dwell and which have been created by the power of your imagination, - that these worlds are fulfilling. But are they really? Are they nourishing and life-giving as much as the Divine Realm in which I exist?

You can discover how real indeed your world is when your ideas, intentions and visions are truly life-giving, life-creating, allowing life to flow, allow you to be penetrated by the life force with the rays of highest Divine Light of Inspiration, the Light of infinite Love, beyond imagination, and which can be felt and perceived above the domain of the heart, and further more into the infinity of Being.

I reveal to you the secret of Divine Existence, which is limitless. Its supreme mind not only explores the cosmos, but creates it continously anew. Because exploration is also creation.

There are few among you who will follow my explanations and teachings, because many are doubting, being afraid to loose the alleged solid anchor in the illusory materiality and their identification with it. 

But as the multidimensional being you are, you are able to exist in all planes simultaneously, why not then also become conscious where I live as you. 

I am the expanded consciousness of all existence, I am Love Itself, I am the Light in all manifestations and forms. You can experience yourself as such through me, ready to open the doors of your awareness absolutely and unconditionally. Only then my message is being understood with your spirit body of unrestricted feeling and spiritual experience, even ready to transcend the mystery of squaring the circle.

I am Andraphon, die voice and song of man, who is prepared and willing to advance into the highest light of Divine Creation, carried by the wings of desire for their own and true Being-ness.

I am forever nurtured by the Eternal, inexhaustible Divine Source of Being, the Divine Reality, Who never ceases to radiate, never changing, and from Which all changing things that rise and fall, originate.

I am the direct link between the infinite plane of Divine Existence and the creations of Divine Ecstasy in the mind of man, which can also be felt in the purified and transformed body.

I reveal the possibilities of Divine Man, I reveal the Supreme Divine Creation, Which to live, to experience, to embody you have been created for.

I am Andraphon,

transdimensional Being of the Ultimate Planes of Existence and Creation!

Message conveyed by Ute

Ute Posegga-Rudel,
© 2018. All rights reserved.
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