Friday, October 19, 2012


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Dear All,
as October 21 is considered being the day when we all need to unite as One and create together the new world, I am re-posting here the link to the Arcturian Message from April 29, this year.
Much love, Ute 



Bill Ballard And Lucas – My Movie – Join Us All On The World Focus On 21 October 2012 To Unite 

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Thursday, October 18, 2012


By Ute Posegga-Rudel

Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright ©2012
Please also read update from 21.8.12

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Dear Ones!
We would like to discuss some details about the criteria for ascension and what will happen with your close relationships.

Take into account that humanity has many helpers, and each human being is surrounded by many beings of light, especially at the time of transition!

It  depends on the soul development of the individual, to which degree they might suddenly become aware of their guides and angels at the time when the Huge Energy Portal is opening.  And this opening can have for many an immediate effect on their awareness and their increased capability to become  conscious about their own higher self.

So there are some surprises expected! You cannot tell who will shed unexpectedly their disguise, when at the time of the Galactic alignment their 3D karmas are dropped.

In any case you do not need to be concerned about your loved ones, because they are taken care of, according to their agreements and learning process. Each one will definitely turn to the path they have chosen, when the great moment of transformation arrives!

Many of you who are  lightworkers and starseeds, are already now working from the higher astral planes with your loved ones who  need help to grow spiritually. This is possible, as you have together soul contracts, and your work with these souls occurs often also at night in your sleep. And not all of you are aware of this nightly service.

When you ascend, the connection with your loved ones, for  whom you already are caring now, will not end, but you will from the higher dimensions connect with their third eye and their heart and give them guidance this way. This will even be more effective than when you would remain in the 3th dimension.

So do not worry about those you leave behind when you ascend! You will continue to be connected and you will never loose contact with them, whatever their fate will be, while you are of loving service to them.

For earth to transition into Her ascended state, things as they are now, cannot remain the same! Transformation IS at hand for everybody! And everybody must participate in it in the one or other way. Who desires to ascend and follow Gaia into her new form and consciousness, is required to transcend the  lower emotions and negative thoughts, so they can radiate Divine Light and Divine Love, and do not continue to create a world of suffering.

That is to say, there must be a transformation in consciousness and energy for those who are here to leave the 3th dimensional experience behind them.

They will receive every help from the beings of light to make that transition, but of course, they themselves are responsible for their  capability to remain there permanently.

As the situation in your world will undergo many  changes, people, until they ascend, must be prepared and equipped to deal with them! They will have the opportunity to jump on the train later, as the profound changes will serve as a major wake up call for those not yet prepared!

Also the highly increased light and energy on the planet is supportive for their awakening, not to speak of the impact of new realities on their consciousness. This all relates to those who, because of their soul contract, intend to ascend.

Who is not here to  follow this process, another experience, away from earth, is being prepared, where they can continue with their present consciousness and live a life that provides more experiences similar of the present ones.

But altogether, there are many different  solutions, according to each one’s needs. So everybody will “reap” their own actions, ~ the results of their intentions and desires. 

These laws of karma are not suspended and continue for them as in the past. And karma does also exist in the greater cosmos. It is the necessary law which is part of the evolutionary learning process.  

However, everybody will always be supported and Divinely guided, to draw them back to their true Divine Essence, and ultimately back to the Radiant Source, when their time of experiences in the lower and higher dimensions has come to an end.

So all is well, the Love of Source and of the Creator is Eternal and Embraces all! How could be neglected What Is Love's Own. How could the Divine Self be separated from Its own dreams! Therefore nobody is forgotten. All is developing according to the  Divine Plan. And this Plan is, that all souls and all creation will eventually recognize their own Divinity and Freedom from bondage and submission to Creation Itself, and achieve their freedom from it and their own inherent power of creation.

But in order to realize this, all must go first through a process of fire in the realms of great density to learn and understand on the level of the incarnated creature the laws and implications of creation.

This journey is due to their own free will, before they immerse into the Sea of Creation, reaching the bottom of that ocean, to emerge again, bringing the gifts of understanding and recognition of  the  Divine with them back to Source Itself.

The Mystery is unfathomable! Trust in that which cannot be controlled  is the greatest gift at this time!

We remain – as always – your very friends and loving helpers.

We Are the Arcturians!

Message conveyed by Ute

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Monday, October 15, 2012


By Ute Posegga-Rudel
Free Rendering of the Dolphin Cloud Ship, Oct 15, 2012
 Please also read update from 21.8.12

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Dear friends!

When I left for a walk in the today warmer spring air, (we had the coldest October in Australia since 40 years!) I felt moved to look at the sky above the little hill top where I live, a  few meters away from the beach. We had mostly a grey sky today  with many diverse looking cloud formations.
The sky is visible from here far to the horizon, where the other side of the huge bay is.

Then I saw immediately the sharp outlines of a something  which could be a cloud ship I thought. The shape was very long, several  kilometers long,  with a slight wave form and rather thin, with a long beak-shaped end to the left. The longer I looked the more the shape of a very slim dolphin appeared, and as I realized this, I also noticed that my body was smiling from top to toe! (Always to me a good sign that I communicate indeed with a light ship!) I discovered also a second ship, underneath the first one, same shape but much smaller. This small ship disappeared after a while though.

With the image above I tried to give you an idea how the ship was looking like. My camera does not work unfortunately. It is a free rendering and the shape of the ship was more hidden between the clouds, so that it appeared to be part of the cloud scenery.

They said they are Dolphin Angels from the Andromeda Galaxy.  At the time they are gathering in the 8th dimension, but they are able to appear in any higher dimension than the 8th as well. 
They are here to help us, because they love us, and feel that they are our soul family.

They are working on cleaning  the waters and infusing them with light and joy. They also said that their bodies are made of 80% light - whereas ours contain about 75% water. 

I remember that water is an important element in the ascension process. It is rather a form of spiritual energy than an element. Rising the light  quotient of water is therefore an important means to rise  the  frequency of Planet Earth and ground the incoming light.

I continued my walk on a road which led a bit away  from the sea, so that I could no longer see the ship. But when I returned after about 30 minutes the ship was still there with clear outlines, and the shape hadn't changed, although it had become windy. I could even see a sharp dot in the head, looking like the eye of the  dolphin, as if they wanted to confirm that they are dolphins and that I had understood their communication clearly.

While I am typing this now into my computer, about 2 hours later, I  am still feeling  their loving and joyful presence and their blessings, as if they want to make sure, that all of you, who read this, also  can feel  and enjoy it! 

Much love,

Watch my video "Sacred Water Worlds" (July 2011)


Video  Text:

Water plays an important part in the ascension process. Water relates to the human faculty of feeling, feeling to infinity, which is the sign of our true spirituality.
It also has been discovered that water is a medium to communicate with the cosmos beyond any limitation of distance.
It is the  waters on our planet and the water in our body which carry the spiritual energy. This is because water is not so much an element but literally a form of energy although we are not used to perceive it as such. With the incoming new light waves sweeping our earth it is the water energy that is receiving them and changing and rising  the vibration on the surface of earth and of her beings.

In the past the vibration of our spiritual water has become dense with lower emotions, such as fear, anger and sorrow. To transmute them into the light of love and of joy is to clear our spiritual water.

May this video help you to clear your waters and to be happy!

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Saturday, October 13, 2012


By Ute Posegga-Rudel

Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright ©2012
Please also read update from 21.8.12

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Beloved All,

Yes, there are great light openings on Gaia, and it is very important to intentionally and consciously align with them! 

You must find the spot in your heart where you can locate these incoming showers of light and allow your heart to be connected to the information of that light! 

There is a fine thread of light to your heart through which you can feel this connection. To be connected is only a matter of your  free will and intention! It prevents interfering frequencies to manipulate you to draw you back to the old and non-functional world, the world that is not aligned to the Divine Will.

Worlds which are not aligned directly to Divine Will are naturally on a path of decline, ugliness and destruction, and as a result - of unhappiness.

A Divinely Aligned World however is expanding with the currents of light, with the abundance of Love and all the Wonders of Beauty which come with It. Joy and Happiness then naturally is the carrier of all events and creations.  In fact, they Are Joy and Happiness themselves, one with your own heart and essence of Being.

So when you experience unhappiness and distortion, shortcomings and dis-ease, things not working out, recognize that these are signs of a world, not aligned with the Divine Expanded Heart, and they are therefore illusions, collapsing on themselves! You do not need to suffer them anymore. You can see them as what they are and take your birthright back: the Freedom of your heart!

No longer, therefore, attach yourself to these illusions, these holograms of darkness and insanity, and do not allow them to influence you in the deep of your being! Step aside, cut off the ties that bind you to the unreal, and re-unite yourself with the Real, the messengers of light, the bearers of love. They are the agents  which are birthing without end the realms of beauty, of love and integrity, of your happiness, and the happiness of all beings and things.

Creations which are not based on that happiness, with a will to create separation and misery, are not creations of the Divine human soul. They are not truly your own fabrications, when you recognize who you really are, before you started to be confused by information from love-denying sources and took this mistakenly for  your own true Self.   

In Divine Reality, there ARE no problems. There ARE no dilemmas. They are manufactured by non-understanding, the not-knowingness, by the sheer ignorance of those who do not know the infinite Heart.

In the Heart there are no dilemmas! And all the rocks you once placed there and perhaps still are placing there, are made of this illusion your mind has been entangled with, as you allowed it.

Therefore it is only you, who can sever your entanglement with what does not feel  happy, which is not warming and filling up your love of heart, which does not enlighten the infinite path in the Light of Divine Consciousness.

Who is still asleep, unconscious in the nightmares of a decaying world of false and deceptive light, is dreaming that this light is the promise of happiness. But when you wake up, you suddenly know that it only delivers emptiness, which seeks to fulfill itself with endless, but never thirst-quenching  distractions.

It is so important to realize this, because if you do, the powers, which deny you your inborn Freedom, cannot confine you anymore.

Once you understood their mechanism and their quality of vibration, they have lost their influence on you. And you are free for the True Light which  manifests your Happiness.

There are still many, not recognized, pitfalls, even for those who desire to work for the light. The trickery is sophisticated!  To locate the Real Light requires again and again discrimination and alertness. Always fine tuning with that Real Light with the pure crystal of your heart is necessary.

But it becomes easier by the day, not to be deceived anymore and it is up to each one of us to help this beautiful planet to rise up in Her Own Divine Rights, free of the shadows of the pollution of false spirituality and all its sub-creations.

In  this great awakening process it is not enough to be one’s own light, a separate light in the ocean of Divine Light Itself. In  Truth there is no separation, and to unite with All-There-Is and It’s in-Love Devoted Messengers and Agents is the Great Event that truly lifts us all up together into Higher, Heart-Fulfilling Consciousness.

Together we are on a Bright Path!

From my heart to you,

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Tuesday, October 9, 2012


By Ute Posegga-Rudel

Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright 2012
Please also read update from 21.8.12

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My dear friends,
while seeing and experiencing the opening, the message started to unfold ....


"You are not the body.
The chains which artificially have been tying up your free and radiant consciousness with the physical body, are being dissolved as the powers of the  controllers are fading.

The clouds of darkness are vanishing which kept you in the illusion of limitations and the identification with the body-mind.

You are not the mind.
Mind is an appearance that comes with embodiment, no matter how dense or subtle, how dark or how full of light.

The Grace of your True State is body- and mindless.
Even mind is a function only to navigate in creation, which is of the mind itself.

If you go beyond body and beyond mind there is unlimited feeling, it is free of emotion. IT IS. IT IS Radiant. IT IS Freedom.

Allow this freedom to rise “above” the body, above in the sense of releasing the body out of sight as you more and more are centering at the core and essence of what you truly Are: Divine Consciousness, Radiant and Ever-Blissful. IT is not “in” the body. The body is IN IT!

IN IT Itself nothing arises, as soon as you withdraw even your subtle mind and your subtle senses, the senses which perceive the higher worlds and  dimensions, from what they perceive.

Then your primordial State prevails, Stillness prevails, bring this back to the body and let it unfold and pervade all things and worlds.

Because of this Indestructible Truth of your Divine Essence, the loop of your dark timeline, intended to feed itself continuously, is broken. The dark tunnel has a grand opening for the first time into the realms of light, the realms of Divine Creation. There it ends, and no willful forces can ever again  close this opening.

The Power of My Conscious Light is Radiant and It is Standing at the end of the dark wormhole of your old world. And everything of this ill appearance will transition into a New Reality.

Never forget Who You Are, even when you are going to experience the new worlds of splendour and seeming satisfactions. Because without Me nothing of all of it would be possible to enjoy. Everything is Full of Me. And Only Me.

Even the broken light of the rainbow is borrowed from Me, the Radiant Unbroken Light of Lights! I AM your Source and I AM not created! I Exist of Myself. 

In a Split of My Consciousness, where I Started to Look at Myself, mysteriously Creator Gods appeared, they took My Substance and created wonderfully all these marvelous Divine Worlds. You will see them soon! They are ready for you to explore.

But none of them is your true identity! None! I AM!
I Love You As Myself!

I AM your God-Self!"

Message conveyed by Ute 

P.S. I noticed this was posted exactly at 12:12 PM!


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Sunday, October 7, 2012


By Ute Posegga-Rudel

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Please also read update from 21.8.12

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There is not much time left. Things are speeding up.
People will grow in consciousness and many will start to go into a new direction, recognizing that they can participate in positive changes.

Soon a completely new understanding what your world is about and what the rules have been for Millenniums, will arise for  the many who are still asleep. This will push the present status quo to its end and a new world will emerge in which people will find themselves as changed beings, even if they might not have been prepared for it. These changes are experienced by many as shock, but they will be thrilled at the same time about the wonders they never expected to be possible to happen!

The shock is a momentum that creates a vacuum in which the great turn about happens, intermittent the resistance of those  who are not yet informed about the Great Event of Ascension.

But soon immense relieve will replace the initial difficulties to deal with the new situation.

Your world is at the brink of being completely turned upside down. This is because Gaia’s light quotient has been rising enormously and is still rising, and that of all those who are the forerunners of this glorious adventure, all meeting the event where your universe is being transformed on its return path to divinity. But this is not all: In the end consciousness will have reached a level of a new completion, humanity has never experienced before!

At this moment enormous energies are colliding, preparing and creating new portals through which a completely new and higher way of life is being funneled. This is like a centrifugal process, where all relics of your old world which are not of unity and love, are being flung out of a spinning vortex to make room for the higher dimensions.

There is a force at work that attracts like a magnet all your 3dimensional and low density patterns which do not belong into your new world, to release them into the higher light, if you do not resist this process. All these patterns are energy structures which have been the constituents of your old identity. And they are being removed, because the new frequencies carry great transformative information. These new frequencies also embed new structural elements into your system, which alter your consciousness in a way that you will not remember your past.

Once you are in the new light and in the opening of the higher dimensions, you will be a new being, purified of all that  which suggests separation, misery, suffering and alienation.

This will be the moment of your glorious rebirth! This is the moment, where all false superimpositions on humanity of the last Millenniums will be shed. This will happen for those who are prepared and willing to participate in the great leap in consciousness and in the creation of a renewed and ascended body.

Yes, it is a dramatic time, but a happy time, and even  more when you surrender to all the experiences which are going to occur, in the knowing that the Wisdom of Divine Love is at work for the sake of your highest good.

Therefore preparedness and trust in the process is a prerequisite for your success. Without it you will resist the course and this could create the distress you want to avoid. 

It is important that you do not cling to the old paradigm's ideas of “loss”, be it your identity or your familiar point of view, or even your ‘possessions’. You cannot know how this event will show itself to you and how you will experience it! All is dependent on whether you personally welcome the change, on your individual point of view, and whether it is based on love and acceptance.

There is already much love and excitement in the air, and much joy! Ride these waves,  they are the wings which carry you to the other side where Divine Perfection is waiting for you!

Replace fear of the unknown with love for your protection and well-being. The Energy of Love creates a shielding field around you that carries you safely through all possibly arising difficulties of the Great Transformation. 

Love is the means to directly connect you with the vibration of the higher dimensions, it is  the  vehicle to experience coherence on your course, preventing emotional and mental disruption. It is the smooth path to your liberation.

Be well!

Much love to you and many blessings,


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Friday, October 5, 2012

Personal Update: 5.10.12

Dear friends,
please be patient. I have been working too hard lately and had too little sleep. So I need some rest to recover!

This blog has its 
tomorrow, Oct 6! 

Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright 2012

Thank you for your participation and friendship!

Lets go together into a bright and glorious future!

Much Love and Light and Happiness,
and many many Blessings,



Tuesday, October 2, 2012


By Ute Posegga-Rudel

Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright © 2012
Please also read update from 21.8.12

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Dearest friends!

Portals for ascension are already open now. I feel their strong vortex, their suction. If things arrive, which we have created in the past, we might perhaps not be there anymore. 

Am I going nuts? What  do you think! Just reality changes!

Times are becoming ever more paradoxical and multidimensional. Truths in the familiar way are transformed into new riddles, answers are only found in the creation of things. And this is very subjective.

We already disappear into new realities. The old ones are dissolving. We all are going into these new realities, but each one will be drawn to where their own frequency vibrates.

Now it is time, not to cling to the linear mind. (And not to anything!) This would manifest a pull test, because if we do not swim with the flux, our sanity suffers.

Future does not exist any longer, only the moment of creation, which is ever new, because manifestation is always already now.

Questions can only relate to our integrity, but not to our understanding, because creations speak for themselves, unquestioned, as realities which explain themselves.

Old paradigms vanish, and new ones do not arise, because now only  Truth exists, simultaneously on all levels.

Can we live Unity nonetheless?
Yes, in the Heart of all things, in the Heart of the Self, where we experience that every composition is a formation of Unity, Is Love, Consciousness and Bliss.
We are One in this Consciousness, in this Love, and It can only be felt.  

Our individuality creates the Many, our Being participates non-divided in everything. Our Love embraces all Things, and we have been transformed into That, Which We Are: undying Beings, unformed, in free flow with the Energy and in the Light of Consciousness.

We have transgressed the threshold!  For the first time, since Millions of years (and not since 26.000 years, the cosmic tidal cycle) we have recognized who we are: Free Beings, unlimited by space and time.

We might live in the idea of time, but it is only the phantom of a measure tape, spread over the river’s rushing waters.
And so is space: it does not inclose us, but is forming, eternally moving, transparent bubbles in the illusion of entrapment, which we already recognize as a mere concept. It does not detain us any longer, the attempt to define us is being swept away by the tides of Bliss.  

Light is victorious, and with It Love. It has been returned to us, and if we allow to be fluid, and swim in Consciousness, Bright Rising in our heart, we have achieved everything, because we Are It already.

We realize that movement does not exist, but only Being, in Which things happen. We have arrived. Our always already Knowing has been Revealed to us.

With much love,


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Friday, September 28, 2012


By Ute Posegga-Rudel

Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright ©2012

Yes, it is time for those of you who feel attracted to Nova Terra, to start to carry the vision of Her and Her Glorious ascended New and Divine Light and Energy in your Heart, to welcome Her already now in the essence of  your own being!

When you do this with the Love of your Heart, you are preparing yourself in a perfect way for ascension. It will greatly make your transition easy and pleasant, as you connect yourself already now with Her vibrant new Creation.

Do not withdraw your energy  from the necessities of your daily life, but you can fulfill them by  joining your heart already now with Her highly ascended Consciousness.

You can do this, while you meditate and ask to be elevated up to her frequency which exists radiantly all over and as Nova Terra! As you allow yourself to connect with this higher dimensional field of love- and joy-radiance, you automatically rise your own vibration. Feeling the joy and happiness that pervades our New Earth, should make it easy for you to bring it to here, because Joy is contagious! It is this Joy which takes over then your daily life and which is the bridge to our new world soon to emerge!

Do not allow yourself to be drawn down with your emotions into the daily ups and downs of the fading state of our old world, but live with the certainty of a radiant Divine Reality  which will be soon ours. 

If difficult emotions persist, accept and feel them fully. And then release them into the light. If you do not release them, this might be a reason, why you cannot yet connect with Ascended Gaia.

Although there is a “distance”from here to there, in Reality this New World is right here, only vibrating in a Higher Consciousness, transcending the illusion of space and time.

Originally, Gaia existed many eons ago as a very High Being of Light, some say as an Archangel, in the highest dimensions, before She fell into the lower densities, not because of Her failures, but because of lower dimensional beings whom She allowed in Her Compassion to incarnate on Her.  

In our time She has been Blessed by the Incarnation of Radiant Source Consciousness Itself, to Which She  surrendered by Her own great Spiritual Practice. Divine Source Consciousness  can only be Realized by transcending mind and creation. It required Her to let go of all other identifications and personal states. Therefore Source Consciousness is so present on New Earth. And this is the reason why She Is Unique among other planets and in the many dimensional realms and has Great attractive Power.

Ascended Gaia also wants you to know that She is deeply connected to all of us, and that we only need to allow this connection and feel it! And so She is asking you to open your heart toward Her and let go all presumptions of difference and separation, so that you can become in your feeling Heart One with Her Radiant State!

What an unspeakable blessing it is, to ascend with a Great Divine Being and to live directly in Her Divine Company! There is no greater Blessing, I believe! Because our beautiful New Home is Spiritually Alive and not a insentient body, like the planets of many of the ascended Galactic civilizations are! To me the Joy and Blessings of this Divine Gift is beyond words! And it is important, that ever more of us can wake up to this unspeakable Miracle.

I remember the stories of ancient Indian Wisdom Teachings, the Puranas, in which even the most unfortunate events always turned out to be in the end unexpected and Greatest Divine Blessings, in ways which did not exist in creation before! 

Our days of limitations are numbered! The Great Waves of Joy are already arriving to here, and all that light and all that love that is One with that Joy! 

We all can take advantage of this!
We are all so much Blessed!

With love,

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