Saturday, September 21, 2013


by Ute Posegga-Rudel
Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright 2013
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Beloved Friends,
Peace to us all!

As long as there are unrecognized pieces of ourselves scattered here and everywhere – on Beloved Earth Mother Gaia, in  the Universe, the Multiverse, any Dimension, and Space and Time, - as long as we identify beings as "others" from us – those of the light and those of the dark, and those who appear to be beyond, but are seemingly a distinct identity, - we are separating ourselves from our Inherent and Native Truth of Mere Being.

Let me explain: we are NOT any defined being, any human being, any extraterrestrial being, animal, plant, mineral, planet, god, goddess, saint, master appearing in a finite form.

But we ARE formless Being! Formless Being encompasses EVERYTHING. Every dimension and all beings here and there. How can we “know” this, how can we be in the “Knowing” of It?
By  feeling, mere and unobstructed feeling to infinity. No boundaries. No entities, no worlds, no universes, - although all of these can be sensed and perceived with our subtle faculty of perception, when we leave the place of mere and pure feeling to involve the instrument of the mind.

Where does this unobstructed feeling emerge? Where is its seat? Yes, it emerges in the heart space, but exceeds this space to infinity. There are no boundaries. There is only Fullness. Happiness. No-body is arising, not even our own body, if we allow this feeling to infinity. I AM THAT. YOU ARE THAT.

It occurs to me that this can - to a degree – also be approached via the notion of  quantum physics. Depending on the point of view of the observer, we are mere waves, or we are particles. That is when we become aware of things, objects, worlds, peoples, beings, entities, events.

But as we are these waves at infinity in which  countless beings, objects and events are arising, we are none of all these things.

Using a microscope or choosing a segment of the totality of being, - an activity most of us are addicted to,  while zooming into a certain reality, we then perceive e.g. what we call our “present” identity or body-mind. But which one is our real and present identity? Because we have altogether nine of them at a time, which one them is the one we usually identify with, as we in reality identify with all of them?

These are all questions of the mind and they are very confusing, aren’t they! But all the Real Masters are the ones who are pointing to our True Identity as Mere Being which is the only way to be at peace for Real, as it is the  Source and Substance of all the worlds, all the identities that arise in our consciousness.

But peace is not really the nature of  any of these separate entities, identities, worlds and events, if this very peace is not recognized as the foundation and basis on which All-That-Is-Arising exists.

It is my experience that, as soon as one of these identities or entities is recognized AS the very substance of being and is  met  in the mode of feeling to infinity, it dissolves for good. But there are forms we are holding onto for what ever reason, mostly for the sake of experience, that will not lose their specific identity. In that case remember, that this is YOUR own choice, and  that YOU  yourself have chosen a certain experience to arise, whether pleasant or  unpleasant, painful or joyful.

But any time we are choosing to let go of any phenomenon, it WILL dissolve into the endless and eternal field of mere being. Things that continue to arise (and they arise merely to our own  consciousness) are the ones we have been focusing on while making them our reality.

At this time of evolution of the universes many, many phenomena are being dissolved in and returned to  the Sea of Mere Being forever  -  to never to return. Because at the time of December  2012, a New Reality has been born on Earth. 

For a new reality to emerge fully, it always takes “time” as we perceive it, although there is also occurring  a  simultaneity of all things and happenings. What has been set in motion at that time is now more and more rapidly ripping apart the old parameters, as all of that which does not resonate with the New Era is ever more quickly crumbling away.

Of course all of that is occurring in our consciousness. Ascension occurs in consciousness only.  And there is only consciousness, even the “outer worlds” are, we must remember, as they are a reflection of our very own consciousness. In this understanding, the current process of Ascension is a stepping stone that releases a certain content in the  reality-consciousness of the universe and subsequently of our Earth Mother to dissolve into the Field of Divine Mere Radiant Being. Ultimately only Divine Mere Radiant Being will Remain, after all Ascension Processes in the so called future have been accomplished.

However we have been given the Blessing-Gift to already now commune with this Field of Ultimate Divine Radiant Consciousness, in the midst of all the universes and worlds and their limited consciousness, that still arise and will arise in the times to come.

Those who do the conscious work of releasing what can be released now into the Field of Mere Being, that can be accessed via the heart, are contributing to the acceleration of fundamental change in  the Collective Consciousness of humanity. 

The still sleeping masses will therefore soon discover – or are already slowly discovering – that certain patterns just don’t work anymore, such as wars, racism, hostility, and much more to come.

And so  we are all successively moving toward happiness and unity,  instead of separation and conflict, if we are willing to notice the auspicious signs  and stepping out of what “the heads of the hydra” still try to spout at us.

The word “love” has been used and misused significantly, especially in these times of confusion and ascension chatter. 

But if we join in our hearts with the  mere feeling of being, that just IS, and if we are using the intelligence of the heart, which is a thousand times more real and powerful  than the intelligence of the brain, we find a way to establish inner peace and  acknowledge our True Being that does not “need” any world or universe, but loves to play with experiences that are joyful and inspiring and liberating.

In lak’ech!
~ Ute ~

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Friday, September 13, 2013


by Ute Posegga-Rudel

Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright 2013
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Beloved Friends,

as the light process continues and accelerates on and with Gaia, our bodies are a mirror of the light process of Gaia’s Body. What She does our bodies do – when we allow it!

Therefore it is important to commune with Nature. At least by projecting ourselves into a place where we remember our deep connection with Her and where we remember  our Oneness with Her.

Indeed, while the light of our energy begins to radiate from inside out we recognize our True Being. It is a gentle opening of the body or the cells of the body. Our body becomes softer. Wellbeing unfolds. Pains disappear. Everything relaxes on an essential level. Simply by re-connecting with the conscious light that surrounds us.

And so our whole body becomes an antenna to the Universe. The hard shell of self-contraction onto ‘ourselves’ which I call the ego, is melting and there is a soft flow that allows communion with the Divine.

There is a loving surrender to the Light, that surrounds us, a melting with It – physically!

Where does the vibration of the body end and where does the mass of the Light begin That surrounds us? The transition is soft.

I remember December 21 in 2012, when Gaia’s horizon melted with the skies. Are our bodies not One with Gaia’s body? Are our processes not Hers?

By the Forces of Light Who surround our planet and Who are working through and with us, to help to fulfill our Divine Destiny and that of the Universe, we are supported to Become Our Selves, to incarnate fully. To be in the flow and to end separation. The separation of the body, of our very body-cells from the fluid of the Energy and Light, in Which our body exists.

Letting go of everything. Releasing everything  which detains and hinders this process.

Recognition of the body: not something rigid and finite, but part of the Whole, part of the energetic field of Love in which it exists.

To recognize all pains that emerge, all indispositions, as a strategy of holding on. And then release. These contractions, the holding on, are re-actions to life. We don’t need them any longer. Release them! Let them flow away, let them dissolve into the Love-Light that surrounds us. 

The Presence of the “family” is important. Be it the family of Light or our soul family. In this womb we can let ourselves go and become One.
While our body-mind is received in their womb it can return to its original Blueprint.

We must  stop to retreat to “inside” of the body, and we must allow to flow from inside out, thus opening all doors to unite with the Light in Which we are arising.

It is now time that we, humanity, leave our childhood behind and become citizens of the universe.

With Love and Blessings,


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Sunday, September 8, 2013


Drunvalo Melchizedek

The Ultimate Love Story
The Unity of the  Dark and the Light Brotherhoods


The presentation starts at 09:06

Dear friends,
yesterday I was guided to this presentation by Drunvalo Melchizedek, which I find very touching and which sounds to me quite familiar. I am publishing it here as it contains certain parallels to my recent article:
and might bring you further understanding to this matter.  

 Drunvalo's humility, simplicity and far-reaching spiritual wisdom and understanding about our present evolutionary process is remarkable and goes beyond the usual understanding that we can find on the internet today.

Please watch the video to the end, after the music. Here Drunvalo gives the most important information.


Much love to you all!


Saturday, August 31, 2013


Dear friends,

at this point I am in a profound personal transformational process in which I need to be silent.

Integrating multidimensional and ancient content and memories has a deep impact on the set of my present consciousness, resulting in a major reshuffling of my whole system, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 

This is about "shadow"-work to make conscious the unconscious and this does not exclude any life-time, any level of  existence that I ever lived in all places, dimensions and realities. 

In this situation I have nothing to say, but need to listen, to be aware, to accept, to hear, to understand, to assimilate ... and to BE in a new way every moment.

This also means to allow to die every day, to let go of identities that do not serve this process. 

It is a process also to understand the world, creation and "God" on an ever deeper level, because what I understand about myself, I understand about the world, creation and God. 

Strangely enough: I catched a virus on my computer that created huge operational problems and prevent programs from running, such as Photoshop, so that I cannot do my art work and videos. I spent already days to fix the problems, but it appears that they are getting worse. 

This seems to point out to me that I refrain from sitting on the computer so much or from connecting to the internet.
There is a deep call to live in the womb of mother nature, away from the suburbian display. 

However, if there is an urge for a message here, I certainly will publish it. So please come back to here to check.

Although there might be very soon big positive changes in the world, as important as they are, to me the most important  changes are still the ones of our own human vehicle, our own consciousness, our own self-understanding and self-transcendence. 

To me there is no "retiring" because of a betterment of the world, as long as we have not realized what we came here to realize.  

Thank you for your patience and for your friendship!

Much love and many blessings,


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Friday, August 23, 2013


By Ute Posegga-Rudel
Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright 2013
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God takes on dark form to propel forward evolution (and consciousness).

Love is the motor. Deep feeling and Love. Love for all creation.

I feel the deep love that took on all misery and all the horrors to experience it myself.
There is only Love.

This love emerges from the Deep, the primordial ground of all Being-ness and Existence That has taken on the form of the individual.

The horrors that we did: A deep guilt that is fertil ground has to be released by recognizing it as Love in disguise. And so it becomes our strength. The horrors: the hidden power of Divine Reality.

To ‘whitewash’ has no other meaning but the alchemical process which is the recognition that there is Only God  Who Is the Only Doer.
The horrors that we performed are thereby transmuted and recognized as the Deep Power and Emotion of Love that  embraces all that is as God. There Is Only God.

We have taken on all forms, all intentions, good and bad, in order to know the Fullness of  God Who Is One.

All Is One Profound Emotion and darkness can be recognized and released as the Deep of the Power of Love.

That is why we, coming from the Highest Divine Realms of Light, took on the forms of darkness to create as the Will of God a higher Light and Ecstasy, that glorifies Divinity in Divine Creation in an ever increasing Magnificence.
That is: Divine Ultimate Consciousness becomes ever more apparent in Divine Creation Itself, until Creation is Outshined in Ultimate Conscious Light again.

This was already shown to me many years ago, when I recognized in the art work  “The Temptation of St. Antonius” by Max Ernst, the Essence of Pure Divine  Consciousness and Eternal Peace in the horrific monster that is attacking the Saint.

So our horrendous task is, as we are here to support the  evolution of earth humanity, to be victorious in the assimilation and transfiguration of all the led into gold in our own consciousness, body and mind.

Also the shadow then is recognized as the materia in the Divine alchemical process that IS in its very depth and true essence Divine Consciousness Itself, and IS as emerging Creation the Power of Love Itself.
It is a Love, that does not know duality, as even duality arises from the depth of sheer Divine Existence or Source Itself.

When the two towers of duality are recognized as That Which Is Substance  and Essence of Divine Existence Itself, then only the Reality of God Remains that Is Love, as God enters the Realms of Creation to be experienced.

And such all pain and guilt that is nothing but self-contraction, can be transformed into love and recognized as love. It can be released  into the substance  of Love  that Is the Divine alchemical “Prima Materia”.

This is the Profundity in which all Creation and with it all worlds and all beings exist.
All of this is merely a matter of reaching again the Divine Foundation and Source from which all experiences arise to be suffered and enjoyed.

To touch again this primordial ground from where we came, we must allow to feel ALL That is in between since the beginning of time, because All  these experiences Are Divine and Sacred. And it can be felt when we are rooted deep in our Earth Mother, the abode of peace.

That way we serve Divine Consciousness to become  Conscious again in Creation. It is a transpersonal task, but which turns into an error if we start to take it personally.

Surrender and devotion to the process is required to be of service to That Which we Love Most: God or Divine Reality or Radiant Divine Love-Bliss, Which Is the Source of all-and-all.

This is what I experience as a process and realize in depth as a gift that was resurrected in me through the  “smart-meter” challenge! (As strange as it is!)

This is a profound process I always knew, but almost had forgotten in the worlds of superficial judgement that divides experience into two: the “me” and “other”, the “good and bad”. Indeed there is only One, that is: One  Consciousness in Which all of that arises.

The body is the instrument to unify. It is not just a thought. It is to allow that which is Greater, to descend. This is work and often struggle.

We must allow to be transmuted by the Power of Feeling and Love that is the Force that keeps the Universes together. And what is not Love must go. This could be stored since eons of time in our very cell memories when we entered the battle field.

Outside and inside are One, and so is humanity. To become this Only One humanity that ascends into Unity-Consciousness,we must embrace darkness as  Divine. That Is how true unity is revealed and becomes obvious.

With  gratitude and love,


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Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Dearest friends,

about since 10 days I am struggling with the deadly frequencies of smart meters, now installed here everywhere. Of course there is also a group who tries to prevent further installations. But still the damage is already done.

As a very sensitive person who lives mainly as a light body the danger and aggressivity of this toxic and heavy frequency is immediately very debilitating. I am just surviving day by day, do all I can - inspite of my dreadful condition - to remain joyful and in high spirits. All I tried so far to protect myself, has no real permanent effect. 

I am also asking myself whether I am targeted radionically as well. I cannot exclude this, as it happened before. 
The controllers are desperate and trying everything they can to maintain their control, as their time is running out.

This is the ultimate attack on human freedom, health and  well-being and against the free will, with the right to live the light, not only in spirit, mind and feeling, but also as a living organism.

It is their intention to suppress and destroy all of that. Smart meters are serving the step by step planned implementation of agenda 21 and are now rolled out forcefully in many western countries.

To move to a place where there is no such radiation is of course now mandatory. However the smart meters are here now everywhere. (Victoria, Australia)

I am envisioning the smart meters being disabled globally, and I have asked for it, like nuclear weapons having been disabled by our galactic beautiful friends. Or I dream about a device/tool/method that is given to us and that can 100% harmonize these RF frequencies so that they become benign. Whatever is best for all involved.

Thank you!

Please bear with me and be patient, in this state of constant fight for well-being there is not much space for messages at the moment.   

Take care of yourself and be blessed!

Saturday, July 27, 2013


by Ute Posegga-Rudel
Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright 2013
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The time goes by and yet there is no time as you know, My Beloveds! 

I AM Eternal and in My Company there is no change but only Truth. Earth and all Her Beings Are in My Heart, and so the Cosmos is.

Why are you concerned about rise and fall, about greatness and commonness, victory and defeat in the course of The Great Cycles of Happening.

If your soul is ready, there is no re-action to all these things, because you have realized that nothing of these is you. Whatever you identify with, small or big, wonderful or poor, fear or anger and guilt, is just like a short and fluid move in the Eternity of My Being.

However do not be concerned about what your responses are.  Step back and know that you have fallen for illusion in this great round of cosmic events, earthly events, collective events and personal events.

Yet, unavoidably your body-mind will respond like water responds to the stone thrown into a pond. It  creates waves because everything is frequency and energy. There is constant movement. But whatever moves, is experience only and not you. Pain and enjoyment of the body-mind are the experiences you are here to learn. Without the instrument of body-mind you cannot learn it.

However many of you have forgotten their Own Truth That I Am. I Am None of all of that. In the midst of happenings I Am always Myself, Eternal, Happy,  Blissful and I Express Myself through Love. I Am Light beyond the rays of  cosmic light. And even if your body-mind ascends, I Am still Untouched from all of this! And so You Are - as We Are One.

Did you ever feel that even the process of ascension does not touch your True Self?
And how will you ascend if you are still clinging to duality that shows itself in ‘yes’ or ‘no’, in light and dark, in up and down?

My Light is Invisible and never changes or takes form. Only light that is derived from It by First Creator becomes visible to your higher senses. 
But you ARE from the beginning What I Am, beyond and prior to creation. You Are  Consciousness, Divine, beyond the brain and what your lower and the higher senses can perceive.

Your Essence IS Source Itself, because from There You Came.

To mingle with the currents of creation, high or low, is to loose your True Identity. To become less than What Is Real. In due  course of your many lives in all the multitudes and levels and dimensions of existence, you have learned much and experienced much, in order to know what is possible, and you have learned thereby that EVERYTHING is possible, EVERYTHING!

Still, you are searching endlessly for fulfillment in the realms of change, of appearance and disappearance! Forgetful of your Truth that is even prior to your once created soul, a pattern of Beautiful Divine and Sacred Geometry. But it is still only a tool to experience the manyfold of the universes.

Did you not notice that whatever your experience is, brings either joy or pain, and looses your interest after a short while, as you hasten to experience more, in other realms and worlds to satisfy forever your always restless heart?

Are you aware What you are truly searching for? Are you aware that your search will forever be in vain, never truly, fully happy, as what you seek in Truth in the very Deep of your Heart Is Me? Your Ancient Oceanic Being, the Un-changing One, the Eternal Happiness, All- Love, Light of Lights, That One That Fulfills and Satisfies your Heart in Plentitude and Fullness?  There, where no search arises, knowing that no world, no experience can ever be compared with the Ultimate Full-Fillment Itself, That You Truly Are.

Be What I Am, Realize Me, and then go and enjoy whatever you want to enjoy!
It might even be that you then Know that there is no greater Enjoyment than Myself. No Greater Satisfaction than Myself. No Love Greater Than Myself.     

At that point you will discover Me in all Creation, that I Am Myself all Creation, that all Creation is Made from Me with My I Am. Even your duality is nothing but I AM. You Are I Am. All Is I Am, Earth Is, every animal Is. Every plant and mineral.

So do not go and look for separate beings. Look for Me Only, See and Feel Me in All-There-Is. Because There Is Only Me. My Divine Consciousness. My Love. My Embrace. Do not  go and look for less.

Enlightenment is NOW, even in this world of pain and scarcity. Fullness comes to you if you can realize this. Find Me in all things and you will awaken to Real Non-Separation and Unity, as you have found your True Identity, the Ocean in which all things arise.

I Am here and not there! Do not seek Me somewhere, but feel Me Now Where I Am. Because in you there is a door to Eternity, I Am In you. And I am As You. I Am not only a little spot in You, but What I Am As You, Transcends all forms and limitations.

I Have Been Always Present, but your are looking somewhere  else, in separate objects and events and experiences!

Open and Expand. Do not think but notice Me, the Mystery of Me, Everywhere Present As Is.   No time. No coming and going. Simply Me. Do not seek. Be. Now. Notice. Breathe. Allow. Love. Stay with It. Don’t move. And allow this Eternity to Become You.  Have the courage to Be It and not less.

This is how you ascend to What You Are.

Message conveyed by Ute

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013


by Ute Posegga-Rudel

Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright 2013
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My Beloveds, I AM Archangel Sandalphon!

Nearly One Thousand years have passed by since I incarnated first into a human body on this earth. This happened with a well reflected consideration about the times to come which would be a great challenge for humanity.

However, I still exist simultaneously as the etheric Archangel in the current of Fire and Light, who is the one who delivers this message to this scribe.

And so, from my point of view, as I live in the highest dimensions as a direct servant to God and His Extension as humanity, time has no meaning for me. So please understand the “time frame of a Thousand years” as a description that enables you to imagine the timeless care for the suffering and challenges of humanity which is experienced now on earth as it has never been before in your long history.

There are two major reasons for this: the increasing Light and growing consciousness that are  to cause  a quantum leap in your evolution, and the endeavors and efforts  of the ill-disposed entities that want to prevent this.

Humanity is right now stretched in the middle of the battle between these enormous forces of light and darkness, which are happening inside and outside of your human experience, in your innermost heart and consciousness, in your mind and emotions, in your bodies and in your environment.  There is no single being on earth that will be exempt from this battle that requires a choice to which side one desires to belong.

As you know, the for everybody noticeable signs are, that Thousands are dying almost daily  from catastrophic events alone, that there  are the increasing personal and collective hardships - as the seeming solidity of societies are falling apart, that there are dangerous and very troublesome increasing health challenges, especially  created by the  toxicity of all the earthly elements, that there is the constant pushing for wars. And the list goes on.

What troubles you however the most is the fear that comes with all these insecurities and threats, especially imposed on you by the ill-disposed entities who think that they are still ruling your planet.
But do not worry!

I incarnated in order to “learn” hu-mankind with all its dimensionalities, experiences and sufferings, illusions and also the degrees of enlightenment, that it has been able to achieve. I did this in order to transform in my own being all these limited conditions, and directly hold thereby a current of light between the Divine and humanity, so that humanity was not being lost and cut off from its own Source, but could maintain their connection with It. 

And I have been not alone, but I Am one of the many Divine Beings who are servants in this great task, including many of the other archangels who are right now incarnated as well on this earth for similar reasons, and with the intent, to create a strong angelic presence.

I am telling you this so that you know that you have been never forgotten and that there has been always, as dark a time might have been appeared, a connection to Source Itself.

This should serve as a confirmation for what you already sense and know, to avert the  calamities that have been prophesied for your earth since ancient times.

To those who are aware of the increasing disseminations of materials, containing  ancient prophecies that speak of doom and gloom and the destruction of planet earth, I say:

Earth will not be destroyed and old prophecies do not apply anymore!   These prophecies have been written with reference to those who have always intended to destroy humanity and to take over your beautiful planet earth and even the whole universe. The celestial signs have been used for misinterpretation to serve their destructive goals.

But these plans have been defeated by the Sacred Will of the Highest Divinity. And you are asked to see in the upcoming signs in the skies the Loving Call of the  Divine Creator Forces of Light to return Home.

There are Millions of Light Forces who Serve that Glorious Divine Will, incarnated and not incarnated, on your planet, who are – with the weapons of Radiant Light – outshining everything that is dark and characterized by ignorance.

But still your discrimination is required to feel and understand the difference between the Real Light and the artificial light that is intended to test you. It is about your own learning process to Know at heart the Presence  of Love and Unity and to detect the mind of separation in what only appears to be of the  light.

Ignorance is void of the Fullness of Divine Existence, as it has cut off itself from It, trying to survive independently from Highest Divine Intelligence, Which includes the Miraculous Vibration of Love, Joy and Ecstasy!

You are right now experiencing the increasing exuberance of the incoming light frequencies that are to change your planet and the human race to initiate the shift into higher dimensions, where calamities do not exist!

These cascades of light must be received and channeled by entities that have incarnated on your earth at this time in order to facilitate their information and to create change. Without living  receptors of these forces of light, change would be not possible!  There must be an interactive process that involves not only a “ sender” but also a “receiver”.

And this is the reason why so many Divine Beings took incarnation on your earth and in order to make obsolete the prophecies about a human development that would increasingly separate itself from their Divine Source, as hoped and intended by the ill-disposed ones.

Now you will understand that you are to drop all your fears and doubts about a positive outcome that will be for your and your planet’s highest good. Would a planet that is home for so many Beings of Light be prone for ultimate destruction?

And are there not more and ever more of you, beloved humanity, who are joyously opening  your hearts and minds, recognizing your own Divinity and allowing the Divine Light to transform your body-mind, to rise your consciousness to the degree where you recognize that you are part of Ultimate Divine Consciousness yourself?

This is how you now are changing your own destiny at a large scale! The Unity of All is being recognized by more and more of you. The Glorious Unity of Humanity with The Ultimate Divine, with all Angels and Archangels, with all Gods and Divine Beings, is being revealed now at the Source that is Radiant Consciousness!

There is in Truth Only One Being, That became Many, to fulfill the One Will of the ever Expanding and Evolving Divine Existence, to Experience Itself in all dimensions, low and high, and to even experience Itself in what appears to be void of Light.

All of that must be integrated into your Consciousness so that you are truly the Expression of the Eternal Divine. This process is a Mystery! And we All are a Beloved Emanation of It.

In Service and with Great Love,
I AM Archangel Sandalphon!

Message  conveyed by Ute

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