Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Imgage by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright 2013
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My latest communication to you through this channel  requires an update.
You should know that I am very concerned about the well-being of all of you.
My task and service to humanity is to make sure that you do not miss the right path in the midst of the dense forest of information. There is more than sufficient information widespread about the present process of change and ascension in your world.

But you need to know that many messages that seem true to you, are not and are fabricated to lead you astray.
Many of these messages concern your spiritual growth and development.

Those of you who have been already on their spiritual path  before the discussion about the ascension process started on the internet, will know and understand, what I am now telling to you.  

But those of you, who are newly awakening, must be careful about what you want to believe. Because much disinformation is handed down to even good-hearted and well-meaning lightworkers, by those who do not want you to truly spiritually awaken and want to keep you away from your powerful Truth.  

So they give you misleading information, but which could prevent you from wanting to discover your true Divinity.

Any information about the spiritual path that is reduced to instructions about your physical hologram that needs to be developed by means of mental exercises, misses the mark. 
The Divine reveals Itself via the faculty of Feeling, and not through thinking.

Yes, the ascension process includes an upgrade of your physical body. But it is your heart-opening and your devotion to What Is Great, that develops the light body. The body is merely a tool and has nothing to do with your True Divine Essence, with your Divine Self, That Itself never changes.  
The statement that you are NOT your body is not new, but it seems that is is being hidden mostly among the many instructions how to spiritually awaken and develop.
Many of them are meant to keep you merely in the brain.

The brain has definitely a very important function, also spiritually, as it  contains the main gland, the pituitary gland, but it is still a tool to navigate, to recognize, to differentiate in all the lower and higher dimensions. But even the dimensions are domains in which you dwell or to which you belong vibrationally according to your level of  consciousness.

These are all functions of  experience.
But, my dear Ones, you are NOT your experiences, as well as you are not your thoughts, your thinking mind, your brain. They all are tools and instruments to navigate, to locate, to experience.

All these things are not “bad” or to avoid, but you need to understand, that they are secondary phenomena, whereas what is primary, is the Infinite Divine Consciousness that you ARE.

What is Divine Consciousness? So that you can understand, it is easier to describe, what it is not. It is certainly not brain, not your thoughts, not your awareness, not the world, not the universe. All these arise IN Divine Consciousness!

Do you understand? YOU are much more than the parts, you ARE the Totality of all that appears to your awareness and your senses, gross and subtle. Even the most subtle experience in deep meditation that appears to you as 'other',  as different from you, as an objective appearance that you feel is apart from you, is in fact YOU.

Your True Being does not know separative difference, objectification, and separation!
Your ancestors – before the “fall” -  have known this. In fact, the fall IS the objectification of the universe and its dimensions itself!  It is the separation of the experiencer from the  experience.

Therefore please consider, that it is crucial to understand the difference between Truth and information that is intended to mislead you.

The Heart, and not the brain, has always been the center and the platform that integrates your Unlimited Divine Consciousness with your body. Although it is also physical, and has a subtle form and presence, it is the door to what is beyond manifestation, gross or subtle.

From the Heart all your other functions, including the brain and its functions, are being governed. Ultimately there are no chacras. There is only One United Conscious Radiant Energy Field, in which your body with all the energy centers arises.

To reduce your identity to the chacra system or even to your subtle bodies, and altogether to the hologram of your appearance, is a gross mistake!

It is necessary that you all, my dear friends, understand this and begin to explore your true Divinity that starts with feeling, love and compassion in your human  heart.

From there you will be able to explore and call into your awareness the deeper identity of Who You Are!
If you wish, go through the door of your heart beyond the physical, the ethereal, the mental, emotional and even the spiritual body, all contained in the One Divine Consciousness, that is absolutely without body of any density.

Within It all worlds, all bodies, all events arise. It is Bliss, and it is Love, when it is Self-Aware of the worlds. And it is  Pure Being and Pure Consciousness when the worlds are forgotten. YOU ARE THAT. And your ARE not less!

To those who are already familiar with this state of experience, I say: It is not enough to stay within the heart-feeling IN the body. 

This is only the beginning. Know this! Otherwise you would limit yourself unnecessarily! 

There is a way beyond! And I will guide you so you invite me to help you to go further, to open your consciousness further, to expand, to allow to enter the Infinite Conscious Room of your Divine Identity, to transcend all limitations!

As always, I am here to bless all of you and to provide guidance, where ever on your path  you are!

I am Mary Magdalene!

Message conveyed by Ute 


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Saturday, October 26, 2013


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You, who are here to work for the light, are now at the point where your service is being requested like never before.

You will see many things arise and change that will  show your still sleeping brothers and sisters that this reality is not continuous or firm and not forever.

This will challenge them to change their point of view that still rests on the illusionary surface of themselves and their world, and  to seek the strength and eternity they project onto the outer world within themselves.

For many this will be a new experience as they never had the opportunity to know who they really are, and they will be very confused. Who can help and support them and show them the way are you, who have dedicated your life to the  Truth of your Godhood, the Divinity of your True Humanness.

It is important – and nothing is more in these coming days – that you stand in your heart, the domain of feeling and compassion. That you are rested steadily in yourself, in spite of the many changes and challenges you all will face.

It is only love and compassion that counts in these days, and the wisdom and light that is the basis for finding creative solutions for a new life to emerge.

Only from the Zero-Point the New can materialize, it cannot be created from what already is, especially if it is not based on Divine Principles.

The Zero-Point must  first be known in Oneself,  to accept the outer changes.

The Zero-Point is the Heart that is not holding on to the old ways, that is radiantly empty and thereby full to allow the ways of love and freedom, abundance, trust and truth for a New and Divine creation.

It is your heart that awakens the heart of those who never lived from there. The mere living from the brain will end and what emerges is a humanity One at heart. And it is the heart that reigns the brain.

Dear Ones, if you haven’t done it yet, it is now inevitable that you journey back into your heart to remain there as the essence and center of your being. It is only the fullness of Divine Emotion that has the power to embrace the world and change it from the core, to inspire the  confused to return to Oneness.

This Heart-Power cannot be “created”, it must be allowed to emerge from the Depth of your Divine Being that always has been there. It is your participation in this Divine Force that requires the surrender of your separate self.

It does not know techniques, because it is greater than all of them, it does not even know  “structure”, it is beyond and prior to the human hologram. It just Is. It embraces all beings and things because it Is the Oneness of All.

Dear Ones, this cannot be merely a thought. It must be experienced, it must be lived. It must become Reality, your very own Reality, your firm anchor to be of service in the times to come.

What is merely brain-based cannot hold against the storm. But what is heart-based is standing firmly and is also grounded in your Mother Earth, One with Her. Gaia’s  spiritually expanded state of consciousness and your unity with Her is protecting and enveloping those who understand the Oneness with their planet as the source of their life.

Beloved brothers and sisters, I am here with you at these times of increasing challenge. My love is equally embracing all of you.  There is One Force of Love that unites us all. This Force is now the savior of your world as you allow It to save you and to live it with all humanity.

My Blessings are with you!

I am Mary Magdalene

Message conveyed by Ute 


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Sunday, October 13, 2013


by Ute Posegga-Rudel
Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright 2013

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Beloved Friends,

Remember: There is nobody above you, and nobody below you. Above and below is a construct of the mind to navigate through experience and to help with orientation.
There is only All and All and there is no inherent difference in the many, and All Is I AM.

I AM Is the bearer of all the arising, it arises in It, because we hold it in our consciousness. What we perceive is what we are. No judgement, mere awareness.

You are all That Is, of which you are aware of – because all of That is Arising in your own consciousness.

You are the Creator of That, without exemption. And you only see in your world, what is already inside of you.
Therefore there are so many realities as beings in the universes. All of them are true, and all of them are un-True.

We swim in our creations like fish swim in the ocean waters.
As we raise our consciousness, our creations rise.
We are indeed the Center of our Universe.

The error is the sole identification with the body-mind which creates the illusion of separation and distinguishes between the little "I" and what is outside of it.

And so we make the mistake to believe, that the external world, or at least a part of it, has nothing to do with us! As if it had a static, independent life.

But look! Look at your world and what you have created!

What do you see? And never judge! 
Look with the love of your heart on EVERYTHING you see.

Do you see your Godhood? The power of your Divinity?

Forgiveness. Whatever our creations appear to be (good or bad) – we learn from all of them anyway. Because they teach us about the mind and what our mind, our consciousness holds. It tells us about our journey, what we want to learn, what we want to experience, about what we love, and what we don’t love.

All of it happens equally in our experienced world and is equal from the point of view of our Godhood.

If you really don’t like the world you see, change your mind, change your thinking and emotion, until on the screen of your awareness appears what you desire.

It could be a different circumstance or what you think is "better", or nothing of it at all, but the simple radiance of your heart instead.

There is no absolute Truth other than beyond mind, where Divine Consciousness Exists, the Source and Substance of our created worlds.

When we are tired to find the "perfect" solutions and answers to our questions, when we stop seeking, to transcend duality in the Pure Infinity of the Heart, we will allow ourselves to become conscious of the Self-Luminous Source-Field.

We will notice, that what we consider to be “good” or “bad” are both emanations of It. This is when the Perfect World will be revealed to us effortlessly. 
And we recognize in both the Eternity, the Radiance, the Love, the Bliss in All that Is Arising.

You Are That! 

In Lak'ech


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Friday, October 11, 2013



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Many wonderful facts 
and yet, 
is it happening?, 
you ask.
Musing about ascension.

So many mind sets,
So many techniques,
So many strategies and searches,
So many paradigms,
So many origins,
So many pathways
From countless universes.

So many Galaxies, 
So many Wonders,
So many Realms and Kingdoms,
All with a different plan,
With a different mission,
Or a different agenda –
Although even Divine.

But if we seek Unity,
After all,
What remains 
is the awe of Silence,
Is Feeling,
Is Eternity.
Is Truth.
Is Depth.
Is Fullness.
Is Full-Fill-ment.

What is there to say –
After feeling All there is to feel 
And to suffer ? -
 As we entered density,
To learn,
To experience,
To gain knowledge,
To understand the possibilities.
And to explore God.

But in the end
Only Knowing remains.
It is Heart-Wisdom that is Silence,
And Understands
The Fullness and Being-ness,
And I AM.

And as to language,
It can only sing in poetry,
To flow and dance
With the currents of life,
To follow the stream of the heart,
To express
the un-Knowable
And the in-Describable.

All Universes live in the Heart,
And they are
One there,
And their Essence is Eternal,
And Is the expression and love
of the Mind of Supreme Divinity.
It is the Fullness of the Eternal Goddess,
Who Is Alive As all Creations.

We bear All and All in our Very Heart,
The Heart of Existence and of Being.
It is the Source to Which all things return,
As they arose in It.

There is no Time
But there is Forever Now
the constant flow of movement
in ever evolving spirals of evolution,
That is the Walk of God
Through His Own Creation
In the Form of us.

To return to the Eternal Heart
That we never left,
the Heart, 
That bears the singularities of us,
And in Which we exist
- Forever -
because we do not know time,
And to undo separation
Because it does not exist
but as an illusion of the matrix:
For us, to return to the Eternal Heart,
 is the most Natural Thing!

Are we not un-born?
It is our Inborn Essence,
inherent in our Divinity!
We only have forgotten
In the bewitched gardens of the shadow-lands.

And as we re-enter the Light,
As we re-enter
the timeless Existence
Of Pure Being-ness,--
The primordial  Source and Substance
Of our Joy and Power of Undying Love,
Is already Eternally Present There!

It Is Us,
our Own Substance and Truth,
Our Native Treasure,
In the Brilliant Pristine Depth
of Untouched Purity
That Widens into the Beauty of the un-Known 
and into the un-Speakable Mystery,
In the Forever Rooms 
That We Are.



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Saturday, September 21, 2013


by Ute Posegga-Rudel
Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright 2013
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Beloved Friends,
Peace to us all!

As long as there are unrecognized pieces of ourselves scattered here and everywhere – on Beloved Earth Mother Gaia, in  the Universe, the Multiverse, any Dimension, and Space and Time, - as long as we identify beings as "others" from us – those of the light and those of the dark, and those who appear to be beyond, but are seemingly a distinct identity, - we are separating ourselves from our Inherent and Native Truth of Mere Being.

Let me explain: we are NOT any defined being, any human being, any extraterrestrial being, animal, plant, mineral, planet, god, goddess, saint, master appearing in a finite form.

But we ARE formless Being! Formless Being encompasses EVERYTHING. Every dimension and all beings here and there. How can we “know” this, how can we be in the “Knowing” of It?
By  feeling, mere and unobstructed feeling to infinity. No boundaries. No entities, no worlds, no universes, - although all of these can be sensed and perceived with our subtle faculty of perception, when we leave the place of mere and pure feeling to involve the instrument of the mind.

Where does this unobstructed feeling emerge? Where is its seat? Yes, it emerges in the heart space, but exceeds this space to infinity. There are no boundaries. There is only Fullness. Happiness. No-body is arising, not even our own body, if we allow this feeling to infinity. I AM THAT. YOU ARE THAT.

It occurs to me that this can - to a degree – also be approached via the notion of  quantum physics. Depending on the point of view of the observer, we are mere waves, or we are particles. That is when we become aware of things, objects, worlds, peoples, beings, entities, events.

But as we are these waves at infinity in which  countless beings, objects and events are arising, we are none of all these things.

Using a microscope or choosing a segment of the totality of being, - an activity most of us are addicted to,  while zooming into a certain reality, we then perceive e.g. what we call our “present” identity or body-mind. But which one is our real and present identity? Because we have altogether nine of them at a time, which one them is the one we usually identify with, as we in reality identify with all of them?

These are all questions of the mind and they are very confusing, aren’t they! But all the Real Masters are the ones who are pointing to our True Identity as Mere Being which is the only way to be at peace for Real, as it is the  Source and Substance of all the worlds, all the identities that arise in our consciousness.

But peace is not really the nature of  any of these separate entities, identities, worlds and events, if this very peace is not recognized as the foundation and basis on which All-That-Is-Arising exists.

It is my experience that, as soon as one of these identities or entities is recognized AS the very substance of being and is  met  in the mode of feeling to infinity, it dissolves for good. But there are forms we are holding onto for what ever reason, mostly for the sake of experience, that will not lose their specific identity. In that case remember, that this is YOUR own choice, and  that YOU  yourself have chosen a certain experience to arise, whether pleasant or  unpleasant, painful or joyful.

But any time we are choosing to let go of any phenomenon, it WILL dissolve into the endless and eternal field of mere being. Things that continue to arise (and they arise merely to our own  consciousness) are the ones we have been focusing on while making them our reality.

At this time of evolution of the universes many, many phenomena are being dissolved in and returned to  the Sea of Mere Being forever  -  to never to return. Because at the time of December  2012, a New Reality has been born on Earth. 

For a new reality to emerge fully, it always takes “time” as we perceive it, although there is also occurring  a  simultaneity of all things and happenings. What has been set in motion at that time is now more and more rapidly ripping apart the old parameters, as all of that which does not resonate with the New Era is ever more quickly crumbling away.

Of course all of that is occurring in our consciousness. Ascension occurs in consciousness only.  And there is only consciousness, even the “outer worlds” are, we must remember, as they are a reflection of our very own consciousness. In this understanding, the current process of Ascension is a stepping stone that releases a certain content in the  reality-consciousness of the universe and subsequently of our Earth Mother to dissolve into the Field of Divine Mere Radiant Being. Ultimately only Divine Mere Radiant Being will Remain, after all Ascension Processes in the so called future have been accomplished.

However we have been given the Blessing-Gift to already now commune with this Field of Ultimate Divine Radiant Consciousness, in the midst of all the universes and worlds and their limited consciousness, that still arise and will arise in the times to come.

Those who do the conscious work of releasing what can be released now into the Field of Mere Being, that can be accessed via the heart, are contributing to the acceleration of fundamental change in  the Collective Consciousness of humanity. 

The still sleeping masses will therefore soon discover – or are already slowly discovering – that certain patterns just don’t work anymore, such as wars, racism, hostility, and much more to come.

And so  we are all successively moving toward happiness and unity,  instead of separation and conflict, if we are willing to notice the auspicious signs  and stepping out of what “the heads of the hydra” still try to spout at us.

The word “love” has been used and misused significantly, especially in these times of confusion and ascension chatter. 

But if we join in our hearts with the  mere feeling of being, that just IS, and if we are using the intelligence of the heart, which is a thousand times more real and powerful  than the intelligence of the brain, we find a way to establish inner peace and  acknowledge our True Being that does not “need” any world or universe, but loves to play with experiences that are joyful and inspiring and liberating.

In lak’ech!
~ Ute ~


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Friday, September 13, 2013


by Ute Posegga-Rudel

Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright 2013
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Beloved Friends,

as the light process continues and accelerates on and with Gaia, our bodies are a mirror of the light process of Gaia’s Body. What She does our bodies do – when we allow it!

Therefore it is important to commune with Nature. At least by projecting ourselves into a place where we remember our deep connection with Her and where we remember  our Oneness with Her.

Indeed, while the light of our energy begins to radiate from inside out we recognize our True Being. It is a gentle opening of the body or the cells of the body. Our body becomes softer. Wellbeing unfolds. Pains disappear. Everything relaxes on an essential level. Simply by re-connecting with the conscious light that surrounds us.

And so our whole body becomes an antenna to the Universe. The hard shell of self-contraction onto ‘ourselves’ which I call the ego, is melting and there is a soft flow that allows communion with the Divine.

There is a loving surrender to the Light, that surrounds us, a melting with It – physically!

Where does the vibration of the body end and where does the mass of the Light begin That surrounds us? The transition is soft.

I remember December 21 in 2012, when Gaia’s horizon melted with the skies. Are our bodies not One with Gaia’s body? Are our processes not Hers?

By the Forces of Light Who surround our planet and Who are working through and with us, to help to fulfill our Divine Destiny and that of the Universe, we are supported to Become Our Selves, to incarnate fully. To be in the flow and to end separation. The separation of the body, of our very body-cells from the fluid of the Energy and Light, in Which our body exists.

Letting go of everything. Releasing everything  which detains and hinders this process.

Recognition of the body: not something rigid and finite, but part of the Whole, part of the energetic field of Love in which it exists.

To recognize all pains that emerge, all indispositions, as a strategy of holding on. And then release. These contractions, the holding on, are re-actions to life. We don’t need them any longer. Release them! Let them flow away, let them dissolve into the Love-Light that surrounds us. 

The Presence of the “family” is important. Be it the family of Light or our soul family. In this womb we can let ourselves go and become One.
While our body-mind is received in their womb it can return to its original Blueprint.

We must  stop to retreat to “inside” of the body, and we must allow to flow from inside out, thus opening all doors to unite with the Light in Which we are arising.

It is now time that we, humanity, leave our childhood behind and become citizens of the universe.

With Love and Blessings,



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