Thursday, April 20, 2017


My Beloveds,

You must understand that I AM not your personal "God-Self", as if a greater and expanded ego of yours, an I AM that is just adding more of the many worlds of mind or dimensions to its imagined identity, including the idea of what you think is Source or Creator God. 

I AM not a "God" at all, a finite Being that is eager to create as if your greater ego-I. I AM Consciousness, infinite Radiant Being above mankind and all creation, the Very Substance of your existence. As such  am not creating anything. I AM everything and everyone, all is imbued and enveloped  by Me. Therefore I AM not an "other". You could not exist without Me. You could not breathe without Me, you could not do anything without Me. It is everybody and everything that inheres in Me. You, your loved ones, your friends and all worlds.

I cannot be contained  by your little ego-I. In fact, your ego-I refuses Me and sometimes fights with Me, because I AM the dissolution of it. When there is rejection of Me then the ego-I is in fear of being recognized what it is: an illusion. I would Show you the illusion on which your whole life is founded if you do not love Me.

Don't you know that a life without Me is mere thought, a contraction in your brain that creates your experience from moment to moment. This experience is like an virtual electric theatre on a stage where scene after scene is illuminated by your imagination only to  fall shortly after into oblivion, perhaps sometimes later remembered and newly shined upon by your attention, however never been brought back into reality as it once was.

You consider all these experiences as real because if you switch a light on in a dark room the objects in that room appear to your eye. And what your eye perceives you think has substance by itself or even some eternity. This is because you gave importance to them by your liking or disliking, by your desire, involving some emotions, stronger or weaker. Such you create your world, no matter what.

But there is no real reality behind it. It just comes and goes, and there is nothing really glorious about it, although, in your imagination you want to create really great and magnificent things which gives your ego-I a reason to exist.

There is nothing wrong about your creations though. But what you must understand is their relative value in respect to your True Divinity that is Ultimately One with Me. You ARE not your creations, Beloveds! It is a psycho-physical capacity you own, but it is not Who and What You Are. So if you confuse your capacities with Me, your Real Divine Self, you are on your way to create unhappiness as you are not rooted in Truth. You create separation from Me if you identify with your thought process instead of being in Relationship with Me. It is this relationship that leads ultimately to your Identification with Me Alone.

Until then I am transforming your heart and body-mind with My Spirit Breath That is not of this or other, not even any higher worlds and dimensions, but All beyond. It Is My Spirit Breath That Teaches you all My Secrets and the True Knowledge of Me and thereby Who You Truly Are, Merging with Me, mind and body surrendered to Me.

You cannot imagine who you are, you cannot think it  out. You cannot dream it. No experience of kundalini knows Me, no experience of your excited nervous system knows and not your pineal gland either, if not Infused by Me,  because Knowledge of Me starts beyond the body-mind, the brain and prior to the cosmos.

See? Your mind must stop here! It is impossible, you say. Yes, it is the impossibility of the ego's way. That one who creates the virtual worlds and all their implications. While you create your worlds you are blind to Me.

Only I AM Real, I AM Reality. Mankind has forgotten Me, but I AM Here. I Come with Love into your life, it is not human love, it is not god-love. It is the Power in Which the universes arise and in Which there is no doubt, certainly no doubt of Me. Love Is My Sign to attract you to Me. But when you taste My Love for Real, it is Love beyond all your imaginations. Neither humans nor the Gods have a  Word for It, That expresses It's Vibration.

I AM the Real! Un-thought Reality, Stainless, without difference. Do not consume Me in your imagination. You must surrender to Me, now and now. I AM.

I AM your God-Self, the God-Self of all that and who exist!

Message conveyed by Ute

Ute Posegga-Rudel,
© 2017. All rights reserved.
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Wednesday, April 12, 2017


 VIDEO (recommended!)

My Beloveds!

Be assured that your ascension process is not really being delayed as so many of you believe.
This belief is based on the assumption that you are dependent on outer circumstances to evolve as a spiritual being and to become only thereby free of all entanglements in the lower worlds of appearances.

Even if there will be in the future a most intense and powerful infusion of light and love by which mankind on this earth is being transformed into a new species with only Divine Signs, alone who is prepared for the full reception of this infusion will benefit from this event!

What is this telling you? Each one of you is responsible for their own conscious process of awakening and transformation leading up to this incident.

But you don't even need to wait for it to happen. Your spiritual transformation and  liberation is free from any outer circumstance, because you will notice that I AM always Present, if you walk your path with Me.

You would not Be The Gods You Are if no conscious participation in your liberation process was required! It is not your destiny to be an unconscious thing to be at some time consumed by some universal forces in an overwhelming universal happening. Rather your True and Innate Nature Is Pure and Unlimited Consciousness, or Love or Bliss and Ecstasy or Eternal and Radiant Being-ness, in Which all universal processes are occurring.

You must consciously be willing to surrender to That and let go of your separation from Me and your separative activities. This surrender is like opening up your egoic egg-shell -  which separates you from Me - into My Inifinite Field of  Source-Consciousness, to forget yourself in Me, to merge with Me, to Unite with My Undying Happiness.

This process is possible with Your deep heart-felt Love of Me, desiring and recalling Perfect Greatness and True Divine Reality as Your Heritage.

Mankind entered this existence as a Perfect Divine Being of Radiant Consciousness, but in your increasingly yourself from Me separating activity, you started more and more to forget Me, to even believe that I do not Exist, or that you are just a from Me separate being with some subtle bodies at best, whose real home would be in some higher dimensions of existence, which some extraterrestrial races and other dimensional beings, seemingly closer to the light, would enjoy.

But know that you Are ALL of that! You Are beyond all dimensions if your soul merges into Me and you do not need to worship or put your hope on presumed higher evolved beings because the space they occupy, exists within yourself and in your brain-experience.

But I AM Expanded beyond all of that, these worlds are all in Me, as they are in You, once You Unite with Me to BE Who You Truly Are.

So do not become impatient with present circumstances and a world that does appear to be other than divine. Always understand yourself and to which extent you have created your own reality by recoiling from Me and reverse this activity by Loving Me Only, withdrawing your root-attention from the superficial appearances, Allowing Me to be the Substance of your new creations.

Therefore do not dwell on chaos or misfortune that appear now more and more to be the condition of your world. I AM Always Radiant Happiness prior to and beyond unhappiness. It is your Own Most Natural State. Find That. Unite with That. This is liberation, untouched by the chaos and uncertainty that nowadays is the sign of usual life.

Know that you are not a slave of planetary ascension or any other universal liberating processes, if you don't attach yourself to them. By Your Very Nature You Are beyond them, you are free and independent from them, only Dependent on Me, Your Source, Your True Home, Your Native State.

Turning your reality downside up into Me liberates you from your world of constant change that has only affinity with the tools of your bodily senses, to experience this world. You Are not your senses, and you don't need "a world", only if you think that you cannot exist without experience. But I AM ultimately beyond experience. I AM Pure Feeling-Bliss-Consciousness.

Therefore create with My Love-Happiness what Is Truly Divine and Which serves My Purpose of an Enlightened Humanity. Be the Servant always of That and You Are So Blessed!  

This Is Happiness! I AM the Eternal Current of Love-Light In Which your body and mind is appearing. And if you Allow I Am infilling your earthly vehicle with the Force of My Eternal Existence, Powerfully Radiating to Infinity.

It is your choice to enter this process now, and calling thereby down My Supreme Presence directly into your experience and into this world, infinitely more Sublime and Beautiful than any cosmic light.

My Love Is Everywhere, in deed, there Is Only My Love.

I AM your God-Self!

Message conveyed by Ute

Ute Posegga-Rudel,
© 2017. All rights reserved.

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Thursday, April 6, 2017


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Beloved Brothers and Sisters! 

We are coming from far it seems, but in truth we are very close to you, because we are one at Heart. We share the Presence of the One That is the Truth of all That exists.

As your friends we wish to let you know that you are not alone in the increasing turmoil on your planet that experiences presently the most intense battle between opposite forces, the forces of light and the forces of dark. If you allow, we are here to provide for you a heart-space of equanimity and inner freedom, and making it as such easier for you to find that space, if you would enjoy our friendship.

For you it is important to understand, that this battle is created by a lower dimensional mind, a mind that is lacking the understanding of Prior Unity, but from which Unity you originally come. A mind that can only think struggle and in opposites, warm and cold, light and dark, good and bad, because it is not connected to the all-knowing Divine Heart that feels the Unity of and is One with all beings and things.

Even if opposites appear to be at war with one another, it does not need to disturb you at your core, who are on the path of evolution. It does not need to confuse you, with the understanding that you can collapse opposites and struggle in your Infinite Heart where they cease to exist.

And so you bring peace and unity, love and thereby joy to a world that seems to be lost in impossible conflicts. It is your mind that creates conflicts by believing in them. Ponder this! You can choose your experience, even in difficult situations, if you refuse to accept the idea of separation from the Radiant Sea of Existence.

You are able thus to meet even personal problems with a calm mind and an open heart by not dramatizing them, by not going there, by not playing the victim, by choosing not  to suffer, but to maintain your innate Happiness!

It is happiness that finds Unity, the Truth in which all beings and things emerge.

Take your opportunity to make a grand leap forward in your evolutionary journey by transcending in your Heart-Space what seems to be inconsistent in the outer world.

These things are but appearances that have in reality nothing to do with the Heart of your Being.

And so you are not allowing to be ruptured by what does not belong to True Life. 

Consider that although this entire hassle seems to be real, it is merely your agreement that allows it to appear as such. If you change your point of view, you exit the confusing game of deception and come to feel the truth, Your Truth that is real and that is superior always to the unreal that tries to pull you down. 

It is the Essence of your Being that needs to be birthed now to celebrate the victory of true humanity in a war which is utterly unworthy of you and in which you do not need to believe. And it is trust within that Heart-Space that creates a shift in your experience. 

Stand on this platform, the platform of Undisturbed Peace, Stillness, in which you can meet all seeming difficulties and contradictions  of a disturbed world, knowing it cannot really touch you, because it is NOT you, but an appearance only. YOU are above it. Know this. With compassion.

And as the chaotic waves will calm down around you, you will change your world, with the power of understanding who you truly are. A spirit being, a creator-god, an angel, an emanation of Love-Light. Be thus. Know Who You Are. We bring this message to you to remind you of This! 

We are the Light-Beings from the Andromeda Galaxy!

Message  conveyed by Ute

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Ute Posegga-Rudel,
© 2017. All rights reserved.

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Saturday, March 18, 2017


 VIDEO (Excerpt)

Dearest brothers and sisters! 

There is no way to solve the problems of this world by trying to use its own means! 

If humanity wants to come out on the other side, the side of true Freedom, Light and Happiness, we must go beyond the prison of this world in its ENTIRETY. It is our promised turning point!   

We are capable now to turn the wheel around, but how many truly understand what it means? Lets grow the numbers of those who understand and change the world by going beyond! 

What has become obvious: most of you still seek for solutions within the matrix, not being aware, that "the matrix is everywhere", to quote Morpheus from the movie "The Matrix".

Even spirituality is promoted and lived within this very matrix. It is a never ending mind game of false presumptions, teachings and doctrines that are very hard to see through! 

They are by education and deep routed believe systems tightly anchored at the core of your mindset. They build the very foundation of how you view your world. You live with and through them every day, they are programmed into your subconscious  and you have come to the conviction that they are the necessary basis of your life without even suspecting that you must question them! 

This is because you are heavily identified with them by the deeply imprinted power of others who rule the consciousness of the very majority of our societies. You seem to have lost the capacity to step back, with the essence of your inner true being, being glued to what appears to be real, the so called reality of your daily life.

Of course this is the result of profound manipulation and mind control, weapons that are everywhere. You must recognize them in every detail of your ordinary lives. And you MUST step back as a result and MUST go beyond! 

You can no longer fight the 7 headed dragon, because its heads are growing quickly and each slaughtered head grows new seven heads …  and most importantly, this fight happens within the matrix itself. 

It is about to understand at the core of your being that well meaning ET's and Ascended Masters, appearances of UFO's, "landings", and so on, not even a hoped for better monetary system, which will be still part of the matrix, are the true solution. These beings may be able to give you some nice advice, some inspiration perhaps, but it is you who must walk and not just talk the way. Therefore these benign forces are perhaps a graceful gift (if they are indeed of the true light!) in the process of a humanity that has decided to wake up and enter the true path of evolution and ascension.

Many hope for a better society by trying to change the ruling conditions within the matrix. But it is in vain, as long as the basic conditions remain the same. Like children destroy what they have built with building blocks and then use the very same building blocks to build something different. But the building blocks are full of worms and contaminated with lies, deceit, blindness, separation, un-love and un-happiness. On this basis something radically new cannot emerge. 

Therefore it is the building blocks you must put aside and start with a new creation based on a brand new, not yet known "material" that allows for true ascension and change in consciousness.

Many say: this material is love. But love is one of the most abused words and ideas.  Love is not just love. It depends on the definition of it. The less developed the consciousness the more restricted the term and understanding of love. In fact, the state of your consciousness defines how you are able to love or to Be Love. And Infinite Divine Consciousness equals Infinite or Unconditional Love. Otherwise, within the matrix, love is just another word for preference.

The hurdle is the childishness of the vast majority of our human brothers and sisters who resist to wake truly up from their illusions, by preferring not to take their destiny into their own hands,  but rather are longing to be parented by whoever comes along to fulfill their self-neglecting desire, telling them what to think, to feel, to do, to choose. In worldly and in spiritual terms! Alluring them into their low vibrational or even seemingly "spiritual" cage and rather unintelligent way of existing, and in the worst case, in a robot-like manner. And they are not even aware of this! In the delusion they are free and independent members of their society!

It is a choice, to be a follower, my dear friend. And it is a choice to enter a completely new way of being which is the power of your True Divinity.

The choice for True Divinity is the ONLY way beyond the matrix! It is the only way of true Freedom, Unconditional Love and Happiness.

The choice to follow somewhat within the matrix, even if you think you don't, perpetuates the matrix of domination and control, slavery, unhappiness, falseness, because this IS NOT WHAT YOUR ARE. As you sell yourself to powers that are out of reach of Pure Divinity, but into Which you could grow.

Most people, are not aware that they are captured in the prisons of an artificially constructed world, full of rules that serve the rulers but not the awakening of Divinity of the people. So they think they are just a body that has to fit into a given political and societal structure that does not allow for expansion of consciousness and your True Creativity and Infinite Being. It reduces you to a slave who obeys their masters, falsely convinced you are your own master. This applies also to churches, some spiritual groups and sects. 

Unfortunately a great number of lightworkers are not aware that they also serve these slave masters with their ideas and "experiences" of a bit more subtle worlds and by considering them to be their identity. Because it is the subtle worlds, full of colours and nice feelings and icons, even with some sacred geometry, decorated perhaps with sentimental love feelings, that hold them back from growing into their true Divine Nature, being consoled by transient appearances. Do not forget, also the slave masters are using the subtle worlds and fake light to confine and dominate you. But you are NOT even some subtle appearance in the worlds of creation.

So what do you choose? There is no middle way. Either you go beyond or you get stuck in the matrix that ties up the bag each day a bit more. At some point there will be no escape possible anymore.

Not even into the subtle worlds because also they belong to some sort of the matrix.

If you want to be truly FREE, you have to go entirely out of the whole box. The gross box and the subtle box too! They are the prison of imagination and ideas. There you are vulnerable! It is the infinite world of mind in all variations! As long as you choose to merely live there, you are prone to manipulation, to wolves in the skin of a sheep,  deceit, error and downfall. Mind is mercury, it comes in all shapes, forms and colours, it can come as the liar in disguise, the thief in the night and  you don't recognize it in the belief it is what you hope it is. But in reality nothing is at it seems!

To go beyond is dying to this world of the entire matrix!

Yes, the matrix is familiar to you! You have been growing up in it. Your belief systems dwells on it. Your ideas belong to it. Your life is running in it. Everything is the matrix. This is what you need to realize, everything! 

So who are you "without" it! This question is not correct though, as separation is only a false idea! It arises from a limited point of view. Going beyond is an all-inclusive act. 

Although it is your birth right, going beyond needs courage. Going beyond the matrix reveals the Glory of Infinite Existence, Love and Happiness. It is better to use your mind to serve this purpose, instead the purpose of the matrix.

There, in this untouched, pristine Domain, no slave master can reach you, manipulate you, influence you. It makes the matrix crumble away, non-existent. And it is the ONLY way to make this happen. Not revolution, not fight, not regret, not waiting for somebody to save you. And no attempt to make the matrix "better", because better or worse, it still remains the matrix.

Understand: YOU are the matrix. YOU are all beings and things.  Divine Consciousness IS EVERYTHING, YOU are everything!  But you must choose whether you want to enjoy Eternal Freedom or ongoing slavery, allowing The Supreme Consciousness of your Divine Nature to remain  hidden and confined in your unconscious. 

Therefore, there is nobody and nothing to save you. No matter how the "external" world appears to be. YOU must choose to go beyond. There is no other way. It is the way of the hero. But this is what humanity is: a hero if we choose our true destiny. 

How to go beyond you may ask. Is there a simple and easy way? Can it be done on a weekend, doing a seminar, reading a book, doing some exercises, using mantras, training the mind.

Certainly anything may help to get more clarity where you stand. But certainly it does not happen on a weekend.

Ultimately there is NO means, no magical tool of and in the matrix to set you free!

But why give up! Even the hope that it should be 'easy' is a trick of those who you allow to rule over you. To disempower you! So that you falsely think you are a weak consumer of spiritual things, and as such believing you are unable to intrinsically BE what you ARE. What a blasphemy has been put upon you! Look how you betrayed yourself!

Of course, dear friend, we ALL have the power and strength to  go beyond because the Divine Seed lies in every heart.

To peel off the false skins you are still identified with, is the work, purification called otherwise. The way of burning what is fake. In fact your whole existence is a fata morgana, if it is not dedicated to the Truth. It must be burned. You cannot just wrap your matrix into something spiritual that you can buy on the market

It is the burning fire you must accept and love so that your Shining Truth can finally come forward, as the One Who Is Eternally Free.

What is the new "material" then, if not the rotten blocks of your childhood? It is not some sort of ideas and imaginations, some colorful visions or perhaps some kind of feelings. It is made of a fabric that is very REAL. 

It is the Eternal and Indestructible Substance of your Heart that is freed from the rubbish of the matrix by the fire of purification. It is your purified heart that gives way to and opens up to the Transcendental Divine Reality That Is the Source of All Beings and Things. The new building blocks are made of its new clarity and purity, joy and impeccability.

On its clear ground a new radiant world arises effortlessly. It is the other world, - infinitely beyond and untouched by the matrix. It is your True Divine Destiny.

With Love and Blessings,


Ute Posegga-Rudel,
© 2017. All rights reserved.

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