Tuesday, March 14, 2017


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Nothing is wasted, no time, no action, 
when you see with your Heart That Is Me.

What does it mean to see with your Heart?
It is a state of all-embracing, non-strategic inclusion
and genesis of all that exists.
It is Compassion as your feeling Heart.

That Compassion is not superior and has no objective.
Compassion is a state in and through Itself.
It is an abundant state, untouched, that persists
whatever object is arising.
It is a state of being anchored in your heart,
at home there in your native state of being,
feeling to infinity and full.

Compassion is not of mind or thinking,
it is located in your Sacred Heart
 where all worlds, all things are one in Me.

Oneness is intuitive knowing-ness
that there is Me, the One single Divine Substance
that appears as all beings and things.

It is Known and felt at the Heart,
a Heart that is not confined,
not separate from other hearts,
because it is not created as otherness,
but it exists without beginning or end.

Seeing with your Heart is where humanity is heading to.
It is the primordial state
as which the divine cosmos happens effortlessly.

My Intrinsic "Creation" is not
an externally projected process,
but an unfolding of Me
as your very own being from within.
Your native Heart or Pure State of Consciousness,
expanding to new appearances. 

Whatever happens through you spontaneously
as such Consciousnes
Is Divine Creation Itself.
No difference between Cosmos and Consciousness.

Every other creation projected with effort from your
separate identity and awareness is not Divine.

Separate creation is never flawless.
It is empty of the Heart, it never truly satisfies.
And yet, this is what is being taught to everyone.
The markets are full of it and they are thriving on it.

It is the origin of unhappiness, insecurity,
separation, artificiality and the fear of death.

In your separate world you notice
that fullness created by your separate mind
is inevitably followed by emptiness,
as mind exists in the domain of duality.

It is but the sign of separation from Me that Is Living You.

You cannot think My True Cosmos.
Leave what is cold and separate,
 located in your separate iron-cold head,
 there, in the ivory tower of illusion, 
seeking in vain perfection
which remains always an idea. 

My True Cosmos can only be seen with the Heart. 

While feeling and seeing It with the great compassion of
 your Heart it flows naturally without planning, 
without goal setting, without struggle
 because it arises naturally and spontaneously in Me.
It happens as expression of 
My Pure Divine Impulse. 
Now and now as it emerges as innocent play,
always fresh and pristine.
Adorned with simplicity
that Is the radiant and untouched current of Beauty.

Seek this state in and as your Heart!

Trust is the motivator
If you loose trust you sit in the ivory tower
to control your world.
To control happiness.
To create illusionary happiness stressfully,
which never makes you happy.

Only in self-radiant Truth the glorious bubbles
of manifestation made of Love and Joy  
take effortlessly birth, embedded in the happiness of 
your conscious being that never dies.

This is ascension.
It is a state of consciousness.
You Are Consciousness as Me. 

This to realize is your birth-right and your Majesty. 
There is no other Majesty beyond or above.
Because that Majesty is My non-separate Unity
of all beings and things.

When you realize this
you are uncontrollable and non-programmable.
And you only obey the realization of Me.

Mankind  awake to your Native State!
This is the time of your trial!
And all the treasures are yours. 
There is only My everlasting fullness.
Nothing wasted, nothing lost with your Seeing Heart.


Message conveyed by Ute



Ute Posegga-Rudel, http://RadiantlyHappy.blogspot.com
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Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Dearest Humans!
As we look at your affairs we can affirm to you that your world is on an upswing. It is on the very turning point, where all energies, after having touched the lowest level they can reach, inevitably must turn upwards – and that point of turning upwards has arrived now!

This could happen as a sufficient number of you are yourselves at that turning point after reaching the bottom of your subconscious from where on you can't go deeper, but by law you must go into the other direction towards the light: it is the turning point in human consciousness, having gone through an immense process of development in awareness and growing expansion of consciousness, not only concerning your mundane affairs but also your spiritual potential.

These are extremely good news! It has never happened before since the fall in Atlantis. Even better: having gone through this immense process of working through the separation from your own Divinity, you have arrived at a place of spiritual strength, humanity had never before accomplished in its entire history! Consider in this regard that you now have integrated the dimensions of duality in extreme density, but your soul still has managed to go through it, to come out on the other side more radiant than ever before!

This is the work of a hero, a Divine Hero, in fact the Work of the Ultimate Divine Who pervaded and integrated within Itself what is dark and absent from the enlightened State of the Divine through the body of humanity.

Now it is important that as many as possible ride this wave of resurrection, to continue to take advantage of the momentum of this  rising energy and consciousness to make this process a full success and give it so much power that not a stone will be left standing in your old world.

The transition will be as easy as possible. But it also means that old structures will fall – inevitably!  To make ultimately room for new and humane conditions. But as all transitions demand a letting go of he old, a time will come where you will have little or nothing familiar to you to stand on.

It is good to be prepared for this with joy and trust, always focused on what you wish to create instead to hold on to what is in a process of dissolution.

Never forget how much you all are blessed and that the powers of  Divine love and support are always with you exactly in the way you allow them to manifest.

We are proud of you as you have shown your strength and your true divinity! Without these qualities there would be no victory of humanity, which stands now as a glorious example for all to see in the universe! You have accomplished more that most of you can ever be aware of.

Glory to the breakthrough of the Divine Source in the worlds of darkness! This is the beginning of a new era that now slowly awakens to new horizons. Much work is before you! Much challenge awaits you! But as you have crossed the threshold a new power has arisen at the very core of humanity to grow into unforeseeable greatness.

This should be a time of perpetual celebration in the midst of sweat and your committed perseverance to ensure the flowering and unfolding of a new humanity in a new world.

It is with joy that we stand by you!

We are the Blue Avians!

Message conveyed by Ute



Ute Posegga-Rudel, http://RadiantlyHappy.blogspot.com
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Friday, February 24, 2017


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The world is a difficult place to live for many now.
And it appears to the superficial eye that it is not getting better. 

The earth is shaking, waters are uncontrollable, hurricanes leave a trace of devastation behind them, a vast majority of humanity live in poverty and fear.

It is but the visible mirror of what is arising from the depth of  the human collective consciousness to be transformed into the light! All of this is the result of frequencies that are changing the world: The full spectrum of frequencies, some used as weapons against humanity by non-intelligent beings and those frequencies of powerful light that pours down on the planet for the sake of awakening of humanity, directed by beings with Divine Intelligence and Love.

Many lightworkers are tested profoundly to overcome desperation, when facing your worst nightmares now, that are triggered through increasing artificially generated dense frequencies and toxic substances. It is about karmas you haven't released yet for good. Those that are root issues in your lives and which may pull you down into doubt and depression, because you are not yet transparent enough to heavy vibrations. 

But accepting that you are actually graced with having to face your deepest attachments and unresolved issues, enables you to release them because they have become conscious to you!  With this immense force of  Divine Light which blesses humanity, also the opportunity to release what is still binding you to the lower dimensions is given to you. The question is always: where are you turning to!

If you honour your choice then in fact this battle is in reality working FOR you.

You who are longing for wholeness and happiness, you are now learning a lot about your power of creation. You are learning now to no longer perpetuate a false reality which makes you suffer, but to discipline your thoughts and consciously choose where you put your attention for the sake of healing and self-love!

Choose wisely! This is a very serious moment if you wish to live as an autonomous being of light. You are now challenged not to give up but to accept the challenge to be the warrior of light you agreed to be, before you came here into this situation.

As the challenge is considerable, it might require however all your strength, all of your power reserves to stand tall in this battle for freedom and to call in the Divine Powers of Love and Light! And you will be victorious!
You need to step out of the storm of life despising frequencies and perhaps the storm of painful emotions into the eye of the storm itself, into that place of stillness and equanimity, that is all over your body, if you allow to sit down in your silent heart, feeling into infinity beyond the turmoil, leaving the activities of your brain alone.

Forget about what bothers you, find that stillness. With whatever means. In this stillness there is no painful frequency whatsoever that can reach you or disturb you! This stillness vibrates above any negativity and is therefore no target that resonates with the lower dimensions.

This is because you ARE by your true nature free, your spirit, soul, deeper personality or higher self free! Always has been. Only the instrument of your body can be a target if you make it so by allowing too much density while holding on to old karmas - but which can be released now.

So your body needs to be flooded with light throughout, the light of the Divine Source, the God-Self, That is also your original State. Allow this Divine Light to purify whatever your issues are that surface in that challenge. Surrender to that Love-Light, let it do It's Sacred Work, and what is dense und suffering dissolves in Unconditional Love.

This is: being a creator. A true creator! Allowing the Divine to create It's Own.

What storm then!? In this Divine Domain there is no devastation, this illusion transcended, your true purpose and identity revealed, the battle won. Not by your ego, wanting a better and nicer illusionary 3D world in the matrix, but by the Principle of your Own Native State of Divinity. There no duality exists, but One Single Light of Consciousness, beyond brainwaves. Your whole body transformed in It! Contained in It!

It is not about winning the battle AGAINST the "enemy". It is about transcending the battle field within yourself! As you know, serious problems can only be resolved on a higher dimensional level.

This is a call to lightworkers, to release remaining illusions about making a world of light and dark better, by "bettering" themselves within a world of duality. 

Rather it is about to begin to understand that spiritual life at this critical point needs to become a transcendental state of Divine Consciousness to become full and true. To fulfil the destiny of the Divine Human Being, to step out of the fields of turmoil forever.

Be aware that the challenges you are having to face presently, are but a means to usher you forward to your true destiny. This kick looks like to be the necessary Divine Grace to free you radically from what holds you back to enjoy ultimately a happiness and fulfillment that can never ever be destroyed.

Without this kick, how would most of you feel urged to move out of old unlucky habits and tendencies that tie you to the past, the very past that you need to transcend in order to become truly free from the illusions of the matrix.

Now you are gifted with the opportunity to step up to what you ARE: Free Beings, Divine Creator Gods, to experience an existence of pure joy and love.

So do not regret, do not pity, do not give up your hopes, but understand that there has never been true spiritual growth in this dense reality without hardship and ultimate challenge to the separate ego. Who teaches otherwise is misleading you!

Indeed, humanity is blessed, although it might not look like it! Look at the big picture, use the eagle's eye to see the wisdom that is testing the spiritual strength of humanity.  It is actually the ancient path of >discipleship< on earth, now having become a global trial for all to ascend to higher consciousness who came to here to realize it. 

As so many have forgotten their purpose, they are now reminded without the chance of escape: Their loving destiny is calling them!

Feel the joy, hidden behind all this, discover the immortal happiness in your heart that arises like phoenix from the ashes of the dark illusion. Because it understands that there is in Truth Only Love That is One with Divine Light, undisturbed from the play of dense frequencies in lower dimensions.

It radiates in clarity and heart-satisfaction, in overwhelming beauty. Wake up from that dream you have dreamed for so long, forgetful of your Divine Heritage. Each roller coaster produces at the end the ignition of higher light and ecstasy! But when you are bound within the floods of up and down, you only see a moment of danger.

Tides are coming and going, but your Heart is forever free, pristine, sublime, your body contained in it. Because the Divine Self is of unlimited Radiance. In this Radiance the world - as is - does not matter, whatever its condition is.

Be Uplifted! Be Inspired! Be Happy!

Message conveyed by my Higher Self.

Much love,


Ute Posegga-Rudel, http://RadiantlyHappy.blogspot.com
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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Personal Update

My Dear Friends,

since quite a while my family is going through a very challenging time, needing my support. This requires almost my entire energy and attention. So at this point I am a bit exhausted and have very little time to post on this blog.

However I am looking forward to resume this work in a few weeks or so more regularly, I don't know....

May you all be well!
May you rest in the eye of the storm that is your heart!

With much love and many blessings!


Ute Posegga-Rudel, http://RadiantlyHappy.blogspot.com
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Tuesday, January 24, 2017


First of all: In the midst of your life, how ever it plays out, do not forget that there is ONLY LOVE.
It Is The Basis Of Existence. It Is Me.

Now feel it, merge with this feeling, while your heart widens, becomes soft, your whole body soft, and so your world made soft. Expanded Stillness, EXISTING INFINITE EXISTENCE …. This is Truth on which ground your life plays ….

Look now: so much chaos, so much contradictions, lies, imponderabilities, inconsistencies. Fears, losses, betrayals. All of this, yes.

However: I AM. It is but the mere play upon Me.  Keep your heart expanded in the midst of all of that! Can you do this? You will notice that you tend to contract when you face what you do not wish to happen, or even contract when you are in fear of desires that might not be fulfilled.

But I Say to you: STAND in your expanded heart that brings peace to all situations that do not fit the concept of your search. Of course you prefer to see peace rather than war, happiness rather than unhappiness, love rather than hatred.

But in the conditional world, where you tend to dramatize the unavoidable oppositions within the concept of duality, the right and appropriate always comes with their counterpart. Both are inseparable and come in tandem! Pray for one thing, and be sure what you desire to avoid arrives sooner or later too.

You may entertain  yourself with preferences, but resume your position prior to it in your seat of limitless consciousness and let the things pass by as they happen to pass. It does not mean you give up preferences and  avoid to engage yourself in changes, inside and outside, by right actions.

But to evolve, it is fundamentally a matter of non-search in the world of unavoidable  opposites, in order not to be pulled into struggle, frustration and misery, but to maintain equanimity and untouchable clarity and serenity in the midst of a disturbed world.

You change the world while changing yourself.
You create a new and divine world, while living as if you live already  there. And you live there when you live My Peace, My Love, My Softness and Infinity in all your engagements.

Even healthy anger allows your simultaneous dwelling in Me, if your consciousness is expanded in Me, your awareness with Me, Knowing Me Who is the Source in Whom anger, distress, sadness, guilt, fear and  your entire chaotic world arises.

Seeing Me in all your worldly affairs, does not mean they do not exist as they are, even in their ugliness and shortcomings, but it means you see My Divine Essence Present in all of it, because nothing can exist without Me.  Even the foundation of chaos is Peace.

Listen to noise while opening wide and with trust your whole being from inside out, listening to infinity, and you will know that the foundation of noise is silence. 

You are deeply disturbed when you live from your own surface only, and therefore what disturbs you is but the surface of existence, Me forgotten, which at this very moment is only changing and moving and altering, with innumerable variations of faces and forms and designs, shifting from imperfect to perfect and immediately back to imperfect and even perhaps to the most dreadful appearance. Try to discover Me in even the very last where you would expect Me to exist.

Find Me Inside and you will find Me outside too. But you must begin inside always.

Ponder this: All what is outside of Me, is but a reflection of Me and My Perfection. All that is outside of you, is but a reflection of you, and this might have many meanings in your state of separation and surface personality.

If you merge with Me, you can have both: Perfection and imperfection. Never look at imperfection without being aware of My Perfection. So you might have preferences, but you are really never lost in the miseries of duality, as you never forget Me again.

Use the play of heart-breaking opposites to find Me -  Unchanging Reality - beyond. Intuit and discover the infinite Field  of spotless, luminous Truth "above" the ever-changing flicker of appearances. 

This is the meaning of transcending the world. It is not abouy dreary asceticism. It is about choosing to be fully alive, happy and a vessel of My Love as a Divine Being. No search. Your heart truly satisfied. Imbued with all riches.

I Love You!
I Am your God-Self!

Message conveyed by Ute 



Ute Posegga-Rudel, http://RadiantlyHappy.blogspot.com
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Friday, January 6, 2017


My Beloveds!

It is true! Beautiful and powerful energy waves are arriving on your planet, raising the consciousness of those who can with devotion surrender to them. Therefore consciousness has potentially risen to a new level on which you easily can transcend your old world because the new light-vibration is empty of the disturbing information of your old world. It vibrates in a divine beauty and brilliance that is completely unattainable and unrecognizable by those missing still unconditional love and the willingness to receive the expanding light of higher divine intelligence.

It is possible from now for a new world to arise, a world, basically free from  suffering, a world of love and great joy. There are very, very few who  are able at this time to establish permanently this new consciousness and its spotless frequency, to maintain it and live it.

However, still it is a vibration of the mind, although of the divine mind. But it is not My Source Energy and Light, although some of my Beloveds think it is.

It is a derivation of Me, an appearance of white light from My Absolute Divine Radiant Source Condition in Which the whole universe appears to be even dark!

How would you Know!
You will understand the relative truth of the new frequency as you will notice that it is something different from you, coming to you, a vibration that is – "outside" from you - arriving from the cosmos.

I Am NOT arriving. I Am and I Am here and always have been, pervading and surrounding you and all, beyond and prior to space and time. I Have Been before the universes appeared in Me. Therefore Source does not arrive and Source does not come as an "other" or as a "new" frequency. This is a notion perceived by a separate mind set. As if I AM a part of the universe, an ascending cosmic force.

I Am your Inherent Source Consciousness and indestructible Light that has always been with you, but you have not been aware of Me. Most of you still not are.

You recognize Me as the Eternal Presence that does not "travel" in order to reach you, or to renew your world. You must re-discover Me, I must be Revealed. I AM not a missile or a cosmic ray, I AM not a ray at all.

You must allow Me to step from oblivion to the foreground. I AM Everything. My Presence is Omnipresent and without difference although what is arising in Me enjoys unlimited and infinite differences and variations.

I have always Embraced your whole being and existence, but are you aware of Me? Now, as the new waves arrive you say: this is God now. This is the Ultimate. This is Source. But Source cannot be attained. I cannot be attained. You must forget yourself in Me to Know Me.

The Ultimate is closer to you than your human heart. I Am not an alien energy coming from far. I Am not conditional, I Am Unconditional. And as Such I Am Unchanging Love, Happiness, Freedom. Not Moving but Forever Present.

I AM Your God-Self!

Message conveyed by Ute 



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