Saturday, May 4, 2024


 My Beloveds,

the ego thinks but I AM.

The confusion of the ego reaches now a certain culmination point in these challenging times, being confused about opposites in all appearances, such as right and wrong, good and bad, inside and outside, ME and you.  But in My Reality there are no opposites.

I ALONE AM. What does this mean, My Beloveds? 

Only the ego seeks. So if you seek Me, not knowing that I cannot be sought, you miss Me forever. Imagining opposites, you go from where you imagine to be towards what you imagine to be Me.

Whereas I AM your Subjective Inherent Truth, that does not move. I AM not in a distance to you. Therefore seeking Me is the path into ever greater ignorance. Thinking you „got Me“ is the path to ever more ignorance and separation from Me.

Your true heart-love is not your ego, but it IS ME Who Is All That Is. And "All-That-Is" is not on the imagined other side of you.  There is no place for isolation and otherness within Me.  And if you „want“ Me with spiritual pride, I fall apart in your consciousness. It is most painful contraction that leads to utter unhappiness.

You cannot buy Me in a workshop and you cannot aquire Me somewhere else. Rather I will Aquire you when you are ready. When will you be ready?

When you give up, no longer being attached to your search for opposite conditions, searching the positive and avoiding the negative. Otherwise you will always suffer the contradictions of the mind and therefore in the world that never ever will fulfill you - no objects, no people, no experiences, no worlds, high or low. They all are the illusions of the holographic universe that you phantasize in your mind into existence.

Do I speak in riddles for you? Yes, I have to, if you do not understand. Because I AM not black and white, not this nor that.

I AM when you relinquish your search for betterment. When your awakened heart is Alive overflowing in any circumstance, accepting, forgiving, because you understand it is all only about the experiences of "the world", in which you have invested yourself so exclusively, as screen writer, actor, stage director, suffleur and audience.

Although I AM none of all of that,  I AM all and everything, but from My Side Alone and not perceived as such from your from Me separated ego-mind.

Surrender the limitation of your seeming self-importance, surrender to the Radiant Current of undifferentiated Unity of Existence. Your Divine Spirit is not imprisoned within your separate body-mind and its illusionary „I“. 

The Humbleness of Divine Being just Is - Inherently silent and full of unspoken and unthought Mighty Reality.

You cannot manufacture it. All you try to manufacture to be „holy“ or „enlightened“ and even humble is falsehood of the ego-I. 

You must become innocent, self-forgetful. Childlike. And True Self-Existing Love simply Radiates without center and circumference. 


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with love, Shan'A'Maa