Sunday, May 26, 2013


Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright 2013

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Greetings Friends, We Are Your Lemurian Family!

Sweet Ones,
It is time now to renew our friendship and to come closer to you than ever before in the last Millenniums.

This is because you, beloved friends, are soon to join us again in consciousness, and with love and joy!

The signs are here, and they arrived heralding our soon to occur unification, as you are rising your vibration now to a degree you have not been able to for a very long time on earth.

Cosmic signs are favorable and it is due to the incoming new energies and light on the planet that you are capable to adapt your own frequency to ours, step by step and more and more, until yours are matching ours.  This will  be the moment when we meet, either physically or telepathically, or while you are aware of our subtle presence.

There are many of you on the planet who are awakening and start to remember their past on ancient Lemuria, a past that was full of the wonders of the 5th and in some cases the 6th dimension. At that time you had not developed your separation to understand yourself as an individual that was seemingly isolated from the rest of creation, an island of singleness, a being contracted on itself, that considered itself as “different” and “other” from everything else.  This experience of separation was the beginning of a strange and from your original Divinity alienated phenomenon: fear!

Fear can only arise if you believe that you are a separate being, singly, and ‘over against’ everybody and everything else. For those who have been part of our ancient Lemurian society, fear was unknown. Because we lived in the realization of unity and non-separation. You experienced yourself as One with our ancient civilization where you were  One at heart with all and All.

The Divine was Centered at your Heart, and your Heart was One with All Hearts. In your Heart there was no difference but Unity or Love. Each one of you has been dancing with all and All your unique dance, in service to the Divine. There was no dance you danced for “yourself”, but all you did was dancing in praise of the Divine Source. And your dance was a dance of Love in your service. Our whole culture was turned to Source and therefore there was no conflict between members of our civilization, because it was not about ‘them’, but about Source.

When you look now at your present society, it is really mainly about “you”, the individual and while you are spiritually awakening, how the Divine would express Itself through your individuality. And therefore there are all these conflicts among those who do not know how to cooperate with one another, as they serve themselves more than they are serving the Divine, self-forgotten, and fully One in their Heart with Source.

You see, this turn around, this upside-down movement, this twist in consciousness, is the reason  that brought about on the surface of earth the downfall of humanity. Remember that your ascension process will reverse this error and confusion, deeply rooted in the wrong perception of “self”.

By now most of you understand that this downfall had to do with the creation of the “Fallen Ones”, that separated you from Source and your once natural intimate Union with Source. Your fallen state turned this correlation around and creation became more “important” than Source Itself, and the consequence of this imbalance was separation from Source.

This separation is breathing now its last breath! It has for so long been maintained by what you call the “matrix”, a sub-creation by the Fallen Ones that held you tight in a spell of delusion. Suffering, darkness, scarcity, loneliness, error, confusion – all these experiences were the consequences for your choice to live in this illusion.

Yes, it was your choice, dear ones. You understood at the time of your fall that you needed to know separation from your Divine Source and its implications, in order to be reborn into your Union with Source, - after you came to the point where you had exhausted your experience of it. This process was serving to overcome the possibility for imbalance inherent in Divine Creation itself.

But when this process is fully and on all levels completed, you are Standing this time Unshakably in Truth, a Victory of the  Divine. What seemed to be an error of creation is now coming rapidly to an end, as you recognize, forgive and integrate what you have tucked away at the time of your fall into your subconscious, so that it became unconscious. This suppressed part of you then was allowed to appear “outside” of you in the form of “malevolent” invaders on your planet, to create for you the matrix of illusion.

We admire your spiritual strength, beloved human family, and how you, with your invocation of Unconditional Love, are re-invocing your Divine Source and thereby incarnating forgiveness, and the integration of the shadow of the unconscious!

Through your heroic act of this integration the ‘error’ in creation is being repaired to the point where a New Divine Creation can emerge, a Creation that is able to fully express, and without failure and flaw now, the Ultimate Glory of Divinity! In this New Divine Universe there will be no falling back ever into forgetfulness of the Radiant Divine Source.

What has been your weakness has become your greatest Strength. The Divine has – through your devotional endeavour – Realized a New Magnificent Universal Creation, that you soon will fully Realize yourself too.

When you do, you will Know that there is Truly Only One Source, forever Inseparable and One with all  Creation. And It Is This One You Will Glorify and Celebrate with all Your Heart, Hence Your Oneness with All, forgotten separateness, but still dancing your unique dance of Love for the Divine. All One Great and Single Happening and Consciousness. All Conscious, nothing unconscious. All Divine, All Light, All Love.

This New Creation is far more than what we lived together in ancient Lemuria, and it is you, who agreed to immerse into full darkness and forgetfulness, to  make this New Victorious Creation Happen.

It is time now for you to  remember and while you fully remember, to allow to be drawn into the Brightness of Source again to fulfill the promise of the New Cycle of Creation. There, there will be no separation, no other, no fear, but Union, Joy and only Love, a never-ending Celebration of the Divine.

We Love You and We Thank You!
We Are Your Lemurian Family!

Message conveyed by Ute

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Thursday, May 23, 2013


By Ute Posegga-Rudel

Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright 2013
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It is quite  a while since I spoke to this channel. I observed her following her own heart to communicate what her soul wanted to express and I Am  pleased that she gave herself permission to do this!

Likewise I encourage each one of you to find your own way to express your heart and to allow your soul to come forward  - if you haven't done so yet - because each one of you is bearing a unique precious gift to share with others. 

Each one of you is equal in this and is part of the totality of all souls of humankind Who exists as the One Great Soul and Consciousness of humanity.

Each one of you is an individual and specific vibration in the united song of humanity. And if only one of  all these vibrations is missing, humanity’s Grand Song is not complete.

The wisdom of each soul is flowing from the Eternal Source in Which it exists, and each soul has its own color or unique combination of colors. But together all colors are transcended into the One Great White Light.

However none of you is separated from this One Great White Light! A soul that seeks to Unite with its Origin Is very much blessed, as this soul is starting  to surrender to the Greater Existence in Which it is arising.

With It the tone of the soul starts to vibrate on a greater scale and a volume, that is not louder but is increasingly expanding multidimensionally until it Unites with Source.

It is due to the Blessings of this time that is is now possible, that a soul is able to participate in the expanded Field of Divine Consciousness, - simultaneously while being the individual soul. This is a new Divine Creation That was unknown to humanity as a whole. In the past only very few extraordinary souls could do this. This is one of the important aspects of this evolutionary quantum leap in the  Heart of the Divine: to be conscious as an individual and as the Ultimate at the same time.

Before this new creation a soul who entered the Ultimate lost its existence in the Vast Ocean of Divine Love-Bliss-Consciousness.

How can an individual soul be both? Understand that this is a matter of a kind of “channeling”. The soul “channels” the Infinite Source and opens itself to Its Vastness, but can switch in the blink of an eye  back to the more limited state of its individuality at will.

So that this could happen, the Divine Creator Forces have changed the structure of the soul in a way that it is more translucent and less solid in its geometry as it has been before. Meaning that the soul of the human being has now more scope to change from a particle to a waveform, to use this analogy!  And this can be done by will, as soon as the Absolute has become conscious to the experience of the soul.

It has been your observation that as soon you integrated a new scientific insight into the nature of creation, that this always coincided with expanded consciousness. Expanded awareness and new insights in your scientific endeavours signified therefore also the evolutionary expansion of your spiritual growth.

I suggest that you all use your understanding of quantum physics, which is in the Knowing of your heart, to expand the awareness of your soul. The symbolism that is expressed in your advanced science of physics is a doorway to understand yourself and the Nature of Consciousness better.

Ultimately you will find, that many observations in the  field of physics which are depictions of reality, point to the same Truth. And soon you will be able to interchange them, recognizing that they describe the same what your soul increasingly is able to feel, intuit and Know as Divine Reality.

However, this applies only to the world of phenomena. As soon as structure is released there is no science and no spirituality. Both are transcended in the Gigantic, Infinite and Undivided  Source of Ultimate Reality, in which no structure exists, but from which all structures are arising.

This is important to understand, because without this understanding you cannot recognize what is beyond your soul and you cannot surrender to What is Greater than  your soul. Although your soul is a beautiful Emanation of the Divine, it is still in some sense separated from its own Source. You can comprehend this, because you know that there are many souls, not just yours.

And this tells you that the soul is not the Ultimate, in and of itself. But Source is Only One, and not many. It cannot be divided, It cannot be diminished. It Is Pure Radiance,  Infinite Consciousness in Which and from Which Everything arises.

What arises can be given a name and can be objectified. Source cannot be objectified. It Is forever Subjective Substance of all objects. When you Realize Source, you transcend any object-subject relation, and objects are recognized from a Subjective “Point of View”. However this is not something we can speak or think 'about', it must be Realized, you must become It.

It is dear to My Heart to show you your Infinite Perspective, to inspire your soul to growth and expansion.
Thank you for taking this into YOUR heart.

As always, I AM your loving

Message conveyed by Ute

My heart was singing with joy, dearest friends, while writing this down. What about your heart, did it start singing too?

Much love!


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Monday, May 20, 2013


by Ute Posegga-Rudel
Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright 2013
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Dearest friends,

First I need to explain: I only know that I am going to write something about this title. It popped into my mind, with a single and unified vision of this subject in my heart. HOW I am going to do this, I have no idea.  I FEEL it at the moment as a kind of Zeropoint Field, out of which the writing will flow to my own surprise.  As always, I do not “think”, what I write, it comes to me “un-thought”. It flows from somewhere, the part of me which is Higher Intelligence or Mind or Self.

I thought I should clarify this. Because there are people who “think” that I am writing from my little ego, if I don’t label it “channeling”. So in that sense, everything is “channeled” what I am writing. Because I never write from the point of view of the conceptual mind, but rather from a higher perspective. Otherwise I would need to “think” in advance what I would write and how. Then I would set a goal, do a research and collect content. Next I would make a concept and  write an outline, and so on.
But not so, as already described above.

Besides of that, I came to the conclusion that even every other channeling I ever wrote, is being transmitted from an aspect of my own Self, God-Self, Higher Self, etc., that at the moment of writing is connected or rather is One with the respective Source of channeling. While writing, there has never been separation between “me” and the Masters, Archangels, God-Self, Divine Mother, Gaia and so on.  What “they” did was giving the content a specific colour, according to their own personality and characteristic. After a channeling I always was asking myself: WHO really has written this? And it always felt it was an aspect of Myself, not myself as the separate ego, but of the Greater One, the One in Which we all participate.

Recently I read somewhere somebody expressing the same thought. And I thought, oh, great, so I am not alone with this understanding. It is all about our multidimensionality, and the more we realize this we understand, that there is only One Consciousness that we all share, which has many aspects. Ultimately we ARE indeed EVERYTHING that arises and of What we become aware of.

Why is this so? It is because all what we can think of, perceive, experience, see and feel arises in the All-That-Is-One-Divine-Consciousness That We Are. There is NOTHING that exists outside of It. All arises within It. And the more we open our awareness and grow our consciousness we experience this Inseparable Oneness with all Beings Who are an Aspect of Ourselves.
Equally well they always indeed tell us: We Are One with You.

In other words, we can only become aware of what is ALREADY present in this Consciousness That We Are. Division and the notion of separation and separateness is only a phenomenon of  the lower mind, that divides, makes distinctions  and categorizes. And such is the “thinking”, that the Masters, the Archangels and all the beautiful Beings Who are speaking are ‘others’ to us. But in Reality we are participating and sharing in moments of specific attention a common vibration and content. To illustrate this: it is the image of the vesica piscis, two circles of the same size which overlap each other equally, and the intersection is the mutual share.

Now, could the little ego understand these things and write an article about this, without studying  more enlightened content about what others said and wrote somewhere else?

The little ego can only copy. It has no creative powers and has no insight and capacity to understand the great coherency of all things and to look from the perspective of the already existing Unity, instead  to try to glue parts together to make them appear as one.

It is The One, That Unity, That Source, That Absolute That must become our own deeply felt Identity if we are to change our world and our humanity and human society. From the Depth of this Oneness only we can act and thrive and create something that is Divine, and full of joy and happiness.

But how to come to truly know this Oneness? It seems to be obvious that It can only to be known by transcending our duality, while we profoundly understand and integrate both sides of the coin: the ‘good’ and the ‘bad’.

We can observe stages in the process of this revelation in the consciousness of humanity. A humanity who is still asleep, mostly recognizes the ‘bad’ as an external insult. In the course of awakening the circle of awareness and self-understanding expands and the ‘bad’ starts to be seen and recognized also as part of our own separate self. Thus we start to struggle within ourselves more than with others. Next step then becomes the social and political awareness where the ‘good’ and the ‘bad’ is seen and recognized in the structure of society itself: the ‘good people’ versus  the ‘bad government’, the ‘bad bankers’ and the ‘bad companies’, and so on. Here we have a very strong tendency of polarization. And the powers of awareness are presently growing strongly in this direction.

However as long as this polarization holds a powerful place in our consciousness we also magnify our own sense of duality. While we oppose the ‘other’ side of polarity, the ‘bad’ side, we strengthen automatically our own side, which we consider in this battle to be the ‘good’ side, so that at the same time the force of the battle is significantly magnified. This is just another state of the time where human beings noticed the enemy only outside of themselves.

But now we are dealing with a global affair. This makes the difference, because we are developing with it a sense of greater togetherness which strengthens the intuition of Oneness, - thanks to the Blessings of the New Energies of Love and Light, so present now on Mother Gaia.

The Divine Is Working without fail, as always. Because the intuition of Oneness triggers the desire in us to Live It, to Know It, to truly Identify with It and to Be It.  

But there seems to be a huge gap – how to come to this desired Realization? Because we know in our own innermost Being, that Oneness and Unity cannot exclude ANYTHING that exists.

The gap is indeed the ‘problem’ itself, that we are having with the notion, that there is an ‘evil’, a ‘bad’ presence here on earth, and not knowing, what to do with it. Not knowing how we can create our new and Divine World as there are still these dark forces, preventing our happiness.

But lets quote in this context, what has been stated abvove: “There is only One Consciousness that we all share, which has many aspects. Ultimately we ARE indeed EVERYTHING that arises and of What we become aware of.”

Does this imply that the ‘evil’ IS part of our own Consciousness, that we ARE It ourselves? Yes, it Is! Of course! Otherwise if we deny this we never could understand and realize Unity and the Absolute!

Now you might feel resistance  and refuse to continue reading.
At this point I encourage you to nevertheless continue. Because a problem can be solved on a higher level than on the one on which it exists. Resistance comes naturally if we cannot imagine the solution to a problem. But the solution indeed exists on another, higher level of our own psycho-spiritual nature of which we are perhaps not yet aware.

What if we take Mephisto in Goethe’s Faust serious, who proclaims: “I AM a part of that Force that desires only Evil, but only creates the Good.” What, if we understand, that confronting the evil is the Divine Agency that forces our consciousness to awaken beyond duality, while recognizing even in Evil a Presence That Is of Divine Origin. An energetic frequency, which when understood, moves us to reach to the Highest Height of our own Divinity, as we begin to integrate and recognize all contents in Consciousness, all appearances, all beings, those of the Light, and those of the Dark, as One Single Existence, just with different vibrations and therefore intentions.

When we realize that there is nobody to fight with, no "other" to be afraid of, but only Divine Consciousness, we let the Divine enter from above and become One with It. There is Peace only, Radiance, Love. In It the illusion disappears.

What if we recognize this whole gigantic Happening as the One Divine Orchestration of Creation, That, when realized As That, opens the door to the Recognition and Realization of Oneness and Reality-Unity.

What this is really about, is not that we go and identify with all that we consider to be ‘dark’. But it is about acknowledging the dark as is, as a phenomenon, without identification with it and emotional re-action to it, as part of the Divine Drama that is here for our own grand-scale Liberation and Awakening as and Return to Divine Radiant Consciousness that has been always our True Nature! 

I remember that the Pleiadians, who are spiritually more evolved than present time humanity, are calling the dark ones “the dark shirts”*, which clearly bears no judgement or emotional involvement with them, and even evokes some humor about them. I am sure they evolved as soon as they were able to assume this disposition and jumped to a higher spiritual realization.

It is this disposition the Divine Realm of Unity and Oneness opens for us, when we realize the Being-ness that has been always Our Own, as soon as we dare to awaken from the dream of duality. It is like being saved on a higher platform above, from where we still can watch the struggle between the light and the dark forces. But the struggle is really only happening in the body-mind, which is involved in this dense dimension. And when we recognize this by going beyond it and assume our higher identity, we are already at peace with the dark, not only because they cannot reach us anymore, but because we have understood the relative illusion of their existence. In the higher frequency of light and love, there exist no dark forces, because they are vibrating in a different, lower reality.

The frequencies of love-light are the ones that carried us to this platform of Unity Consciousness, where there is no disturbance, no duality, a place from where we can observe the cosmic drama and – if it is our wish – even enjoy it with humor and love and happiness in our heart. It is the Recognition of the Grandiose Cosmic Joke.

The dark empire must fall when we, humanity, or at least enough of us, truly recognize the dark as part of our own consciousness. From that moment in which we take the projection back to Ourselves, not to the little ego-I, but to the Greater Divine Self, their power is lost, because they lost their function. They have done their service. And they have served us well!

We have seen them and understood them, and we can let them go, we have integrated them into our Divine Consciousness in Which All Is One.

The Divine Blessings Are with Us All!
With love,
* Barbara Marciniak: "Bringers of the Dawn"

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Saturday, May 11, 2013


by Ute Posegga-Rudel

Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright 2013
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Dearest friends!

We can observe a phenomenon in the New Age community that wants to draw us into a chasing for things, thoughts, energies, portals, a hunting for perfection and personal ‘greatness’. 

But is it just me, feeling that all of this is missing the mark?
 As if things could be added to what we ARE since Eternity.

Techniques here, and techniques there are offered to us all over the place. They are all additions to Something That Is already Full. If we Are in this Fullness, techniques are not required to live the life that reflects what we Are. 

Then why not feel into this Fullness first and let It Be the solid Ground to stand on from where all things unfold!

Just the opposite is the case: the more we deal with techniques, the more we lose our Being-ness, our Real Substance.
It means putting the cart before the horse!

That’s why the proverbial “mark” that we are missing here is the Being-ness, the “To-Be”, in the midst of all of it. Not a Being-ness as a phrase, an idea, but as the felt and lived Substance of our Being. The Primal Ground in which all the phenomena come and go.

There is an attempt  to seduce us into a hype, a hysteria, a rushing, a feverish hoping and looking for signs of an altered world. Is It?  Or is it not? And then all the frustrations.

To me it is exactly where the controllers want us to be. It is all mind, all being in the head, all separative and separating activities, offered in the New Age marketplace. After all: is the New Age movement not an invention by the controllers, to distract us from the Real?

What the Ancient have taught us, is still True and Real, this ancient and eternal wisdom of  Human Divinity. But the controllers have dropped the notion into our awareness that these teachings, these demonstrations of True Enlightenment and how to Realize It, are now not up to date anymore. We don’t need it anymore. 

Very clever manipulation. Because it holds us captive in our egoity.

Yet when we only look with all our senses open at these Ancient Ones, we are changed forever in an instant by the Recognition and Knowing the Truth they have lived and Which they are still emanating with a Heart-Power, that is far, far beyond and above ALL the New Age market tries to sell us. Should this not open our eyes?

Because what the controllers are doing is to control the mind of Millions of seekers with a pseudo-spiritual indoctrination, and the many who are newly awakening are falling for it, in their naivety and being cut off from eternal wisdom, because it is allegedly  “outdated”.

But what is Eternal, what Is Truth cannot be “outdated”, what is Substance of the world and our Being-ness, cannot change. Just the outer ingredients can change, be it new energies, expanding awareness, new technologies, dimensional shifts, our bodies, nature. All of that.

This whole business is about avoiding Eternal Truth. Essence is not all of a sudden “different”, because time is changing, taste and sympathy are changing.

But the controllers are trying to keep us in the mind, even if it is a so called esoteric mind. They themselves know a lot of esotericism and are masters in abusing and perverting truth.

It is important not to give permission to being fooled, but to be in our Heart for Real. To Be Aware Heart-Deep, instead of being captured by this noisiness, these tons of separate knowledge-units, packed into programs and techniques, the controllers would  love us to move forth and back in our brains, to keep us distracted.

It is another form of insanity. It is clever to feed our brains now with “New Age” phantasy, so that we remain there and do not access or Realize the Real Love-Power that we Are, but rather use esoteric content to fantasize about what we are. It is meant to keep us busy with an even greater activity of separation from our Wholeness, it even separates us more from our Essence.

There is NO technique, no mind-form, no program, no exercise whatsoever that can reveal our Divinity, that can trigger the Revelation of the Heart. One can ‘think’ or imagine love, one can ‘think’ or imagine unity, one can ‘think’ or imagine oneness, but it is not It. These thoughts keep us away from Real Love, from Real Unity, from Real Oneness! It is the most astute way to make sure, humanity does not return to Real Truth.

But words like “Truth” are only helpless attempts to describe what is beyond words and what can be only felt, or better, to what we only can surrender, because it is Greater than us. This is our True Greatness, this surrendered State. It is the Nameless, the Unfathomable, That, by Which our heart is touched to fall into Divine Infinity.

Who is observing the search on the New Age marketplace realizes that this is just a search with different parameters than the “ordinary” world is busy with. It is still the same search for things. But these things might be more attractive, because they promise more ‘importance’ for oneself, more glamour, more sparkle. 

I don’t’ know about you. But to me it is not about “more”. To me it feels like consumerism. What can be more is never IT: the Simplicity of Essence, of Truth, and the surrender to IT.

The Eternal Flower of the Heart opens only if we are willing to surrender our search for details, for success, for importance, for more, for being better, for greatness, for excitement and even for enlightenment.

This is the Other World. This Love Is the Other World, and It cannot be achieved or talked about. It can only Be Allowed. It dawns when all “content” of the matrix and all “techniques”, all “programs” are forgotten.

Look at the Lion Beings, they don’t know about esoteric “knowledge” or programs and techniques. They just Are. Surrendered. They Are Love. 

Everything else are toys. But to truly enjoy the toys the player must first know their Real Identity.

Be Awake!
I love you,

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Thursday, May 9, 2013


These touching pictures were posted on another forum in response to SEKHMET's messages:
 "I Offer You My Assistance
"Restore the Power of Your Heart"
THANK YOU FOR SHARING !! They are so beautiful and express so perfectly the Greatness of Feeling  and Love the Lions-Beings are capable of. This I wanted to share  with you!

Much love,