Sunday, June 30, 2013


by Ute Posegga-Rudel
Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel,  Copyright 2013
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My dear family of light!
Today’s walk in nature was again pure bliss, enveloped in profound stillness! In fact I experienced everything as Nature, even man made things. Everything emanated an otherwordly Beauty and Bright Radiance.
And with it “they” started talking, calling themselves our friends. And while they began to speak, the evening sun, already directly above the horizon, began to show its splendid and brilliant Shine the first time on this otherwise quite cold and grayish day, before it vanished below the horizon to give room to the dusk.
When I returned home I started to write down what they had said and they continued to speak:


It is now the time to prepare for further shifts.
Until now you have been swimming in the more than exhausted waters of life that has been known to earth  humanity for millenniums.   

For many of you however, who are only visiting, it was all new. But your are used to frequent shifts, meaning that you are familiar with constant changing environments, that is other planets and even galaxies.

Now it is necessary, to consciously discriminate between the vibration of your soul and the vibrations of your environment, to which you have adapted in this life-time.

For you, who came here to visit, it truly is not about evolving in this environment, but rather it is about remembering! Remember Who You Are! And this relates to many on this planet who are here especially in these times to assist the liberation process of Earth and Her humanity.

Now, as the old veils are fading, - and indeed the new glorious world has been already born – it is up to you to resume your identity that you forgot when you appeared in this dense and for so long God-less realm.

Now your true moment has arrived, to do the work you came here to do. Everything else has been mere preparation.
And it IS your task to draw the new world into the consciousness and awareness of humanity.

This is being done firstly by your own discovery of the New Earth already present, and relating to Her as She Is now, making it to your own Reality, and secondly by not supporting the old energies and paradigms just because you are used to it.

What does this mean and how do you live this? It is of course a matter of consciousness to recognize this new world from moment to moment. But as most of humanity still sees the old world, because they are used to it, you need the will, dedication and love, to not let yourself being drawn back into the old illusion, because everybody else, with a few exceptions, is living it. 

There does not need to be a fracture, a breaking apart of the old and the new world in this process of transition. You can give support so that this does not occur. It is the specific frequency of Love that is a soft infinite vibration that you can utilize in your creative intention to allow for a smooth transition from old to new. Like the rising morning  sun slowly brightens with ever increasing radiance sky and earth, so you are with this Love to envision and to feel the accomplishing of  the new world to arise in glory for all. This is what you can do in service to humanity so that the awakening of the many still sleeping will be less experienced as shock.

Of course everybody is responsible for their own individual perception and experience of this huge and magnificent changeover. The more clinging to the old the more at first painful the transition might be.

But upheavals do not need to be. They cannot occur in the feeling-awareness of prior peace and stillness that is the Substance in which the world is arising. Even if the world would break apart, - but which will not happen – the silky thickness of this stillness works like a buffer that protects you from harm.

While you are emanating it, it smooths the transition for all.

But now the most important message we are blessing you now with, is  – and this IS NEW! – so, listen carefully! – that your brains are in the process to be wired in a different way! Old neural connections are to be removed and new ones are being implemented. This is due to the working of partly the new incoming frequencies which carry new information, but also of the Love-Creation of the Elohim, the Divine Creator Forces, Who joyfully initiate the new Divine Humanity into their rightful place in the Heavens.

This new wiring of the brain will bring about the new thought patterns that enable humanity to understand and live in the original Beauty and Love of a Truly Divine World and Creation and end the illusions of insanity of a corrupted, fearful and hateful existence. It will support each and everyone to return to the language of the heart, which is love, compassion, joy and abundance. Divine thought patterns are the grounds on which trust and loving interactions can truly prosper. It is the Divine Gift to humanity and erases the memory of suffering and darkness, of deceit and errors.

This beautiful and great event is nearing now. Presume it to be already manifested, and anticipate its presence already now on your world. This will substantially support and make easier  the transition.

You all have all reason to be happy and to be certain of the Great Victory of Light.

It has already happened in the Mind of All-That-Is.”

Their voice slowly faded in the unceasing Stillness and Expanded Presence of the New Consciousness That is now Emerging in our World. When we listen It becomes obvious and when we look with new eyes, we can see It – It Is Omnipresent. When we allow It, It Is Here to Be and to Exist as the constituent of our New Earth.

With much love,

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013


by Ute Posegga-Rudel

Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright 2013
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My dear friends,

For some weeks now I felt as if I have lost the context of my work in a newly arisen space of a kind of ‘nothingness’, as if all that I have done has lost its meaning in an environment of something completely unknown.

So I found myself in a kind of disorientation, a dead end, without finding any answers to this situation. I even started to feel bored, an experience I cannot remember having had for a very, very long time. What had driven me before had evaporated, I could not find the familiar anchor! My usual awareness and self-investigation lead to nowhere and I started to read books I never would have read before, only to occupy myself with what I already knew.

But I am glad that I now finally found the words to express what was not expressible before to me.

Because I figured out that we have now arrived in a kind of interphase or new beginning in the midst of the constantly  rising flow of changing energies and energetic events.

The discovery that I am not the only one to find myself in this kind of seeming vacuum, was a real relief and opened my eyes with the dawning of a new understanding. And if you find yourself in a similar confusing experience, then this update hopefully inspires you! 

It is very hard to describe, but it seems that the space of “compression” of the past has gone to give undefinable room to something that I cannot yet figure out what it is, only that it is completely new.  Like you wake up in the morning, your eyes still full of the nights sleep so that you cannot yet see clearly when you open them, as your attention is still resting on what you experienced while asleep.

The new room I see is therefore still 'empty'. And this new room is on the other side to where we have been drawn by the opening of the important May 25th  Portal! 

Just being able now to put this into words seems to be the first step to become slowly aware of something we need to integrate into our consciousness. And so I am for the time being kind of stammering, but glad that I am at least able to stammer.

However I am not so sure whether this is about integration or rather about discovering. Or is it about a new light and energy that wants to be used for brand new creations? But which is basically the same thing: we create while we discover what still sleeps in the heart of the universe, ready to be drawn into our sphere to bring about the next evolutionary step into our existence.

This new space of highly energetic consciousness needs our full attention now so that we can discover what wants to be discovered. It requires our focus and attention in the way we would try to see things hidden in the fog, but which we can locate more and more clearly while we increase without any self-limiting presumptions our wide open perception and imagination. 

First we might recognize just a scheme, a contour of something, and the more we concentrate the more this thing takes on an increasingly distinct shape and meaning. It is the discovery of the unfamiliar whereby we need in excitement  to reach out for the unknown to realize perhaps later that what we found is nothing but remembrance or the discovery of something familiar, now appearing in new coordinates.

As we transitioned into new territory, it dawns to me that we now are on the brink of entering new chambers of our own memory and simultaneous multidimensional existence  to access in a new way, what we came here to become and to do. In this process it seems that individual paradigms are changing, as we left a part of the old world behind. However, that this actually happened, many of us must still discover, as we might feel a bit numbed and bewildered in the un-Knowable Room of the new human consciousness.

We must be patient. This can’t be taken by storm. We must allow to wake up to the new morning each in our own time. We cannot hurry, because every detail must be discovered and recognized with great love. If we lost orientation, the discovery alone and the understanding  that we are now in a new chapter in our adventure, is already enough to equip us for the new journey.

There also seems to be a new experience of what we call time. There is so much “Now” and endless expansion present, where nothing seems to matter what mattered before, as all of this started to retreat more into the background. And in the foreground there is this infinity, this  space to which we need to adapt.

If we feel diligently into it we notice that this space is packed  with possibilities and  content. Is it the Zeropoint – Field in which our new co-creations with the Mind of God are happening, now very palpable brought into our Presence and feeling-awareness?

We are so blessed!  Dearest brothers and sisters, we are now as pioneers on the threshold to a completely new adventure in human consciousness!
How precious and exiting is this! We have traveled far and we are entering now a completely new chapter in our human history.

We need to enjoy and appreciate it every moment, savor joyfully every single step of discovery and learning in this new Divine Terrain of Consciousness. Great pleasurable responsibility is given to us, great satisfaction! Wholeness, and Wondrous Joy. It is the Realm of Love and Freedom to draw from the Fullness of the Infinite Invisible a New Creation.

I never thought that the end of my old creative impulses were just the beginning of something Unspeakable Great we all need to discover and to explore!

To do this we are to leave behind the familiar. No energies are feeding anymore the structures that were, before we went through that Portal on May 25! Now we are on the other side! And this is all about unheard-of discovery! A brand new adventure! We are now walking into an entirely New Direction!  

Presently many are experiencing the surfacing of old tendencies, believing they were gone! But they appear only like illusions before the stainless Mirror of this New Consciousness, to disappear if we let them truly go. All which does not reflect and express our true Fullness and Divine Being-ness, Free and Independent of outer appearances, must now dissolve, so that we can stand in our original Identity to become and Be the New World. 

This is a process in which the inseparable Unity of the Field of Consciousness, Being and Doing is revealed.  

In Lak'ech!

Much Love,

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Monday, June 17, 2013


By Ute Posegga-Rudel
Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright 2013
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We are the Arcturians!

The present old world that is fading away, but in which you still live, is the world that you have created since Millenniums, by being identified with victim consciousness.

Your 3th density is basically characterized by the feeling of being victimized. It is the separate identity that is limiting itself by certain circumstances, presuming that this circumstance is absolute and unchanging reality, whereby you neglect your  own creative powers in any given moment of dramatizing the  victim.

And so the world is experienced as a constant series, a constant process, that seems to occur TO an individual, without the understanding that you all have God Given choices in any moment. If there is not the choice to always change a situation, you at least have the choice how to re-act to it in a way that you feel truly happy.

From our perspective, where the freedom of love and the infinity of light is shining, which is the space in which we are existing,  the  choice for victimhood appears to be a matter of false identity. It is the identity with a thought pattern that has created a seeming experience of dead-end and finite reality  which seems to be solid and unchangeable forever.

However it is your own mind pattern, that in these moments has taken on the characteristic of  a still image in the midst of a process of constant flow of energy and consciousness.

It is the image of death, hope- and helplessness, the image of stagnation and error. It is the false image of a separate God who seems to be an object. See, there is only God, God IS ALL and Everywhere. GOD is fluent and always moving, there is no standstill in His Creation Which is Thoroughly Divine and brings forth an ever unfolding current of innumerable possibilities.

YOU ARE an Image of this God, and when you experience and express victim consciousness  you have forgotten and betrayed your own Divinity. Because you yourself own the undeniable and unlimited power of creativity. But you have rather agreed to the false image of death that your churches and your societies have preached to you over Millenniums to keep you afraid and forgetful about your own God Given Creative Powers. But accept that even death is in reality a Benign Divine Process.

Your  old and deceitful society is based on victim consciousness, denying you the right to understand  and to use your own creative gifts from moment to moment, and such be in the energetic flow of  the power of love, and joy and light.

Victim consciousness happens, when you activate your separate ego in order to empower it, no matter whether you feel powerless or not. The power of the ego is always based on powerlessness.

Indeed the ego is itself the victim of all circumstances. And every time you are tempted to engage the victim, know that you are the  ego in that very moment. But when you allow yourself to expand your energy, your consciousness, your light and your love and your joy, in that moment  you are able to notice your absolute freedom of choice, the endless possibilities to create a more  glorious world than the one in which you created as a victim and by which you felt victimized.

As everything is your  creation, high or low, also your victim consciousness and a world of victimization, is your own creation! It does not happen to you, you created it! You attracted it, and you even interpreted it as such, no matter whether there is a reality about a victimized world or not. You just see the victim everywhere. This is because this is the image with which you identify.

So when you want to see and live in a world that is free of victimization, you first have to acknowledge the infinite power of your own creativity.

You might say, yes, but it is a fact that the world and most people are  victimized! I  just can’t deny this!
And to you we say: Yes, you are right! But is is not enough!

Such a world will only appear to you if your attention rests on this subject, and thereby recreating it! To dare to step out of this world of victimization is the way to create your own inner  freedom in any moment for yourself. And you are free if you do not allow yourself to be subject to the world of limitation and bondage to what seems to be unchangeable. And while you create this free Divine World, you create a Space that radiates from within endless love and unlimited energy and joy and light.

It is about your own experience that will help others who still live enclosed in the dream of victimization to awaken beyond this false identity, as their own Divine Reality is being ignited by the Presence of Truth That you put out there, right in front of them.

So again, it is always about the creative process in any moment! It is about choosing the Divine Truth in any moment, to create what YOU want to see in any moment by being in the joyful freedom-current of love and light.

As you certainly now understand, it is all a matter of consciousness that creates your world. The higher your own vibration the more Divine your world will be. The more United and One with All your life will be. In such a world of Oneness victimhood does not exist, because the ego is transcended.

To suffer with the ego’s deeds is a matter that needs to be healed in these times, while you take advantage of the higher frequencies on earth and the light and the love everywhere present now and ever more increasing every day.

When mankind has understood the ego’s victim consciousness, ascension truly can occur. Be assured that everybody receives the help to realize this, because when you ask for it, it will  be always given immediately in a way that is serving your own liberating conscious process in the most auspicious way.

We Bless you, dear Ones, and cannot wait to see everyone of you Awake in your Divinity, free of the ignorance and errors of the old world.

We Are The Arcturians!

Message  conveyed by Ute


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Friday, June 7, 2013


by Ute Posegga-Rudel
Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright 2013
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We are your family, your siblings. 
It was not our destiny, to journey through the Cosmos, like you do, as the Cosmos is forever in Us. We are here, to remind You of your original Homeland, your Source and thereby that the Cosmos is also in You.  

We are the Radiant Light, that you perceive. We are Keepers of Light and we are Creator Gods, also called the Elohim of the Great Central Sun.

We are here to awaken your memory of the creation of your soul. Your Consciousness witnessed this act of creation, after It had agreed to connect with Soul. It was Pure Unity Consciousness, until it divided through the connection with the soul creations.

We are able to be both: light-form and formlessness. We have confined our absolute  freedom only to this degree. We are capable to release the connection with form any time and Be Pure Light of the Central Sun. For you, existing in great density, this is difficult to imagine, but trust the remembrance of your soul, who understands the truth of our message, as soon as it remembers.
Now the memories gradually start to re-appear, the more you turn to the Light and the more you become It again.

There is only one true language, it is the language of Light. And it is tantamount to and the other face of Love. It is Ecstasy. We are Ecstasy. Remember!

We remind you that there Is Only Light, and that everything is created from that LoveLight. This Light is the Substance of true Being. Without this Light nothing exists. Light is the component of Being, that brings Being into Existence. Being without the existence of Light cannot be recognized. Only Light makes it recognizable, so that It can be Known. You are coming from there, and it is the level of Consciousness, to Whom you will return.

Our Radiance ignites in the depth of your unconscious the spark of the Radiant Light, as which you once emerged and began your journey through the Cosmos.
You learned  from this journey, and the value of your knowledge and of the Creator’s Self-Recognition in His Creation is bearing great treasures. These treasures are forever stored in your consciousness, in your genes and DNA. It is the material which is of high value for further creations in other galaxies.

Therefore you are the teachers of less developed Star Systems, because you know the total bandwidth of Light, from highest power of radiance to a light that is almost extinct. You know all associated faculties of creation in all variants of the lower and higher mind, the associated Emotions and feelings and physical states. You have studied  the separation from your own divine Source, while you surrendered fully to the experience of it.

All these themes, as they are known to you and as you understand them, enable you, to inspire and to fertilize other galactic civilizations with the power of Evolution, that happens by Divine Will.

A great work and a dedicated Service is before you. The evolution of all Galaxies is an unceasing process in the Center of  the Consciousness of the Highest, the Source of  all Existence.

It is up to you, to accept this Service, or to exchange it for a different task. But who have been feeling dedicated to this Service from the very beginning, will hear this call now and open their soul to be drawn to the appropriate pathway. Whether you are being already fully aware of it or not.
It does not matter, but a prevision will dawn in those, who are called, and something in them will respond.

The True Divine Adventure has just now only begun.To know one’s further path is a great Blessing and Grace, because undreamed-of perspectives of multidimensional Consciousness are being opened thereby, expanding your inner awareness to new horizons to awaken in new spheres.

After you’ve reached the very bottom, while penetrating together with your Beloved Planet Earth the deepest depth of darkness, now the final parting from this world of experiences is here. The planes of density are being left behind, a new Field of Consciousness is opening, and other and new radiant Realities are being recognized in the Divine Mind and thereby created.   

The new Worlds are emerging and their fruits are serving the growth and inspiration of those who come after you, to learn from you.

These are the eternal cycles of the Glory of the Highest, Who continuously is Moving and Expanding into New Magnificent Experiences, to Discover Itself.

You Are That, and you Are Not It. It Is beyond your language and comprehension. It can only be Experienced and be Lived, in and as the LoveLight of Highest Consciousness.

We Are with You, in the Fire of Light and of Love!  

Message conveyed by Ute


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Saturday, June 1, 2013


by Ute Posegga-Rudel

Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright 2013
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Beloved Ones, I Am your God-Self!


Yes, at this time the currents of events are  now sprawling into all directions, because so much is happening in the mind of humanity. 

Where else does all this happen but in the mind? Content of consciousness not being played out in the human brain for eons is coming to the surface and is being registered by those who have opened themselves up for a bigger picture. In that case you have opened your awareness beyond your individual interests, as you care for your whole species and your planet and beyond.

In this vast pool of information from all the many sources, there is also a major campaign of false information going on. In the midst of this chaos there is very few true knowledge available, because who is searching  for information, but is lacking foundation in Ultimate Truth is opening themselves for and is attracting and even creating information that can only confuse. Since whose foundation is in the realm of the volatile mind only, is being prone to deception and seduction. 

And so illusion-land is easily created. Many only want to hear and see what sounds to be consoling. They do not want to learn the lesson of Me Being Everything, because they do not rest in the Divine Heart, Which I Am and Which You Are in Reality and That you Share with Me as an incarnated being, who has a human body-mind as a chosen tool for experience.


I AM. I AM whatever happens. I AM What cannot be spoken about. I AM is the Zeropoint of all happening. All happening happens in and As I AM.
What is Truth: I AM or happening? Nothing can Happen without I AM, but Happening without I AM does not occur. Without I AM nothing happens. 
Retreat from the periphery of perception to Your Divine Root-Center I AM. Retreat from the locus of your mind without regret and not looking back, into the Heart of Being. From Here naturally connections are made with the fields of thought, although there is also much more truly intelligent hearthinking in the heart itself. Then the fields of thought are obedient to the domain of heart and follow I AM. Indeed it is all initiated from there and not independent.

Let the world ascend or not. I AM. I always have been.
Let there be peace or conflict. I AM. I always have been.
Let there be the dark age or the Golden Age. I AM. I always have been.

Too much mind chatter in the fields of possibilities and hopefulness, while I AM always Happy, while I AM always Satisfied, while I AM always Light of lights and Beyond body-mind. While I AM always Radiance and Love-Bliss.

The lesser lights come and go. The dimensions come and go. Galaxies, worlds, civilizations come and go with the currents of color and creation.

But I AM always. You Are I AM always. So why do you fall so much for the always perishing waves of change, why do you hunt so much the short sunshine blinking perhaps here and there sometimes through the clouds?

You might experience right now much happiness, 'because of' …..  this and that in your life.
And you might experience right now much suffering, 'because of' ….  this and that in your life.

But I AM always Happy. Always. As you forget me in the pleasures and in the storms of life, you are taken by them, consumed by them.
In My I AM That You Are, the pleasures and the storms of life are the winds of experience that touch like a breeze your Radiant Skin.

The Love of I AM, of GOD, of the ULTIMATE, is a Fire that never burns. But It Is Deep and It Is Wide and all-Consuming. It Is You when You Are the All of Silence and using your thoughts and your voice, and movement and dance, and love and tears, because I AM.

I AM even when your universe dissolves, I always Have Been Prior. I AM and You Are It. So why then so much tumult about the rising waves of renewal of life, as I AM the very Substance of Life. Therefore only I can bring you True Renewal.  How much happier could you Be by firmly being grounded in ME, enjoying whatever comes your way.

You can be very unhappy even in the midst of the brightest event, and you can be very happy in the midst of your darkest hour. You see what I AM pointing to? Your true Happiness is always Me, and never what I AM not. It is only with happy events that you seem to remember Me. 

If you understand the secret of My Paradox, you will not search any longer for happy events, for improvement, because in Me there is neither improvement nor decline. All of this is the kaleidoscope of I AM.

I AM your God-Self and all Wisdom Is Me. There is no True Wisdom in the currents and waves of happenings alone. You must ride them As Me and As I AM. For the mind I speak in riddles. For the Heart That Knows I speak Eternity and Truth, I speak Reality That Always Is. It Is always Happy and does not need or Know Happening. It is Ignorance, It Is Being-ness, It Is Fulfillment


Do not be afraid of the world and what the world will play out. It will play out what it will to approach Me in a better way. But whether the world will approach Me or not, I AM always undisturbed by it. You Are That. To be disturbed is a decision you make, as you leave your seat I AM.

Do not speculate what will come. It will come as the world’s mind thinks and wishes. You are a part of it only with your body-mind. But body-mind is not You. You Are Eternity, not as soul but as I AM. I AM knows no boundaries and shape and qualities. It Is. And if It is Joy, and if It Is Love, It Is Highest I AM Brilliance, but I AM also beyond Joy and Love as it is known to you. 

There is a Joy and Love That I AM, beyond your senses and imagination. This is True Freedom and True Ecstasy and the Beauty of Me Reality. I Exist and I AM the Deep of You into Whom you must fall to find Me and to Be the True That I AM.

I AM Your God-Self!
Message conveyed by Ute


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