Saturday, November 16, 2019

Personal Update 15.11.2019

Dear friends,
still trying to type on an old, rather unfunctional computer: 

Latest information: it will take at least 2 more weeks to get my laptop repaired. 
This is really weird. And there are more people who experience similar things. It is part of the "war".

In this unusual looong process I experience all kinds of  strange things concerning the repair.
I just hope that in 2 weeks this ordeal is over, that the right replacement parts arrive and that my laptop will work again normally, no files and no important software lost. 
Thank you for your patience.  

This is the darkest of the darkest time on earth that is testing us whether we choose Divinity, Joy, Love and with It high vibration and expanded consciousness.

Therefore: please stay True to your Heart, because the Radiant Divine Light is ALWAYS present, never absent. It is your True Home, your True Refuge, your True and Real Nature. Everything else is un-REAL because it is not Eternal.

So much love and abundant blessings to you!