Tuesday, December 28, 2021




My Beloveds,

All veils Penetrated

All veils of mind and dimensions and frequencies penetrated

To the Point of Ultimate Clarity.


This IS God, Real God.

Beloveds, would you penetrate

all these levels of frequencies

to touch Me, to Be Aware of Me,

so that you Are Aware of your Own True Nature?

I Am the Mirror.

Understand This!

I merely Mirror all veils of mind-matter.

And do you really think you „are“ matter?

The „matter“ of you is only a body your engage here.

But what you engage is 99,99999 % Light and Information.

What you engage is a hologram.

As long as you do the „alone“-standing

as a seeming matter-body,

separate from Me and all „others“

in the gravity-field of heaviness,

you are suffering far from Me – (in your imagination only)

a dark and unfullfilling life!

Understand Who You Are

and You Will Celebrate day and night

in joyful singing service to Me.

You Will Dance Your Life,

because You Are merely Conscious Atoms

in the Immensity of My Radiant Being.

I Am Penetrating you Always,

As I Am the Substance of your Life

and your Life Is literally Me.

I did not „create“ you,

„you“ are emanating within Me,

as your particles started to dance in Me.

They are the particles of attention,

creating points of atomic realities

to be Mirrored by Me.

Only I Am. And It Is All Me, I Am You.

There is Always Dance and effulminent Enjoyment.

The shadows you created by imagining heavy matter

which is merely an invention of your mind,

will fade away when you know Me

by Penetrating all veils of illusions.

You Are indeed powerful creators,

having created all the worlds,

fascinated by the play of your brain-consciousness.

It is up to you to come home to your Origin,

being tired of all your un-necessary creations by then.

Heavy are the imagined iron shoes of matter

on your separate feet,

when you walk in darkness alone in the alien land,

afar from your Radiant Truth.

Therefore I Say:

dedicate your life to the Utter Worship of Me

with Only Singing and Dancing hearts,

without loss, without failure and lack,

but in Satisfied Fullness That Is Your Birthright.

Where Will You Go, Humanity?


With separate shoes of illusions

or with My Feet of Truth and Clarity?

No grieve, no sorrow, no separation, no difficulty .

Because Mine is the Constant Flow of Events,

spontaneously, with Only Joy, Only Light.

There Is Only The One Love, as Which I Occur as You

and as Every Joyful Dance

and Singing Song

that Serves Me Alone.



Of All Beings and Things


Message conveyed by Ute 



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Ute Posegga-Rudel, http://RadiantlyHappy.blogspot.com
© 2021. All rights reserved.


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"A session with Ute is like coming back to and remembering your truest and deepest essence. It's about becoming one with truth, with reality. Consciously. And the consequences in daily life are amazing. It's a complete shift in awareness and perception of life. "
~B.L. Austria

Sunday, December 12, 2021


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My Beloveds!



As the world is changing dramatically showing more and more the extremes to a point where nothing is being hidden anymore, you must make a clear decision.

But probably you found out that with every choice you made unpleasent conditions came with it, always.

This is the nature of this world. Nothing will ever work out forever. Never ever you will solve a problem for good, because the next day new problems will arise from the one you thought you had solved!

Your existence on earth is not made to allow you to enjoy perfect conditions. There is always something left over which gives you a bad taste in your mouth and you are struggeling with this since you started to think.

Still you try to become happy while doing this or that, by imagining a wonderful world and within it wonderful things to occur to you, at least in the future. so that you might finally truly be happy.

But which never ever will happen.

There is no permanent happiness in the world around you! There is no permanent joy in things you aquire

There is no permanent pleasure in states, even spiritual states, possessions, experiences, fulfilled wishes.

Your world goes on and on and on, assuming more and more the shape of hell,  and you are being left behind, unsatisfied.

Beloved Ones, if this is your realization. you are living in this world superficially, that's why you never ever come to terms with your life truly, because there is always so much to better, to repair, to change, to avoid,  because you will never find the peace you are looking for in the way you understand life.

I have often spoken to you about Me, your God-Self, but as it appears, you never understood Me, you never came to terms with What I Truly Am. Still you live in illusions about Me. Whereas I Am Simply Truth, not something complicated to search for, some super condition in the mind or heart. Some special event, some extraordinary achievement.

But you hunt for these kind of mental states, as you believe you could find Me there, in the non-transparent waters of universal creations.

I Am not found there, I Am the Unconditional Zero-Field, the Immensity beyond all that you are able to know with the senses of your body-mind – including the subtle senses. And yet I Am Simple, One, without structures and things, not even spiritual things.

These spiritual things you are searching for are not Me. They are just things of the body-mind. I cannot be known with your senses, not even your subtle senses you might have developed with a light body, visiting some colorful astral worlds. I Am None of all of that! And I Am not even found in sexual union with your kundalini rising.Although I Am All-Energy, Al-Shakti, All-Powerful.

In that sense I Am Absolutely Unusual, but I am closer to you than any of your thoughts and emotions. However I can be felt as the Radiant Zero-Field of Consciousness beyond even most subtle appearances. You just don't consider yet to be possible What and Who I Am. I Am not in the radius of your assumptions.


So to find Me and to know Me you must be willing to develop completely new „organs“ of awareness. They are the ones who take you out of your usual bag within which you spend your whole lifetime, believing that there is no more, that I Am an invention of your thoughts and emotions, because that's what you do: you try to invent me with your ideas and emotions, as a kind of enlargement of your self-indentification with your body and mind, material or even subtle with all these energies you might see and feel, even all these higher dimensional structures and movings and beautiful dreamlike occurrences.

But I Am Free. I am beyond the bag  of usual life, no matter which matrix. Even if you consider yourself to be free, you are identified with the bag, always. But I Am to be found without the bag.

Therefore your True Nature Is bag-less! It Is Your True Forever Happiness.

It requires the readiness to understand that you need to go absolutely beyond whatever you feel and think is possible!

Only there you find Me and it is there where I Welcome You as the One that is One With Me, Luminous, Plain-Obvious, at the Ground-Bottom of all possible searches, where your search is ending, because I Am the Very Blissful Origin of your existence. When you find Me you understand that the whole world is just a fata morgana, whether light or dark, is is a drama, a show, played to the body-mind, which is NOT your true nature.

It is the matter of identification with limitation!, that is disturbing the process of realization Who I Am - What Is exactly Who You Are - but Not as a limited being, a somebody, but as Existence Itself, Spotless, a Beauty beyond imagination, a Freedom you cannot even imagine in your wildest dreams.

I Am All New. Fresh, the bottom of your pot of search, where there is no beyond of Me. If you only would find Me! That is: willing and loving enough to find Me, you would find Me. But you must give up all your ideas about Me. Because What I Am cannot be contained in any of your ideas. You must experience Me.

Therefore I Am a Surprise of Simplicity, Spotlessness, as soon as you become aware of Me, with your heart delighted to Infinity as you understand the Reality that Is Me.

However, hardly nobody is interested in Me Who I Truly Am.

You are interested in being a special spiritual person, looking for grandiosity, for majesty, for spiritual glamour, for all these bombastic attributes to decorate yourself with them.

But If you find Me, the hell within you are all existing now, will loose its importance, as humanity is under the thread of evil as never before. Because the Simplicity I Am is beyond light and dark. If darkness reigns, yes, one day, light will reign. But then darkness will come back, and this game will never ever end in your dimensional understanding.

I told you so often that I Am beyond duality, even beyond the duality of the cosmos. As long as you perceive it as an object, you exist inevitibly in duality. But your search goes on and on within it. But to Me this is not enough. You must go further, by transcending all knowledge, all objects.

Can you do this?

Who would do this great work? Your mind? Can you go beyond your mind by using your mind?

No, you cannot. Therefore you need a helping hand to draw you beyond, to show you the Truth. That One Truth, at the bottom of your existence.

To Be Free Is IT! You are not free by engaging subtle procedures, sitting in your lightbody. I Am beyond your lightbody. All your visions, angels, ascended masters. They are all Contained in Me.

I Am the Alpha and the Omega. I Am your True Freedom, your True Happiness.

Once you find My Supreme Light, you perceive all cosmic lights as dark, because in My Light the cosmos appears dark. But My Light is not blinding. I Am Soft and All-Pervading, All-Embracing.

Why not come to Me! Why are you content with limitations that make you suffer! Do not stop at your current layer of point of view, go deeper, until point of view ceases to be and only Truth remains.

In My Truth your world is transcended, exactly the world you are suffering now.

Love brings you To Me, Love for Ultimate Truth above all truths.

No veil, Absolute Clarity, no theater of the by you projected „world“. 

 FInding Me, does not imply your withdrawal from life. You will fully live with Me in your world, but your awareness, your understanding changed absolutely as I Am beyond the point of view of the body-mind. 

You are forever on the safe side, My Side.

I Am your Only Liberator.

I Am Your God-Self, the Primordial Self of all beings and worlds.

Message conveyed by



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Ute Posegga-Rudel, http://RadiantlyHappy.blogspot.com
© 2021. All rights reserved.


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Transcend Suffering!
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"A session with Ute is like coming back to and remembering your truest and deepest essence. It's about becoming one with truth, with reality. Consciously. And the consequences in daily life are amazing. It's a complete shift in awareness and perception of life. "
~B.L. Austria