Saturday, August 22, 2020


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My dear friends,

chaotic times require the demand for learning.

The learning is not about looking for already familiar solutions and behaviors but to explore new possibilities of understanding, a growth in consciousness.

When old ways disappear, when life as we know it, just does not continue the way we are used to, we do not become disappointed or frustrated, even trying to repeat the usual, in order to not to have to feel the fear of the new.

Perhaps in the beginning we become erratic, nervous, seeking for solutions, unwilling to understand that we cannot stop the flow of time and apparent necessity. Every period in life is subject to its own laws.

Who is holding on to the time that disappeared to never  return, thereby submitting to already dead structures,  dies,  because their time became frozen.

We cannot comprehend the world, we can only describe what we see.

We cannot truly comprehend what is happening now, although there is the threat of what has been prepared in the dark for so long and is showing now its ugly face.

When we cannot change what life returns to us because of our actions in the past, we are not fearful and we do not complain. Because we do not comprehend anything that happens, as we do not know what anything truly is. We only give names to what we observe. But it does not mean that we truly understand. We cannot solve with a merely casual mind what's happening. We can make our thoughts known, we can make our disposition known, we can even try to change circumstances. But they will only truly change if their very foundation have been laid in Divine Consciousness. And for this reason we must not be confused, just being perhaps emotional, full of anxious wishful thinking, because these things are only surface conditions.

So we must first find in the Depth of Being thoughtless Clarity.

However the chaotic times are loud and noisy, the battle field is full of the tinny sound of swords swinging between good and evil. As long as it rattles in the head, there is no real solution, even if the rattling is accompanied by actions in the material world.

And exactly at this point of greatest conflict we start to understand that the foundation of even the greatest suffering is non-suffering, and so we experience very tangibly that God exists.

Therefore: if you suffer - remember non-suffering. Can you! Is this possible? Probably you stop thinking and you come out of the long dark tunnel into the light, suddenly! It's all in your mind only, even physical suffering becomes a superficial appearance upon your radiant essence of mere being.

In this stillness the time stands still, in utter acceptance of all that crazyness that the world revealed to you. All that insanity that reveals the underlying futility of an presumed order.

Order cannot exist on the grounds of insanity, where all you believed was of value, but never had one, even though you projected valid order upon the unlawfulness of the thousands of years in the past.

Only order that is based on your stillness of mere Being, is Eternal. Is truly valid. So do not regret if structures disappear, perhaps suddenly. Not the structures are your life, but the essence of Being is your Life, always. Even in the midst of suffering, this essence of Being is filling your Heart, expanding it into Radiant Truth.

Recognize such the Truth in all things, and do not confuse Truth with the volatile appearance of things. Things are never true in themselves, because one day they all will perish.

In the depth of stillness, fullness exists and you know everything you need to know and you solve any problem, any question, any difficulty, because all this ceases to exist. This is how you delete the past and open the door to a new world, allowing your heart to receive it.

The joy of the freshness of the New overrides all suffering and heals all wounds. And so the old disappears. Expand what arises now to Infinity. Expand your heart. Expand your body. Expand your brain. Such you release what has no right to exist anymore because it is mere limitation, and does not participate in the Divine.

When you have realized even the smallest details of the old and rotten content of this world you are free, you have set yourself and the world free.

Because in the beginning there is nothing but Zero-Point Reality, and each thought from there is the mighty thought of a creator. You cannot „do“ it, intentionally, willfully. It must happen through you, you fully innocent, a vehicle, an un-knowing instrument of the Infinite Being, Who Wants to Manifest through you Its Own Being, felt as morning-freshness, love, fullness and beauty and: Happiness!

It is your heart that allows it all.

Do not worry how to manage these impossible times. What is Greater will save you in your own necessary way. Death exists always, but you yourself are Deathless. Follow this Trace always. Worship It and all insanity is leaving, all desperation dissolves. There is only Presence, Radiance, Fullness, and call It Love. Love Is Acceptance, Stillness, no struggle, no fighting. No resistance.

Agreement with Truth will save you.

This is about real learning in these times. Coming out of the hole of arguments. It saves the world at its very root and it saves humanity. When the insane noise suddenly vanishes, it is like a reset, like a healing shock that puts all things right – for those who are receptible for it, who love Truth, who love to grow and transcend this world. 

Because which value bears this world, other than going beyond, remembering Who We Are, remembering True God,  in a world that reveals at this time the hidden in a way like never before and that has been always part of it!

Remember, why you are truly here! 


With love & blessings,



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Ute Posegga-Rudel,
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