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Bitte benutze meine Übersetzung und übersetze nicht selbst ins Deutsche. Es passieren ständig Übersetzungs. und Verständnisfehler! 

Please use my German translation and do not translate yourself! Because there are happening always mistakes in right understanding and in translation

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My dear friends,

the God-Timeline is the timeline of Truth.

It is the Timeline of a New Era That Stands There in the Infinite Divine Space.

At this moment also other several time-lines are coming into the play, depending on the level of consciousness of groups of people of similar frequencies.

They are fluctuating because people in their process of change and growth towards a higher consciousness are not suddenly permanently on a higher frequency. It is for many a time of trial and error, of new understanding and then for periods of time the forgetting of that new understanding or level of consciousness and the frequency and light-quotient
connected with it.  Nothing is learned in a moment. It takes time until a certain level is firmly stabilized so that an individual can maintain a newly gained and often also liberating state of being.

What is the God-Timeline in the midst of the varieties of these different time-lines?

In my awareness it is a very powerful energy-band or area that is being brought to us, that is very bright and firm, radiant and loving, deep and rather unmoving and unchanging. it exists above all other timelines.

Being aware of it since several years I has become now more prdominant. It has been emerged from the Primordial Force of God-Mind That has its Origin directly in the Supreme Divine Source Condition.

It is given to us by Grace in order to being supported and energized  in this chaotic endtime world, that changes every moment and that is unforseeable. A world in which nothing can be predicted
any longer, because great new cosmic energies are coming in, trying to establish themselves here. For them to be established here however it is also up to us, to welcome them full-heartedly and to allow them to incarnate through us, so to speak, to invite them, to acknowledge them and to allow them to change profoundly our body-mind.

Yes, this change does not only, as we know, change our spirit, our mind and emotions but also our physical body.
That is why anybody holding on to old and limiting patterns is being serverely challenged to let go what no longer serves the growth of humanity.

The God-Timeline is being given to us, to be more undisturbed in a safe and protected field within which we can allow to be nurtured,  purify and grow into a new human race, a deified humanity that has healed the luciferic mental light and the weakening impact on our once divine DNA.

Now how do we find that God-Timeline above so many timelines that are unfolding around us as we experiment with new traces of consciousness?

Firstly, unsheakable trust in the Source of Existence is needed, a kind of knowingness that It Exists! An intuition at least of it, seated in the deeper heart.
And also we need the love of the Divine Presence in our heart and the longing to serve and to surrender to the Ultimate DIvine Consicous Radiance, the True Divine Reality above all changing realities of the many worlds and universes.

My beloved friends, to bear these values in our heart, will help us to become aware of the God-Timeline.
It will grant us Divine Protection and a safe place to grow and to become what our heart is longing for according to our highest aspirations.

So it is up to us to locate and to draw this Grand Field of the God-Timeline towards us. To experience It and how real and empowering It Is. And to establish our life within It and with It and thereby fel It even expanding and deepening. And the more of us will participate in It, the stronger a new humanity will arise and inspire others who are ready for it, to do the same.

Beloved friends, there is indeed much Greatness directly Standing before us to touch It, to use It and to enjoy It with deep gratitude for the Divine Help That is Revealed to us. Because we are destined to something much greater than any New Age philosophy or teaching could ever imagine.

The Power of the True Divine is Unfathomable and Unspeakable. Truth or Divine Reality does not need any doctrine or technique, learned on a weekend and added to one's personality.

In fact, Divine Reality cannot be achieved or manufactured. It is Revealed to us by Grace. If we Love and Participate in What Is Truly Great, Knowing It in our heart by our Deep Trust in It.

With so much love,
Ute Shan'A'Maa


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