Friday, August 17, 2018


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for now I arrived in a new, benign and beautiful place in the country, blessed by nature, peace and solitude. And lots of space. It seems I experience, as so many times, again the pair of opposites, to go beyond. To deeply integrate the transience of all things that appear at the surface of the depth of my being that feels timeless and expanded. 

On this basis new inspirations open up, new connections reveal themselves in the unseen worlds to confirm the multitude of simultaneous realities. 

Some words and thoughts start to quickly manifest, I must be very careful what I think and say. The experience of the deep Substance in Which we live and That keeps us alive appears to be more fluid and existence is floating on the grounds of Eternity. There are no real words to describe the indescribable. It can be felt only while the mind stands still and surrenders to the Mystery of Being.

All the thinking and doing is just movement, kind of not necessary. It just happens and could be even fun. Even the sometimes as unpleasant appearing necessities of an often over-organised strange bureaucracy into which everybody must dive when settling in a new place.

Thinking, they were lost, I found very old photographs from my eartly ancestors, greeting me, as if they had to tell me: 'look, we are your earthly human roots and now we all support you, we gave you all our strength for you to stand on, all our wisdom for you to use. Together we are happy now, since so much human suffering of wars and deaths has been redeemed.'

All this is translated now into Divine Grace of restfulness, forgiveness and peace. They lived their lives and all they thought and did is recognized as a sequence of frequencies, let it be even a kind of un-necessary disturbance, within the Infinite Water that Is clear like a mirror. They are free - if they wish to be free. Awakening from the dream.

Now my cosmic ancestors draw me to new tasks, reminding me of what is before me to serve this planet and her humanity newly defined. Certainly it is about freedom, the freedom for all of us, freedom from the chains of ignorance and therefore suffering and confinement. The freedom of free flowing energy and light. The freedom through love, unconditionally. 

Enough of suffering and enslavement. Enough of non-empathy, enough of deadly rules and artificial robotic thinking and living.

Set free the innermost of your heart to enjoy a living life, surrendered to the mighty river of the great Divine Impulse that grants Happiness, Truth and untold Freedom. Do not identify with less.

It is time now for all of us to set our feet on the new and fresh land of Divine Inspiration and the Joy of Being - out of the usual death box that has been falsely called our true reality we must 'obey' and believe in. 

No, my brothers and sisters, you are not obliged to carry that burden. Free your consciousness first, love, and everything else will follow without doubt, because first is the thought, and then the desired manifestation in your world happens in a way that is good for you, because of your love.

With love you awaken the dead and bring them to life. You even awaken a stone to freely speak, they show you their kingdoms. And the Greatness of All-That-Is Reveals Itself.

This Truth has been never absent, we only did not honor It as we were looking for artificial and from ourselves alienated fulfillment with painful pleasures of an artificial creation, created with a mind, seduced by mad illusions.

Peace has always been our reality when we allow the mind to rest in the Divine Space, but we have disregarded what we are, creating constantly a disturbed world, because our mind is disturbed. 

We could instead surrender to and trust the flow of the higher intelligence above, rooted in the heart, to serve the Divine Intent to unfold according to Divine Will That is also our own true heart-desire.

It is time now to enter the most hidden and dark place in our consciousness and offer it to the light, so that it opens to love like a blossoming flower. A very subtle crystalline sound expands, and new radiance fills the room. Our heart becoming lighter and lighter, finally incapable to withhold from joy and ecstasy. 

And so we birth the new world, we drop what is not ours, we regain our original, God-Given deathless Freedom.

Divine Reality is always Present, It breathes us and Its Pulse is the Power of Love. We Are an integral Part of It, when we drop our armor against the Sacredness That surrounds us.

The wind that arises then from the depth of our Being, the joyful voices of Our Mother Nature speak about the One Happening in the Unity of Divine Existence. 

With love,


Ute Posegga-Rudel,

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