Sunday, December 22, 2013


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From my heart I am wishing you all PEACE, HAPPINESS and the REALIZATION OF LOVE in the coming days of Celebrations!

May your heart be inspired with Beauty and Inner Fulfillment!
And may the  coming year see the liberation of humanity on a deeper level of consciousness. May there be abundance for everybody, joy, love and the freedom of choice.

My journey of passionate search for accomplishment of the “outer worlds” started to come to a halt  lately. I just stopped waiting for changes to occur. Because in any moment of waiting, in the search for betterment, we do not fully enter our own eternal Divine Depth. 

This halting is not new to me, but this time I released substantially more of the layers of illusion. Realizing also how much the search hurts, because it is based on contraction.

This Depth is the Ocean of Expanded Stillness, that is Fullness Itself, that is Unspeakable Beauty, Joy and Freedom beyond imagination. It is Bliss. It is heart-breaking Love. It Just Is. And  I am deeply in love with It.

In this Stillness there is no movement, no ascension, no world, no otherness, no difference. And there is no search, no waiting and no hope.

Hope is empty of the Fullness that we in Truth already Are. With Hope we look into the future, into the illusion of time, hoping that something occurs that is better than that what is now.

But in the ever present moment,  in the vast Fullness, underneath  the moving world of hope, there  is this hole in the universe. It is the fullness of the Zero-point in Which everything exists.

The currents and streams of change are exciting events in the Eternal Play. However this play arises in That What we already Are Eternally.

Why then interfere and jump into this current, instead of remaining the non-separate and joyful heart-observer of it, standing back and seeing the happenings unfold.

In fact doing so, the long awaited Event can happen finally, because we are not standing it its way by hoping and waiting and  desiring.    

So the more of us are stepping back and diving into the  Fullness and Vastness of the Heart, into the Gentleness, the Softness that is Strength, by just Being What cannot be described, the sooner our destiny will change.

The mighty trees, contemplating the Divine, are not standing in the way for the Event to happen.  They are  conduits for the Eternity and the Divine Current to manifest the  Divine Will.  
The animals, contemplating the Divine, if we let them, are not standing in the way for the Event to happen. They are surrendered to the Joy of the Radiant Reality.
But we humans have a problem. We stand in the way. We create the obstacles with too much thinking and wanting of the little “I”.

It is the Divine Plan to liberate this Sacred Planet with all Its Kingdoms. So may we all allow the Divine to Emerge and Stand Firm in the midst of the present chaos in all Its Glory, Power and Graceful Presence, and to Liberate all our hearts from doubt, error and misunderstanding.

The human mind can only do that much, and mostly stands in the way. But the Divine Heart, if we let It, can Do Everything in any moment. Because: It Is Divine, It Is Pure and Its Will to BE and Emerge in Creation as Itself is Mysterious. It Is the Power of Manifestation behind every little thought and anxious wanting.

When we take the back seat in our vehicle, and make the Divine Presence our driver, Happiness and Liberation is already now. And the walls of the illusions will fall like phantom dominoes and disappear into nothingness, where the Brilliance of a New Day Rises.

May there be Peace! From inside out! May there be Freedom, from inside out! May all be liberated! May Every Heart Be Love. And may we see the Reflection of It as the New World.

In Lak'ech, dearest family!

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Tuesday, December 10, 2013


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I will not allow my children to be abused much longer.
Cosmic forces will intervene. And I will intervene, if necessary.

I Am your Mother, the Mother of your body and your  energy. Both is precious! But without My support you could not live. Many have forgotten this in their artificial life circumstances. They try to survive with their little spark of personal energy, separated from my embracing power. So they can never be truly happy.

Uniting with Me grants you the Joy to participate in my most powerful and loving state of planetary consciousness.

I love my children and they will be protected.
You are protected when you align with Me, with My Spirit.
When your Heart and My Heart unite.

Then your awareness will  expand, the frequency of your energy field will be empowered and your consciousness widens in stillness

You will experience immediate peace when you join Me with your own Being, as we are One.

To ascend, you cannot be but One with Me. Your Union with Me will accelerate your personal and collective evolution.

Even if you do not know about ascension, but only open up to the Power of My Beautiful and Pristine Nature, you will open your heart naturally and attune to the new frequencies.

Humanity will find peace in the Purity of my Sacred Places. Indeed, all my places are Sacred, they are Sacred if not disturbed by disharmony and disruptive vibrations.

Yes, there are places more powerful than others. But to come to rest, to balance yourself, to heal yourself, to expand your consciousness  and to be One with Me, you can enjoy any naturally pure place I have created. All my places are originally empowered with My Love and Fullness. They are Blessed with my joyful play, in which my animal-, plant- and mineral kingdoms are rejoicing.

Humanity has deprived itself terribly by neglecting the gifts and display of My Wonders which you can enjoy all over My planet. Living and breathing life is forgotten in the cities and the harmony with Me is disturbed by the currents of your electronic devices. Unfortunately you have chosen a technology that is not in harmony with Me, and that rather works against My natural flow of living  life and light.

Return to Me, My Humanity, and live in harmony with Me again! Unite with My Spirit and ground yourself deeply into the Core of My Crystalline Heart.

The healing will be profound and sanity will return! The remedy is here and much closer than most of you think and know.

I Am here to receive you back in My Arms of Love and Nurturing. So that your life can flow again in fullness with the laws of My Powerful Nature. You only need to understand that I Am available to each one of you in all my Sanctuaries.

I Am waiting for you to return and to live again with My Breathing and Living Heart.

Message conveyed by Ute

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Wednesday, December 4, 2013


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   Dearest brothers and sisters!

We are here to share our joy with you! From our perspective, in the higher dimensions, we can see that more and more human beings are awakening to Unity Consciousness.

To  you we speak and to those who desire to enter Unity Consciousness, as you  are tired of the fear and suffering that the illusion of separation creates. Your heart is awakening already to the intuition of unity although you are not yet experiencing it.

Unity Consciousness is naturally awakening with the implementation of higher frequency in your holographic body-mind which allows the dormant human DNA and the ascension codes to be activated. As a result, Truth becomes naturally obvious while the heart opens up to higher consciousness and to the depth of the integration of Divine Principles.

These Divine Principles are the building blocks of a Divine Creation, in Which Unity Consciousness is a prior condition to everything that arises.

Please understand that Unity Consciousness is a matter of higher intelligence inherently present in all evolved Beings who accept the laws of light and love as the basis of existence.

So do not judge others. Your brothers and sisters who still live in separation have not yet understood this, because due to the evolutionary state of their heart and the functionality of their brain they are not yet able to feel and know their own true Divine condition. They rather live in a state of being locked up in themselves, perceiving everything that is not their own body-mind as other and entirely different from themselves.

They have not yet access to their deeper Self and State of Unity, prior to their body – mind. So they are functioning on a level of consciousness that is limited by the sole identification with it. And this is the very basis  for suffering,  destruction, war and misery. Because the separate self lives in  the ill illusion that it needs to make 'others’ their enemies, in order to survive.

Therefore it is the goal and sign of evolution to transcend the false sense of separation. The realization of Unity Consciousness that starts in the heart as the intuition of Oneness, is being expressed as the Love of One, a state of unconditional love where everything that is  not being lived as the Radiance of that Love-Consciousness is being forgiven and forgotten. You realize that your ARE Only That Love-Consciousness, as it Is your True Nature. In the Light of your True Nature you recognize that the signs of the lower self are mere shadows and unreal, and do not exist in Divine Reality.

It is the awakening from the dream of illusion. Forgiveness – to forgive yourself or somebody or any situation – is therefore a natural and blessed activity. It occurs with the understanding that you Are a Pure Divine Conscious Presence Who has awakened from the dark dream of the unreal.  

Therefore, to forgive yourself and others is nothing but to recognize Who You Truly Are.

Do not worry if your loved ones still live in separation, and if you care about the ascension of mankind as a whole! The concept of the chain-reaction of humanity’s  awakening is real! It is a natural frequency phenomenon that ignites one by one as soon as their time has come to awaken, according to their karma. And it is you, the seeds of light, who have chosen to be here to trigger this process for all humanity by your sacrifice to clear your own karmas and thereby also that of humanity.

It is the very Nature of the Divine to Emerge in all Its Creation, to the last one that lives in darkness. When the illusion is recognized, there is natural awakening. Because you have allowed the body-mind to be ignited by the Currents of Divine Light and Information, imprinted with the codes of Ascension. It is given to you by the Grace of the return of the Divine Mother, the feminine aspect of Divine Consciousness,  Who is the Power, Light and Energy of Creation.

You all are living in this time to be blessed by the Grace of Great Change in Which the Divine Itself will Govern all life again by empowering all beings with it’s own Presence.

The Divine Light and Consciousness that is pouring down on your earth, is growing exponentially, as you know! And so, dear ones, it is important at this point of time, to take advantage of this enormous help!

Open up to this Divine Empowerment and practice discernment for what you Are and what you are not. If you haven’t discovered it yet, - you are being given plenty of opportunities to face your shadows for the sake of letting them go, by forgiving yourselves and everybody and everything else.

To turn in each moment away from the shadows of a false self as they arise, and focus on the Truth of your own Immaculate Divine Nature and that of your brothers and sisters, is the forgiveness that your are asked to engage from moment to moment now!
This is the fastest way for humanity’s ascension to Unity Consciousness. Each gesture of forgiveness ignites a still sleeping heart that needs to forgive exactly what you chose to forgive, as you are One Humanity.

We thank you and we bless you for your dedicated service!
We Are the Arcturians!

Message conveyed by Ute

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Beloved friends,
The messages I  receive, tend to be silent transmissions of a truly timeless and motionless Divine Reality. To put the Ecstatic Paradox into words of time is almost impossible. Still I try. Enjoy!
Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright 2013


Dear Ones!
Can you feel our Presence, as we are embracing the atmosphere of your planet, now every day more translucent to light? 

We are bringing good news as we are here as messengers of earth’s ascension. We are here to help you to transition into new possibilities of the human race which is about to leave behind the paradigms of a godless illusion.

We are here to support the Truth of a Bright Divine Reality to manifest, Who expresses Itself as Inherent Beauty in and of Everything that exists.

There is no Truth without Beauty, because the Divine can only manifest as Such. The deepest yearning of the human heart is the yearning for Beauty, because It speaks the language of the Silent Heart that gave Itself Permission to dive into the Depth of Pure and Pristine Awareness, free of the manipulation of a corrupt mind.

Yes, the mind of humanity has been manipulated for Millenniums, so much that it lost its capacity to Truly think and understand itself and the Divine. When the mind understands itself, it will surrender to its Source, naturally, because it knows its limitations.

Mind cannot ultimately know Beauty with the mere means of itself. And Beauty can truly only Divinely Self-Reveal.
We are now bringing the Reality of that primordial Beauty to your awareness, as you are now ready to receive It.  It cannot be described, but can only be experienced and realized as your own Being-ness with a Pure Heart.

Beauty is the Source of Joy, and without Beauty, the Flower of Divine Love does not exist. 

Listen with your heart now into the newly arriving ethers that come from  Source Itself. They carry the Secrets of Divine Origin which are now being Returned to you, as you listen. 

This Is the beginning of your New World, in which feeling, listening and seeing are One, because there is no separation.  Your senses have separated you from Truth and the Unity of Being.

While you transcend your familiar perception of a dense and separate world, entering beyond of beyond into the ever-expanding Light of Divine Consciousness, use the Wings of Beauty to Be in an Instant, Where You always have Been, One with the Divine.

To understand our message requires of you to let go what you know, and to accept what you need to remember with your soul. 

In a Divine World everything is Beautiful. And what is not, is not Divine. What talks in parts, is not. What talks with paradigms that are not in the flow, what does not submit to the Eternal Force of Now, but is attached to time and limitations, is not Divine. 

Find Beauty in Eternity, because It Is Eternal. Eternally It Enlightens the Heart with the Intoxicating Scent of the Unspeakable. It breaks free from all confinement and left-brain definitions. It Radiates Otherwordly in Freedom through all appearances as Is.

The layers of appearance are there to be aware of Beauty, so that the Divine can recognize Itself. No longer confuse what arises, with That, in Which it arises!

Your Freedom is here, when you accept it!

We love you!

We Are the Light-Beings from the Andromeda Galaxy!

Message conveyed by Ute

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Tuesday, November 5, 2013


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The new light and energy has indeed brought a new level of reality into our world.  This is a new experience since we had the game-changing solar eclipse on November 3. While the influx continues it needs our growing awareness so that it can become more and more a tangible reality, ultimately for everybody.

The density and 3dimensional solidity is being gently pushed into the background, to still be used only in  the moments when we need to manage our daily life that is still grounded in the old ways.

But what is becoming now more and more real is a fluid  reality, allowing many and multiple joyful solutions to a question, to a ‘problem’.

It is not anymore a stern, one-sided and exclusive truth that seemed up to now to answer our questions in this world of illusionary solidity. 

There is a new guiding force now in our world with the easiness of love, joy, and of our truth, that leads to solutions. And they can be manifold.

Form is not so much the point, but essence, while we from now on are learning to dance a dance in many colors and gliding realities. They allow a constant flow of kaleidoscopic change, to enjoy the pure lightness of Being.

No longer are we being kept in the prisons and identification with the darkness of solid solutions! And from now on we can fly as immortal beings like butterflies fly when they have left their cocoon.

This liberating new reality that has arrived, is now being given to humanity so that we bring it into our life! The new era is here!  The promises of the Big Shift in 12.12 have been fulfilled! We now have different choices, and it is up to us, to live them, to  call upon the new dimension that is now possible to live here with Gaia!

Not making use of this new gift, only will prolong the illusion of death and finite solutions, which  appeared  to be the truth for millenniums. As if containers  could be the truth itself, and not what created them and what they contain! But now the Spirit is alive!

Now it is about to turn from inside out the cube and to live what always has been inside: the living force of love- and light-reality, the essence on which all forms are gliding. The Lightness is now liberated, and triumphs over  the old heaviness that suppressed the life.

The veils are down. The Divine Essence is being born here on earth to reveal its inherent joy as our very drive of life.

How can be described with the language of the false matrix, what is true?

Truth seems to be a paradox as long as we  don’t let go of the heart-less ways of rigid concepts, introduced by those who taught us separation!

Go beyond separation, and from the depth of being emerges the multiple singleness that is obvious to our heart. There is only one Fullness, it comprises all. It replaces the carbon with the crystal and ignites the resurrection of our dormant DNA. Where light is obvious, there is no weight. And the artificial veiling of That Which always sustained and empowered life that is Divine, is fading away.

From now on our bodies can sparkle, our mind can attach itself to what is Divine by birthright. No longer are we attached with un-real gravity to a false reality. Now we can fly, not away, but as beings in constant flow through this new Actuality.

We need  to come together to create islands for this new world to flourish, to give it power and emphasis, to build the new reality in the midst of the old. To allow the New to spread out ever more powerful and to draw every last human being into the glory of a new creation.

We need to catch and bring down to here what has been prophesied for so long. Yes, it has arrived! 
Dear Sisters and Brothers, let us celebrate! 

With Joy and Gratitude!


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Sunday, November 3, 2013


Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, copyright 2013
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 While the new energies of light are arriving, carrying a further expanded consciousness of cosmic proportions, it is important, to open up to their magnificence.

Because without us receiving and utilizing them, they cannot propel forward the planetary evolution and our own ascension.

As we receive them, they are intoxicating our physical and our light body.
In fact, they are of a powerful substance of clearest light and energy, and pristine Purity, which instills the information of transforming our carbon based body into a crystalline structure.

They require us to let go of the old three-dimensional experience in the total system of our body-mind and replace it with the Power and Presence of this intense light. It is coming through our Beloved Sun from our Galactic Center; and through our Galactic Center from the Great-Great Sun around which our Galactic Center is revolving.

The increasing solar activity, whether earth-directed or not, rises constantly our frequency, if we allow it. Because we are not our earth-bound body. But we are in a Single Consciousness One with Gaia, the Spirit of our planet, One with the Spirit of the Sun and the Spirit of the Great Central Sun, and ultimately One with All-That-Is.

We are indeed blessed in a way we never have  been blessed before.

How do we open up and receive these Great Cosmic Forces?

We do not need any technique. We do not need any guided meditation. We do not need any limiting mediator between us and what is pouring down on us.

It is the pure and one-pointed, spontaneous impulse of the heart, that reaches through the feeling top of the head to above, to locate what is already present directly above us. It is to allow this powerful Presence of Pure Light to enter our body-mind and to let It pervade us from the top to toe.

It activates and saturates the currents of energy in the body-mind and overrides three-dimensional energy and awareness.  In fact, it is quite naturally transporting us into the consciousness of the higher dimensions, the dimensions,  where it is coming from.

Ultimately, if we allow the process fully, there is no movement but rather a state of altered consciousness, and a silent, powerful expansion, in which no-thing is noticed, but Pure Being-ness.

There is no Light without Information. Information determines  the level of consciousness  that we experience. And it is our choice what we focus on: the moving worlds or the pure being-ness, the fullness of I Am.

So far almost none of us has managed to recognize the totality of worlds as a modification of Divine Consciousness, in which every trace of duality is transcended, including our seeming separation from the universes. And all worlds are directly Known to be Undivided Divine Consciousness.

In this State we have already left to exist beyond and prior to dimensions. Such is the vastness of our Divine Consciousness.

Now the Universe has opened up to introduce us to all our Divine Possibilities and to our Ultimate Divine Nature.

The Real Great Adventure has begun for All Humanity.
And So It Is.

With love and many blessings,

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Saturday, November 2, 2013




Enjoy*) and much love,

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Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Imgage by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright 2013
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My latest communication to you through this channel  requires an update.
You should know that I am very concerned about the well-being of all of you.
My task and service to humanity is to make sure that you do not miss the right path in the midst of the dense forest of information. There is more than sufficient information widespread about the present process of change and ascension in your world.

But you need to know that many messages that seem true to you, are not and are fabricated to lead you astray.
Many of these messages concern your spiritual growth and development.

Those of you who have been already on their spiritual path  before the discussion about the ascension process started on the internet, will know and understand, what I am now telling to you.  

But those of you, who are newly awakening, must be careful about what you want to believe. Because much disinformation is handed down to even good-hearted and well-meaning lightworkers, by those who do not want you to truly spiritually awaken and want to keep you away from your powerful Truth.  

So they give you misleading information, but which could prevent you from wanting to discover your true Divinity.

Any information about the spiritual path that is reduced to instructions about your physical hologram that needs to be developed by means of mental exercises, misses the mark. 
The Divine reveals Itself via the faculty of Feeling, and not through thinking.

Yes, the ascension process includes an upgrade of your physical body. But it is your heart-opening and your devotion to What Is Great, that develops the light body. The body is merely a tool and has nothing to do with your True Divine Essence, with your Divine Self, That Itself never changes.  
The statement that you are NOT your body is not new, but it seems that is is being hidden mostly among the many instructions how to spiritually awaken and develop.
Many of them are meant to keep you merely in the brain.

The brain has definitely a very important function, also spiritually, as it  contains the main gland, the pituitary gland, but it is still a tool to navigate, to recognize, to differentiate in all the lower and higher dimensions. But even the dimensions are domains in which you dwell or to which you belong vibrationally according to your level of  consciousness.

These are all functions of  experience.
But, my dear Ones, you are NOT your experiences, as well as you are not your thoughts, your thinking mind, your brain. They all are tools and instruments to navigate, to locate, to experience.

All these things are not “bad” or to avoid, but you need to understand, that they are secondary phenomena, whereas what is primary, is the Infinite Divine Consciousness that you ARE.

What is Divine Consciousness? So that you can understand, it is easier to describe, what it is not. It is certainly not brain, not your thoughts, not your awareness, not the world, not the universe. All these arise IN Divine Consciousness!

Do you understand? YOU are much more than the parts, you ARE the Totality of all that appears to your awareness and your senses, gross and subtle. Even the most subtle experience in deep meditation that appears to you as 'other',  as different from you, as an objective appearance that you feel is apart from you, is in fact YOU.

Your True Being does not know separative difference, objectification, and separation!
Your ancestors – before the “fall” -  have known this. In fact, the fall IS the objectification of the universe and its dimensions itself!  It is the separation of the experiencer from the  experience.

Therefore please consider, that it is crucial to understand the difference between Truth and information that is intended to mislead you.

The Heart, and not the brain, has always been the center and the platform that integrates your Unlimited Divine Consciousness with your body. Although it is also physical, and has a subtle form and presence, it is the door to what is beyond manifestation, gross or subtle.

From the Heart all your other functions, including the brain and its functions, are being governed. Ultimately there are no chacras. There is only One United Conscious Radiant Energy Field, in which your body with all the energy centers arises.

To reduce your identity to the chacra system or even to your subtle bodies, and altogether to the hologram of your appearance, is a gross mistake!

It is necessary that you all, my dear friends, understand this and begin to explore your true Divinity that starts with feeling, love and compassion in your human  heart.

From there you will be able to explore and call into your awareness the deeper identity of Who You Are!
If you wish, go through the door of your heart beyond the physical, the ethereal, the mental, emotional and even the spiritual body, all contained in the One Divine Consciousness, that is absolutely without body of any density.

Within It all worlds, all bodies, all events arise. It is Bliss, and it is Love, when it is Self-Aware of the worlds. And it is  Pure Being and Pure Consciousness when the worlds are forgotten. YOU ARE THAT. And your ARE not less!

To those who are already familiar with this state of experience, I say: It is not enough to stay within the heart-feeling IN the body. 

This is only the beginning. Know this! Otherwise you would limit yourself unnecessarily! 

There is a way beyond! And I will guide you so you invite me to help you to go further, to open your consciousness further, to expand, to allow to enter the Infinite Conscious Room of your Divine Identity, to transcend all limitations!

As always, I am here to bless all of you and to provide guidance, where ever on your path  you are!

I am Mary Magdalene!

Message conveyed by Ute

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