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My dear friends,

it is more helpful to face truth rather than loose oneself in illusions. Truth makes us strong, the latter weak.

Therefore I decided to publish my insights, visions and higher understanding about the things to come.

I always have found: only truth sets us free! Because of its strong, spotless and radiant frequency that allows all energy currents to freely flow.

There will be no perfect peace on earth anytime soon. Too many people, whether consciously or unconsciously, still support the old world and its crimes because they lack the capability to think independently, spiritual awareness and discernment. 

Basically, this chaotic world, supported by a huge lie,  is a result or product of those who believe in it and are addicted to the hocus-pocus of the media. They are the ones who create what the mainstream media dictate.  The dark ones take advantage of this. And they don't intend to ever give up their plans to destroy humanity. They will continue to fight. But the foundation of their own energy and information in this realm has already crumbled before 2012. 

To many it is becoming more and more obvious that the whole process is about evolving consciousness.

It is claimed by various sources that we are on the verge of a positive change, but this is nice, wishful thinking. We will have to wait a bit longer for its true fulfillment. Everything depends on those who would still awaken to the true situation in this realm.

 In other words, it depends on how many will continue supporting the old prison matrix.  But the awakening on a grand scale seems to be rather unlikely, because the supporters of this ailing world are justifying it by all means. They seem to lack - what I call - the "truth-gene". It is easy to observe that a majority of people prefers to be lied to and to be deceived, rather than claiming their own sovereignty and independence from outer authorities.

The quality of Unconditional Love will touch only those who are ready for it. Love does not simply overcome those who have resisted it until now. It requires an inner developmental process and human growth.  The diamond does not appear in a few days. Therefore, the time of collective Love has not yet come. Unless those who resist it would leave earth. Love is something that everyone must choose for themselves. The Power of Love does not just suddenly manifest without those who can receive it.
One must understand the law of cosmic and also of karmic processes.

At present there are many spiritual trends, and all of them appear as true from their personal point of view, because they create and attract into their lives phenomena that correspond to their ideas. Everyone lives in their personal universe that seems to prove its truth by itself. But beyond that, there is a collective reality in which everyone on this planet participates. 

The wishful ideas that are approved at most, will determine perhaps the energy of the day or of a certain sequence of time. Therefore, the personal experience can be far different from the determination of earth. 

But this does not mean that it prevents inevitable collective karma, which is nothing else but the present state of consciousness and belief-patterns of the majority that have become manifest and are the results of mankind's dark activities in the last centuries and milleniums that repeat themselves in these times.

All of this belongs to the old timeline. Who is on the new timeline, which is free of deceit and darkness, is being carried by it and must see to it to hold on to it with heart and mind in the midst of the increasing madness and chaos of the old world. They are the ones who are manifesting islands of light, love and truth. It is not possible to enter these islands with mere wishful thinking. It must be truly earned by renouncing the old world in the way of living in it, but not being of it. 

Some esoterics say that karma  is only an invention of the dark forces. However, these esoterics have become victims of the suggestions of these powers for their part. There is no arbitrary cosmos. Without Divine order nothing can grow and prosper. Mind creates matter. And we grow the more we understand this.

Decisive learning steps are possible for the vast majority only by overcoming obstacles and the realization that comes with it. That is the nature of life in this earth-realm.

Many follow those who offer convenient and comforting prophecies that create a false hope of not having to be responsible for one's own actions. Humanity has become lax and has lost its power and straightness. Remember the tests in ancient civilizations a young person had to pass to become an adult. We don't have these tests anymore. Children and young people are left to arbitrariness. Or parents overload their children by treating them as adults.

In this godless time, everyone is riding on the track of their own separate, personal, and thus limited, imagination, with no need for Dharma, for Divine Alignment and Divine Law. Even those people who call themselves spiritual. But Divine Law or Dharma is always supra-personal and requires the surrender of the limited personal will to the Divine Will and Law, i.e. the Divine Impulse in the Higher Heart of man, which lives the Unity of all life. And what is Dharma? The Dharma of fire is to burn. The Dharma of air is to blow. It speaks of the inherent rightness of all Divine Creation.

This realm serves the growth of consciousness and is a touchstone to see if man wants to turn to the Divine, to develop and fulfill his/her Divine potential. And this will not change. The die is cast so far, in regard to a person's choice: For Love, Evolution, Joy, Living Life and the Divine, – or the opposite.

However for this dark place applies: Whoever decides for the Divine, must expect great obstacles. That is, only strong people are capable of moving towards and living in a New World. Only they are able to integrate the higher frequencies that are flowing into this realm. Higher frequency always comes with higher consciousness. And thus, once again, it becomes clear that this challenging time is for the development of human consciousness.

Therefore, everything will not suddenly become "good", as some esoterics proclaim. This is wishful thinking and is based on illusion, since the cosmic processes, which serve the development of consciousness, are disregarded. Moreover, this would deprive many of the opportunity for true growth.

Will the dark Ones now be allowed to rage on to fully eliminate the yet immature part of humanity? Will it be allowed that human souls will be destroyed against their will, perhaps e.g. by forced genetic vaccinations?

It will not happen that way. The destruction will happen through purifying earth cataclysms. These are to be considered as mercy. They did already slowly begun. There are more and more reports about waters disappearing in some places and appearing somewhere else.

Not by human or superhuman efforts, but only by the power of earth changes the evil forces can be removed from this earth completely, as they are so profoundly ingrained in this realm's existence. Death through these earth changes will people allow to keep their souls and continue a blessed evolutionary process on other planets. See also the message „My Conversation with Gaia on 21.12.2011“

In this respect, all is well when we consider the Great Divine Cycles and their Wisdom.

But there is also still a greater intuitive vision to which we can connect in every moment: The Absolute Divine Consciousness, which Remains Always The Same, and in which all beings and all worlds and all evolutionary and involutionary processes arise and pass away. It Is our True primordial Divine Nature of Love-Bliss and Exists always as our True and strongest Force of Life.

May you choose wisely!

With love and blessings,



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Ute Posegga-Rudel,
© 2021. All rights reserved.


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