Wednesday, December 28, 2011


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Dear Ones, I Am St. Germain! 

At this time, where most of you are celebrating or taking a holiday in the midst of your usual busy lives, you might find a special time and sacred space to take my message to your heart. 

We are happy that many of you now are starting to more and more wake up, wanting to know the truth behind the politics of your governments, your history. But most of all, ever more of you start to question who you really are and where you came from. 

Dear humans, in this context I am referring to the fact that the paradigm your race has been living with and believing in for thousands of years, convinced that it was solid truth, is not what you think it is. 

There is no truth about it, never has been, as many of you already know, but to face this fact, is more disturbing for many of you than you are aware of. Because, if you managed to establish yourselves well, it questions all your beliefs, the quality of your social structure, your safety and the roles you are playing in this structure and your identification with it. 

What you are now experiencing is the breaking down of your identity and this is perhaps the most difficult thing you must face on your way to a new era of your world, which is already on its way and will in due course of time change profoundly its appearance, functioning and frequency.

Loosing your identity with which you have been familiar all your lifetime, even in most cases innumerable life times before, is the most difficult and challenging task you could ever encounter. Loosing your possessions is something else, because you can survive it, by holding on to the same identity. 

Not so, when your idea about what you think you are, is falling apart. However, this old and familiar identity so far has limited you profoundly to a being which is supposed to be just a body-mind, separate even from your family and the ones you most love and the rest of humanity and the world. 

You have been well adapting to this limitation for centuries and millenniums and only very few of the human race dared to question this limited identity and searched for a more expanded meaning of their lives and themselves. They have been heroes because they had the courage to step out of their familiar environment, to leave behind a feeling of belonging which might have led them to the experience of isolation from the rest of you. 

This is also the reason why you did never start to question yourselves whether your limited state was your true identity, because you were driven by fear to end up in such an isolation from the rest of your human family, that you  would experience when you would decide to step out of a normal social group consciousness. You have been just too afraid to allow the urge of your inherent heart-desire to investigate your deeper nature, but rather suppressed it to the point where you did not feel it anymore. 
And because of this fear you often preferred to ridicule and put down those with courage to find their true self. 

The other reason why you have kept yourselves locked up in your limited identity, have been your governments who understood to educate you in a way that kept you in your belief of what you thought your were. They gave you intentionally wrong information about your true identity in schools, universities, their media and by spreading falsified scientific knowledge by people who have been bribed by them, to make wrong statements. 

In this way they managed to manipulate your inherent understanding about yourself and your world, so that you ceased to trust your own intuition and your heart. Deeply confused by this conflict you started to take refuge to your perceptual thinking mind, and from then on you walked a path of arbitrariness, where you blindly followed a world of mind where everything could be proven and disproved simultaneously. While some of you followed theories which seemed to be proven, others swore that the opposite was true, however your conviction was not one of your heart where truth can be found, but was based on mere mental findings and arbitrary personal likes and dislikes. 

In this way you have become extremely vulnerable to outside forces and increasing manipulation, while you divided in groups of different believes and convictions. From then on it was very easy for your manipulators to gain increasing power over you. I do not need to continue to explain this further, as I know that most of you understand today exactly this dilemma humanity is suffering. 

But if you now consciously, by following my explanation, recognize and understand the history and reason why you perhaps have been one of those who are still hesitating to let go of your old identity, by understanding that it is a false identity, you will be able to easier let it go and give room to your true identity to emerge. 

What is your true identity? Dear Ones, your true identity is Divine and is not limited to a role in a social group, like a family, your working situation, a church or a nation. It is not limited to any doctrine or your thinking capability and how you use it, it is not limited to your physical body and your senses, it is not limited to your experience of birth and death, short and superficial joys and long-lasting and deep suffering. 

Your true identity is your inherent and forever free and eternal soul, whose nature is undying and unlimited joy, happiness and pure love. In all your endeavors, to accumulate possessions and power and to experience sophisticated enjoyments you have been searching always exactly for this happiness only.  But you have indeed limited yourselves to your finite body, lifetime, role-play, possessions or the lack of them, while you have been searching for something you have been already all the time. 

Therefore your true nature’s freedom is the freedom from all these limiting identifications with things, which originally have been created to allow you to experience creation as a Divine Being, but not as a being in slavery, with suffering, separation and deadly endings. This has never been the Divine Plan. 

But things happened that way, superimposed on you by forces who had not your very best in their hearts. However it was you who allowed this to happen, this limitation, this deprivation of your true Divine Nature. In due course of this process you developed this false identity and what is now given to you, in this glorious era of awakening, is the opportunity and the Divine Gift and Compassion that allows you to take back what you lost: your true Divine Identity. 

By opening your heart where you have stored all your pain since Millenniums, your own truth can be experienced again. But you must acknowledge all the pain as the doorway to your true and always inherent happiness. All your pain in your heart are events where you have betrayed  your own truth so many times, and where you are still betraying yourselves, where you haven’t been true to yourself, where you followed false doctrines and where you allowed yourselves to be manipulated by others, who played the separate game with you, and you agreed. 

By taking back what you Are, you will free the Love, the Happiness, the unlimited Light and energy that you are because you are remembering that you are a free being, participating directly and immediately in the force of Divine Light, Energy and Love, even with your physical body. All of which sustains your existence boundlessly. 

This non-separate participation in the All-That-Is is your true identity, my dear Ones, it is limitless and your constant experience of all the Happiness and Love, as which you dance the experience of your life. 

Be Blessed, dear Ones, let yourselves fall into the Source of your own Being-ness to Be the Fullness of Who You Are! 

I AM St. Germain!

Message received by Ute 

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Saturday, December 24, 2011


By Ute Posegga-Rudel

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It has been my desire since a while to directly speak with Gaia, the spirit of our planet earth, to hear from herself what had happened to her since the 11.11.11 event and what would be her present state and her future plans.

For some time now I have been noticing  that the atmosphere, or better: the quality of energy on earth had changed greatly - regarding its expansion and power. The sky seemed to be higher, and there was a feeling-power and a light that appeared to posses a new mighty Presence.

Until now my “conversations” with Gaia have been “limited” to a Heart-Contact. Whenever I thought about her and expressed my love for her, I felt her answer as a deep touch in my heart, with tears pouring from my eyes, while I felt the freshness, the pristine and untouched  nature and sweet love of her being. Then I knew, that she had heard me and directly answered me. Sometimes she sent me one of her messengers, e.g. a bird, whom I especially loved, and who suddenly appeared and landed close to me and kept me company.

In the late night of the December Solstice, I felt drawn outside, into my courtyard. There I had installed a powerful, even if small, medicine wheel, and I love to sit next to it. The night sky was clear and full of stars, and as soon as I sat down and connected with the vibrant night and Gaia, she started to speak. So I quickly fetched my notebook from inside the house, which I use for such kind of occasions.

 For me the following conversation with Gaia was not just a „conversation“ in the usual sense,  whereby thoughts are exchanged on the mental level. Rather I was involved with my whole being, having a wholistic experience, accompanied by the deep emotions of my wide and  expanded heart. The experience happened within Gaia’s Heart and Being, with which I felt deeply merged, while my vision and feeling embraced infinity.
And it is my desire that this report will be received by my reader not just on the intellectual level, but that it will draw you too into the Heart of Gaia.


I Am Gaia, your Mother, do you wish to speak with me?
It is easy for me to talk to you when the disturbances in the atmosphere are low, as they are tonight. (December Solstice)

It is good for you, to sit outside under the sky. Inside the house the reception is not as clear, because too many unnatural and disturbing frequencies can interfere with our conversation.

I would like to tell you, that I am well and that I am very happy that you desire to contact me.
I love all my children, but I am especially happy when they are aware  Who I really Am.

One reason why I am well is that ever more of my children understand who I am and include me in their lives as a Living Being.
The other reason is that I have completed my ascension to  higher Dimensions. You are asking which dimension, and I can tell you, that I am now in the 5th, at the threshold of the 6th dimension. You are asking what is happening to my 3dimensional body and why it still seems to be the old same one.

You see, this is similar as with your Spiritual Masters, whose Consciousness is extending  far above the 3th dimension, but who still have a 3dimensional body, which looks for all quite normal, even though this body is to a high degree transparent for the light and carries higher consciousness.

And so it is with my 3dimensional body too. In one way it is still very much polluted and out of balance. And this is like with your  Saints, whose spirit and realization has reached great heights, but whose body is nevertheless sick and toxic, because they have taken on the illnesses and karmas of their disciples.

When you go to my pure and untouched nature, it is easy to become aware of my heightened State, in places which are not alienated by your civilization. But also in a starry night, like now, you are able to be close to my heart, as soon as  usual daily businesses have come to rest.

I will move as soon as the time for it has arrived. And these movements will usher a New Era. These movements will  shake off what impedes the purity of my body. It will come suddenly, and it will be for all of you a joyful event, who love and who are united with me in their hearts.  I will protect you and take care that you are safe. Of this you can be assured!

Keep me in your hearts and you will always be united with my presence, which draws you already now to the 5th and 6th dimension. Your connection with me will  therefore transport you into a higher frequency and guarantee your ascension process.

This will occur as soon as my body moves and enters into the higher dimensions. When exactly this will be, cannot be told yet. There are too many details to take into account. They all depend on you, beloved mankind, and your basic readiness to ascend.

All my other kingdoms, the animals, the plants, the minerals and the elements are ready for ascension. We only wait for you, my beloveds. Many of you are ready too, but not yet the majority of your human family. There still have to happen things which trigger this readiness.

At this point, while she is talking to me, I ask  Gaia for a clear sign of confirmation from her, that I have written down the correct information, whereupon she pours directly into my heart the feeling of  her powerful greatness and sublimity! This is an absolutely awe-inspiring feeling!

You see, you all must change your relationship with me, you all must be aware of my true and now ascended Being and carry it in your heart. Thereby you are directly united with me and receive constantly my blessing.

My presence in your hearts will give you great joy, strength and satisfaction. To be united with the soul and spirit of ones planet, is a great event and implies in this case the elevation of each single human soul as it is also the connection with the Great Human Soul who builds the One Great Human Body.

When you are united in this way,  you will ascend physically as this One Humanity – together with my planetary body.
Everything is prepared for this moment, and for you, who are one with me now, the spiritual ascension has already happened. And therefore the physical ascension will occur without problems. It will be carried by your unity in your hearts with me, your planet, - the planet you have chosen as your present home.

As I already raised my consciousness, your own rising of consciousness will follow inevitably, because you are one with your planet. Therefore you all are already in the midst of the process of awakening.

The more of you are uniting with me in this manner, the quicker ascension for whole humanity can occur.
This is the service you can now give to me and your human family. And this service is the unity with me in your hearts.

Seek me and find out Who I Am now, of which State I Am. Let this relationship be real, by connecting yourself with my true state (energetically, with feeling and with your consciousness), and not merely in your imagination about it. This is crucial!

I care for you all, my children, and I love you!
You all should know that I have already become New Earth and that my state is sacred.

Yes, I am a holy planet, but most don’t know yet about it.
Tell everybody about it so that also they can be made holy.

I Am with Great Love,
Your Mother, Gaia

Is has been getting very late and it was early morning already, time for me to go to bed . When I looked through the material the next day, the urgent question arose about the meaning of Gaia's "movement". It was a beautiful morning with a clear blue sky. I sat down again next to my medicine wheel and connected with Gaia’s presence in my heart and all that what surrounded me. Again I felt this enormous vastness and power, in which I was sitting and which is her new consciousness, and I asked her about the exact meaning of what she had called her “movement".

This was her answer:

My child, when I move, my present bodily orientation and location change. You know from yourselves, that you tend to change your location when fundamental changes occur for you. My new domicile will be in the higher dimensions,  where I am moving with my body, and this of course has consequences for my presently 3dimensional body – like your own “ascension symptoms” can create problems and change your body.

I asked whether Gaia was planing a pole shift, and if yes, how it would show. I received her answer as both, images and “words” and my description must be understood as an attempt, to translate a 4th and 5th dimensional event into our 3dimensional language. Therefore the meaning has to be perceived intuitively and wholisticly, and cannot be analytically dissected with the means of the conceptual mind.  

Dear child,  many are asking this question in their hearts, and I would like to give a clear answer:

There will be a pole shift, but not as you imagine it. Within the higher-dimensional shifting of the presently still dense frequency, this pole shift is not a “material” event in which things are “destroyed”. There will be a unification of the Poles and because the substance becomes so to speak more “liquid”, my body starts to  make fluid changes. All energy is always on the move. And you, your new bodies will be flowing with it. In this flow there is no „breaking“  of things which you experience, when you observe so called “matter” as “solid”. Rather everything will become new forms in a harmonious way, according to my assignment. All you have to do in this process is to exercise your capability to let go of everything familiar to you, and to allow yourselves to be carried by this process of transformation, your heart firmly anchored in mine. When the process is complete, a new day will rise in which humanity will be in actuality One Being, united in perfect Harmony and Love with me.

To understand what I describe you must allow yourselves to perceive on a higher dimensional level, because this event happens, as soon as it occurs, already in the higher Dimension.

Will there be 3 days of darkness? This has to be understood rather symbolically, because in the higher dimensions the experience of time is different from yours  and obeys other parameters. Darkness might be experienced because your present sensual perception is in a process of transition and readjustment. At that time your usual perception will fade away and disappear. When the transformation is complete you will see with “new” eyes a New World.”

I asked for another sign of confirmation from Gaia. Especially as it was about an important message for which reason I felt great responsibility for the correctness  of my depiction.

For those of my children, who are not yet prepared to move with me into the new dimension, their experience will be different. They will perceive my movement in a “material” manner, and they will experience the destruction of the Old, because they perceive themselves and the world as separate and not as a unity. This is because they did not decide yet to live in unity consciousness in their hearts, but they consider themselves and myself as separate beings. And they will perceive my movement  accordingly.

While I wrote down the last sentences, a small white cloud appeared in the clear blue sky, at first somehow in the form of two parallel bars II, which transformed themselves quickly  in two circular overlapping shapes.
And then, as suddenly as the cloud had appeared, it dissolved completely into “nothingness” before my eyes. As long as the cloudy sign was visible, a group of to me invisible birds started to rant and rave. With the disappearance of this little cloud there was complete stillness.  This was the sign I had asked for! I’d like to explain it a bit more.

For me the significance of these 2 symbols was immediately obvious. The two bars stand for separation, duality, the linear, conceptual Mind, who thinks in opposites, instead of perceiving everything as an expression of the love-blissful Source. It is the Luciferian creation of the separation of our consciousness from the Divine, The-All-That-Is. This sign symbolizes  the consciousness, in which most human beings are still captured: they do not acknowledge their own spirituality, and therefore they do not recognize the unity with all beings, with the Divine Source, with all of humanity and with their own planet.  That and their own human family are considered merely as  objects which one can exploit, abuse and destroy. In this state of consciousness the power of love does not exist, because it is governed by abstract thinking.

The transition of the two bars to the two overlapping circular shapes shows a fundamental change of this old state of separate consciousness. It is the Vesica Piscis of the Sacred Geometry! The symbol of the apotheosis of creation, its return to the Light and Unity. It is Gaia’s beginning  return to her original 12dimensional Divine existence! And we are returning with her!

And this is how I understand the sign of the cloud as an answer Gaia's to my earlier request for confirmation: Basically it is all really about the confirmation of our planet’s and humanity’s Divine Transformation. How this is experienced individually, is not of real importance in this Great Event. But what has been shown to me are two possible ways of perception and experience, the most and the least optimal one, whereby there are many variants  in between, depending on the state of consciousness of the perceiver.

But there was still one question left for me. And I asked Gaia whether those who experience the Pole Shift as destruction, would follow her nevertheless into the higher dimensions.

And this was Gaia’s answer:  

They will experience much excitement and agitation.

And again, to me invisible birds start to rant and rave. I remember that I had heard the same when the cloud sign appeared! With this Gaia is saying that  this transition, this transformation will come with great agitation for the „old“ world.

But this agitation will be experienced only – so to speak - on the surface of their perception. The agitation scatters the dense shell of separation and uncovers their deepest heart and soul. This uncovering of the soul provides the opportunity for them to unite  with my heart, because they become now fully aware of the presence of my Spirit. This will draw them to me - into the higher dimension of my body. This for them cataclysmic event will also set free and dissolve the negative beliefs and behaviors, which have been stored underneath their dense shell of separation. This is like a deep purification process, whereby they become able to experience and live their own pure and higher spiritual nature again, without being involuntary pulled back later into a 3dimensional reality.
This powerful event of transformation is a gift to them by Divine Decree.

However those who still desire greatly to extend their experiences in the 3dimensional realm, will indeed for a short while live with me in the higher dimensions, just long enough, to imprint their soul with a new permanent remembrance of this state. But then they will be drawn back into one of the many 3dimensional realms which exist in the universe.

As you can see, everybody receives according to their heart’s desire. This is the law of creation: you receive what you believe in.

I embrace all my children with great love. But those, who wish to come with me, give me glorious enjoyment.
My Blessing is with all of you, without exception!

I Am your mother, Gaia

What remains is to remember or to become aware,  that we are already walking, breathing  and living within a great being of the 5th, and at the threshold of the 6th dimension. Inspite of all the ruins, the suffering and all the negativity of a gradually disappearing old world.

What great gift and opportunity is given to us all!

Love and Blessings, my friends!

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011


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Dear ones, I Am Lady Portia!

Yes, you can trust your heart. What you have experienced while receiving my other message was true, and deep too. It cannot be understood with a mind that belongs to the concept of duality, it can only be received when your heart opens. In this space you truly Are. 

Who does not acknowledge the Zero-point-field is not yet ready to ascend as One Humanity. Only to be in this field enables you to step up into a higher vibration and dimension, to be part of it. It is the true necessary portal to a higher consciousness and dimension. Structures, strategically created by the conceptual mind, do not serve as so called portals for ascension, because they are created outside of your true Self.

This point of stillness is a Bardo, if you like. Higher dimensions cannot be accessed without it, because the lower mind who operates in duality has to be left behind and forgotten, to be able to realize the higher mind which receives its wisdom from higher sources, above the density of the 3th dimension. All "higher dimensions" one believes  to have entered with this lower mind, are mere illusions and phantom worlds, and not real.

To establish this zero-point field in the heart, the eye of the tornado, if you like, you can use the breath. Many of you have realized the validity of  this excellent tool of the breath. Because it is the invocation of the Divine Presence into your heart and the awakening of the deeper conscious reality in your heart.

If this is not understood, even the most sophisticated mental exercises and arguments  cannot drift you into that state of deepest stillness in the center of your heart.

My teachings are true and simple, and everybody can follow them and with my help, in case they need it. To exercise the silence of the inner heart with your silent breath, is to expand the energy field around your body. See for yourself and observe and feel the expansion of your aura. This is what you are: a spherical being. This is what enables you to enter the higher dimensions: the presence of your expanded energy field.  With it you learn to enter your new world, to adapt to a higher consciousness and allow it to rule your higher life and identity. 

It is only in this stillness that you can perceive and can become aware of something of which you have not been able to be aware with your 3dimensional mind and perception.

This expanded energy field, which is spherical, enables you also to  be in direct communion with your higher self or, as you call it, your God-Self. It is the God-Self, which participates in the higher dimensions, and not your 3dimensional identity. It is not your 3dimensional identity which becomes aggrandized in the ascension process, but the 3dimensional personality must be given up. This can be done by the silent breath, which I described in my other message and which generates the expansion of your energy field around you, with your feeling heart in the center of it first, and then expanding its own feeling ultimately to infinity. 

The more you practice this, the more this energy field stabilises itself and so does your consciousness, and it will therefore be less intruded by other lower vibrations.  Hence it is crucial for your balance, because  it balances all your other bodies, the mental, emotional and spiritual  body, and last not least your physical body, as it nurtures and energizes all the cells of your physical body. But not only that, it deifies them, it changes them into a crystalline structure, which is the sign of the new human being.

I am here with my love and my appreciation for all the work you do, dear friends.

I Am Lady Portia

 Message received by Ute

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Cities of light are residing in the ethereal field of earth and are connected to her crystalline grid. Cities of light are fifth dimensional gates, and they are portals for ascension. To connect to them allows you to enter the higher dimensions
Visionary Art Video, by Ute Posegga-Rudel. ©2011

Saturday, December 17, 2011


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Dear One, I am Lady Portia!

Can you feel my sweet light soothing your body and filling it with bliss?
When St. Germain spoke to you last time, I, his twinflame, was with him and our energies have been combined. So we both spoke to you. This served also my introduction to you. This time I Am with you alone.

Yes, you sense the most feminine energy and light of my being and the sweetness of love is my principal quality.

I balance and thereby I put things right, not only things but foremost energies. People whose energy body is not balanced can call upon me and ask for help. At this time the balancing of the human energy body is extremely important. This is because you all experience an enormous change of your whole energetic structure. The reason is your purification and evolutionary process, in which your consciousness changes and you become aware of events, emotions and memories, all things which have been dormant in your subconsciousness, often  from early childhood on or even from past lifetimes.  All these subconscious contents are forms of energy.

Each time when these remembrances surge into your conscious awareness, triggered by the strong new incoming frequencies,  a shift in your energy system occurs.  So these shifts  are triggered from both, inside and the energies from outside, which are coming from your sun and from your Galactic Center. Mostly both events, those from inside you and those from outside, happen simultaneously and you can imagine what it does to the state of your energy body and well-being, because the time where you were able to continue day by day with unsettled and unresolved issues, without even noticing it, is over.

Often this shifting is not only a slight movement, but a profound one. When you in certain situations suddenly feel out of balance, you know that a shift, as described above, is happening to you. These kind of changes and new adjusting energy procedures are the unique sign of this time, because they are more profound than you have ever experienced.
You will notice  that your present experience is usually – because of this unique process – a constant alternation of balance and imbalance, naturally.
The feeling of being out of balance causes many irregular behaviours, behaviours which you usually don’t like yourself and which draw you out of harmony with your human family, as your actions then are starting to become uneasy and sometimes out of proportion. Always, when you experience disharmony it happens because your energy system is not in a harmonious order.

To feel happy you want therefore always strive to a state of balance but sometimes it might be difficult for you to find it, if you have allowed yourself to slide too far into a state of imbalance.

As you know, it is crucial at this time of increasing chaos in your 3dimensional world, which thinks and understands in dual pairs, to maintain in the midst of it a state of equanimity and ease. Furthermore, the maintenance of equanimity is important  for your ascension process. It gives you access to higher dimensional frequencies.

To be in balance allows you to transcend this dual pair of perception at the heart, as duality is a matter of mind, in your case, the 3dimensional mind. Harmony then is a state in which you transcend opposites and enter thereby your field of Zeropoint. It is like tipping the scales. It is the point where you yourself are in harmony, even when the world around you is not.
There is even more to it: while you are at balance you balance your environment too. You see, how important it is that your whole system is consciously in harmony.

Now let me tell you how you balance yourself and how to transcend any imbalance and disharmony in your energy system with your breath, which has an effect not only on your emotions, your thinking and your bodily well-being, but also unites you with your spiritual being.

Remember that the breath is a faculty that connects you directly with the Creator or your God-Self. When you breathe, you do not just breathe air into your lungs. This would be a materialistic, mechanical way of understanding, as if  you would only breathe a chemical substance into your body! When you breathe in, you always breathe in Spirit, the Life and the Living Consciousness of the Divine. With the breath you unite with your own Divinity and with All-That-Is.

There are several ways of breathing. In the beginning you might breathe very deeply, while you breathe fully into your lower body and your breath might be accompanied by a sound, if this feels good to you. This kind of breath relaxes your body and helps you to let go, what you need to at a given moment. Breathe deeply in when you are angry, and deeply out when you are sad and depressed, and deeply in and out when you are fearful.

As soon as you experience relief from what agitated you, you can begin with the light breath. What I mean is, that you start to breathe completely silent. It is an inner breathing which breathes only the  inner substance of prana, the beingness, and which gives you a feeling of expanded silence and connection with the subtlety of your own being, a state of deep peace, free of any concern and agitation. Continue to breathe that way as long as you wish and enjoy this stillness and deep beingness. Then return to your daily life and whatever your responsibilities are. Remember frequently breathing,  especially this deep silent breath, as if you would not move, but only seemingly.

It is of uttermost importance that you use this breathing exercise as often as possible, preferably starting immediately after you awaken in the morning. Make it to your beloved companion and you wil notice that your environment, and whatever happens, cannot bring you that easily out of balance anymore. Using the breath also allows you to familiarize with the new incoming energies, when you intentionally connect with them and breathe them in, invite them into your body and into your life, into your whole being.

It is my pleasure to assist you all in this process. If you call me I am with you, and even if you are not aware that I guide your experience, you might feel as if your own intuition tells you how to use your breath most beneficially.

My blessings and my love are always with you!

I Am Lady Portia

Message received by Ute
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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


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My dear ones,
I Am St. Germain!

It’s a wonderful time to extend my heart to you! So many of you are now opening up to Divine Light and the Message the Divine is directly planting into your hearts. This message is telling you about your liberation from your long standing dream of separation from God. This dream is coming to an end.

Dearest human beings, you have never been separated from your very  Divine Source because how would this Very Source, your Creator, be able to separate from His Own Creation? So it is you who must have been in a long and dark dream yourselves, imagining separation. Your lifetimes have been only full of suffering because without your intimate unity with your own Source of Happiness how could you ever be happy? How could your life ever be successful in a true sense, in a all-encompassing way, without embracing your own total being?

You have been for so long only living on a tiny little part of yourself. Of course, this would naturally imply chronic lack and frustration and cause all the from this chronic constriction resulting painful experiences, which confine you to your sorrows, your angers and your fears. Oh yes, and not to forget your chronic guilt! Because if you are not living the fullness that you are and if you have agreed to live only on a little and low flame of your  Divine Fire,  how could you enjoy your existence which did not match what you truly are.

But now this dreadful dream is coming to an end, my dearest ones. And oh, how happy I am, observing your awakening, watching how more and more of you are opening your eyes and the eyes of your heart! I see the Divine enfolding in you and the Light growing and shining from your whole being, as your true fragrant Flower starts to awaken.

The Divine Source is such a Magnificent Being, it is Love and Bliss and Beauty and Happiness. And all of that is your own true Nature, most beloved ones!
Can you feel it, can you sense it, do you Know already what I see?
Can you allow this beauty to emerge as your own being, pristine and ever perfect in its own nature?

Yes! This Is You! This Is You! It is! And it Is Happening, already now!
We fuel you with our love, beloveds, and nurture these fine and newly born flames of your true heart, and we adore it, we love it.

We are so happy, to experience the Divine Unfolding in Its Creation, to see this preciousness to emerge now everywhere in your world!

It will never leave you again, the Divinity is now forever yours. Let it grow, let it Be. Worship! No, not your ego! Worship this beautiful Light awakening in your being, in your heart, in your feeling. It Is the Other World. Do not neglect it, do not inattentively overlook it!  Be very very aware, be very observant how the Divine is emerging in all of you. You are ALL His, there is no exception! If you dream there is, know it is only an illusion. The truth is, that God is now awakening in you all, dearest humanity!

With boundless joy,
I Am St. Germain 

Message received by Ute

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011


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We Are from the Domain of Fire and Light, of Unity of all Souls and Sacred Divine Core Essence in the Andromeda Galaxy.

Dearest Ones,

We are here today to transmit this important message to humanity. All should know the significance of this extremely special time.  You are all blessed beyond measure in your very soul. Never before have you been able to do such a big step forward in your evolutionary pathway. We would like to make you aware of this fact!

Therefore it is of uttermost importance that you consciously and diligently use this time and take advantage of it. Now you are able to grow significantly, using the wings of the current flow of incoming blessed divine energies which are supporting and carrying your planet into it’s new position in the higher dimensions. If you are able to flow with this current, you will receive a great push towards your own higher vibrational growth and accomplishment of a more advanced light body. This includes the development of the higher mind and the heart.

Please understand that ascension is not just an event in your thinking mind, as many believe, but in the first place an energetic process which will catapult your present frequency of body, mind and emotion into a higher level of intelligence, wisdom and heart-opening.
The higher your vibration, the higher your divine intelligence and the capacity to love.

In this process it is however necessary to understand your mind which operates on many levels, not just on the conceptual level, but gradually develops and exists on levels up to the most high and subtle form, which is ultimately called the mind of God. Higher mind is never disturbed or is missing tranquility or is wandering constantly around. Higher Mind is carrying wisdom and is able to use free awareness and is not interfered by lower emotions.

Therefore it is of advantage to exercise the higher mind as it utilizes the higher qualities of the human being. The higher mind transcends your everyday understanding of life. It is not linear and black-and-white thinking, it is rather circular and able to perceive realities on different levels simultaneously without interference of the lower personality. Of course you can exercise these higher capabilities with your will. But it is ultimately always the increase of your level of frequency required as a basis for the development of your higher human qualities.

How would you do this, to begin with? As we recommended, what you need to do is to rise your light quotient. And this can happen when you rise your feeling capacity for energy! If you do, if you are able to feel energy, to feel frequency, it is because you are consciously transmuting the density of your lower emotions into free feeling, which in turn allows you to receive more light into your system.

We cannot enough emphasize, that the ascension process is based on the rising of your level of frequency or your light quotient. Without it there is no true growth. All is energy, all is frequency. If you are not able to feel frequency it is because you have not dealt yet with your emotions, you have not cleared them yet, you have not dared yet to feel them exactly as they are. If you haven’t done it yet, it means, that all these emotional energies, which you have not allowed yourself to feel, are like deep blockages in  a streaming river. They are like accumulated pieces of debris piling up, while the water is streaming around them. But these blockages reduce greatly your capacity to feel. Energy can only be felt. 

Therefore you have work to do, dear ones! You cannot avoid it, you have to surrender to this process and allow yourselves to be purified. To do this, you first must be willing to feel, and even if your emotions are very painful. But know that even emotional pain is ultimately a form of energy, and that you are not it. You are merely the observer. You can look at it as something which has been stored in your system and which can be released now forever, just by allowing yourself to accept and fully feel it 

There is no other way, but know that the incoming energies are your great helpers, as they are pressing now on all your unresolved blockages, which can make feel you uneasy, nervous, upset or just very uncontent with yourself.

All these feelings must be accepted fully, exactly as they are. They are not to be avoided by any means. Take your time, dear ones, and do this most important and courageous work! Feel what you have accumulated in your system, stored in your energy field. And as you feel it all, one by one, a growing clarity and lightness will emerge in your being, freeing your body and  heart more and more and awakening your capacity to freely feel more and more everything, now even the more subtle and finer frequencies of light, and last not least: true Happiness!

Dear ones, there have been Millions before you, who have been going through these processes already. They have been courageous at a time where most of you were still deeply unaware of these necessary procedures of purification. They went already through great pain, and they did it, not only for themselves, but for all humanity, for all their brothers and sisters. As they worked so deep and thorough, they have made the way much easier for you now. While they, as single individuals,  needed often years to deal with certain very painful issues, you all can now go through your purification processes  in a few days or weeks already, if you are working seriously and if you do not let yourself off the hook! 

The incoming new energies help you greatly with this process so that it is now not difficult anymore for you. It has been difficult before, but it is not anymore. What many others have done already long before you, you can now do too! The path has been paved for you, dear ones, and you can now almost comfortably walk that path with much less pain, or at least an enormous shortening of the process.

We have encouraged you to walk that path of purification so that you will be able to rise your light quotient, together with many others. This is the great human awakening that has arrived! 

We are always with you, ready to support and help you. All what is needed, is your willingness and the desire of your heart to be free of your old baggage, which is only an unnecessary burden now. Have trust and faith in the process, in which you all are involved, by default! The process is happening anyway and your agreement and surrender to it makes it a blessed one.  Because if you collaborate, all will happen with much less pain and you will even experience happiness in the midst of difficulties, knowing that they are only very temporary and the sure indication, that you are about to be free of them.

Freedom from old baggage entails a natural increase of your vibration and permits higher light to enter your body and mind. This new freedom allows you to feel more, to start to feel frequencies and soon light itself, which is a higher vibration.
Think positiv and exercise positive feelings, whatever you do, because positive actions are rising your energy field as well. 

You see, it is all up to you, your sensitivity for your own energy field and of that around you is your own responsibility. Be patient with yourself and give yourself all the time you need. But do not delay and do not doubt. Follow your path of freeing yourself from old burdens steadily and with confidence. When you think that you made a mistake, don’t dwell on it, but  continue with faith on your path.

Remember, these are the most blessed times, humanity has experienced since Millenniums. Take advantage of it. Use this unique tailwind which makes your process so much easier than it would have been at other times. Go quickly through a process that took others years.

We bless and support you and embrace you with all our love!
We already can see you free of all your suffering and radiant in the New Light and the Love of the Divine!

We are the  Light Beings of the Andromeda Galaxy!

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Sunday, December 11, 2011


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Dearest Ones, I Am AA Metatron!

Greetings to all of you who are already consciously participating in the ascension process of Gaia and yourself, the united human body of which you are part of. Silently I bless all those still asleep, all those cells and points of consciousness, although still of dim light and not yet aware about what is going on. It is a great and wonderfully evolving process underway and already happening with your whole human civilization and your planet Gaia herself.

We, who are the  initiators and overseers of this process, are rejoicing in this glorious awakening which is happening directly in the Heart of God in His feminine and masculine aspect, which is Light and Consciousness Itself. The joy, concentrated and expanding in the Heart of God Who is the Creator of His Own Nature and the many emanations in the Divine Universe, Is directly igniting the most Sacred Core of your planet. And as you, humanity on earth, and all her beings, living in her sphere, are her expressions of her love and her life, you are all directly participating in this Blessed Event.

We are extremely happy to announce that your united ascension process has come to a point where it went over the ridge, so to speak. In your understanding of linear time, it is only a short while until the rest of humanity will awaken to this fact as a whole, and in our view it has already happened. As you know, Divine consciousness, sleeping in dense frequencies which you observe as matter, needs some “time” to en-lighten and transform low density into higher vibrations. The first step is always the most difficult one, but the process is already in everybody underway. Most of those  who are awakening, are not yet aware of this new process, as they are still dreaming, but it is their last morning dream and they are soon to open their eyes!

We wish that you turn your heart and your mind fully to this evolving and awakening human consciousness and thereby take responsibility to be midwifes for your fellow brothers and sisters! Like buds of beautiful flowers, today still tightly closed, they will open their eyes in the coming rising of the sunlight, like flowers are opening their petals.  You do not need to talk, you only need to radiate from your heart the knowing of Divinity, which is the true nature of all humanity. We ask that you, who are certain of the awakening, as you yourself have been already awakening, freely assume the awakening of your human family as already happened, knowing that they will awaken without doubt,  — all of them who came here to participate in this blessed event.

They all will be drawn now to those of you who are already participating so that your heart spark will ignite the still sleeping seeds of Divine Love in their hearts and open their minds in wondrous ways to embrace this glorious process.

Do not look back and do not look at what you do not want: a world without love, a world without light! Surrender these thoughts and these emotions,  which are mirrors of the outer world in your own being, to the ever growing expansion and opening of your own Divine Nature, allowing greater Divine Light flooding  through your being.

We have imprinted you with the information of opening up to your original blueprint, the Adam Kadmon, the Divine Man in the image of the  Creator. Trust that it will unfold and that you will – together with your brothers and sisters - unfold to your highest potential, where your body is only instrument to perform the Miracles and the Love of  God.

We cannot but bless you with the blessings from the Heart of God, arousing the fire of your heart, which is His Own.
Dear Ones, understand that there is only God who is awakening in His own creations. We ask to give room to His Presence in your very heart which is Greater than what you have been identifying  with so far. His Presence is breaking up your old prison of confinement as a dimensional being. In truth you are free of all limitations as the Light of God is. Light radiates in all directions and without limitations and form of mind  is only a tool to play, to explore, to experience.  And you are not even your experience, you should know.

Understand the relationship between true  knowing and experience and enjoy your Divine Play as a free dance with Divinity. The human heart is eternally free if you allow all limitations to be taken into the light and joy in the Heart of God.  

Your boundless Happiness has been always yours, always. But you allowed lower densities to enter your being and to darken the original free Structure of Divinity to become less than it has originally been created for. This heavy density which put you to sleep will now be lifted, beloved ones.
Light is already flowing – and even most powerfully, if you allow it - through your being and will set you fully free. All obstacles on its way are being dissolved so that the pure creation of God, fully transparent to His Light and His Love, will be obvious. In this state of en-lightenment of your bodily vehicle non-separation is fully realized. What has been a feeling and intuition will be a realization of the Great Divine Human Body which is One.
Keep this vision and truth in your hearts, always, dear ones, because it has already happened in the Heart of God, it already exists as unswerving truth.

Be careful about what you think as the power of more instant manifestation  increases rapidly. Do not resist or impede the Dream of God with your doubts but nurture the power of your faith in the Reality of Divine Purpose.

Gaia’s original purpose is restored and so is yours, beloved ones. Join forces with those who share your faith and build together  a powerful circle which is breathing the breath of your new world. Unite and celebrate joy and unconditional love which has the power to  dissolve the shadows of the past into the Light of the New Creation.

We are here to support all your dreams and love and heart-passion. We never leave you, as we are all part of this One Great Creation of God.

Be Blessed and accept the Love from the Heart of God!

I Am AA Metatron

Message received by Ute
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