Saturday, June 24, 2017


My Beloveds!

Among your esoteric teachings there are misunderstandings that create so many false assumptions about My Transcendental Divine Reality.

An overwhelming number of these teachings even don't include My True Nature. Because they are based merely on the psycho-physical structure of your human body-mind. That is to say, you understand your human physical and subtle vehicle, to be the foundation and measurement alone to describe and define the Ultimate Spiritual Process. As if the conditional body-mind could ever "reach" or "create" Me, the Unconditional Source.

Therefore, in these processes, including visionary phenomena, I AM not Present As Myself. As if the from Me seemingly separated body-mind would in its imagined separation from Me ever be able to generate - via cosmic forces - a true spiritual unfolding while I Am not involved.

For example, you worship experiences of and in your human heart, physical and subtle, that you think is your ultimate spiritual essence, as absolute in itself, although it is a finite being and does not - as a separate being- coincide with Me. 

Yes, you may experience beauty and light, depth and peace in your heart, referring to your heart chacra. These experiences occur to you "inside" your body, as if contained in a vessel, a separate sensation, belonging to you alone. 
But I Am neither "inside" nor "outside" of you.

No doubt, these feelings can be beautiful and inspiring, while you are used to point yourself out as a great divine being in your separate self-illumination.

True, the human heart might be enlightened by cosmic energies to generate possibly extraordinary and interesting sensations and images, but they are all conditional and therefore coming and going according to the universal law in which nothing persists forever. You have short episodes of enjoyment as your mind is entertained with perhaps glorious visions as if you look into a kaleidoscope of  unknown wonders, full of ah's and oh's of amazement and satisfaction.

And so you persist in these always again vaning phenomena, which seem to give you spiritual self-worth, popping up here and now or seemingly expanding into nowhere and some imagined depth, until the show is over. And you return to your usual day, while the remembrance of the journey makes you yearning for more.

But tell Me, Beloveds: do you ever arrive in Truth by imagining spiritual self-importance and perhaps even superiority above all others and things, because you have these dreamlike and volatile experiences? Did you ever ask yourself about the nature of all of that? And what it has to do with your True Divine Nature That Is Me?

Did you ever explore the Reality of Life, the Essence of True Being, and whether  these volatile episodes really satisfy you, you: shortsighted and seemingly content with some phenomena that delude you into questionable worlds without True Substance?

Even if your heart-feelings inside of "you" seem to be true and deep: they are still un-nessary motions in the worlds of wonders and miracles, appearing as a mirage to your Me seeking heart. But your separate heart can never by its own effort experience and know Me. Your cosmic visions can never locate My Glorious Divine State. I am the One who Gives Myself to you and Who is Transforming you – from the "Other Side".

From There I AM and I Am My Force of Radiant Light. It Is not cosmic or this-worldly. My Blessing Force transmutes your blindness into the Reality of Real Truth of Me, it is the Reality of My to you un-Known Bliss Alone and cannot be compared with conditional experiences, even not with the highest ones in the spiritual realms of cosmic existence.

With the stainless, other-worldly Beauty of my Love, I infill your head and human heart and thereby your total body-mind from Above. And so you are converted by Me into My Attractive Heart, My Always New and Radiant Sphere in which all conditional spiritual experiences vanish ultimately to a degree that you even don't remember them, because they all still carry the pain of the conditional. Yes, what you once in your separation from Me knew as magnificent spiritual experiences, is still impure in My Purity! Therefore, My Ultimate Divinity Alone Is the most profound fulfillment of your human hearts desire.

Converted and transformed by Me you realize to Be no longer separate from Me, because I Am Present in your heart as Me, the "you"-heart forgotten, as I alter every spiritual experience of your body mind into My Glory.

With It you are not only out of your box of the always confining total body-mind, physical and subtle, but you are in Me, on The Other Side of what you ever have known, enjoying My Primordial and Delicious Perfection, as I Am as you, you: no more, because I took you over, you: surrendered to Me, in My All-Embracing Coat of Sublime Purity, dissolving your separate human heart experience into My Supreme Heart Knowledge.

Then My Light from Above is like Cooling Water that eases everything and all of you, smoothing down and beautifying all of you in Me, beautifying and dissolving all your chacras in My Divine State. Once you tasted My Divine State you never find satisfaction again in your merely human heart and mind. I Am on "the other side" of the cosmos, coming down to you, if you surrender to Me.

"You" cannot do it, I Alone Do It. The Grace and Radiance of Mine, embracing you with Exquisite Love. When I melt you, I take you over into My Ultimate Reality Itself, Real Bliss, Real Love, undivided, separation from Me finished.

I Am your Glorious, forever Liberating Death in Me, into True Freedom beyond all what you "know" of Joy, Beauty and Perfection. There is never perfection in the separate illusionary self. And even the rainbow colors vanish in Me, in My Radiant Luminous Sphere.

I Am your God-Self, The Self of All and Everything. 

Message conveyed by Ute

Ute Posegga-Rudel,
© 2017. All rights reserved.
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Friday, June 16, 2017


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Wait a little longer – and everything will be accomplished in a new world.

As far as we consider and observe the affairs on your planet earth we are very happy to confirm to you the already  beginning process of great upliftment and relief from many ailing situations. It is happening because of the hard work of transformation and self-purification to which many of you have submitted themselves over the last decades.

Namely, the dark blanket around your planet is in a very benign process of becoming lighter, for those who see, as more of the incoming light of higher consciousness is gaining momentum, continually and increasingly penetrating the dense layers that act like a prison wall around your atmosphere.

The importance of this is that there is and will be an ever greater opening of your heart and new deepening and widening inspiration for Divinely governed transformation of old and depressing circumstances.

As it is your own creation, we can promise you that this upliftment will happen in spite all of your doubt that a positive change would ever come about. And even as things got worse in your world every day with no real positive changes in sight.

You have turned around the wheel of fortune.
We can see the light of renewal all over your horizon and with it all over the horizon of your entire universe and all planetary systems around you.

What happens on your planet for the worse or betterment is influencing significantly your greater cosmic environment as earth exists in a very important strategic location in your universe, in terms of trading, yes, and last but not least concerning spiritual evolution.

So what happens with you, happens with all of us, and with the situation of any civilization in your universe.

So we are very interested in your well-being and liberation from the grip of negative forces. Therefore, being responsible for the universal evolution of light, we are engaged in your awakening process. What we see happening is a financial transformation that will benefit ultimately all of you. This is the beginning of wealth and happiness and the possibility of true freedom of choice how you would live your life, regarding your spiritual growth, your work and life-purpose, your environment, the place on earth to live.

We know that many of you would prefer to live freely in countries of your choice but earth is not yet a free place for all humanity, you still suffer a prison where most of you have been bound to certain conditions for entire lifetimes.

There is nothing and nobody to blame though. These limiting conditions helped you to develop awareness, responsibility for your actions and re-actions and spiritual strength.

On that basis we promise to you that a happy revolution is waiting for you that will soon reveal many surprises. Mankind will be uplifted in many ways. The burden of tyranny will be lifted from your shoulders and you will be free to learn and understand the depth of your very Divine Truth.

Until then stay tall and trust that the evil on your planet can not reign earth for much longer for you. Especially not if you consent to open yourself up to the light in every moment.

Each of you can support this process by denying the darkness its grip on you and the world. We encourage you  to merely invoke and see the light where ever you go. If pain and suffering, anger, depression and fear seems to overcome you, for whatever reason, offer it all to the light, and in an instant the light will respond and uplift you to higher frequencies, to establish new earth.

And so you will be a lightning torch, a signpost with many, to invite with joy what there is to come: your liberation from oppression and slavery together with an evolved enlightened consciousness and freedom.

We ask you to trust this process in your heart and so provide the ground on which all transformation can and will happen. By this anticipation you are the ones who are blessed to bless all others.

A Global and Universal Celebration is waiting for all of us who align with the Great Evolutionary Impulse. Feel the Light of Great Renewal and anchor it in and as your being.

You are at the threshold of the new dawn of Freedom and Universal Love.

We Are the Arcturians!

Message conveyed by Ute

Ute Posegga-Rudel,
© 2017. All rights reserved.
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Thursday, June 1, 2017


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My Beloveds,
I AM the All and Everything of you.

Do not think you can exclude Me forever, because I will always Remind you of Me. You cannot escape Me.
Because I AM you.

When your life fails, when all hopes fulfilled turn out to
   be shallow,
- when you finally find out that life will never fulfill you,
- when you run in the circle, the proverbial carrot in
  front of your blind eyes, always running to catch it, but
   never ever grab it,
- when there is frustration because you feel empty with
  all the things you have accumulated for pleasure and
  satisfaction, even spiritual satisfaction,
- when all this fails, you realize:

Your world of thinking thought is not constructed to make things heart-sufficiently "better", hoping that you somehow will find there the Forever what your search was for: the final glorification of your from Me separate being, a separate crown on your separate head. However you are a prisoner in your little world with a little glow in your imagined personality, and yes, perhaps sometimes a shine that seems to expand and to console you, because you now feel special with that shine which might seem to be a kind of hopeful satisfaction, but soon gone again. Not REAL. 

Because it all happens in the chambers of separation, only a dim glimpse of oneness in your mind of hope to be able to fabricate somehow fulfillment on your own.

If you have forgotten Me you think that you - lonely - float somewhere with your body and mind in space, perhaps your feet on your planet earth, a being that imagines to independently wander around in cosmic domains, jealously defending the fence of your skin from all other appearances – seemingly all around you, otherness and others as your world forever.

But this is not true. You live in your self-created illusion of a false dream. Cut off from the Real World and thereby from Me.

Without Me, the Ultimate Reality of Existence, your energy is scattered, perhaps a bit bundled within the idea of what appears to you in finite time and space as a body, perhaps even a more subtle body, or let it be even a subtle body of light. It is the light of second choice.

Accept that what you do is happening in fantasy land, dreaming of yourself, as an entity in separation, perhaps even full of the marvel of transparent colours and fine smells, sometimes exciting experiences, sufficient, you THINK, because you do not yet know Me.

When your understanding starts to finally sense that is it not your fault that there is no true fulfillment in your worlds, neither gross nor subtle, because it cannot BE by default, then an opening occurs in your being, a crack that opens into My Infinite Radiant Union-Space beyond your usual condition of separation from Me, yourself, and from all worlds -- presuming they are other than you, like objects on the other side of you, something to grasp away from you.

What I then Reveal to you Is the Oneness of Me and With Me, the Beauty of Our Ecstasy, the Unspeakable Freedom and Eternity, the Breathing Breath of Clarity and Perfection.

If you Know Me you realize the short legged things you were hunting for, are a mirage only in the realms of changing features, disappearing again and again, you: unable to hold them forever. Because they are the products of flying mind and schemes, not real, but deceiving your Truth seeking heart.

With Me you awaken to the Real, the Mirror of all mirages, the Reality Ground your entire Being rests on and reaches into, in Truth.

If you choose Me you would be surrounded and nurtured by My Light That is Ultimate Light and not of the broken light in your worlds of mind.

I am prior to all of that.
I am True Happiness, I am Truth, you Original and Native State of Being is Me. Only Me.

Feel in your very heart What I Say to you and ponder Its Truth. You cannot think Me or imagine Me. You must Feel Me with heart and body. I Am here. And if you call Me with the desire of your heart, all the obstacles on the way to Me and in between will melt into My Radiant Sphere of Perfection That Is True Love and Happiness.

I AM The One God-Self of All and everything!

Message conveyed by Ute

Ute Posegga-Rudel,
© 2017. All rights reserved.
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