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My Dear Friends.

the 21. December brought us a huge influx of light. And whoever has been open and sensitive to it, must have felt this light, even in the cells of the body. For me this intense cosmic light filled again and again organs and different parts of the body so that they disappeared temporally literally in this light. It was paradoxically like burning up in the coolness of it.

Certainly it has also done something to the human brain, preparing it for further development of intelligence and brain consciousness. It feels like that the space in which earth is floating has become more expanded. So there is hope! I pray that this event was the initiation into an ongoing and permanent evolutionary process for  the entire human race and not just a temporary experience that will sooner or later fade for most away. Because as with all initiations, who is not practicing with them will loose their blessings again.

This is so, because we are constantly changing living beings, originally god beings whose True Nature is Divine Consciousness. We are no robots who are automatically „saved“ by some higher frequencies or an imagined deity, like little children believe. This would be unworthy of the Divine Nature of the true human being.

I have personally not been specifically keen about this event, although it would hopefully awaken more human beings towards their godliness.

Although I experienced – and still experience – the powerful cosmic light in my body, the Ultimate Divine Light that Exists simultaneously prior to all cosmic lights, Is always present, never absent and all-embracing, all-fulfilling, Ultimate Light and of a quality that satisfies the Heart at its very root. In It's embrace our seeking subsides, while with the cosmic light we tend to seek for more, as the body-mind is never truly satisfied. Our heart is never truly full.

Only True God fulfills our Heart in any moment of our existence. Of course, each body-mind can grow and develop their frequency with the information of higher cosmic light. But does the True Heart of God, potentially in and as the human being, also emerge?

It cannot, because cosmic light arises within Divine Light and Consciousness. So cosmic light cannot transmit the Truth of Real God. Only Real God Can and He Is not dependent on cosmic events that appear only temporarily from time to time to bring perhaps evolution to earth and her inhabitants.


"My Beloveds, is it that you forget Me, fascinated with cosmic events that bewitch you with lesser light? It will not fulfill you, at least not ultimately, as only I Will Fulfill you entirely as The One I Am Always and The One That I Am As You. Why being content with cosmic light - as Your True Nature is beyond cosmic nature. Why make yourself little - but what you are not - and somehow into something cosmic, whereas You Are Ultimate Divine Conscious Light - but only when you cease to identify with the earthly instrument of body-mind that is a cosmic process. Yes, cosmic events can appear to be powerful in their frequency. But their impact comes from sources that derive their light from Me! Because I Am Source of all existence, of all universes and all suns and central and great central suns that are creations within the vast cosmos.

Although your ultimate nature is not cosmic, you cherisch this idea and limit thereby your happiness and freedom, because true happiness and freedom are based on Truth and not on presumptions about truth.

With each idenfication with a body and brain that is filled with cosmic light only your spiritual ego grows, in some cases to an bombastic extent and you forget your humble place as a body-mind in the universe.

Filled with My Light you melt in heart-deep devotion to Me, intoxicated with sweetness, self-forgotten in Infinity. Pure and One with all Existence.

My Beloveds, you need intelligent discrimination to Know My Love and the love of the universe.

My Divine Blessing is always Present at the root of all existence. There is no light, no power in the totality of creation that is even similar to Me! I Am the Source Power, and in Myself power games and ideas of grandiosity do not exist. Because of My Simplicity and because I am One without another, I am Singleness, I am Eternal Vibrant Consciousness, not separated in diversity, although diversity arises in Me.

Cosmic energy and consciousness does not make you ever truly free, it is still a prison within the numberless realms of frequencies.

Only I Make you free, beyond dimensions and the prisons of the mind, gross, subtle and causal. Because all these creations arise in Myself and I Am their Source.

YOU Are Source Consciousness, but only I can show you the Way to Realize Me. There are NO cosmic forces that ever could truly liberate you from suffering all the appearances and creations, high or low. Because I Am the Substance of all that appears to your awareness.

I Love You Always !

I Am Your God-Self, The Very Self of all beings and things." 


My dear friends,  in this festive season, may you all be blessed with timeless Happiness and Joy in the very depth of your heart, even regardless of  the circumstance you might experience in these restricted and difficult times. To let in the Divine makes you free and that inner freedom is what  makes you  forget all challenges. This is the Great Gift of these chaotic times.

I love you!


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Ute Posegga-Rudel,
© 2020. All rights reserved.


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