Friday, March 29, 2013


Dear friends,

please be patient, as I am not able to post at this point. I experience a major health challenge and have lots of pain. The healing and treatment cost me a fortune, and this bothers me too. 
Your healing prayers and donations are very welcome!

Thank you!

Enjoy the holidays!
Love and Blessings,

Saturday, March 23, 2013


Ute Posegga-Rudel

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The  crystallization of the Self That Is Mere and Pure Being  has been completed in the new light matrix of humanity that guarantees ascension.

What does this mean? The Feeling of Being, the sheer Presence of I AM, the Sacred Chamber of the Heart, is now a tangible Reality, implanted in the collective consciousness of mankind.

Concerning the individual (and the still sleeping masses) it is a matter of time now to allow this Divine Presence to come  forward,  becoming conscious in every single human being. It is there, tangibly waiting for each one of us, to tap into It’s Infinite Glory of Happiness, Untouched by events, havings and not-havings, and experiences, based on the body-mind.

It IS untouched because it is a state of mere Infinite Being that excels all transient and therefore limited and conditional phenomena. It is the Ocean of the Source Which we all share and which is inherently uniting us as inseparable Oneness and Radiant Love. Such Is the Origin from which each One of Us came, and our remembrance of It is dawning now in the One Body of mankind.

The Blessings of the Deep of Light and Divine Consciousness That is Descending from the Heart of Divine Existence, returned to us what we once lost, as it irrupted through the veil of forgetfullness, raised the frequency on our world and removed much of the layers of darkness on and around our Beloved Planet Earth. 

We can discover our Being-ness, That is now available to everyone, when we step out of our usual race of doing, wanting and striving and planing, and instead breathe and go on retreat, if only for a few hours. 

In many cases our pattern of doing is still bonded to the structure of the old world in which we imagine to be separate beings, following separate goals. Unconsciously with one foot in the past, we are still holding on to the old paradigm, while the other foot already stands victorious in the high vibration of the New World.

Also many are trying to enter the New World by continuing with the old ways and seeking to add some new bits and pieces to it. But we cannot take the illusions of a limited self-identity with us when we enter the Light. Because Light that shines into darkness dissolves the darkness.

To remove our foot from the old way we need first to transcend both worlds, the old AND the new, to remember Where we came from, to remember Who we are! To experience that One Being-ness which transcends both worlds!

It is the lever arm of Divine Consciousness that allows a clean slate while we withdraw fully from the old direction. It is the coordinating point from where we can choose any direction we desire. Because it is the Zero-Point, the Void that contains all possibilities, and the void that draws back to Itself and swallows the worlds that have become obsolete.

Emerging anew, after we accepted the Tabula Rasa and discovered our Own Truth by just allowing It to Emerge As It Already Is, our wantings and doings show an entirely new quality: they ride like waves upon the Infinite Stillness of our Being-ness, arising and dissolving in That Ocean as a dance of light and energy, our new and ascended body-mind a sacred vessel for the force of creation.

Beloved friends, we are on the edge of this Revelation, where humanity as a whole changes its direction, to start a wholly new Divine Adventure. Forgotten finally all illusions and separateness, that does not allow the Presence of Infinity.

From now on our real journey has started! It can begin for us, when we let go of our old and false identity, allowing to be drawn back into our Natural Divine State of Oneness and Being-ness, to be reborn as the One we truly Are.  

It does not require any effort, but simply the release of the stressful gesture that holds our artificial identity together.

Love and Joy naturally burst the shackles of imprisonment!

Much Love and Many Blessings!

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Monday, March 18, 2013


By Ute Posegga-Rudel
Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright 2013
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I AM YOUR Dour Divine Mother! 

I AM here to proclaim great Joy! I AM your Divine Mother Who wants to see Her children happy!

My Divine Fullness is Supreme Light and Energy, pouring down on your earth by Grace. It is this Grace which is My Sign and your Blessing.

I AM unlimited Spiritual Force and the most Powerful Presence in Creation and beyond.

As an individual Being I AM the Goddess, and appear as Beauty, Compassion, Forgiveness, Love, Fullness, Abundance, Joy and Happiness! My Dance is revealing all these Eminences of Mine, as I am Impersonal and Personal.

In Truth I am One with Divine  Consciousness, but if you look at Me, all these attractive Qualities are played out, and they are attractive because I AM Divine Attraction Itself.

You see, it is necessary for you to understand that you, as my children, gifted with Creator Force, must use My Qualities to Live them personally, to incarnate them  to create the New World.  Then your New World will be a world of Joy, Dance, Abundance, Unity and unlimited Sharing and Love.

If you feel trapped in the dying world of scarcity, unhappiness, rigidity and fear, this is because you have forgotten Me and My Blessings, so that you do not use Me As I AM, to allow Me to Shine through you, as you and  in your creations.

If you are using the old and limited, dense vibrations, empty of Joy, Happiness and Love, it is because you believe they are real! You are captured in the deceptive dream, that a world that vibrates with  density and limitation, is your only choice. But know that it is you who is creating by choice this reality right now, in the very moment in which it appears!

In the Real World, created by the Real Truth of all creation, all thoughts, emotions, dreams are Radiant.  But if your dreams and worlds are dull, know that you need to switch at once to my Divine Mother Reality!  It is  Reality Unlimited in spaceless Space, and time does not exist. My Reality Just IS. My Radiance Inherently fills every Heart  with Unconditional Love that comprises all My Creations and all Appearances!

Therefore if you your heart is contracted and frightened, open it to Me, My dear Ones, and you will awaken from the dark dream!

I AM already Shining There, wherever you look and turn your eyes and feeling. You just only need to open up to realize this!

I AM always here, and it is you, who by Using Me and My Radiance, are changing already the world. You do not change the world by staring at your old prison world.

You change the world by opening the windows of your little house and let Me in with Joy, so that your heart expands beyond your body-mind. In the Brightness of My Presence you will envision, feel and allow the emergence of your New Divinely Radiant World.

But in order to understand that a New World is possible, you must know that the old world is illusion and not real, created by a godless mind. Only I AM Real, because I am One with Divine Consciousness, the Substance of all worlds and creations.

Only that world is Real that is birthed directly from, with and because of Me.

Where I AM denied, this world is not of Me. But where I AM loved, this world IS Mine.

Understand the difference and recognize your power of creation and use it wisely. If you create with the false light of mind and energy that is not Me, this will perpetuate for you and bring forth worlds that are limited, short-lived and full of suffering.

Therefore do not look back to your old world, after you have understood its nature! When you understand you start to live and create with Me. Because I AM the conscious choice of those Who Know Me, since they understand the difference.

My dear children, I AM waiting passionately that ever more of you wake up at heart to Me and Who I AM. Because this is the moment when truly your New World begins.

I AM your Divine Mother, always deeply loving you!

Message conveyed by Ute


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Thursday, March 14, 2013


Ute Posegga-Rudel
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Beloveds, we are the Arcturians! 

In your your world you experience a special complication which is unknown in our society.

When you are born into a family you not only bring with you your own karmas but you also associate and take on – naturally – the karmas of your parents. This you often tend to forget.

These karmas are deeply being ingrained into your DNA and genetic code, not because you share necessarily an unchangeable fate of their destiny, but because you, unconsciously as a child, take on their belief system, their perception of the world and other limiting conditions, and thereby you adopt involuntarily their energy field and vibration, that is being created by these belief systems and perceptions.

Your scientists have  however proven that the information in your  DNA and genes is not a fixed inevitability, but that it is a matter of frequency that can be changed when you change your thought-field.

To rise your light-quotient in the process of ascension it is then required that you become aware of and identify in a distinct way the frequencies of both your parents, that have become part of your own energy field and which you are tending to unconsciously live.

In our enlightened and advanced society this problem does not exist as children are created, born and  rised in an environment of pure spirit. We are therefore always directly connected to Source and we do not have the “ego” as you have it, that usually interferes with your Divine and Original Nature.

On your earth however, even the best and loving parents carry significant vibratory limitations because of their imperfect point of view and their bondage to an enslaved  society, where free will, love and happiness can only be  lived to a certain degree, in the most fortunate circumstance.

Only in due course of spiritual  awakening it has been possible for a human being in the past, to step out of the ancestral bondage to involuntary programming. This required usually a long and difficult spiritual practice, sometimes over many life-times.

Now, by Divine Grace, Ascension or spiritual liberation and enlightenment is being offered to all humanity, whereby  ancestral karmas can now be healed in a relatively short time by consciously releasing them

 This means that humanity is now given the opportunity to free itself from the foundation and dark past of their ancestral  history.

It happens through those of you who are committed to participate in the liberation of humanity into the freedom of Light-Love and  Radiance That is your true Divine Being and Heritage.

But to free yourself from the  vibrational bondage of your parents (and subsequently your ancestors), you must first find out every detail of your own bondage to them, as any bondage holds a denser vibration and is not an expression of your Free Divinity.

To discover these details it is helpful to initiate an inner ongoing dialogue with your parents. Be very vigilant when you do this, which  can be done best in writing. This will give you hints to your unconscious interactions with them that is mostly an automatic process that you normally are not aware of and that belongs  to your unconscious persona identity.

Look for the feelings of tension and those you rather would like to avoid. They show you when you must do the work. If you observe  this process over a time, you will discover your mutual dependency acted out in certain rules, and patterns that need to be recognized for what they are and to be surrendered to the Pure Radiance, by accepting and releasing  them into the frequency of Love. 

This is not so much a mental process but it happens on the energy level, if it is real in your case, as you let go and forgive yourself and them. This rises your frequency.

In the same way as you are in Reality a Free Divine Being, your parents  are too. And when you can recognize them fully as such, only from then on you will truly love them, as they have become the God and the Goddess again, Who they in  Truth always have been.

This frees your DNA, your genes and your body cells from all limited and dense information and allows the Divine Love-Light to fully enter your body: Your Mother becomes Pure Radiance, and your Father Pure Consciousness. This alchemical  process is the is true gift of a human birth and the true gift of parents to their children and vice versa.

What has been very difficult for Milleniums on your world is now very much supported by the currents of light which are sweeping your planet. Whatever you  consciously truly release, is liberated by these forces.

You see, without such liberation from your ancestral heritage, true ascension is not possible. But you all, who serve the Light, are here to free yourself not only from your own karmic bondage to the karmas of your family, but help the karmas of your ancestors to be dissolved as well.

While you recognize the Godhood  of your parents as Current and Radiance of Light and Consciousness in your own body, your own Godhood fully emerges. This is so as you have released all ancestral density and the bondage to it in your own body-mind.

You have transcended thereby and freed all karmas that held you and your parents in the world of limitiation and suffering.

While this process does not end with your parents, as we indicated, it must also be applied lovingly to the parents of your parents, and so on. There is much work to do, but you will discover that the process becomes easier and quicker, once you have set your parents and yourself free.

Please understand that ultimately this process is about understanding and letting go all the limiting patterns of beliefs and emotions which you exhibit. Observe them all, they are to a great degree the patterns of your ancestors which to release you have been incarnating here. None of them are truly “yours”,  never have been. It is only that you decided at a time to take them on and to identify with them, while you believed that they are “you”.

And so it is about shedding all what you are not. This serves your own process  and the liberation of your anchestors who have been frozen for Millenniums in the pattern of Self-forgetfulness.

Understand your content as your heritage of a collective consciousness which you share with others as a member of your blood-family, your tribe, social environment, nation and of whole humankind.

Be aware that you are None of all of It, but that your true Nature Is Radiant-Love-Bliss-Consciousness.

Beloved Humanity, transcend everything that is less, into That - and Stand as the Divine Godhood That You Are!

Be Blessed!

We Are the Arcturians!

Message conveyed by Ute

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Sunday, March 10, 2013


Ute Posegga-Rudel
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Beloved Friends!

My heart-felt gratitude for your many loving responses I received to my last update: "Blessed, Strange Times"! It was another proof to me that we are all together in this, by going through a profound evolutionary process.

And your responses also confirmed to me that I function (as so many others at this important time)  as a catalyst. Because as soon as I had published this update, I noticed that suddenly all the “symptoms” were gone! And all the juiciness in my body-mind was back! While obviously a conscious process of recognition and transformation had started in others.

The process of writing is being initiated in my case from an All- Embracing Love-Light and Joy that is Pervading my being, with a  strong impulse to write, and it is as if this Energy is writing down what I need to say. It is not “me” that is writing, it is another Dimension that  speaks.  And another Dimension that is willing to feel personally things that are not owned and not so pleasant but which are holding at a certain time a more or less general level and quality of experience in the  collective consciousness of those who have agreed to enter the path of ascension.

This Dimension of Light, Love and Joy is the Native Truth of Humanity, which suggests, that the Divinity of Humanity is acting and speaking  through me at times, using this body-mind as an instrument. So it is like YOUR own Divine Truth is speaking through me, as we are One, to support your individual conscious process.

This seems to be very mysterious. But if we accept the Reality of seamless interconnectedness, it is a normal process. It is the united field of Divine Consciousness in which we all inhere, this  Consciousness that is paired with Light-Energy. As soon as we realize something consciously, an energetic process is set in motion. In that sense we catapult each other exponentionally toward ascension each time we go through a conscious process.

Because all and everything must be recognized in Consciousness to move, to change, to dissolve, to be transported, altered, transfigured, and to be ultimately liberated into the  Source-Consciousness of All-That-Is.

So the conscious process can move mountains. All that is recognized consciously moves energetically, gravitating toward a lighter state of frequency, until it dissolves or becomes One in and with the endless Radiant Ocean of the Divine Conscious Source Condition.

What a great adventure! What an awesome  confirmation that humanity’s Truth and True State and Nature behind all appearances is Pure and Mere Radiant Consciousness, even beyond or prior to brain-based consciousness and body-mind, a Consciousness that is Greater than the Creations That are appearing in It, Greater than all individual Beings and Entities, Who are appearing in It. And That at a time Expresses Itself As all Beings and Things.

What is actually happening now is that the Divine Source Consciousness of all Creations is emerging from the sleeping Unconscious of Humanity into the Awakened Conscious. And thereby It Is Liberating what was bound to the conditional worlds.

Thank you again for all your responses, in thoughts, feelings and awakenings! They are mile stones in our evolutionary process. Especially every written word creates a strong energetic pathway that serves the conscious awakening of all mankind.

Much Love and many Blessings,



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Saturday, March 9, 2013


Ute Posegga-Rudel
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Beloved friends,

at the moment I am surviving in the space that is beyond the conditional. Meaning, in the visible, conditional world I am kind of non-existing and rather invisible.

If you understand a bit astrology you know what I am talking about. It is the worst that can happen all at once: Transiting Saturn, Pluto and South Node all in more or less difficult aspects to my natal Sun, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Wheel of Fortune, Ascendant, and the Cusps of the 4th and 10th house. The whole lot, and more.

This is as if the main water supply has been completely cut  off. Making my incarnated existence almost non-functional, just handling the basics.

Honestly, I am surprised how the cosmic energies still are working in this way on us. Although we are already in the dawn of the New Era. 

Or have we taken on a new load for the sake of the still sleeping masses? There is always perfect timing!

To accomplish anything of what I have been devoted to in the last years, does now require four times or more effort than usual.

You guessed it, in this dryness also my usual inspiration is somewhere where I cannot find it. There is only this place where nothing of the familiar is happening. But diving deep into this space there is happiness and radiance. No mind and no body and no world.

Honestly, I don't like it that way. I am missing the juice in my body-mind. But lets see where I am drawn to if I allow this eternity to swallow me because I surrender. But it means dying. Perhaps this is required as a kind of counterbalance to draw the sleeping out of their sleep!

Another virtue I need now to use is patience, and the recognition that all this experience on the conditional level is part of the illusion.  

Well, I am starting to see the humor in the midst of all of this. It has been my experience so far, when everything appears to be so obviously ridiculous and impossible, that I discover the cosmic joke, far beyond any trace of seriousness.  And actually, if there are appearing everywhere conditional blockages, what can I do but acknowledge my true freedom from and beyond all the illusionary appearances. Even if it is a matter of energy that is not flowing as usual. 

Because after all, I can still smile and make people happy. I can always Be Love, no matter what.

That's how we survive as That One That We Are. It is a question of choice, surrender and transcendence, although the world seems to stand still - totally. 

As such it appears as if space and time is becoming obsolete and non-existing, and  there is endless peace and stillness, without a world.

They say South Node transiting one's Sun can bring spiritual growth - besides the draining of life force.  I can tell, because there is no existing pathway at this point into any worldly matter of expression. And where is my creativity? Even that one is swallowed into the timeless and space-less infinity of Being - if I allow myself to enter It.

Now, I hope, you understand my silence here. I haven't forgotten you, but I am drawn into something else and I have no power to change it. I must go with the flow of what is offered to me at this point.

But perhaps I am not alone in this, and this is the waiting time for everybody, the long silence before the storm, many might experiencing now, that is adding to my personal experience. ...

So I am wondering about the strangeness of it all, it is perhaps the harbinger of something unheard and new for the whole human family and the planet. Almost feels like it!

Can we sense the new joy in the air? Yes, we can! And therefore the illusion must step back, so that this joy can shine forward and enter fully our realm.

Be assured that we are all so much blessed! 
Much love,

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Saturday, March 2, 2013


Ute Posegga-Rudel

It is not in the outer world and not in the doings that is now our first focus. First focus and awareness is now necessary in pure feeling awareness, meaning widening and expanding our feeling awareness like subtle antennas around our body-mind  to infinity in a state of innocence and non-knowledge, and in a mood of free exploration.

It is just about this feeling and noticing and being aware of the new light around and pervading us, which is also information.

We need to relax the tension of the brain, relax our forehead and  consent not to figure anything out at the point where we start to practice pure feeling awareness, allowing to Be in Which we arise, allowing to Be What We Are.

And we will discover, we are Consciousness and Light and when we go deeper into the heart region, the feeling becomes more concentrated and intense perhaps, a sensation that is the frequency of Love. In this case we seem to be back in the core of the seemingly separate being. But ultimately this core again feels to be an infinite  thing!

So wherever we go, we discover the same, just in different layers and exposures: what is outside is inside, and even the inside is not confined to a center really and appears perhaps to be without circumference. It is the holographic design of a fractal that repeats itself to infinity!

This whole structural holographic design is the fingerprint of creation and how creation works. There is no end to it, continuing inside and outside. And after all, “inside and outside” is a pretty limited point of view, perceived from the illusion of being a separate being. As if our True Nature of Being would be confined to a point in existence, whereas in Truth, as we Are Consciousness,  we are All and Everywhere.

It is just that the body-mind is a focus point through which we make experiences, to look at the detailed process of creation, by creating them.

So being in a state of feeling-awareness allows the present intense light and information, that is dramatically right now changing our DNA and the very core of our body cells, to become our guide and pointer to the Truth of what we Are.

It is certainly not a “busy” state, but a place of great stillness and infinite space, from which we then might be guided to move into action, whatever it is.

This tells us that we need to unlearn to operate from the point of view of a limited and separated entity, the body-mind, and to allow to be gently and naturally drawn and moved by the wisdom of our Divine Being.

Not doings and actions then are any longer our main identity, but Knowing without center, is our operating system, in  and from which everything is possible.

Depending on our soul contract which bears the reason why we are here, actions and doings will evolve naturally.

So if we are at present in a crisis, not knowing where to go or what to do, because everything has been pulled away underneath our feet, we must remember to surrender our willful and familiar stress-bound search for fulfillment through actions.

We must drop everything to be turned around and to be guided not from a contracted assumed illusionary center, but by the Infinity of light and consciousness that is our Divine Nature.

In the beginning, if we haven’t done such a thing before, we might think that we fall into nothingness and emptiness, and this might feel scary.

But here the fear is the gate-keeper to the domain of  Truth, because once we accept, embrace, understand and go beyond this fear, we will recognize the seeming emptiness as mere and heart-fulfilling fullness!

When we come to this recognition, we understand that we have interpreted “emptiness” from the point of view of a separated ego-personality. And indeed, our Divine Truth IS empty of it! But in the transcendence of the ego or identification with the mind, our infinite Being of Fullness can Emerge and become obvious.

It is the Blessing Grace of this time that we are given the opportunity to be reborn as the Ones We Truly Are, and we surrender, just because the old patterns are not working anymore. And so we are Gently and Divinely brought to the point where we are willing to change our perspective, One with the Higher Will of the Divine!

Therefore, Beloved Friends, do not consider difficulties at this time as personal failures, while you are waiting for the world to change, but as the call to change your point of view, your awareness, and to expand your understanding to grow into a new Consciousness that expresses your Divine Nature.

This will not be difficult, because it is given to you when you ask, when you listen into the un-Known, without prejudice and expectation. Then you will Know and then you will Remember. Because you have known it since Eternity.

I love you!


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