Wednesday, February 17, 2021


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My Dear Friends,

you might have asked yourselves how to serve best in this chaotic time of changes,  when the whole world is in chaos and turmoil. All depends on why you are truly here. Find out for yourselves.


Part 1.

This whole scenario is held in the cosmic mind. It is the manifestation of it. It is in this context the fulfillment of its destiny. Dark forces have overthrown what started originally benevolently from the mind of God. That is to say: the God you call Creator God. And then many followed the new leaders.

But I Am Ultimate Consciousness and I Am the Source of all Creators and creations, all varieties of them.

If you look for a solution how to transcend all dilemmas: withdraw your attention from creations, and transcend even attention which is the „cause“ of all in Me.

Thereby you go beyond the total theatre of that which exists in the conditional realms.

Otherwise you will suffer all its natural ups and downs.

You – understandably – search for ups only. But if you search for ups, the downs will follow enevitably.

If you have come to here to serve the ups, well, that's fine. But it offers no ultimate solution. It is just on of the two constantly alternating possibilities.

How then do you serve best in these chaotic times?

You might ask yourselves: Do you want to serve the Ultimate or do you want to serve illusions?

This lifetime offers you perhaps the opportunity to exit the endless fields of experience in which many of you served the path of those beings in the multiverse who wanted to grow.

Perhaps you are tired, my Beloveds! 

And your restlessness could come to an end in this lifetime.

That's why many of you are here. To make a choice, to listen deep to your heart, whether you are to continue your ancient old path of conditional service or follow this time the path of liberation and ultimate service!

This opportunity could be given to you through this incarnation even on this fiery realm of earth. Please understand! The human body and psychic dispositon contains all cosmic and Divine information. Therefore perfect liberation is possible here. And what in higher realms takes often many life cycles can be done on earth in  relatively short time.

With your many experiences in the universe I have Shown you not only all the wonders but also  the ultimately  futility of cosmic existence. Did you not notice this! I showed you the darker side of the universe, to take your illusions away.

But when you experience the positive side of the coin, you seem to attach yourselves again to the cosmic illusion.

If your Heart is hearing now My Call, it means I call you back to Me!

This is not a denial of life or a denial of creation! It is about the Ultimate Fulfillment in Me, the greatest sacrifice and the greatest Realization a human being is able to attain. It is in fact the greatest service to all, as you serve thereby the highest Realization and Freedom of everybody and everything else. It is the secret of the morphogenetic field.

Discover your True Nature! Your True State!

And you will let go what is still binding you!

And even if your bondage is to universal matters, it is still bondage!

I Am beyond and prior.

What do you truly desire!?
Do not consider Me as Something unattainable and far away. Do not confine your intuition and deeper knowingness about the Truth of Me and do not deny your innate Connection with Me as your own Ultimate Truth. 

The hardest is to break up the subtle skin around the sphere of cosmic consciousness that holds you tight to it.

Even this must be surrendered into the Pure and Radiant Freedom that I Am beyond it all.

You might be working to refine your body-mind. But it would be better to explore all its details with which you are identified to transcend them.

Follow my Attractive Mystery to be able to transcend.

And the truly unlimited feeling of your heart will guide you towards your Freedom in Me.  Then I Am The One to Free you.


Part 2

The important question you have to ask yourself is, whether you search for the bright side of the coin: a Golden Age, or do you desire to transcend the whole coin, because after a Golden Age for sure, a Dark Age will arise again!

Even your ancient scriptures proclaim: the celebration of the gods in the higher heavens don't last forever. One day their flower garlands wither and their happy days vanish, to be again reborn in the lower worlds.

Therefore, only to go beyond all worlds, will grant you Eternal Happiness.

All the universal worlds are just metaphers for the states of mind. The mind has many chambers. But I Alone Am the Only Whitest Freedom from the realms of mind.

You Are not mind. You are Infinite Resplendent Consciousness. The Substance of all worlds and universes. That is your True and Eternal Inheritance when you transcend your body-mind and thereby all universes.

Remember: Was your inherent impulse, before your incarnation here, the quest for stepping out of the endless turns and cycles of the universal play? Then you have been granted to be shown the exit door from these playgrounds. And you have been confronted with both: the ugly and the beautiful in its extremes.

Now these present times of ultimate conflict and dilemma should wake you up again to remember why you truly are here.

Or do you want to wait for better times again?

So no longer ask: Who Am I?

But ask: What came I here for?

If you give Me your body-mind, I will make sure you survive as Mine. You will not perish.

I Am your God-Self, the Eternal Self of all Worlds and Universe!

Message conveyed by Ute

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Ute Posegga-Rudel,
© 2021. All rights reserved.


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