Monday, April 29, 2013


by Ute Posegga-Rudel
Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright 2012
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Dearest friends!

There is a wide-spread misunderstanding about the function of a Guru, especially in the New Age community. 
This conversation with our God-Self is aimed to bring greater clarity into this.

But before  the actual conversation, it is perhaps first necessary to clarify why I call it “our God-Self”, and not “my” God-Self. Some of you might wonder about it. And I never really discussed this  before.

It is simply a matter of definition. The God-Self in my messages is the One Self of all things, beings and happenings, the One Source and Divine Consciousness of all creation, that is paradoxically also appearing AS individual form and consciousness. So if you believe it should be “my God-Self”, then you are coming from the point of view of your own “Higher Self”, which is the Higher Mind of your incarnate identity. As such it is still an individual being, even if appearing in subtle form.
Whereas Source is the “substance”, the alchemists “prima materia”. “The Mother”,  from which even the Higher Mind or the Higher Self is arising.

As “Our” God-Self is the Oneness of us all, It naturally can speak to every heart, because it dwells at the core of every being.
I hope this serves your better understanding.

In the following conversation I asked our God-Self about the importance and function of the Spiritual Master. As we know, in the New Age movement Spiritual Masters are no longer “in”, because everybody seems to “know” already that they are their own masters and do not need anybody “outside” of themselves to teach. This is of course very true, in case one is really in touch with their own inner Master or very Source.

But there is often a confusion about mind and feeling, the mental substance that is arising in consciousness, and pure consciousness itself which is the domain of mere feeling or feeling attention.
This confusion can lead to the idea that merely thinking one’s Self is already being in touch with It. But what happens in this case is that one has created an idea of the Self, but which is not the Self Itself.

Many members of the New Age philosophy are making this error. It requires a self-transcending practice (“self” written with a small “s”), deep insight, self-understanding and actual “Self-inquiry” to a degree - to come truly in contact with the Self, that is the Mother of the Higher Self. It emerges only when the mind becomes still. When we release all concepts about ourselves and the world, high or low, and when we stop searching.

Now the conversation with our God-Self begins.

Q: Many people believe that a Guru is not necessary and that he/she is  a personality who enforces him/herself on the disciple and makes him/her dependent and weak. Therefore only weak people would be looking for a Guru.
On the other hand it is traditionally  said, that God Is Guru.
What does this mean and how does this work, how can an individual be the Unlimited, the Source, the All-That-Is?

A: First of all, please understand that a True Guru is a shortcut. The relationship with a Guru can significantly shorten the time of one’s spiritual process and Self-Realization.

From the 'point of view' and Realization of a True Guru He Himself (or She Herself) is not an  “other”. This is only the beginner's perception. For  the True  Guru only One exists. One Self or One Divine Conscious Light. Guru is a principle, a function, and not a body-mind, although it may appear to the external observer as such.

Guru is Mirror, is the Divine Force that directly appears – seemingly outside -  to the Seeker who has not yet found his/her own Divine Truth within. But in truth “inside and outside” is the illusion of the Disciple.

The relationship between Guru and Disciple is deeply  mysterious and cannot be understood by the mind. It is based on a Love that is greater than the love between human lovers. And it is based on the truth that Consciousness is primary and body-mind is secondary. Both body-minds, the body-mind of the Guru and the body-mind of the Disciple are arising in Consciousness. Therefore both are sharing Consciousness, although the Disciple is not conscious of it yet, whereas by means of Conscious Realization of the Guru, His/Her body-mind is fully surrendered to the Conscious Light or Energy and is such transmitting It directly to the Disciple.

So a Sacred Spiritual Transmission is taking place in this relationship that is able to awaken the Seeker to his/her own Truth within. However this Truth is not found IN the body-mind. The body-mind only possesses  portals that provide an opening into a higher Reality. In this Reality Consciousness and Light or Energy, the male and female aspect of the Divine are One. In the ancient Indian spiritual tradition it is called the Unity of Shiva-Shakti.

Q: How is it possible that the Realization of the Guru tends to continue to influence the Disciple, even when they are physically apart or when the Guru left the body and even returned to Source Itself?

A: It happens by intention of the Guru, based on Grace and Blessing.  The Guru magnifies the awareness of Self in the Disciple, and he recognizes therefore in contemplation his own Self in the Guru. If the Recognition is True, it is very powerful as it provokes the Guru’s Spirit Force upon the Disciple which initiates  profound and palpable changes in his body-mind while it also alters the DNA and molecular structure. The body-mind of the Guru disappears in the Disciple's deep and self-forgetting contemplation of the Guru and only the One Self remains. What the Disciple first recognizes in the Guru he discovers ultimately in and as Him-Self.

When the Disciple, by the Grace of the Guru, Who is his own Self, finally comes to understand by direct knowing  that there is only One Self, One Radiant Consciousness, and not “two”, he/she acknowledges It as his/her Own. This recognition requires the understanding of one's own body-mind and the permanent capability to transcend it. Then the Guru has fulfilled His/Her purpose. 
But the Love between Guru and Disciple continues eternally.


Beloved friends, here ends the conversation ~ that was rather an experience of deep-felt awe, great stillness and eternal love. 

It is my wish that you can feel it too!
Much love to you all,

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Sunday, April 21, 2013


By Ute Posegga-Rudel

Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright 2013
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Dearest friends,

One thing is very obvious: humanity is on the path of discipleship! Hurray!

However, discipleship has never been easy, especially in the beginning. There are no honors given, no extraordinary gifts, no awards, but rather hardships, difficulties, sufferings, due to confrontations with one’s own subconscious contents, those we didn’t want to face.

The light of love that is entering our sphere is the illuminated force that uncovers now in an exaggerated manner all that has been kept in the dark so far. But without all of this ugly stuff being purified and removed, humanity cannot really ascend.

Presently we are in a phase of this process where we are tested whether we can stay in the Radiance, even though the carpet is pulled away underneath the feet of many. We are forced therefore to put our attention elsewhere, away from the 3D scenario and strive for answers in a new way, for higher dimensional answers and solutions humanity has not yet familiar with so far.

So what is the proverbial carpet, pulled away? We know it already.

The declining values, increasing financial problems and chaos, the bombings and at the same time, the frustrated hopes for betterment, mainly through the frequently extended and prolonged  waiting periods for major changes in the world. 

No promise and no prophecy has been fulfilled so far in the outer world. Yes, there are changes happening in the background, but they are all preparations for what still has to be seen and tangibly experienced, so that one could really state that the world has transitioned into a new era.

It is therefore becoming slowly clear for many that the big  expected change is meant to happen and IS happening on the spiritual level of the individual, to bring a change of consciousness, the expansion of awareness first, the rising of individual frequency, the awakening to a new level of perception.

Humanity is at this time forced into a situation where there is no escape into any direction other than going within and beyond the body-mind to Source Itself. And so we are compelled to begin our inner journey, and if it is only by starting to ask the deeper questions - perhaps for many of us the first time in our life: who am I, where am I going? 

In this quest more and more discover the inner joy, peace and a greater capacity to love, after we courageously accepted and transcended our once buried inner demons.

This is the time of ordinariness, after we have been nurtured with the vision and taste of our Divinity and the promise of enlightenment. We now are tested whether we are able to be happy just by "chopping wood and carrying water". 

Comes to mind the ancient scriptures. They are full with stories of aspirants who seek instructions by a spiritual master to achieve enlightenment. In the beginning they mostly didn’t see the master ( = the light) at all. Rather they were asked to clean the cowshed for the next twelve years first, before they would receive spiritual initiation of any kind. 

These twelve years symbolise a time of preparation of the aspirant’s body-mind, where they learned to transcend him/herself, to achieve equanimity, purification of gross worldly desires, attachment, pride and egoism. It is a time where the aspirant must learn humility, trust and faith, all qualities which purify them from negative personal karmas. 

When then the time was right, the master would transfer his teaching to the disciple, either verbally, but more often by shaktipat, the traditional transmission of the master’s own spiritual energy to the disciple. In case of oral initiation, for example such as a mantra, blessed by the master, the sound would awaken the aspirant’s shakti.

So that the disciple could be awakened, the symbolic twelve years of preparation was necessary, to receive - like an empty vessel - fully the master’s blessings.

This is what is occurring presently to humanity. We are now in the stage of cleaning the cowsheds, so that we will be able to receive the Glorious Cosmic Light, soon to illuminate our entire cosmos.

What happened in the past in a traditional way in the individual circumstance of initiation, will occur sooner or later as a global, and even cosmic event that will initiate humanity into higher consciousness – if desired by the individual.

We must understand, that hardships in these times are a blessing and not a punishment, because they give us the opportunity to purify ourselves by transcending 3dimensional issues to open up to receive our own higher Truth of Divinity, simply because we don’t want to suffer any longer.

What has been practiced in the Great Spiritual Tradition to achieve enlightenment, has been just a preparation, a premonition of the great global quantum leap in consciousness, when humanity as a whole would enter the path of discipleship.

Thousands of aspirants went in the past through most difficult periods in their lives because of their desire for enlightenment. They paved the path for mankind altogether, who is now walking in their steps on their path to ascension.

We must also understand that the more difficult our situation is, the brighter our light will shine later when the tests have been passed.

The fairy tales of “easy” enlightenment at this time, where one just wakes up one nice morning and is enlightened without trial, is just a myth, at least for most human beings. There are exceptions of course, but they occur in the case of extraordinary beings only.

Remember, even Jesus had to go through  difficult trials, before he achieved enlightenment. And so did  the Gautama Buddha. Perhaps you are familiar with the  famous story of Milarepa, one of the greatest masters and yogis in Tibetan history. To purify his karmas, his master Marpa had to give him – with an aching heart - terrible tasks to fulfill, where he had to suffer illness, pain, loneliness and other horrors for many years, before he received spiritual instructions from Marpa.

Many people today are going through these kinds of trials. The pleasures of the heavens obviously are never to be gained without tasting the challenges of duality to the core.

I am writing this to inspire those of you, who are desperately -  and seemingly in vain -, waiting  for graceful signs in their lives to appear. You should know that nothing is in vain. We must look at every detail in life from a  broader perspective, from the flying bird’s view, to see the whole working of Divine Grace. 

All our experiences are testing our Divinity to come forward, to be victorious, by transcending the illusions of the dark side of the world and to discover the Presence of Light already here.

After all, the visible signs of improvement that show in our world are not the most important mile stones on our path of ascension, but the victories in our hearts, that allow the Radiant, Undivided Divinity of our Being to shine forth. Because It is the very Substance of all road signs in the phenomenal world, which are the visible and materialized stepping stones that mirror our inner state of thought and Consciousness. 

In truth there is no “outer” world or reality, this hologram is a projected illusion. It is all happening inside. But the outer world reflects to us what we believe in our hearts.

Dearest friends, therefore at this time consoling events are not as important as the birth of Love-Bliss-Consciousness in the tested heart of humanity. This might be hard to swallow. But we are being given now the space for the emergence of our Essence from within.

When  the time is right, things will be subject to change by itself, mirroring the Divine Victory of humankind!

This could be any moment or later, but it will happen.  

Each one of us is important in this process!
To our victory, to the victory of light!

Much much love,


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Thursday, April 18, 2013


by Ute Posegga-Rudel
Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright 2013
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I Am speaking to you all so that you remember Me in these times. 

In your usual day you tend forgetting our Oneness, and thereby Who You Are, following the mainstream hypocrisy of being merely a body, a person, an individual, a role player, somebody who is victorious, or somebody who is not. By identifying with difficulties and things you like and you don’t like.

While I cannot be contained in any term or concept, your brain-thinking, your conceptual mind, created to manage your daily affairs only, tends to take over, defining a contorted dream-reality, hiding Me. 

If this happens you are shrinking to a something that does not serve your spiritual growth and true Reality. I AM here to remind you of your infinite Truth.

Remember, whatever you do, your I AM is intrinsically and fundamentally always present and untouched from all of that what you perceive as your “life”.

I AM no “other” to you, but I AM the Subjective Reality and Immortal Essence of your own Being-ness. You might recognize Me perhaps in forms and essences other than yourself, but what you recognize is always your Own Divine Self. You can only recognize what is already yours.

This schism is what you must overcome, affirming the Truth that all you know in your heart is Divine Is Me, your own Divine God-Self, wherever and whenever you see and feel It.

Call It back to yourself, refusing separateness and illusion! Step out of the false, thousands of years-old propaganda  you have been indoctrinated with, to be a mere victim of ‘others’ and  circumstances! 

As long as you cannot accept your own Divine Greatness, you will not discover It. It is the sign of your little egoity's resistance to Me, avoiding to confess its helplessness and to let go the desire for overwhelming power. 

It is based on fear. Indeed, to accept your Divinity is the forgetting of separate egoity. 

Who AM I? I AM not the little ego-I's illusion of grandeur, I cannot be imagined. I AM not the ego’s dream.

I AM no dream at all. Self-Aware of Me you are Awake. 

I AM your Source, I AM Radiant Consciousness before the separate you ever existed. I AM the Substance of what you are now, forever One with you, Being you and your very Essence. And As You, I AM Love in my aspect as Creation. Creation Is Love in Action, because when I become Active I AM Love.

Therefore to forget Me is to forget Love and Your-Self, bewildered by unfortunate events. They are created by the love-less mind of separation. And so you betray Your-Self again and again. 

Never let this mind to be your guide, disguised as truth. I AM That Truth, mind is my servant.

Disregard what only SEEMS to be the real and feel with your Heart and your Whole Being's deepest awareness  Who and What I AM, the One Who Embraces you as You.

This is the way to change your world. Give all your energy and Radiant Heart to Me, so that My Reality emerges in this world, while all that I AM not, vanishes, un-fed by your attention and emotion. 

You Are Creators Who must reveal their own Divine Reality, supporting It whole-heartedly. And what you not support must disintegrate. 

Let Me do the work, by My Sheer Being. By My Love, by My Radiance. This Is enough. And you, your world, becomes Me by your love of Me, your Joy in Me. This is transfiguration, this is how all shadows leave.

From now on Shine In and As Me!
I AM your God-Self


Message conveyed by Ute

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Monday, April 8, 2013


by Ute Posegga-Rudel
Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright 2013
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After physically rough times, which triggered in turn emotions, from below the bubbles in the boiling water reached the surface above, a surface that  is untouched and pristine, like when you reach the peak of a mountain, after making your way through snow storms, blizzards, pouring rains, cold winds and the dangers of sudden crash.  

Paradoxically, this must however not be understood as a linear but rather a multidimensional process, in which all stages tend more or less simultaneously to occur.

The view there is unprecedented and unobstructed-eternal, a serenity that is stronger and more substantial and real than any appearance in the old world of illusions, that only seem to be real. There, the energy-vibration of real Reality reveals Itself, it is of a Presence that is not mild but of the force of Shakti (Divine Spiritual Energy) Itself at Infinity.

Hard work, but because we are One, perhaps supportive to help mass consciousness at least a bit more out of the obliviousness in the lower densities and heavily suppressed self-identity. 

Sometimes hard to not to forget: this is NOT "me" (never has been, nor is it "yours"), because WE are free since eternity and ever will be.

(A surprise how the weather, namely the appearance of the sun emerging from behind the clouds reflects from moment to moment my writing: at exactly this point his-her radiance touches my eyes.)

Our truth comes forward, to shine brightly, filling in all directions the circular horizon, embracing the crest on which we stand.

This is just one step out of our underground existence where we have been vegetating for Millenniums. But it is the step, where our real life and existence begins radiantly to emerge.

It is the stepping stone from where we jumped courageously, with the necessary blindfolds on our eyes  into the darkness of these deep waters to save ourselves and  the seeming lost into the light.

Please forgive the use of poetry in these solemn matters, I don’t know how else to express the indescribable. It is a mystery, always, whatever happens. When we touch the seeming reality of darkness, it is always to let it to become light, with the Revelation that there is Only Light.

It it the Self-Recognition of the Creator God-Godess in all Creations. This process requires the individual consciousness to assume separation, because only in this state the experience of deepest intensity and density can be gained. And like a rubberband stretched almost to the point of snapping, only to zip back to its original seize, Divine Consciousness assumes a point of view of limitation to bring this experience back to Itself to Radiate even more brightly.

In Reality there are no sleeping masses, it is the intended sleep of the Creator God-Goddess, Playing with themselves. In the immensity of the Consciousness of This Divine Presence however nothing seems to happen, like all things are nothing but a illusionary mirage, a Fata Morgana.

We, of course, with the other foot actually in the midst of experiencing, must still live for a while in both worlds. For me the physical is not yet back to comfort, it just has crossed the deepest rock bottom while the waves of opposites in this limited world are surging up at their highest at this point, but the light has already won.

As an empath, as many of us are, we can feel how we are inseparably connected with the collective consciousness. And specific planetary transits can palpably remind us of this truth.

The request of the hour for humanity is to return to our own sovereignity, to cut the strings of bondage, be it thoughts, emotions, peoples, beings, things, events, situations, to rise our consciousness and  frequency, to reunite again with the One and Undivided Radiant Divine Consciousness That is our True Identity.

The promise is high. It is only about this promise, about this liberation into what we always have been. We can use the incoming waves of light to purify our heart and to open ourselves for the omnipresent love. It is us who must come to understand. The struggle each one of us is going through is heralding the victory of love-light, that slowly will reflect in the events of the “outer” world. 

Therefore we do not look first outside for changes but within. When we are in that state of this unshakable peace with ourselves and everything else, where there exists only timeless Presence, regardless of experience, we have ceased even to ask for answers. Because: this IS the answer.

This is, how we prepare for the Light of the Great Cosmic Event, sooner or later illuminating our whole universe.

Effortless from here the new world emerges naturally from the stillness of our enlightened mind, first with fragrant blossoms, soon to flower with the fullness and abundance of Eternal Recognition of Divine Creation.

I love you!


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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Clearing for the Collective, by Steve Beckow

Dear friends,

Interesting, this article confirms my own experience and the several signs I received from different sources. I am clearing for the collective on the physical level, through illness ….

We are One in this! Please send your prayers! Donations are very welcome! 
Love and Blessings,


Clearing for the Collective 

Posted by Steve Beckow

In my reading with Archangel Michael on March 29, I asked him, on behalf a of a team member, how we’d know we’re clearing for ourselves or for the collective and he replied:
“They go in tandem. You would not be gifted with the opportunity to clear a certain area or belief or vasana [for the collective] if you did not have a trace or a former imprint of that within thee. So it is the level of intensity that comes up, especially now, with the clearing. And you think, ‘Well, wait a minute. I have done this work. And I have done it diligently and deeply and completely. And yet here I am and it feels as I am being swept away by a tidal wave.’ That is how you know it is for the collective.”
In my view, there are several subtexts being said here, some of them not so much subtexts because the Company of Heaven have not been saying them but subtexts because the way we hear them keeps them at that level.
The main subtext, which AAM has been working with me to have me see, and which I’m beginning to see ever more clearly as time passes, is that a distinguished company is here to assist with this monumental effort of raising the consciousness of a whole planet. (That’s us, by the way.)
Earlier I quoted Archangel Michael as saying that we’d come down from our collective Elysian Fields to squeeze ourselves into physical bodies and sacrifice our ease and comfort to assist with what’s transpiring on Earth right now.
As each day passes, it’s becoming more and more apparent that masters from all over the universe have come to Earth and dumbed themselves down by putting on this canvas and steel apparatus we call a body to serve.
Why to Earth? I asked that of Sanat Kumara the other day, and he said it was because Earth was the first planet to go through this new form of Ascension.
Steve Beckow: But isn’t the whole universe ascending, Raj? We’re not the only planet, are we?
Sanat Kumara: You’re first in line.
SB: Ah! So we’re the first planet to ascend. Is that what you mean?
SK: Yes. (1)
The new form it is is that (a) we ascend with our physical bodies and (b) the planet doesn’t explode like Haleon but simply advances its presence to a higher dimension.
I firmly believe that this Ascension effort is being worked on as we go along. I think the Company of Heaven are very much conducting this as an experiment and are changing it as and when circumstances arise. For instance, they accepted our request that we wait a year so that many more than the 30% who qualified by the end of 2012 could come along. I am willing to be that the Company of Heaven expected more than 30% to have been ready by the end of 2012 and so were very willing to prolong this experiment by a year.
I further speculate that they themselves, as the folks who are working this effort, are learning every day from how we respond to things and that this learning, on behalf of other planets who will later ascend, is valuable.
When we volunteered, as what you might consider galactic special forces, I think we knew we might be at the heart of an experiment and that it would take time. But then all memory was wiped and we now know nothing of these conversations.
At this moment, the part of the experiment we’re going through is collective clearing. We lightworkers, exactly because I think we’re masters from a different, higher level, are processing for the collective and I think how we do is being noted. In order not to scare us out of our wits, it’s been laid down that we can only process for the collective whatever we have known or been involved with before so there is the least possibility of confusion and alarm on our part.
Even though we might say, “I thought I was finished with this,” at least we recognize what “this” is.
Archangel Michael tells us that the giveaway that we’re processing for the collective is the tsunami-like quality of the feelings.
I hope you see the irony in this. I’ve always approached the subject of clearing vasanas as clearing our own for ourselves. I’ve been oriented towards thinking that we must be nearing the end of this work. Now we’re told we’re processing for the collective. There’s a whole new relevance and importance to the literature on how to clear a vasana if we not only clear them for ourselves but then go on to clear them for the collective.
So what are we to do to process for the collective? The best way I can think of is to use the upset clearing process which is described in numerous articles here:
I’ll summarize that process here. Also perhaps read Jesus’s wonderful article on it. (2)
(1) Name the feeling you’re experiencing. Our files are arranged in memory under feelings.
(2) Breathe slowly into it and experience that feeling.
(3) Ask your mind to reveal to you an earlier, traumatic incident that’s the origin of that feeling.
(4) Take the very first image or word you get. Don’t reject an image or word you get and wait for a second. A second will probably never come. This is the stage of the process where people most often work it incorrectly and later say the process did not work.
(5) Breathe slowly into whatever arises and allow the feelings and images to come up until there are no further to be experienced.
Processing your vasana this way, whether you’re processing it for yourself or re-processing it for the collective, is the way to have it pass through you, release itself, and, after repeated processings perhaps, disappear.
So, in summary, the subtexts I mentioned earlier are that: (a) we are a much more highly evolved group of masters than we suspect; (b) Earth’s Ascension is being run as an experiment; (c) Earth’s Ascension is being tweaked to find out the very best way of proceeding for the rest of the universe; (d) we’ll participate later as “experts” from the higher dimension in the Ascensions that follow in other regions of the universe; and (e) that we’re being asked to process for the collective and the results of that are being watched.
I stand a great chance of being wrong in what I’ve just said. But I have an agreement with Archangel Michael that if I say something that’s incorrect he’ll signal me with a rather dramatic feeling of queasiness in my upper chest and I feel no sense of queasiness. So I have a modicum of confidence in what dawning awareness has just brought to mind for me. But we’ll need to check all of this out with him at a later opportunity.