Sunday, November 16, 2014


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Beloved Friends!

Lately I have seen several sources who explain what consciousness is.

I have not seen any description that goes beyond conditionality. They are all brain based descriptions.

Beloved friends, to me this is a sad limitation!  A limitation that neglects the Ultimate Source which is our true and most liberating own Divine Nature and therefore True Consciousness.

We are NOT the brain. Our True Essence is beyond it and prior to it. Yet all descriptions I have seen so far describe consciousness from the point of view of the brain. Beings from higher dimensions do have a brain of their own dimensional creation too, a brain that is pure light filament to function in their specific world.

But originating  not even these great beings from Source Itself, and is not Source also their True Divine Nature and Consciousness, which is prior to any separate form, even if of highest subtlety?

And do we not all – from all dimensions, high or low - participate in that One Source That is God Eternal and Love-Bliss?

This is the Real Divine Consciousness we all have together access  to, if we open up to  this Unconditional Truth. If we purify, if we transcend conditionality,  if we surrender to That Which is Truly Great.

Why not identify with our True Nature, why not assuming this Divine Consciousness to be our True and One Consciousness! The Consciousness of prior Unity.

Brain-based consciousness is a limitation we put on ourselves. It describes dimensional properties, contents, point of views. It examines and is able to navigate creation, yes. But it is still a limitation.

Divine Ultimate Consciousness is our Highest Freedom and Ecstasy, Unlimited, Undivided, All-Including, All Love-Bliss Only. Happiness, Unconditional. Our highest Purity, Beauty and Total Liberation from all bondage.

It Is What We Are and Have Always Been Eternally before our souls were created and we slowly descended into separate brain  consciousness as separate beings, descending more and more into denser dimensions.

Why not assuming, affirming and ultimately identifying with and realizing the Source Itself Which is humanity’s True Nature. Thereby we intuit first and then know It to be our True Consciousness from the Very Beginning, right here still existing in a 3dimensional realm. It is possible! 

Why we don’t pursue our Greatest Treasure now. Why not assume Unconditional Happiness. It is the Only Precious Truth That fulfills Eternally the Heart. Because It Is You.

YOU are not conditional. YOU ARE AN  UNCONDITIONAL DIVINE BEING and CONSCIOUSNESS. There Is Only Light, and Your Are It.

I have been searching for this Wisdom and Truth a life long and met the personified Reality and Proof  of It in the human form of Adi Da Samraj.

I am witness that what He revealed to humanity is an authentic gift: The Revelation of What Humanity Truly Is. He has been always my greatest deeply heart satisfying Inspiration, with the experience of unspeakable Divine Freedom, Heart-Happiness, Purity and an Exquisite Divine Beauty beyond imagination. This is so because He has taught humanity (and all beings in the universe) to be directly in relationship with their Real Source Which is Untouched, Pristine, prior to the brain and the body, prior to all dimensional consciousnesses, realms and existences of creation. And yet in Real Source Creation Is arising, pervaded and surrounded by It.

Yes, it is a mystery and right now we all can perceive this mystery when we start to explore and to know  from the silence of the heart that we do not know what a single thing is. Because all things are Eternity only and not what our mind makes of it in a descriptive way. All these things, including all dimensions and realms are Eternity only, because they are Consciousness. It is the Ultimate Divine Consciousness That Shines through Existence, high or low.

To perceive this Divine Consciousness in Its purest Form we must transcend the point of view of the body-mind and thereby the brain. We Are not the brain, We Are All That Is. And it is Happiness, Freedom, Purity, Love-Bliss. It Is our True Nature. 


This IS our True Home.

Much love, Ute

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Ute Posegga-Rudel,
© 2014. All rights reserved.

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Wednesday, November 5, 2014


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Canary Islands: Today, a brilliant and extremely hot and stingy sun on a blue, very slightly misty sky. Very unusual, because it is November.

After a deep and rather full  morning, I lay on my bed in the afternoon, tired, wanting to sleep.
I fall in a kind of lucid dreaming.

A sudden energetic push, tangibly felt in my back in the heart region, catapults me into another dimension. It did literally a “push”, and I was suddenly somewhere else. In an altered state of consciousness. New rooms of consciousness are opening. The body is involved. The body is flooded with currents of light and new information. As the frequency changes, also the quality of consciousness changes. It is like being pushed into the next higher dimension. There I do not notice “things”, just another form of beingness, currents of new energies and substance.

I have still a body, although it is pure energy. But everything  is different. The old Matrix is not there. There is full heart-freedom in new and refreshing chambers of beingness, and a new higher and deeper octave of experience and expansion as a physical being.

I also know that is is not a personal experience merely, based on just my individual state of spiritual development. These individual spiritual experiences have been so far of a completely different nature. They have nothing to do with the body in itself, although light and energy might be rushing through it which often expands in exquisite sublimity. So I know the difference. Because this here has to do with substance. It has to do with transformation of matter (the body)and the consciousness of it!

So what I experienced and in which I participated, is given to all humanity at this moment. I just know it. It is the new frequency that is here, causing a global shift in consciousness in which the body is involved. And I just was tuning into  this new reality that is happening right now on Beloved Earth Mother Gaia for all.

As I continued in this kind of lucid dreaming (and it is a dream world, the new world)  the desire arises to remain there and not to return to the old world of limitations. I felt ready just to leave, but with my body.

Then I fall deeply asleep. After awakening: there is still the old world. But things seem to happen differently. It is all the same like it was before. But my awareness is different. Now the mysterious space between things is full and obvious, rather predominant. It is Stillness.  Things are secondary and happen within this space randomly -  a phone call, noises, things in the room - they all arise independently within this space that is recognized as real Reality. Nothing complicated, all appears  very simple and natural. It is simply so. There is clarity that the things which are arising – and they are seeming just to pop up in this unified space – are not coherent, but the space is. Basically the things have nothing to do with each other. They only have in common that they arise in this silent space, this substance of which they are a modification of.

Now I understand that the “matrix” we have been locked in for hundertthousands of years, suggests the coherence of all the things. Hence we feel imprisoned, prisoners of things, whereas we are in truth free, as we ARE this space in the first place. It is the infinite Source Field that is our own Consciousness.

The “matrix” is the illusion that we are locked in,  in a closed universe made of things. They seem to build together a prisonlike fabric. And it is all made of mind and the energetic grid of this mind pattern. It is an artifical world. A complicated world, while this from the grid released experience is free to infinity, as things don’t contain us, don’t imprison us. We just observe them as they arise, and they have nothing to do with us. We are eternally free and expanded in unison with the space of primordial substance in which the  things arise.

So I seem to understand now that we will perhaps continue in this matrix world – as long as it still can exist, as the overwhelming majority of mankind is still bound by it through firm belief.

But we, who are aware, are already being released from the bondage to it. The universal new frequencies have already set humanity free. And it is up to each single one to accept in due course - and to tune in to - this new Conscious Awareness.

From this new point of view the old world continues as it will by the choice of the people. We can see what they continue to believe and to do. But they cannot see us, as we ARE, they cannot see what we see.

But we are needed, we are the forerunners of a new consciousness on earth and we are already living in the higher and altered frequencies that carry the new awareness. We are each a cell in the Great One Body of Humanity who  started to alter It.  As such we are initiating a process of substantial change for all the cells, who are the human individuals in the Great Human Body.

How long this process takes, until the last human cell in this vast Human Body is transformed, I don’t know. But it has begun, and this is the most important Happy News we are waiting for.

It would be great to hear from all of you, my beloved brothers and sisters, worldwide, who have now similar experiences! It would  inspire those who started to resignate and to doubt  that the Great Change would ever happen!  And so it would speed up the revolution in consciousness for all humanity! Thank you!

Much love and many blessings!
In lak’ech!


Ute Posegga-Rudel,
© 2016. All rights reserved.

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