Saturday, March 29, 2014




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Photography (Port Phillip Bay, Australia)
and Video Creation:
Ute Posegga-Rudel

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Saturday, March 22, 2014


Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel,  Copyright 2014
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I remember from my time in school, a poem by the famous German poet Christian Morgenstern. It was minimalist art with the title ‘The Fish’s Night Song’ ("Des Fisches Nachtgesang") and it looked simply like this:

"Des Fishes Nachtgesang

Some called it “the profoundest German poem”. This image stopped my mind and made obvious to me perfectly the stillness in which heart – wisdom (and humor!) is ever present, the  zero-point in which things are arising; the living signs in the Ocean of Water, the Birth place of all things. It can only be felt in the depth of silence, while the mind needs to step back in no-language.

I remember this poem at this time, because that’s how I fundamentally  feel: mindless   and speechless. Of course, the world still arises, on a secondary level in the background, just because of habit, and it is easy to recognize the usual content in it. But it seems to fade while the familiar wheel of the body-mind yet continues with its vanishing rotations until it stands still, without the usual driving force behind it. It does its last moves, if we let it. But it can be quickly reduced to this stillness in which no content is necessary, if I choose so. It is the return to the foundation of our existence.

To me it is the sign that the old world is disappearing, that its parameters are fading, that their weight is becoming increasingly unsubstantial. 

This process is now going on since quite a while for me, namely since December 2012, when I experienced the space between the exhale of the old and the inhale of the new world during the Galactic Alignment. Link.

So far to me it is not so much about the perpetually increasing higher frequencies, but what they actually do with us, how we respond to them. What they do with our consciousness. Whether we allow them to annihilate the old world in preparation for the new, to be ready for a new and higher State of Existence, Divinely decreed for humanity and all living beings on earth, this universe, our galaxy and beyond. 

Certainly the predominant function of the brain, as it had been engineered and manipulated by the lower races, is loosing its power over the Essence of our Being that can be located in and as the Heart and above. That’s why this Stillness is now expanding as our own feeling of being, that does not know limitation and structure, but Who Just Is. And it is Vast.

If we listen into this Stillness, it reveals the non necessity of the busy mind and its objectives. It opens the Revelation of ever more Widening Chambers of Bliss and Ecstasy. And yet, we can choose to entertain ourselves with the rising mind, while creating the world that arises when we seek it. 

This gives us the incredible opportunity to create a brand new world from scratch, with a brand new foundation even, not based on old perceptions and philosophies, but arising from the freshness of untouched grounds, while we are dreaming what our Divine Heart desires. 

And we might just desire peace, tired from the stresses of this highly toxic and abused world.That’s what I do.

I know that in this stillness, in that zero-point, the powers of destruction cannot reach us, cannot touch us. These vibrations, that want to keep us in constant agitation, in perpetual search for some illusionary and  worthless objects, invented by the low minded controllers, just dissolve in the zero-point into nothingness as if they had never existed.

The means for our liberation are self-arising in the midst of the false creations, that will bring their downfall. They cannot continue where there is no surface to attack, while they fall into open doors.

But is it not them who are teaching us to return to Home?  After all, are they really our enemies?  True enemies do not point to Unity. We need to look from a greater perspective.

When we join together in the Unity of our expanded hearts, in the stillness of our being-ness, that embraces all worlds and beings, the vibrations of the old world must subside. They are being liberated in ourselves, dissolving into the Substance, from where they came. That's how humanity's Consciousness rises, by learning through opposites, we transcend duality.

By Grace the Divine Source is Descending into this world, into our hearts and As our Heart, to make obsolete what kept us busy for so long, what we considered to be unquestionable and unchangeable reality.

From a 'worldly' point of view, more and more of us start questioning because of this, as the spell is broken. And what has been kept alive for Millenniums by the  collective mind, in the delusion of truth, is now slowly dying.

Dearest friends, dare to sing your silent song with that Fish’s Night Song, to return to the Ocean that is your Home, for your rebirth and that of this world. For your protection and well-being, for your joy and soothing peace.

In Reality nothing needs to be said for now. It Is Here. It Is Full. Nothing needs to be added, or even changed. It is about the courage just to Be. Because that is our Divine Essence. The worlds should really only be there for our amusement.

With Love!
In lak’ech!


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Monday, March 17, 2014


Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright 2014
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Most Beloved Humanity,
I AM Your Earth Mother Gaia!

I AM in deep embrace with the light and energy transmissions from our galaxy that are funneled through the Heart of our Beloved Sun.

The Sun's subtle body is expanding daily, which is not visible to the physical eye. Whereas the perpetual activities on his/her surface can of course be observed.  
Our Sun is indeed a multidimensional being beyond gender, however simultaneous of both genders as known to your lower dimensional awareness.

He/She is pure radiant consciousness and surrendered to the powerful spiritual frequencies and light of the surrounding vast universes, to which our Galactic Center is connected. As He/She is such surrendered He/She is a direct channel to serve all the planets of our universe.

And in the way that I AM directly and intimately resonating with our Beloved Sun, I AM also resonating with all my creations and all my blessed inhabitants, who are participating in this vast cosmic and universal exchange of conscious light and energy that bring about the new divine creations.

Dearest human family, if you could see and be aware and feel right now this most enchanted and inspired orchestra of creative forces, that are effective in this very moment, above, around, on, and within my earthly body, and all the inhabitants that I consider as my children and who are absolutely One with Me, you all would stop worrying and pondering  about the seeming dreadful reality of your present life you are staring at, and your and your planet's destiny!

Please start to  sharpen your awareness and to filter the messages - verbal and non-verbal -  that you are receiving and assimilating every day!
The human mind tends to hold on to old habits and is not very much trained to allow to drop old concepts and paradigms to make room for the New, for new information and energy, to let them replace your familiarities that you repeat already for Millenniums. 

Therefore my advise and my deepest wish is: tune your attention into a completely new station of reception. Like you search for a new channel on your radio.

Take your time in your meditations and locate the new frequencies  that  convey entirely new information now, messages that contain the blueprint of the New Creation of the universes. Messages, that are not compliant in any way or similar or just a bit differentiated from what you already know and what is being broadcasted to you by the old powers that have dominated the universe in vast parts for such a long time.

They are fooling you by still trying to  control the network of frequencies that you have been been tuning into for so long.  

If you are waiting for the new world and great changes to arrive by listening and adapting to your old channels,  through which you receive only the old tunes of separation and misery, you will not become aware of the Good News.  You have not yet figured it out, that you must change your channels, intentionally finding them out,  discovering them and disregarding from then on the old channels for good!

The old forces can only survive as long as you consent to vibrate on their frequency!  That is why they are using the media and their radiation equipment, to keep you on their level of reality, because this gives them the power to control you further.

My dearest children, you must know that the new cosmic and universal "Radio – and TV"  stations are already operative! So instead of switching on your 3D  TV and radio, use meditation instead and learn to listen to the higher dimensional “News” with your inner ears and watch them with your inner vision! Now is the time to start to practice this art and you will draw the new world faster to here than you can ever imagine.

When you listen and watch in the new way I have described, it will have a growing impact on humanity’s collective consciousness. Because the stronghold of the old matrix will  vanish even quicker, people will less and less feel attracted to it and will discover the illusion of that construct. Rather their soul will awaken to the truth that has been hidden from them for so long, as information of the true light from the mind of God will more powerfully poor into your domain and into their dreams.

As you know, humanity is One, absolutely and without doubt. Your perception of separateness is just the myth your old controllers have introduced to make you their servants, if not their slaves. To better be able to manipulate you, to deceive you, to dis-empower you.

Your true strength however abides in the recognition of the Unity of humanity, who again is One with all creation, on the Level of conscious light and in the depth of your heart-feeling.

So tuning into the new frequencies and information, will reveal to you in an instant, that the New World is already here, tangibly, but what your controllers want to hide from you in the vane hope to keep their already dead empire longer alive, although it has already become a mere phantom!

With every tuning into the new information and light you will participate actively in the New Creations, bringing them increasingly into visibility each day, while they clear the old and dark dreams of illusion and imprisonment.

It is entirely in your hands now, Beloveds, to bring about the fall of the old empire in an instant by your conscious participation in the New Creation.

Simultaneously it is important to be aware of the habit of your mind that tends to repeat the past, because it is “easier” to drive in old tracks. But know that you do not have to “invent” new ones, but that you merely need to tune into what is already here, fully available to you, the frequencies, the light and the information that are the constituents of your New and Ascended World.

Beloveds, take a new breath, filled with inspiration for a new day that is already effectively dawning, when you learn to see with new eyes and to hear with new ears. When you are to use your true God-given instruments of perception and throw away the means that the old powers have implanted in you to keep you on their level in order to use you and to feed on you.

From now on simply look into the newly arising divine world, by intentionally bypassing with your attention the vibrations of deception.
Exercise clear vision, born of your Divinity and  your eternal Presence of Co-Creatorship.

I AM with you with my great Love and Embrace. Join my Inner Heart of Spirit, to create what is urgently waiting to Emerge for All-and-all to Enjoy and to Celebrate.

I AM your Earth Mother Gaia!

Message conveyed by Ute

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Sunday, March 9, 2014


Image by Ute-Rudel, Copyright 2014
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The mighty waves of your global process of fundamental changes are at their peak. They have been there now for a while and they will not come immediately to a sudden rest.

This is because there are natural laws of ebb and flow at work. They should not be suddenly interrupted for the sake of human safety and the safety of all life on Planet Earth.               

This is the time of the Great Shift, and what has been too long already in power must step back now.

What you can influence though is the frequency pattern of the waves, their intensity, their magnitude, their heaviness to put them more at ease. So you have the power to tone down the already fading heads of the old dying hydra to allow your new world to emerge.

However you must know your power for change in the correct way. It is not based on your mind to begin with. Because mind itself is always busy and unsteady. That is its nature. Very few of you are able to keep their mind  focused and one pointed, as they understand to use the faculty of the higher mind, based on higher intelligence.

But if you long to do the Real Work, you choose to invoke and  unite with Me.

You want  to draw on the means of firm profundity, when you are  to calm down what is in turmoil,  when you are  to ease what seems to be uncontrollable.

So to be optimally effective, you want to make use of the most profound leverage: The Power of Me, your own Divine Brilliant Consciousness. Therefore your mind must cooperate with Me, You see, you must not allow your mind to wander off in your head, weakened by the functioning  of your dual brain.

It must be resting with Me, As I Am the mind’s Source Condition. The Inexhaustible and Most Solid Substance of Reality Itself, the Divine Well in which is Hidden and Possible to Emerge All you Desire.

Without that Very Foundation That I Am, your every impulse to  create does not bear steady fruits, and comes rather in pairs: that what you want and that what you don’t want.

So your process of Divinely inspired creations always begins with Me.

Because it is your continually fluctuating and changing body-mind itself, which is the starting point of all your creations, that must be brought into the right disposition first, it must be brought to rest in Me. This is in itself the most essential creation that you are to perform. And so your  very first creation is the surrender of the body-mind to What Is Great, That Foundation, That Fullness, That Eternity That Is Me.

Only from there Pure and Divine thought can emerge.Your body-mind filled  with the Power of the Current of My Presence, brought to My Peace, to My Stillness. To The Zero-Point of all possibilities. Then you might create whatever you desire.

This powerful Presence of Mine, when you allow It to Radiate, already alone calms down all agitations, to bring ease and change to harmful situations.  

This is the most  important and senior creation, the very first creation you are responsible for: to create yourself in the way of reflecting your most profound Truth That Is Me. First I must Be Established in and as You. Then all the powers of creation are Yours.

To invoke My Presence into your body-mind and into your world has the most profound effect on dissolving what is not from Me and what does not conform with Me. 
That is how you change yourself, that is how you change your world.

If you choose to engage your mind, based on True Establishment of My Tangible Presence as Radiant Love-Bliss-Consciousness, to reach out to wherever you desire, with feeling and vision that your goal is already accomplished, you will work miracles, if you truly are able to control one-pointed your mind, steadily turned to Me.

Until then let My Blessing Presence Be Sufficient!

I AM your God-Self!

Message conveyed by Ute

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Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Dear friends,

I have been asked, to publish this on my blog.
Please participate in the Global Meditation for Peace in the Ukraine, on March 4, 9:12PM Ukraine time. 
You may use whatever form of meditation you prefer.

At 9:12 PM Ukraine time there is the exact astrological constellation with a high possibility of military conflict - or peaceful resolution.  

Other timezones can be seen here:

Thank you and many blessings!