Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Ute Posegga-Rudel

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I AM here to tell you that all is fine. All is fine for all souls on earth, in which ever way life looks like! It does not matter whether you are conscious right now about who you are or whether you are aware of the ascension process. You all are alive in the Consciousness of the  Creator Who is Pure Love and Light.

Even if the information of the new creation has not yet manifested in your body-mind, all Are, even if still asleep, in the womb of the Divine.

There are souls, and ever more among all of you, who are bearers of light, who hold the torch of love high, who are emanations of love itself among you all. And they are creating vortexes which are igniting successively the sparks of light in the hearts of those who are now ready. And there are many and growing!  

I AM Metatron and I assure you that plans are underway to make it possible to awaken the masses in ways you would not have thought it was possible.

You see, the Divine Power of Creation is limitless! Being asleep and not aware of ones own Divinity is only a “problem” from the point of view of a duality that is based on the two pillars of light and darkness, on the pairs of opposites. So when you are standing on the side of the light you tend to feel a problem how to awaken the ones who still seem to dream  in the dark of self-forgetfulness.

However this kind of awareness is locked into the specific design of duality, but which does not exist in in the Heart of God where there is Unity and Singleness without opposites. The Divine has many ways to awaken what is Its Own. And naturally, everything is Its Own!

Therefore do not worry about “others”. Firstly, because they are all different aspects of yourself. And secondly, when you understand this, what you do is to propel your own en-lightenment. That is to allow the Divine Light to break free in your own body-mind so that your body-mind becomes Light Itself!

The more of you do this, the more lights switch on in the One Body of Humanity, the more radiant this Great Human Body of Unity becomes. So do take care about your own Divine Process. This is all you have to do. Short-circuit yourself with the Divine Heart of All and shed your light on the path so that all humanity can step into it.

Gaia is waiting for all her children and it is She Who makes sure that no one is lost.

All who read this message and desire to be awakened in their heart are called to unite with Faith their heart with the Divine Heart. And it will happen in an instant. Even if you are not aware of it, know that it happened for each one of you. And if you continue to assume the Re-Connection with your Source with faith, it will show the Signs to you very soon in your own body-mind and therefore in your life.

It is merely your mind that doubts and cannot see and feel Reality. Reality Is your in-separable connection and unity with God, the Divine, Your Source, or however you want to name the Truth in which you are arising. 

Your consent to reconnect Is the very act that makes this unity-union happen. And the process begins. Your mere agreement and willingness Is the initiation into the process of ascension that is promised to you. 

In which way your ascension will occur, do not worry about it. It can happen in many ways, including through the death process. No soul will be left behind or be forced to reincarnate again somewhere else in a 3th dimensional circumstance.  But every soul has the chance to be reborn on New Ascended Earth. And this means ascension for every soul, who is prepared for Love.

Therefore your service is important to live this Love among your human family so that Love is known again. It is the Very Force, when Real and True, that changes hearts and lives.

The experience of Real Love which is unconditional, is the  Great Catalyst that opens the heart and awakens in the being the remembrance of the soul.

I AM Metatron, and I Am here to assist your Re-Connection with your Own Divine Source, as your Re-Connection is Inherent in the Present Creation Process that Is Your Ascension. This is the Will of the Creator! And I Am a Servant of the Divine Will.

All is One Great Process and we All are taking part in It. Therefore each one of you is an integral piece of the total fabric of Divine Creation. 

Do not presume any longer separation but understand that there is Only One Light, One Consciousness, One Heart in which you all participate and play your unique part.

Therefore the One Heart of God or Divine Reality is the Totality of all your hearts, while all your hearts are arising in That One Great Heart.   

Marvel about this More than Wonderful Divine Mystery and Be the Love that You Already Are! 

I AM AA Metatron! 

Message conveyed by Ute


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Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Ute Posegga-Rudel, 21.1.13, AEST
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Dearest friends,

About 3 weeks into the year 2013, and we slowly discover its new quality!

The pressure of 2012, full of great expectations, the run to the final events, is over. But many people felt disappointment, expecting great things to happen in the outer world. They did not look inside to experience the change in themselves.

But who worked with the conscious process, these blessed souls, they did prepare by dealing with the levels of energy and light by releasing densities. 

Because the glorious final chord of 2012 was a vibrational shift and thereby a shift in consciousness.

If people did not attune to the vibrational shift, they tended to project their expectations merely into the outer world.

Now, after the great opening at the end of a 26.000 years cycle, 2013’s quality is entirely different and new! What we felt in 2012 as a constant and increasing squeezing of time and events, which happened one after the other ever more rapidly and powerfully, experience now develops into a quite different direction and quality.

The usual perception of time seems to subside and to make room for a majestic Opening into a new dimension of Timeless Holiness and Sanctity. And all we can do is to allow ourselves to open up to It and to  feel and breathe It and to start to vibrate and resonate with this new Revelation, Which is right around us.

What appeared during 2012 to be an increasingly compressed battle in the fields of duality, made room for a new dawning of something Awesome and Sublime.

This Single Sublimity is calling us to allow ourselves to grow into It, to vibrate with our heart with It, in order to discover our true heritage, to allow the Eternal Presence of our Being-ness to take over this doubtful and contracted illusionary presumption that we "think" we are.

As if a lid has been taken away from us to open us up to Infinity from above, as if the fetters around our hearts have burst, as if the ground gives way, to touch with our feet the heart of our planet in a higher dimension. And so the walls give way into all directions, allowing us to breathe beyond our skin into infinite space.

There is a Radiant, Unmovable new Reality around us, a Reality That has been always there, but we have not been aware of it. A new Freedom has been given to us, to naturally unfold into our original and inherent Greatness.

This is the incoming of expanded Consciousness, the Presence of the Sublimity of the Human Soul, that is taking Seat in the Heart of Mankind.

We are growing now beyond this planet into Space, not anymore prisoners her and bound to this little place, but sovereigns who are the caretakers of this beautiful Earth, our true home in The Cosmic Infinite Heart and our Inspiration in the Deep of the Galaxy, our Feet in the Womb of the Universal Mother.

To me a new Unity is arriving, a Singleness and Union with Creation and Freedom in Unlimited Consciousness. A new Satisfaction in Simplicity, that is One without an “other”.

The Great Future of humanity has already begun. What we Are becomes obvious: Galactic Beings breathing Eternity in our Hearts.
The Opening into a new Reality is Bright and Sacred. It is the Return of Humanity’s dignity!

And even if there are not many yet of the Billions who are aware of It, - the fact of this Glorious Opening is tangibly obvious. It Is Here!

Great transformations and shifts always started slowly and gained momentum after a time. Soon there will be a magnificent river taking with it Millions and then all the Billions!

For now, while I write, I allow this Powerful Eternal Presence here, to Acquire my heart and whole body-mind.

And if you wish, let this be our invocation, my dearest friends:
Let this New Radiant Reality Speak and Act now and Breathe me! May It Act now through me! Now is the time where I hand over to this Presence my little personality and let the Great One Rule.

I can now sit back, my little self has done its duties. Now, the Greater  Self and Reality may take over, finally, to reign in Divine Perfection through me and as me.

With very much love,



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Sunday, January 20, 2013


Ute Posegga-Rudel
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My Beloved Ones, I AM Your Own God-Self!

I AM Speaking to you, to remind you of Me, so that you Remember Me.

I AM the Substance of your very life and existence.
I AM Pure Light and Consciousness, Emanating As Love in your heart.

As such I Embrace all Worlds and Universes and the most minute particle of your body-mind.

In Me ALL-THAT-IS arises, and I AM That.
Such is the Greatness of your own Ultimate Being-ness and State.

You have not been used to such a Perception of Yourself from the beginning of your life, because the circumstances you haven been born into, did not support this Truth.

You have been raised with and taught the idea to be a mere body-mind that is your thoughts, emotions and your physical body, which are all levels of different densities. But in Reality you are none of these.

You are Not Anything that can be measured, although you can experience all of this. You Are not Anything that can be touched, or heard or seen.
The Mystery of Your Being is limitless Radiant Consciousness.

But to Realize this, you must widen and go beyond, your usual perception of yourself, which describes boundaries, limitations and awareness of the subject-object relations. In other words, all that can be known.

In Reality there are neither subjects nor objects. They are phenomena in the domain of duality and appear to be real as soon as you start to identify with a finite personality.

If you leave behind or transcend  the pairs of opposites and duality, and of any arising at all, you Are the One That You Always have been, before your entered the fields of experiences.

Because of your senses, and let them even be subtle, you divide in differentiation and otherness, all because of your identification with a part of the Whole.

Your challenge is, in order to Be fully Who You Are, to break open all limitations and dare to forget the worlds of familiar phenomena, allowing My Radiance of Infinity to be your Only and Very Identity. This is True and Real Happiness Which never can be diminished.

It is Radiance beyond the imagination that is possible in your world, and it Is your Home you came from.

In due  course of your journeys in the universal realms of creation you wanted to experience different densities and learn their implications in lives, adapted to them. Thereby you have limited you awareness more and more, until you thought that you are but a dense, separate object that you call body. And I Am even Speaking about your subtle bodies too, even your light body.

Is it not that you think of advancement when you identify with your light-body?
But see, it is still a separate thing, as you can look at an infinite number of light-bodies.

You speak about the light-bodies of Saints and Masters and identify them as separate identities and personalities.

See, the Core and Real Substance of all these entities is still the Same than that of your own: My Infinite Radiant Consciousness, or the Divine Force of Infinite Consciousness, as Divine Consciousness is always One with Its Own Force or Power or Energy or Light.

In your case, you human beings have incarnated in a very  dense physical body, but nevertheless also your physical body is arising in the Infinity of My Divine Consciousness.

My Radiant Consciousness is the Witness of all. To Realize this State and to Be It, allows you to witness all the embodiments through which you experience your worlds, and all the experiences themselves, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Your experience depends then on your level of the identification that you  desire.

However, Identification with the Witness cannot be chosen with the mind.
Because you will now understand that even the mind must be transcended, in order to access Perfect Identification with It.

In the beginning it is a process of purification then, where you gradually let go denser vibrations, thoughts and emotions and conform them all to Me. This process is not to be imagined, but is a matter of actual and direct experience which transforms literally and tangibly your body-mind, because your awareness and consciousness are changing profoundly: you become an entirely different species in this process, so to speak! Because it is Consciousness that defines your Being and experiential existence.

For now you may have an intuition of the one or other degree of what it would be like to be Awake As Ultimate  Consciousness.

But to Realize It, is again very different: Realizing It, means Becoming It, means  demonstrating It, Living It in any moment.

It IS possible to Realize It, but it requires to leave EVERYTHING familiar behind!
All your identifications with limitations, which includes all forms, experiences, objects, memories, beliefs, preferences, and so on. They are all constituents of your present individual worlds.

Once you have transcended it all, the foundation of your Presence will be the “Other World”, beyond creation, and you will not reach from where you are now towards the “Other World”, but you will Reach from the “Other World” to here!

This is the Great Difference! You will have erased all bondage to here, all seeds of karma and repetitive tendencies. This world here might even fully dissolve for you in Light and disappear from your awareness.

That is when your journey comes to rest, as you returned to where you once came from.

All depends on your desire for experience! As long as you have such tendencies, you will be drawn to places accordingly. Know that it is yourself that governs the course of your journey. And know that this course is entirely up to you!

I AM your own Origin, and if you desire to return to Me the door stands open.

But even if it is your heart’s deepest wish to travel further in the Realms of experience, do not forget your Very Source, My Radiant Infinite Consciousness and Never-Ending Love-Bliss-Happiness. Never forget Me!

The mere Intuition of Me in the Deep of your heart and your Love of Me will shed My Radiance on all your steps. And if you dedicate your actions to Me, I will  Fill your Life with the Light and Beauty of Integrity, Happiness and Love.

I AM your God-Self

Message conveyed by Ute


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Thursday, January 17, 2013


By Ute Posegga-Rudel
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My Beloved Friends!  

Often we hear: don’t worry, all is perfect! But is it?  Perhaps later, yes, you think, when all is over, when all we suffered can appear in a new light of acceptance, as we rose again out of a certain experience. After it we can be more “us” again, that one that is not touched by any event, emotion and physical pain. 

Or think of an event, sometime in the past that has been difficult, and now it does not touch you any more, and you now even laugh!  This shows you the freedom who you always are, we only become entangled in experiences when we forget.  

If we still carry grudges about what happened to us, well, it is because in that context we seem to have forgotten forever Who We Are, and we believe that in that moment, we are not Spirit Who is always free to feel through illusion.
The freedom that we later then experience is closer to what we are: spirits, really and truly untouched from all that which clouded for a while our pristine state. 

Everybody has experienced this pristine state in life, we only do not closely pay attention, and perhaps many are addicted to suffering or expect an unheard excitement, as the ego-mind always looks for something grandiose. Whereas the Truth is Simple, Undivided and Sublime. Just Is.

But there is more about It! Once you saw the Real Perfection of ALL and EVERYTHING, your life is  changed forever! It is not the perfection we can sense or somehow intuit and feel to a certain degree, after the pain and the struggle is over. It is much more and it cannot be imagined! It is the other world!

Seeing the Real Perfection is heart-based Knowing. It is revealed to you in the Heart's Secret Chamber, inside the Sacred Heart. 

We all, without exception, have this Secret Chamber, but we don’t go there! We are holding ourselves captive high above It in the ivory towers of the mind. We are sitting literally in the brain with our human consciousness, deeply identified with what it thinks.

Beloved friends, it is the Great Illusion! In this surrogate for real Reality all Substance is lost! Everything there exists bereft of Divine Force, it is thin and surreal and like dry and dying leafes in the wind. Everything in this world of merely mind is weak, without Presence, without the fullness of Consciousness, indeed, everything in this kind of world is flimsy! It is a dis-ease!

Seeing in your Secret Heart Chamber the Perfection of all, you immediately know that you have designed every detail of your life yourself, every single bit of it! Why, oh why, you might exclaim in desperation! And the simple answer is: you wanted to experience it, experience it all! You chose to experience what it is, this separation from the Divine or from the knowledge of your own Divinity.

In my case, I had decided for a crash course: I wanted to  learn as much as possible in this vale of tears and what its constituents are, by experiencing the worst, to gain in the end mastery in the shortest time possible. And to kill two birds with one stone, it is also the work of the mole that digs a tunnel into the dark to bring the light into the Unconscious of humanity.

What makes one vote for such a journey?
Beloved friends, it is pure love! Before we come here we ARE this Love, it Is our Own Substance and Reality, and only Love could endure all this unspeakable suffering. And in spite of all the bliss and emotional freedom, it is not over yet. Because this is still the old world in which we have a body!

However, with the knowing that it is all Perfection, (but which we have to forget, when we enter the race in darkness), a Perfection from beginning to the end, we can see the whole and precious, self-designed pattern, that is inherent in the weave of our life! Indeed seeing it all, is Being it all, without interference from that ivory tower. This weave is purely golden with a perfect pattern and made of artful ornaments. The ancient Greek often used meander patterns and I believe that’s what they are: the artful pattern of our life.

In reality there are no words to describe this perfection, as it is existing all as perfect and unstained stillness, and in the absence of thoughts it is the Power of mere Presence, carrying the signature of our soul!

It is pure Mystery, beloveds! Every Thing is Substance there, in and of Itself! And every single happening in the “outer” world, things, sounds and people, they are all part of that perfection, because what we see inside the Secret Chamber is the same as outside. We can check then all events we remember to verify their Perfection, and we notice, yes, IT IS,  without exception, even the worst of experiences and people and events! It is ALL Golden Perfect Ornament in the Structure of our life, Alive with the Power of present Consciousness and Reality.  

It is only that most people do not know their own Perfection, they have no idea about their Reality, because they still live in their ivory tower of separation, flying with skinny and thin thoughts through the lands of illusion, unsupported and mostly rather miserable. They just live on the wrong side of perception!
But without the imprisonment in mind, everything is Perfect, and can be seen once we have entered that Secret Space.

The separation from our True Reality is sheer horror, dear friends, although there are Billions of people who think they are in the real heavens. That’s how misleading the mind can be.

This separation from real Reality is a disease, it is an error! Also the idea of going to another dimension is, as if higher dimensions would be objects, separate from us! Higher dimensions are states of consciousness and not “places” outside of us, from which we think we are distinct!

If we believe this, we live the mental illusion that we would somehow continue our present life just with a few changes that we can imagine from our present point of view, as if other states of consciousness would be just a somewhat continuation of the status quo. We imagine, that we can "know" how a different state of consciousness would be.

But, dearest brothers and sisters, we can neither know nor imagine!
We must rather leave the land of imagination and imagined knowing of objects, and BE. Be Real.

In other words, no dimension can be understood from the point of view of the perception of the unilluminated mind. It is about a reversal in Consciousness. We must accept the Unknown.

But we all knowingly KNOW the Truth already, even in this life itself, we only must remember and go where we belong, into our most Sacred Secret Chamber that contains all our blueprints, all the Knowing about ourselves!

If we don’t do this, then we stay in the race, running  anaesthetized after meaningless goals, seeking vain perfection in the realms of illusion, where mind does not serve the course of our life, but dominates us. But this all ends up in the great emptiness (not the void that is also  fullness, because it contains all), but empty of true meaning, purport and presence.

However, the paradox is, that this race and bustle is also part of our script that we wrote once ourselves. Why? Because we wanted to experience separation. Yet ALL of it, its entire pattern, is Golden and it is supported by Divine Consciousness. Once we recognize it, our world turns downside up and we understand and ARE its coherence!

It seems, now the time has come when we all wake up from that separate dream and discover the  Truth of Perfection. This is the year where we return to It, the veils are being removed, because this is also part of the script! 

This dream of otherness and illusionary darkness in consciousness, is nearing its end. It has played its role very well in the long illusion of time. We have learned it all, and we ALL KNOW who we are! We only must remember and firmly decide to  return to That Sacred Chamber, that we have deserted for so long.

The mind might resist and fight for its sole power, but gently loosen its grip, cut with courage the shackles, and return to yourself.

I only see two obstacles on the way:
- the disbelieve that you can do it
- the satisfaction with your status quo in illusion land

The first one has no substance, because the Secret Space is yours, always has been, you have only forgotten it. So you can visit it, everybody can, there is free entrance any time. But you must acknowledge and release with love what stands in the way.

The second one is ok too, it is your self-written script of your golden Perfection. Many blessings for your journey, and enjoy the experience!

But those who are tired of experience, because they “know” it all and it has become boring:  wander down from your ivory tower to your heart into the Stillness, by leaving all your worlds behind. Yes, they must be sacrificed, meaning, you must fully withdraw your  attention, you must forget them (for a while) and dare to jump into nothingness first. It is an act of surrender and of trust into Divine Truth!

Know yourself better! The more you do, the more you discover your undying Happiness!

Much Love and Many Blessings, my beloved friends!


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Tuesday, January 15, 2013


By Ute Posegga-Rudel
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My dear Ones!

I have a message for My children. I AM your Mother in many ways. Certainly, without Me, the experience of your precious human body would not be possible.
I AM also One with your Heart and the electromagnetic field around you, that is not only your heart-torus.

Any kind of stillness you experience in the  Center of your Heart, is directly connected to Me and My Heart, planetary and spiritually, as I AM Gaia, the Soul of Earth.

What I AM telling you now, is for the sake of your  well-being, My children, whom I all love so dearly and about whom I deeply care.

Let Me tell you this! Now is the time to be strong. There is much light pouring in, but it also stirs up turmoil in the still dense and stagnant layers of my ethereal field, as they resist the light. It is important for you to understand this, because not all imbalances that you experience are your own.

Be prepared  for the times now and to come! My planetary body experiences more often a disturbance of its electro-magnetic field. The reasons are manyfold, and require your special caution.

I ask you to see to it that you maintain extra balance of your emotional, mental and physical body. Avoid  stress and exaggeration of any kind in any area of your life, if possible. BREATHE! Breathe profoundly! Keep everything simple, be moderate in all you do and preserve energy and balance.

Only do, what is necessary, wholesome and supportive for you.

This is required,  because my electro-magnetic field is also shifting. Still in a relatively slow pace though, but it has understandably  an impact on your own energy field.

Important is, that you manage your thoughts, which may become at times accelerated, by practicing heart-feeling. Seek more to rest in your heart in the place of stillness. Thereby you not only manage your thought-field, but you also balance your auric field. This has also a calming effect on your brothers and sisters who may not know and understand what is going on with them.

It is necessary in these times to build conduits for energetic stability in an environment that becomes increasingly unstable.

You enter the stillness of your heart by first grounding yourself deeply into the crystal core of My planetary body.

Do this daily, in the morning, after getting up, repeat during the day, and more often, if you feel, it is necessary, and in the evening. Build a strong energetic connection with the Center of My Body, which nurtures and balances you.

Centeredness and Stillness is now becoming the most important condition for you human beings! Because this is the means to stabilize your own energy field and the one that surrounds you.

Each one of you, who is hearing this message and is feeling the call, please understand your responsibility in this regard, not only for yourself, but for your human family that has lost their greater perspective. That is why you are here and what you have agreed to.

Now the time is here, to transcend the busy mind and to live from the Center of your Heart, not only for the sake of your own spiritual development, but for your service to this planet.

The Stillness of your Hearts generates fields of balance and equilibrium, so that in the midst of necessary shifts and unavoidable turmoils, it is guaranteed that life can go on for everybody in an acceptable manner.

Do not worry about a possible impact of planetary electro-magnetic and other imbalances on your own energy body. And do not observe it with your thought-field, but stay centered  in the Stillness of your Heart. This will balance everything out.

How can you find that place of stillness?
Practice gratitude, love and compassion. Create joy in your life! See the beauty in all things.These are all attitudes that magnify that place in your heart. Feel the Stillness that dwells at the core of Gratitude, Love and Compassion and Joy.

All these qualities are Divine and  show you the way.

Humanity now must learn to cooperate with Me and their planet. Live by example and others will follow you.

Thank you, My Beloveds!
I AM GAIA, your loving Earth Mother! 

Message conveyed by Ute 



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