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 By Ute Posegga-Rudel
Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright © 2012
Please also read update from 21.8.12

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My friends!

If you are working with the "Multilevel Healing" Video" (and subsequently the “SpiritualRapture” Video) a profound healing crisis might happen to you. This may include unusual physical symptoms, but also so called “ascension symptoms”.

The tools in these videos, especially in the first video, the choice of Sacred Geometry, Affirmations and Solfeggio Frequencies, - all  inherent constituents of Divine Creation -, have the tendency to restore Divine Order in your whole system of body, mind and emotions, while they are being aligned with the the original Divine Blueprint of Creation and the Divine Consciousness That you ARE.

We must not underestimate the meaning of the physical body and how powerful it is! In some sense this body defines us as human beings as it is our instrument for experience. Until we understand this fully, we cannot return to Source Itself.

In terms of a healing process, we can come to the true understanding of the enormous inherent power of regeneration and self-healing, that the physical body possesses.
As soon as the “suppression” of the natural, God given, creative processes is released, this innate capability of the physical body starts immediately to unfold.

The other morning, like on so many mornings, I woke up, while my whole body vibrated in a very unpleasant and disturbing way. And although I was aware that this had to do with the transformation of the physical, namely as I had experienced the day before a new download of "ascension" codes, I was wondering about it and how I could allow my body to deal with this  vibrations in a more pleasant way, as the stress in the body was quite strong.

And while I tried to get a better understanding about it, a message started to come through 

While my own experiences make it possible to comprehend the human processesI came so often to the understanding that they make the lesson of it available for everyone else. Without my own personal experience I could not convey my messages in the way I am able to, as they are carried by the reality of direct comprehension.

Especially if you are using my videos that I mentioned above, I consider the message I received as very helpful for the ongoing physical transformation process  and ascension symptoms, which includes necessarily stages of physical imbalances. And I feel honored to be able  to present these instructions to you, as they are wonderful companions for the videos.

And here is the message to all.
Only at the end the messengers revealed who they are:

“We Are  Archangels of Creation, serving the Process of Evolution and Transformation!”

The current of life is a creative process, in which you can participate by co-creation. Go with this current!  Be open to it.
If you try to stop this current, problems can occur, because resistance to the current can create sometimes a “stalemate” for the body. Trust is important. Trust is not something static, it is an investment into a creative process, that naturally unfolds from the Heart of Life, and from the Heart of the Creator. 

To flow with this current, and to flow consciously with it, implies both, to embrace it and to follow it. You follow it while you allow the constant expansion of it.

The expansion of life is a process in which Divine Consciousness is unfolding, because it desires to experience Itself.

All these processes are based on Divine Consciousness. Consciousness That desires to experience Itself, is always Whole, Gracious, Loving and Joyful.  These are the attributes that make up the creative process.

This process always happens in the Joy of Consciousness and basically does not know limitations. It is the unlimited expansion of Consciousness as Creation.

If you follow this process of creation itself, you are always happy. Life is constant expansion, a constant process. To be devoted to it in its totality and abundance, you will not experience dis-ease.

But as soon you resist this current, you create tension in your body, an unnecessary friction, which can lead sometimes to a breaking point.Death, from this point of view, is the resistance to Life.

Many forms of stress are the result of this resistance against the unfolding of life.

Now, during the birthing of new paradigms, where the energy level on your planet is rising by a multiple, also the rhythm of life and the quotient of change have been accelerating.

The vibrational speed in your cellular structure, that is the rate of its vibration, is also rising significantly. So it would be wise - also physically - not to resist the simultaneous rising of Consciousness. Because this rising of Consciousness also entails the change and accelerated creation of the new physical design.

You experience this as the phenomenon, that time (a paradigm that relates to physical and mental processes) seems to pass quicker. 

Therefore all hidden tendencies, that are trying to halt time and the current of life, are becoming conscious, because different vibrations are colliding. Therefore many are loosing their balance at this time. And this can result in all kinds of diseases, physical, mental and emotional. 

We recommend that you contemplate with feeling on the following statements:

-         I open
-         I open for the current of life
-         The current of life is creative
-         I Am creative
-         The current of life is always positive, because it is my choice
-         I participate creatively in the current of  my life
-         My creatorship is in consonance with the Great Divine Creation, that is always positive, gracious and benign.
-         The Creation of the Divine Creator is intended to be always based on joy.
-         Therefore I devote my entire cellular structure to this most joyful process.
-         I am opening all my body cells and release all programs, that have manifested against the process of creation.
-         All my body cells are happy and are bathing in the Light and Love of the New Era.
-         All my body cells are being therefore transformed, and so is my entire body with all its organs, structures and functions.
-         I allow my organism the constant expansion and forward movement in the process of the New Divine Creation.

These statements stabilize all your cellular structures, that transition to a new Expression of Creation and are as such being transformed.

It is important to allow this transformational process consciously and to agree with it. It is important, to let in the creative joy of this New Process, to inhale this joy and to nurture all body cells with it.

Trust is the key. Trust is the companion of the knowing that Divine Creation, the Divine Process, is always benign.

Negative experiences, especially in early childhood, disrupt the benign process of creation, and so you begin to resist it and start to create your own unhealthy ideas about it.

But you must not forget that every negative experience belongs to the illusion of a fallen creation. The intention of a fallen creation is always to halt the natural current of the Divine Creation Process, to restrict It and to destroy It.

Therefore, if  you wish to participate in the creation of the New World, you must have understood their innermost laws.

You co-create the New World, while you at first open up entirely to the currents of life, in the way we have already described.

-         I open to the current of life
-         I open my body-cells to the current of life
-         As I open myself to this current, I let joy in
-         It is joy that moves the Divine Current constantly forward and generates thereby true Divine Experiences, that are always most perfect and happy in themselves.
-         These Creations are not solid, motionless units, they are energetic, always changing processes.

This is the sign of the New World: the experience of constant joyful change. You can enjoy these continuous changes because you know who you are: undying Divine Consciousness.

Body cells are conscious entities. By consciously opening your body cells for the current of life, they are happy! This happiness is energizing and allows the cells to become fluid, to let go of their solid structure and to participate themselves consciously in the current of creation!

In the same way, as your cells are becoming fluid, also your body becomes more fluid, and you begin to feel how it is floating in the current of creation. This is your body’s destiny.

We recommend to take in as much as possible liquids. Eat fruit and fresh vegetables, as they contain liquids. Avoid grains, baked and dried food. And if it cannot be avoided eat them only after you soaked them thoroughly.  Animal products in this process are a total “no”, as their bodies are in the state of solidification and shock when they are killed, not to mention that they are your brothers and sisters.“

Here ended the general instructions.

While I was using them, I started to feel refreshed and highly energized, literally stuffed! with oxygen, and felt how the cells of my body expanded with joy, filled with  the cooling, liquid light of transformation. 

The weird vibrations in my body were gone completely! After all, our bodies still carry unconscious information, especially that of our ancestors, that we came to purify and to transform, to allow the new creation of the human body to emerge.

I also felt that the Consciousness of my body and body cells themselves, has been increased tangibly in this process! The body is indeed a very conscious entity, which, if we allow it to participate in creation and align with the Divine Process, is our partner, to be taken seriously, to experience the New World!  This is of  course not a new thought, but the literal and direct experience of it is truly awesome to me! 

We are together in the midst of an amazing adventure, to which we need fully to surrender, to make it as pleasurable as possible! 

Be blessed, beloved family!

Much love,


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Monday, October 29, 2012


By Ute Posegga-Rudel
Dearest friends,
Please Be Inspired by this video!!
Below you find the terms explained which I used in the video. The meanings differ from conventional understanding.
The sequence of terms and images is being repeated three times.
Please use headphones for the 528 Hz frequency. 

Much Love,


DA: is an ancient Sanskrit name for God, “Who Is Giving All to All”

FEELING OF BEING: the unlimited faculty of feeling, situated at the heart

SELF-TRANSCENDENCE: the constant activity of transcendending the self-knot of the ego-I into the Transcendental Reality

TRUTH: Another name for Divine Reality 

HRIDAYA SHAKTI: is the Energy and Light of the Supreme Divine Consciousness, prior to Cosmic Consciousness, Energy and Light, That Liberates from self-contraction 

FREEDOM: Freedom from the knot of self-contraction (the ego-I) 

ENLIGHTENMENT: the body-mind becoming literally pure light by the Baptism (or the “Crashing Down” into the body-mind) of the Hridaya Shakti. 

LIBERATION: The capacity to transcend the self-knot of the ego-I from moment to moment. 

TRANSCENDENTAL DIVINE SELF-REALIZATION: The Sponteneous, Permanent Awakening to our True Divine Transcendental Nature by Grace.

RADIANCE: The Self-Condition of the Ultimate'


THE HIMALAYAS: 10 of the 12 pictures show the  Himalayas, where monks, sadhus, saints and Divine Realizers meditated for many Thousands of years. The atmosphere is of unprecedented purity, pristine beauty and Divine Inspiration. Just to view from a distance their highest peaks covered with snow, alters your consciousness and fills you with joy! Many of the mountains are the abodes of Magnificent Gods, and they are so holy, that unusual miracles and enlightening experiences occur.

WATERFALL: Iguacu-Falls, Brazil


Saturday, October 27, 2012


By Ute Posegga-Rudel
Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright 201
Please also read update from 21.8.12
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We Are from the Domain of Fire and Light, of Unity of all Souls and Sacred Divine Core Essence 
in the Andromeda Galaxy.


With Joy we are observing the splendid progress on your earth. Gaia is in our heart and attention and we are bathing Her with our Love and the Divine Light of Highest Source!

Dear humanity, we embrace you and shower our deepest and widest Blessings on you as you are growing beyond your state and condition of unconscious sleep into the clear radiance of a new day!

In Reality your ascension is already accomplished in the Higher Realms, it is only that the lower fields of density must follow their liberation into the light.

We would like to remind you that this is being done by each and every one of you with your pure heart.  But if you still need purification to let it shine, all your lower vibrating emotions must find their way out of your system, you must release them into the utter radiance of love!

This requires you to perform a very simple, but perhaps for some of you, difficult action!

It is about releasing your victim consciousness! All your lower emotions, such as anger, fear, guilt, sorrow, are born from victim consciousness only! It is based on the false presumption that any outer circumstance could have a restricting influence on your Divinity, as you forgot the Divine Essence that you Are, or on the illusion that this Essence could even be diminished!

Beloved Ones, the great transformation is this: acknowledge Who You Are! Remember Yourself, remember Your Divine heritage and wake up from that illusionary dream of being an organism merely, that is subject to outer circumstances.

When you subdue yourself to a lower creation, you give your Highest Truth away! You give Divine Reality away, convinced by a lie that has been pervading your human consciousness for a while now, imagining separateness, as if you were separate from Divine Consciousness.

You forget Who You Are, instead to forget who you are NOT!
Therefore we remind you:  forget who you are NOT! This is how you transcend victim consciousness!

You Are not a separate body-mind that could be victimized! You Are that Forever Untouched, One Divine Consciousness, that Radiance, that Love Only. The body-mind is merely the tool to experience what you desire to experience.

How could Love feel guilty, and how could Light be inflicted by conditional circumstances! How could lower density have an impact on the Freedom of Divine Radiance.
It is the fabrication of your mind, so that you seem to be lost in the profound error of this illusion!

Merely your BELIEF creates the dark dream of defeat and unhappiness, the companions of victim consciousness.

Therefore, if you put your Belief right, Everything else becomes Rightful!

And it is not about becoming ‘better’, to ‘improve’ your limited personality, but it is about right understanding of Who You Are! Who You Are, is not afflicted in any way by that personality! To wake up to your true identity - this is the quantum leap to the other side, to your Own True Reality. We can see this Truth shining undiminished in everyone of you, but some of you are still looking into the wrong direction!

So when you purify your heart from all theses errors of what you are NOT, it starts to radiate. There is indeed nothing to achieve, but only to release!  Then Happiness pervades you. And the golden warmness of Love pours out of your heart and fills your whole being, so that you ARE It.

Beloved Ones, only understand your errors and do not feel guilty! There is None in the heavens that ever is condemning you, but you yourself are condemning yourself. And this holds you tight to your errors! Therefore, forgive yourself the error of ignorance and stand up to what you truly Are. Disregard, but do not suppress or deny, what stands against it, the suffering, the separateness, the re-action to a lower world and your mistaken identification with it.

The purity of your heart which is nothing else but allowing your own Truth to shine, is the miracle  that shifts you into the Higher Reality, unifies you with It, makes you One with It. And that is how you will experience your ascension, recognizing that Everything is Already Divine, no matter where you are in Space and Time.

We are admiring you who are the heroes of this grandiose shift! You are working on the Glorification and Deification of this universe, and thereby of all universes. This illumination of yours is spreading like bright flames through the galaxy, igniting the sparks of Divine Creation everywhere, so that they become fires of Adoration, Worship and Realization of Divinity!

We thank you! We love you! Our Love merges with your Love, and in It we are One.

Be Blessed!
We are the Light Beings from the Andromeda Galaxy!

Message conveyed by Ute

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Thursday, October 25, 2012


Dear All!

This healing video is from my heart to you! 
It is based on Sacred Sounds, Imagery and Words.***)

Sacred Geometry, such as the Flower of Life and the Sri Yantra, used in most of the images, are building blocks of Divine Creation and heal the Spirit.

 Deutsches Video:

The Healing Words used in this video, when deeply felt, are scientifically proven to heal the mind.

The Sacred Solfeggio and Brain-Entrainment Frequencies  have a healing effect on the body.

These three elements, combined together, are working on the underlying  imbalances of body, mind & spirit, and can therefore have a strong healing effect, when this video is used regularly.


Please use stereo headphones! ***)

***) ATTENTION! The binaural sound could be harmful, if you have epilepsy, a pacemaker or another electronic implant! In this case simply do not use headphones!

I'd love to hear your feedback! Thank you!

Much love,


Monday, October 22, 2012


Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright ©2012

Please also read update from 21.8.12

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My dear friends!

Out of the unmoved sea of radiance, in which I exist, I write this! Of course, the senses function and are still scanning this still old world
and doing their usual job. However the still old world only seemingly is, as it is in the big process of change already. With the overwhelming Light and Energy, with the Presence of Love here, which only has to be recognized so that it can Live It's natural course, Everything here has changed already!

How many of the human race are noticing this?

We are as cells of the great single body of humanity itself those, who participate in this Miracle, given to us by Divine Grace.  Our greatness is merely the greatness of this glorious Happening, when we recognize It. It is our Unity, and also Love cannot be divided, and neither can we.

Our Unity is our greatness, and not our singleness, although we have various gifts and talents each. But even they are an expression of the Greater Presence of Divine Consciousness. 

The more we allow the Divine Presence to prevail the more we merge with It and let It live us. 

Basically, this is Bliss. And in this Bliss there is no motion of the soul, the soul is taken over. And there is only one  single Happiness, this Joy. To surrender to this Joy makes the vibrant energy of light our home, our parent, as it is nurturing us. And we are only offsprings of that Light which embraces and pervades us as Love. 

What is then in this non-changing Reality of Consciousness the essence of events, of actions, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual?

It is this Immensity Itself, and they only occur, as movements in that Immensity. Are they really me? No they are not. Only if we identify with them. But it is clearly noticeable that we are none of all of that, only this Radiance, this Consciousness, we are. The body does function in It, as usual, and does its regular thing, but it seems the perspective has changed from where we act. 

It is all about finding the way back to the greater "I", and eventually the Ultimate "I". We have been busy for Millenniums to reduce our identity, bit by bit, until we thought we are only flesh and senses, and that's it.

But we are in Reality unlimited beings, we are pure Radiant Consciousness, in which the mind and the body and the world is arising. Therefore in Truth we are not dependent on all of that of world. Of course, if we think we are merely the body, then we are.

This crystalline happiness in the heart merely Is. The heart is the antenna and vessel to be aware of what is Real beyond the body-mind.

I am merely attempting to study the anatomy of our being, of what we humans really are. This moment is very inviting! Not to use the advantage and Grace of this time would be the waste of a precious gift. And we do not want to miss anything in this every moment new and unknown process.

To maintain the right perspective, never let us believe we are less than the Whole. We can Be what we perceive to Be. Such is the nature of Consciousness. 

Our potential however is always unfathomable. Unlimited. Beyond words and mind. To the extent that we are able to widen our awareness about our true nature, to the extent that we can embrace it, notice it, to that extent we have become conscious of our human content. 

But we are not the content. We Are that Substance that Is the assimilation of every and all contents. Ultimately our nature is beyond content. Content is the play of Consciousness but is not us, it is our  toy, in whatever dimension. 

Now we are going to change our toys a bit, they are becoming more sophisticated and refined, we are upgrading them. But they are not the limits of our Consciousness. Lets not make this mistake! 

The journey can be endless, but the journey leads to nowhere. The journey does not become Truth, it is just an experience in the endless happening of creation. 

In the end we must even let go of the illusion of the journey. This requires us to jump into the Unknown where we suddenly Become what we always have been.

In that moment we drop the importance of happenings, they remain accents merely on the surface of our being, but we are limitless, we are Consciousness. 

And all the events flow in a seamless current, they are a process, as our content is, our structure. They change constantly, and what was happy yesterday, does not touch us today. What we aspire for tomorrow looses it's attraction as soon as we achieve it. 

Oh, this goal of ascension to a higher world! And from there we will strive higher. What is new today is old tomorrow. What we hope for - as soon as achieved - looses our interest. It is all the same. What counts is That Which Exists, no matter the play. It is this Existence in which we participate. About This, nothing can be said. It merely Is. And it can be felt, and it brings tears to my eyes.

All plays and toys will one day merge with their own true Nature and reveal their non-substantiality.  Only Reality is Substance, and there is only Light or Energy as Blissful Consciousness. Even if we play the body and the mind. It's all a playing hide of the senses which produce the mirage of our solid world so that we cannot see. 

Please forgive my stuttering. My old habit of perception is being undermined
, the old clothes do not seem to fit anymore, at least as long as this situation lasts in which I am in. I cannot pretend being a child in the sandbox trying to build castles. Somehow the tools have vanished in this silence of non-differentiation. If this all makes sense to you, I am honored by your participation in That Which Is Unspeakable. 

What remains is childlike Joy, is Love, they are One and the  Only One that counts.  Things are kinda being undone. And I do not know whether this is permanent or only waits for a new adaptation, so that it will seem I would function in the future in the old and familiar manner again, perhaps just only on a different octave.

Are we meeting here? Are you the Ones who can make sense of this? All these words are really un-necessary, but they describe at least the process of movement, which the currents of life are presently producing as me.

All I know for real is the Presence of Everything. It is a second world, it seems, in which the body-mind does the familiar. As such I am not changed. But no, the mind of incoherent, three-dimensional experience does not belong to where we go. 

There the mind recognizes a singleness where the 3D dual pairs seem to end up
next and loose their grip - necessarily .  
What I want to express, cannot be described, new communication skills must be developed to continue a link to what is fading away. That strong and potent is the information of light and of love that changes presently everything.

In whatever way I try to describe with words of our familiar world That What is the Case, - the buzzing Presence of everything -, it all flows naturally back into that One and pretty quickly, as if things of the old world
disintegrate. They disintegrate because their foundation is fading away. Instead of it  their real Substance reveals Itself and becomes obvious. It is the Only One that truly can speak.

No, it is not a dilemma. It is all about Happiness. 

With very much Love,



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