Wednesday, May 3, 2017



Nothing is as it seems to be.
Truth is hidden, although it is obvious.

Mankind has been seduced to believe in lies convinced  they are truth.

Therefore there is so much suffering because only what is true and right allows universal energy to flow in a benign and perfect way. Without interference, without obstruction.

When you live as My Truth, all and everything is straightened out. Upright, strong with integrity. Full of life force, radiant, happy.

Where there is suffering, life has not been lived according to My Divine Law. Its  sign is Joy, Love, Compassion, Freedom, Ecstasy, Radiant Light and Natural Service to one another. A consciousness that understands the interconnectedness and unity of all beings does not hurt neither an other nor self.

I AM That. Mankind has forgotten that all of THAT IS TRUTH. When there is Happiness, It Is because of living Truth. Un-truth is un-happy. Such is the Law.

But I do not Speak of a happiness because you got this special ice cream, or did this beautiful boat trip, or your lover gave you the gifts and attention you expected to become happy. Or whether you got a lover at all.

My Happiness is free of all those conditions. It is your natural State of Being. It is unconditional Happiness and entirely independent of external events. It is not a "becoming happy" by an external trigger. Because I AM, and the Happiness I AM is forever Free of all conditions of the worlds and universes.

This Happiness is yours eternally when your blinding bondage to illusionary things, beings and worlds has been severed. When I AM  your True Fulfilment and therefore Freedom, bonded to Me.

Then you Stand in My Unwavering Truth, not bent by the things of broken light, but all your energies freely moving, Love filling your entire body, no separation, your mind sparkling with sublime bliss. Your Heart One with Me. Expanded to Infinity as Love-Bliss-Consciousness. One without a Second. Only My Utter and Pure Simplicity.

This Is because you live My Truth whole-Heartedly, Enjoying Me, not submitted to false mirror-worlds of illusion-lands, light or dark.

I AM the Conscious Light beyond the dual play of opposites. In Me you are being resurrected again and you look neither to the right nor to the left, with feeling of deepest heart-compassion in service to the world.

This is Truth, and if you live with this vision in your heart, everything resumes its original shape and follows their original Divine destination in the full current of abundant, living life. Happiness!

I AM your God-Self, The One Self of All!

Message conveyed by Ute

Ute Posegga-Rudel,
© 2017. All rights reserved.
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