Saturday, September 16, 2023


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Deutsche Übersetzung

Bitte benutze meine deutsche Übersetzung und übersetze nicht selbst. Es passieren ständig Übersetzungs. und Verständnisfehler! 

Please use my German translation and do not translate yourself! Because there are happening always mistakes in right understanding and in translation


My Beloveds!

The mind is a self-runner that sometimes rages like crazy. It does its own thing. But that doesn't matter, as long as the power of the Self that Is Me, simply stands there. Like a pillar, that finally becomes your body, your mind, as you allow It.

Become strong in Me, Be the Self, the Divine Self. It is not a phantom of the mind, an idea. It is Reality. A Force. THE Force! Presence, Being. It is Transcendental Energy, Primordial Shakti. This cannot be created by the mind. Do not try to understand My Divine Paradox.

And so My Divine Presence stands in the body, if you let It, Radiant, Powerful, without a thought. While the separate island of your mind may still be running riot. Claiming its right to desire, experience and fulfillment, in relation to all its illusions.

In relation to My Supreme Divine Reality, the mind is illusion. It can create all sorts of states that you might call Divine. But the world confuses the mind, even the subtle mind, with God. But the experience of God happens on the other shore, THE Real Reality. Not a God as another, a deity separate from you, but God as the Original Light of Consciousness that Exists beyond the brain. Formless. Love-Bliss. All-pervading. Only Me, Who Is He and She, Shakti. Parama Shakti, the Goddess Who is also Radiant Consciousness. Me, The He and She as One.

So this One Appears right now as the Only One, That Exists as all worlds all at once. And so there is only ONE Play, One God/Goddess. Consciousness and Energy as One.

Your suffering is inevitable, if you are bound to the small separate identity, limited, full of endings and changes, pretending not to depend on the One that is not divided. The One that always Shines and never changes. The Ultimate Fulfillment of all and every desire, longing, experience.  

And likewise you suffer if you prefer uninspired by My Divine Greatness to occupy yourself only with the small incidental things of life, in order to consume them.

If you knew about the Unity of all things, really experienced and not only as the mere idea of It, you would not have to digest and consume anything. Your essence would be free of it, because Essence does nothing for Itself. It is already Everything. By merely Being, It Is Eternal Satisfaction Itself.

But as this is commonly avoided,  it even seems to be obscene to remind you of these things, to remind you of the Truth, to demonstrate It, to Be It.

So  to merely be busy is common sense, because business is a sacred cow for society. Why doesn't anybody realize that? Why is herd consciousness so popular, even among  My "spiritual" people? Why are most of My spiritual people not interested in Me, the True God?
Because they worship themselves. They worship their separate ego. They fear to surrender, as it means death of social limitations.

And that is why this My Message is received by very few of you. Because it is not socially accepted. At least not in the western materialistic way of thinking. Because My Truth was never really invited there. And even the true teachings of Christ have been corrupted.

But Me, True God - the Ultimate Shakti - is not a social matter. She Exists outside and beyond any church, any dogma, any religion. She is not a religion. She Is the Reality.

As such the Power of My Truth penetrates the body-mind, if you allow it and purify it. The body-mind is permeated by Me, Its own and indwelling Divine Nature. And not by anything or anyone "else."

There is only Truth in and of Itself, Appropriating what belongs to It. It is as simple as that. And so you could be perfectly happy. Instead, common, ordinary mind imposes the path of separation,
via imagination and you get lost on a lost path without knowing it, and therefore suffer the ordinary fate of the body-mind. For how many more incarnations? Millions? Billions? Until the ultimate goal of liberation will finally be fulfilled by the law of the universe.

Although this unimaginable long time can be significantly shortened, the trend is toward so much suffering and endings and loss. Instead of opening to My Now-Bliss, Ultimate Love, Freedom and Beauty, Unheard and Unseen by the usual body-mind splitted off from the Divine. So the body-mind is all alone in and by itself, -  it believes. Doesn't know the error. Doesn't want to know it. Forgetting the All and the Eternal, That you are in Truth.

Become strong in Me, Be the Self, the Divine Self.

I Am your God-Self, I Am Mahashakti, I Am Parashakti, the Great Power of Ultimate Reality.

 Message conveyed by Ute Shan'A'Maa


Ute Shan'A'Maa Posegga
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