Sunday, March 5, 2023


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My dear friends,
these endtimes bear incredible gifts. As the solid world as we thought it is, breaks in pieces, or liquifies, all that was hidden behind the walls of the artifical construct we call the world, becomes visible, if we do not hold on to that construct.

Through the ever larger growing cracks between the pieces of the old world new light is radiating out, sometimes it seems to be blinding because it is so bright. The old walls that hid the Unknown, the Forgotten, the Heritage of true mankind, of those that are the seeds of Pure Divinity, are no longer able to hide the truth that was always ours.

That we have access to these revelations does not mean that suddenly we live in a renewed and beautiful world. All depends on the Divine Visions of those of who bear them, to bring them forward into the visible. What each one of us carries in their conscious and unconscious mind and emotions appears in their „outer world“, according to the hermetic principle, „as inside so outside“: The law is from inside out.

So who cling to the old world that breaks apart, no longer being able to hold that artificial light that many thought was real and good and godly, will notice only darkness. Because that artificial light was born from a dark mind to seduce and deceive mankind. Such a deceived mind desperately clings to the shards of lost hopes. Not willing or able to use ones own creator power.

They allowed themselves to become a mere reflection from the hollow shells of a world that was artificially created by the contollers of mankind. So they gave away their divine spark and became puppets as they are programs from powers without.

They cannot see  the new authentic world hat is emerging from within of those who see through the cracks into the Light of God, because they do not possess or have lost that seed that makes them Divine.

As the cracks become larger and the artificial pieces of the old drift apart, the tear test becomes more and more unbearable for them as they try to hold the love-less world together with their ego-power, not understanding that the only thing that holds the world together is the Divine Power of Magnetic Love. This Love is not "nice", "good-hearted" or a socially accepted behaviour or how an ego imagines how love should look like. It is not subordinated to moral ideas of any society.

So what one bears inside will appear outside according to the law. Who cannot see the fresh Divine Conscious Light arising, that enables us to create a new world from and with It are the ones who do not have access to the light within. Because in reality, this light is our own on us bestowed  nature in which we appear.

How the future of humanity evolves is depending on the number and the genuine purity of true visionaries who use their God-given creator power, which to use is now supported greatly, as it is based on the Original Substance of Divine Light and Consciousness.

This is then not about fighting against the old world that is falling apart and also not trying to heal the old world and to create in the midst of the shards a new one - because they can't let go of the familiar. 

But is is about to create this time the New from scratch from the Divine Radiant Field Itself. And to begin from there requires great surrender, courage and great love as it is being created from no-thing, so to speak, as the old is being exposed as un-True in ALL its aspects. The whole old thing IS un-True, every single bit of it.

The question is here: will those who lost their Divine spark be given that spark again?
Of course, everything is possible and nothing is being denied to those who ask for it. Because it is the greatest and inherently blessed creator power to bring into Being ourselves to Be the highest visions of God as which we came into existence in His Dream of Himself.

Perhaps we are the ones to see and presume that Divine Spark in those who lost it to awaken their creator power. Maybe we are the ones to awaken that joy in the seeming lost so that we all have a bright future.

This is the time of the renewal of Divine Truth. In the endless field of Beingness that exists when opposites collapse within the Field of Zeropoint that is the Quantum Field, EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

The greatest error and mistake right now in these changing times and times of transition is to take the apparent world as it appears to us for granted and for real! It is not! We need to say goodbye to whatever we see or perceive as the „real“ world out there and EVERY piece of it!

We need to let it go radically and allow the visions that we carry since perhaps eons with us to be empowered by our joyful emotions that can be only love, - because the field of  love is the only constructive and expanding power in which our deepest wishes about a new world can be fulfilled.

That love is not narrow sighted, it is not sweet, it is the power of the God-Multiverse. It encompasses the Great Divine Vision and so that Love needs sometimes to destroy what is in It's way, to make room for Itself, as the Vast Mere Existence of God. As It is destroying already the coherence of the old world and puts it into pieces. And according to another hermetic principle: „as above so below“, this also happens and creates pain to each egoic structure one tries to hold on to. Because a structure that holds on to itself and resists to open up energetically to the Radiant Truth of Divine Reality will experience great pain now.

As we participate in that Ocean of True Divine Conscious Light we are moved by It and so we each are the waevers who allow a New World to arise in the One Dream of God that holds us all together. There is only One Humanity we are all part of.

And the Great One is not the individual that contributes  but The One in Whom we all arise and Whom we serve. The greatness of the individual is their specific tone, their sound and their openess  and surrender to allow the Divine Powers to flow through them.

With love,

Ute Shan'A'Maa


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