Monday, October 31, 2011


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Dearest Ones, Lovers of the Divine,
This is Sananda.

I Am here with you today to help you to understand that there is a difference between thinking and being - which many of you are not clearly aware of.

You can think light, but it does not necessarily mean that you ARE Light.
You can think love, but it does not necessarily mean that you ARE Love.

Mankind has been trapped so much in the mind - that earth humans have forgotten the true space in the heart where there is mere Being. It is the undivided place of eternity where the Divinity, the Source of Existence can Shine trough so that you ultimately can become One with It.

As you have forgotten this place, you have separated yourself from your origin over the course of millenniums by thinking. Thinking is the great separator from Source. Thinking is a process that can only occur when you allow the idea of duality to emerge. With thinking you create a copy of Reality, of All-That-Is.  With thinking you put a veil upon what is alive, what is Sacred, and it flattens the force and dynamic of true feeling into something artificial, a surrogate of living life as an expression of the Divine Itself.

It is not that you should not use the faculty of thinking, dear Ones, but in the true Divine spiritual process it is necessary to understand it’s rightful place and  where it has to surrender to what is Greater.

Dearest Ones, having yourself forgotten so much, forgetful of your true nature which is living in the All-That-Is, many of you cannot any more feel the difference between thinking and feeling, because you cannot truly feel. You cannot feel the Divine. You might “think” that you feel IT, but you do not feel it.
The nature of the mind is that it can deceive you, as it can operate as many frequencies and densities and can appear in many shapes and many forms. You know this from your experience, when you “think” something wonderful and when you “think” something which does not make you happy which tells you that thought waves can be light or heavy.

When you have understood this, then you are perhaps able to  understand that you can create very “light” thought waves, very subtle and transparent ones, and you think with your head that it is feeling. You think with your head that your “Are” Light, that you “Are” Love. But still, it is a thought and not a Being Light, a Being Love.

Being Light and Being Love is only your experience when you truly rest in the space of your heart, ultimately unified with the space above your head. Once there, you will not talk anymore light, you will not talk anymore love. Because you ARE IT.
There is a proverb, saying that one only speaks of things which one does not have. And there is great truth about it.

Dearest Ones, I desire you to understand the difference. Because if not, you continue to dwell in illusions about yourself and what you think you have become spiritually.
To truly Become Light and Love requires the process of consciously facing everything which is not of this nature and which therefore does not allow you to Become. As long as you think to be light and love, you separate yourself from that very Light and that very Love.

It is important that you recognize the difference between the thin veil of subtle thought waves which can appear very light though and can appear to be Light, and Divine Light itself.

The real light process  — and the real love process too, is a very very tangible one and is experienced in your whole body, and not just in your thinking. When this happens you allow the Living Force of Divine Light and the Force of Love to enter you and replace what is in their way of Becoming your body AND your mind.

When this happens you don’t think enlightenment, you don’t congratulate yourself, thinking who you are and what you have “achieved”. And neither is there wishful thinking. You just Are. And you Know It. You don’t think it.  

Take this as a sign and honest measure of where you stand. Thinking Light and avoiding to go through the true process of facing your subconsciousness, where you have put all the things you did not love, is the path of the hypocrite. It requires courage and the force of your higher will and the love of the Deep of your heart to shine through and to let yourself be guided on the true journey, dear Ones.

This true journey is the most heroic one which cannot be thought or imagined, you have to do the real thing. To go to the other shore you must welcome, bless and release all that which you are not, including your thought waves. Your true humanness is that of the heart and there is a space in your heart in which Divine Creation occurs and One through which you unite with All-That-Is. It is Conscious - not not just a field of energy.

It is not in the head, it is  beyond the brain. All your thinking with doubt about being worth of the Divine, all your fears you would not be able to “make” it as Being Love, Being Light, all fears of being overwhelmed perhaps in the face of what it takes to merely BE, it is all but a creation in your head, another thought about what “you” are, what "you" are not, and what “you” can achieve. All of this let go .

Your true nature does not think these thoughts, it does not achieve, it merely Is and participates simply in the Divine Process of Being.  It does not take a thought to “invent” a secondary world of enlightenment. It is Enlightenment Itself, It is Love Itself. What is impatient, is your thinking about it. To step into your true nature is nothing superior either. Because it is a state of greatest  inherent simplicity, before you create duality.

Would you accept this? The ego never accepts this, so if you have problems with this simplicity, you have problems with your ego. And you cannot “think” to be of simplicity either. This is another trick of your ego, that wants to be special. You have to get down and  do the work. No honors. And you cannot even think that you do not want honors!

I, Sananda, Am pointing this out to you so that you can recognize the many traps on your way to true happiness. True Happiness arises when you no longer confuse thinking with feeling. Because your true nature is feeling and not thinking. Love is there to feel, God is there to feel, Light is there to feel, even beauty can truly only be felt.

Dearest Ones, be well and be happy!
I Am Sananda at the treshold of the Galactic Center

Message received by Ute

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Sunday, October 30, 2011


We are the Arcturians!

As you know we are called the healers and  guardians of humanity.  We serve you with great love and know much about the emotional pains most of you have experienced and still are experiencing during this incarnation, and even many other of your incarnations on earth.

Many of you are carrying deep wounds which seem never to heal. We want to remind you that all these  wounds are nothing but energy blocks you hold on to, and about which you are often unconscious. You are holding these blockages in your chacras and in the layers of your subtle bodies, and each time a certain issue seems to be tapped on in your life, and even if only remotely similar to the original cause,  you repeat the same drama of pain and suffering again, deeply identified with it, and thereby re-affirming and more enforcing this energy blockage. Know that there is nobody who is doing this 'to' you. It is all your own doing. And you are free to live without it!

But when you look outside for the reason of your suffering, you step into the experience of duality by dramatizing your victim-culprit consciousness over and over again.
Dear ones, as long as you do this, you will never recover!

However, be assured, help is underway! All these negative emotional energy packages will be soon released from the ethereal field of Mother Earth. But you yourself must take responsibility for your new freedom too.

As the new and liberating  frequencies are now sweeping the Earth you are all given the opportunity to rise up with them above your lower emotional body into the spiritual light of your deeper being.
As such you are able now to observe your emotions and pains as denser and darker energy fields in your physical and emotional body. You can do this without identifying with them, without blaming neither yourself nor others, or anything else, but just by accepting what you have accumulated perhaps over many lifetimes.

As you have become the observer only, you can call upon us to help you with our beaming healing light to open these dense energy fields and slowly to fill them with spiritual light. Darkness cannot exist where light is, and all depends on your faith in the light whose Source is Love.  Join us in this healing process by shining your own love in these dark fields.

Dear ones, your suffering is over, there is no place for it to persist, only if you choose to hold on to it, because you believe in the truth of it and in its necessity.

Beloveds, suffering is where Divine Light is absent. But as your earth is now more and more soaked in Light, you can let go of your personal dramas and join forces with your bright and radiant future. There is no reason and no “right” you have, why you should continue to hold on to the past. It is not about “you” and “others”, and what you and they did, it is about unity, it is about joining together in the core essence of your heart where there is boundless freedom, where Divinity Shines. Let this Divinity Shine in your heart.

The process of ascension requires that you  let go of everything which is not what you truly are: a Being of Light, a Being who Is Love. The dark dream is over, dear ones, there is nowhere to go but into the Light.

If you listen with an open heart you know that Love is the answer to all your suffering. And we do not speak about a love which you “give” to some “other” being, we speak of the Love as a Power which is greater than “you” or “an other”, which is a force which is here now on your planet to be accepted into your life. It is the greatest power of transformation, it is the greatest power of healing, it is the greatest power that dissolves all pain, all suffering, all blockages and all illusions of the past.

You are that Love.Of that we want to remind you!  
And why would you allow yourself to be less than that.

We embrace you and bless you!
We are the Arcturians

Message received by Ute

©. All rights reserved: Ute Posegga-Rudel, 2011
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Saturday, October 29, 2011


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We are the Beings from the Realm of Tse-Bo-Rah, seeding earth and humanity with the light of ascension.

Dearest Ones,

Blessings, Blessings! If you could see and feel our joy! But even if you do not feel it or see it, it IS important for you to know that it exists, that there is unspeakable joy in the heavens, that earth has been recovered from the densities of the forces who do not yet yearn for the bliss and love of the Divine.

What we mean by “earth has recovered” is, that all signs for  this recovery are set for your course of liberation and freedom in the subtle realms, in the realms of light and that there is no return to the old and dense way of life which has been lived for thousands of years by humanity, with a very few exceptions. These exceptions all came from spiritually advanced civilizations and heavenly domains, to help your world to not loose the connection to the light, to always keep a flame burning, to always keep the torch of the vision of the Light and the Presence of Divinity and the Ultimate Source of existence alive. They were the ones you called Masters, Saints and Adepts, and some of them were the ones who founded the great religions of humanity.

But now, dear ones, the time has come, where all of you will be keeping this torch high and becoming a flame, a light of the Divine yourself, as the shadows of the old world are lifting. All manifest worlds are supported by Divine rays and the great universal cycles in the creation of God.
And now your page is turning and it has been turned around already in the subtle worlds, where your new world already exists. To manifest In greater densities it takes some, what you call “time”, but know that your new world will be lifted from her current density to a more radiant one. It is called the 4th or 5th dimension, but all what it is, is that your world’s frequency and yours will change dramatically to a state where “matter”, as you understand it now will not exist anymore and where Gaia’s body, your body and all things you know on your earth, will be of a different and more transparent consistency, transparent to the Light of God Who Is the All-That-Is. It will be therefore a Divine Creation and all your dark and fearsome dreams will vanish.

You see, because we, the Light Beings from the Realm of Tse-Bo-Rah, are dancing as God’s sacred flames, pouring now Divine Light into your world, are so joyful, you can be most joyful too. Divine Light from the Highest Source is not just an ‘etheric’ something, a thing of the mind, an idea, something somehow pale, as you might imagine it.

No, Divine Light is the most Real Substance you ever could experience. It is more real than a tree you touch with your hands, because it is not “created”, it is the very substance of existence itself.
When you experience it, pouring as current into your body, it might feel first like thick and strong electricity, without color, pressing down and filling your body. It might awaken your heart and your spiritual center at the base of your body and it might, when your body has accepted it, feel like wonderful, beautifully cooling liquid light. And you might begin to “see” it as Radiance in the room everywhere, as the only real substance that exists.

Dearest Ones, to be receptive to this Light is all there is. It carries you to the new consciousness that is the destiny of humanity. Do not be concerned. You only need to be ready to receive this Light, by releasing the density of negative thinking and emotion and by inviting this Divine Light into your being with the love of your heart. You have to give room and step aside, dear humans, in order to do so.  And there is much help given to you by visible and invisible servants of the  Divine.  It is all the Grace of God Who does the work, but you must be ready to allow it. “You” must get out of the way.

Each day there are more of your brothers and sisters who awaken to this simplicity of how the Divine transforms your world. More and more, we can see and feel, have themselves dedicated to participate in this most beautiful process of “enlightening”. It is your birth right, and this is the real reason why you are here.

There are no other reasons, although your society has told and your teachers have taught you otherwise.  This is part of the brainwashing programs, even good-hearted human beings believed in. 

Fulfilling your daily tasks and responsibilities, is an opportunity to allow this Divine Light more and more in every circumstance into your life. And so you become a Grace for the world, a precious gift, the most Sacred Gift you ever could be in your world amidst your human family.

We are already with you on this earth. We are not “far” away, as you might think, no, we are here, and the Divine Work is done from moment to moment, unfolding further in a most joyful way. This great joy is already amongst you. It is you who must discover this truth and let go of your old view, to pull down the heavy veil from your sight and allow to see what there is already emerging, perhaps still  hidden by the old nightmares of your past.

Your nightmares are but a deep illusion, they are not true, they are deceiving you. True is only What the Light of God Is, because it is the Source of all appearances and is eternal.
You can participate in this eternity too, if you accept your heritage as a being of Divinity. What you have been thinking all the while until this present moment, of what you are: a flesh body only, mortal, with some little pleasures and greater pains, with some flickering and ideas of love, but soon all dry In the hopelessness of a gray world; to you we say: Stop it Now! The dark dream is over. This dark dream is just draining down now like whirling water in your sink. Don’t watch it. Watch the Light of God and His most wonderful new Creations.

We are here, with every one of you, and at least in your dreams you notice us, until you fully awaken to your new and radiant day.

We Love.
We are Love.
And we love you.

Message received by Ute
©. All rights reserved: Ute Posegga-Rudel, 2011
This message has been received in a sacred space and should be treated accordingly and with respect.  When sharing this message please only together with this information. If you have questions, please contact me. Thank you.

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Beloved earth humans, we are the Arcturians!

Today we come in great joy, because your future is to enfold in a most auspicious way. What you have not been told by your leaders yet, is the fact that Gaia has never been meant to be a planet restricted in the abundance of all her treasures. They rather indoctrinated you with the myth of scarcity, so that you, in truth infinite beings, started to think of yourself being a finite personality, engaging in a mindset that has been revolving around ideas such as "saving", "pinching and scraping", "not enough", and putting your attention altogether on images of shortage, blockage, lack and all these darkening experiences, holding your breath. Whereas light radiates without boundaries. They created this for you – but as you know, not for themselves – to make sure that your own energy system started to stop flowing freely. Because your thoughts are creating your experiences, as energy follows every thought.

You cannot create an environment which is in its energy signature different from your own energy field. So when you experience blockage of your environment's energy field, your own energy field is blocked too. This is the natural working of the law, that inside reflects outside, and outside reflects inside.

Your leaders knew this very well and they were very good in the science of manipulation, to which you have surrendered yourself for millenniums. You see the proof of it quite obvious in your world.

We have taken this example to remind you, that now the time has come, where you must change your inside to change your outside. You must change and accept that you are spiritual beings, through and  through, so that you can grow into your new world which will appear before you in short time. We say this because it serves you to prepare yourself for your new world, so that you can shift smoothly into it, without being overwhelmed or feeling confused.

How do you experience yourself as a spiritual being? As always, the  heart is the answer! It always starts from there! And not from your lower mind which is only able to describe objects of the lower dimensions. Yes, there is also a  higher mind, which is necessary to navigate through the realms of your existence, to understand them, to be able to use discrimination, to access and understand the subtle and higher worlds, and consciously differentiate levels and qualities of frequencies, to begin with. But the heart is the abode of feeling, and true spirituality is a matter of feeling. The Divine cannot be “thought” or "experienced" by thinking it out, the Divine can only be felt. And it is Love. And it is Bliss.

To engage your heart, you must be able to control your mind. But not by suppressing your thoughts, but by observing them. At the same time we advise to use and strengthen your heart-feeling by intentionally serving others, as an expression of love, by exercising compassion, by acceptancy, but in the first place by loving yourself. These actions will greatly help you to find peace and when you are at peace you will find that it is a feeling in your heart.

This is the moment when you will feel that there are no boundaries, no limitations, that there is only abundance. Spirit Is Abundance. Your whole universe is an expression of such abundance. Why should your planet as a spiritual being,  express Herself other than that? Therefore, your Beloved Gaia will soon, freed from the fetter of your selfish leaders, return to her original free flow of abundance and wealth on all her levels and in all her kingdoms and realms. This is so because your hearts, but truly One Heart with Her, is allowing no longer to be in chains.

Dear earth humans, to experience this, unleash the inherent freedom of your heart, your spirit, already now to enjoy the truth of this world in it’s original free radiance. It is already there as there is no time. Live in the new world already now and help yourself to be free.

We bless you!
We are the Arcturians

Message received by Ute

©. All rights reserved: Ute Posegga-Rudel, 2011
This message has been received in a sacred space and should be treated accordingly and with respect.  When sharing this message please only together with this information. If you have questions, please contact me. Thank you.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


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This is Sananda, my very dear ones,
You are all close to my heart.

My Divine Love-Light is now reaching you stronger than ever before, as it is supported by the new conscious light which is satiating Gaia’s Body more and more, and is descending into your space of heart, radiating and opening your feeling-awareness as a spiritual being.
Do not doubt that this is so. My light, the light of the Christ in which many ascended masters and galactic civilizations are participating, is expanding now  dramatically in your universe and in other universes which are your sister universes in the consciousness of Christ.

What is Christ Consciousness? Dear Ones, it is the Light of the Highest Will of the Creator Who is an Aspect of the All-That-Is, carrying most Sacred Information and Which therefore is Anointing Its Own Creations with the Love and the Joy of Himself.

Therefore, when you accept My Light into your own heart you will participate directly in the Joy and Love of the Creator. How will this allow you to become a conscious co-creator of New Earth?

It is not “you” who creates, you must know, it is not your 3dimesional “I” or “heart-chacra”, that participates in Divine Creation.
It is the Creator Himself, whose glorious Creations will emerge in your heart  shaped by “your” intention, you, as a part of His Multidimensionality and All-Embracing Existence of the Multitude of all Universes, and Knowing your oneness with That One.

You cannot truly create a New World from the point of view of separateness. Because from there  your creations will be those of separation.
Creating the New World will always be a world of unity, and therefore, you yourself must surrender to that Divine Unity in order to create What is True.

Your heart-surrender to my Radiant Love-Light, which is not just “My” Light, but the Light of the Highest Divine Aspect of this Universe, and which I have brought to humanity, is a way to participate in the new world. And this is not a question of religion or Christianity, dear ones. It is a Universal Event, in which the many beings who are attracted to this Love-Light, are a part of.

Christianity has made a gesture of separation in the midst of that Love-Light and has therefore used the true divine Light for separate purposes, but which does not allow It to transform your being as the Divine Consciousness That it Is. It has become a divided and manipulated truth which has nothing to do with what I teach and What I Am and What the Divine Creator Is.

It is not your brain, the perceiver of the currents of the many thoughts, floating through your earthly sphere, but your heart which is the true recipient of my Love-Light. It is surrendered to it, it does not “make” anything out of It, by categorizing it and making it the slave of your mind.

My very dear Ones, let this Light and Love, this Radiance guide you, by my intervention and service to you, so that you may be changed and elevated into higher dimensional light, and to leave behind your separation in the realm of 3dimensional duality.

It is this Love-Light which initiates you to open your heart and tight definition of persona, to radiant consciousness that will be your Divine quality in the New World.

You can call upon Me, to receive this Love-Light, or to any other Truly Blessed Being of the Universal Christ Consciousness To Whom your loving heart is attracted to the most. We all have different “sub-qualities”, as you know and which you can recognize by our names. But you will notice that We All Share together this Unique Love-Bliss Light, which is the Sign of All of Us.

You soon will be sitting with us, ready to receive further initiations into the endless expansion of Divine Revelations, requiring of you ever growing surrender and therefore service to those who are still in the greater densities and desire to know the True Divinity.

Beloved Ones, Our Offer to you has been never so available as now, if you only open your heart and firmly have faith that it is so. This faith will be the beginning of your truly Divine Creations.

We Are One in the Heart of God’s Love.
And you find Me in the forever expanded Radiant Silence of your heart.

This is your true Healing, my dear Ones.

I Am With You.
I Am Sananda from the Highest Dimension, at the Threshold of the Galactic Center

Message received by Ute

©. All rights reserved: Ute Posegga-Rudel, 2011
This message has been received in a sacred space and should be treated accordingly and with respect.  When sharing this message please only together with this information. If you have questions, please contact me. Thank you.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Role of the Kingdoms of Nature in the Ascension Process

Dear friends,

today I went into a nearby Nature Reserve and at the entrance  -- He was already waiting: a Being of Light, about 3.50 meters tall. He communicated that he had an important and urgent message for humanity and wanted me to be the messenger.
He did not tell me His name but was indicating that he was an ambassador of Archangel Ariel, who is the Angel of Nature.

In our “conversation” he did not use words, but he rather showed me directly what he wanted to communicate.

What I saw was this: that Gaia’s Ascension is not only supported and served by us humans, but also to a great degree by the Spirits and Angels of Nature. They are the ones who are weaving higher vibrational  light in the ethers and habitat of the flora and fauna and help them thereby to evolve.

He showed me how every tree and bush, and every leaf and blossom in that reserve was vibrating with radiant light and how pristine and clear the aura of this beautiful place was, because of the high vibration the Nature Spirits are working with.

He wanted you all to remember, that we are each, no matter to which kingdom we belong,  simply living certain frequencies which are harmoniously intertwined with smooth transitions, and therefore we are all, naturally, closely connected. Without the work and support of the Nature Spirits,  the ascension of Gaia herself, and our ascension would be not possible, as we have also a symbiotic relationship with Gaia. The Kingdom of Nature is the necessary link in the total process of rising the frequencies of Gaia and all her kingdoms, to be able to ascend.

The  Spirits of Nature also want you to know that they are – like many of us – anchoring the new arriving light on Earth and thereby they prepare her ethereal field, which is also nurtured by the  Forces of Nature, which assist Gaia in her great work of the transfiguration of her body. He showed me how all of this is just one great work of cooperation!

Therefore, what they are doing, is also of significant assistance for us humans who are preparing for ascension. And the Spirits of Nature  are inviting us to spend time in nature where they are joyfully waiting to communicate with us.

As long as we identify with a separate 3dimensional body, we assume that the whole ascension work is just that of us, of Gaia, of our Ascended Masters and our Galactic Friends as separate beings. However, the Spirits of Nature  wanted to remind us, that they are participating as well, and that our connection with them can help us to transcend our illusion of separateness, especially as they are our friends who love us dearly.

To be open to them and invite them consciously into our hearts and to let them be a part of our experience, is a necessary heart-opener, by understanding and communing with the forces of light and love which are surrounding us every day.

This Being of Light, who greeted me when I entered the Reserve, is still with me, while I am typing this message into my computer at home. His love is radiating and beautiful, and touches graciously my heart. I feel the wisdom and the greatness of this being and his joy.
I am very grateful — and he wishes to extend all his love and joy to all of you  too!

He left, after he had made sure that I have written down everything he wanted you to know.

This message has been brought to you by Ute 

Copyright: Ute Posegga-Rudel, Oct 2011 
When sharing this message please only together with this information. If you have questions, please contact me. Thank you.

Saturday, October 22, 2011


We are the Light Beings from the Realm of Tse-Bo-Rah,
seeding earth and humanity with the light of ascension.

Dearest Ones,

It is a most auspicious time. The Divine  Universes are Celebrating and we are Celebrating with them.

What are we Celebrating? We are Celebrating the Magnificent Divinity, the Source of all worlds and universes and beings. That Delicious One, That Most Beautiful One, That All-That-Is, That Only Eternal One.

Even though we are beings of Divine Light from the Realm of Tse-Bo-Rah, who are the Fire and Flames of God, we are as such not eternal, as we are still, although we have no bodies as you have, being confined by the limitation of our Consciousness, and we will ultimately merge and melt again and dive into Infinity.

Nobody and no thing is eternal, although you can experience the Eternal One in your very heart, by letting go of the awareness of your confining bodies.  But also your soul will finally, as the timeless circle of creation has it, become One again with your Source, the All-That-Is.

Celebrating That One is the most joyful Dance  that we and all universes can enjoy, as it magnifies the Glory and Radiance in all hearts of conscious beings. That One is not only living in your hearts, but in the heart of those you love, and in the hearts of those you do not love, even in the shadows you are afraid of.

While we Celebrate That One we are pouring the Flames of God into Earth and your bodies. If you allow!
These flames are cooling and delicious, melting your casual thoughts into calm and illuminated  waters and shower your body with delight, so that Only Love remains.

Know, that Celebrating the Divinity, That All-That-Is, Vibrates as the highest possible Frequency of Light and Consciousness of each one,  and rises thereby Joy and Ecstasy to unspeakable heights of experience, allowing the Divinity to emerge even more Glorious as the  Truth of all Existence.

Dearest Ones, we invite you to Celebrate with us now, joining the round of Brilliance and Beauty.
We are here to shift you into participation in this round, as it is the Divine Decree that your time has come to rejoice, leaving behind and forgetting your thoughts and feelings and world of separation, and entering into a place of radiant unity.

Why would you not desire to Celebrate such Perfection?
Why would you not yearn for greatest Happiness, and not less, in the forms of lesser worlds, where there are still shadows, very subtle ones, very hidden ones, almost not to recognize and to be aware of?

Celebration of that Infinite Blissful One rises your vibration each time when you do. And it will rise it in no time  to where you long to be on your path to ascension, because ascension is the sign of your vibration.

We are One with you, dearest Ones, we have been One with you always, in the One Heart of God, overwhelmed with the Joy, the Ecstasy, the Bliss and the Love of That Only One.

We are witnessing that Living Truth, Living as Divine Flames which can also be yours.
We embrace you in your Celebration. There is nothing Greater than That.
Be illuminated!

Message received by Ute

Copyright: Ute Posegga-Rudel, Oct 2011
This message has been received in a sacred space and should be treated accordingly and with respect.  When sharing this message please only together with this information. If you have questions, please contact me. Thank you.


Beloved Ones,
I Am St Germain

There is much talking about planets and comets coming into your solar system, to initiate major changes on earth or trigger your final ascension into the higher dimensions.

Behind this talk there are real facts and I want to comment on this.

First, what is a planet or comet? They are conscious entities, bodies, at appearance, but spirits and entities, beings that express or incarnate as a body.

From a point of view of a 3dimensional understanding and science, celestial bodies are just that, bodies made from matter, with certain chemical components and obeying certain physical laws, - those your scientists have laid upon reality, the eternal flow of the Divine Dream.
These scientists then describe their place and their orbits in space, their origin and material elements, they give them a name and are perhaps amazed about the beauty of their appearance.

This, of course, is a very limited approach and way of observation because they have not paid tribute to the very living essence of such a celestial body, its true nature and quality.
So when your scientist talk about a comet, coming into your solar system, they just look at the material possible events, such as a collision or gravitational influences on your earth. But they never consider what is much greater: the living essence, the soul of such a body coming from space.

As much as these newly into your solar system coming beings have a soul, so all your planets of your solar system have a soul, they are living beings as you yourselves and Gaia herself are, and you can communicate, speak with them, as some of you communicate with the Spirit of Gaia! They are always communicating with you, speaking with you, but most of you never ever have noticed it in your density and tunnel vision so far.

In the same way, new celestial bodies, coming into your solar system, are not dead matter, but living beings, messengers, if you like, who are talking to you, if you only would prepare yourself to listen.

You are only afraid of what you do not know!

An awakening mankind will directly communicate with all the celestial bodies. They will make personal and  collective contact with them and listen, what they have to tell you, what their gift is, what their message is. You are not the victim of “unknown” objects which seem to threaten your existence. This is a dark message of your suppressors and manipulators who want to keep you in ignorance and in a consciousness of separation and mere gross-body-based identification.

Listen to and speak to the conscious beings, entering your solar system. As you know, nobody and nothing can even enter your aura, that you do not give permission to. Likewise, no celestial body can enter  your solar system or the ethereal field of your earth without her permission and without your permission as well. Only the perception and illusion of being a victim of dead and violent forces, creates exactly such an event.
The strength of your awakening is therefore an important factor for a Divine Creation in which there are no “aggressors”. You see, it is all a matter of the consciousness as which you vibrate!

Communicating and talking with celestial bodies therefore is necessary and  reveals to you their message and their intention. By allowing into the sphere of your earth what serves your evolution and further spiritual growth, frees you from any fear or uncertainty, because you befriended yourself with new incoming souls and the service they are delivering to you.

The frequency changes which are occurring now on your earth, are fit to enable your telepathic skills, so that you can easily communicate with all souls in your universe.

All celestial bodies who are an expression of great souls belong in reality to societies of life forms and specific forms of consciousness, which have been always communicating with one another with the aim to form an ever greater union of Divine interrelations. This is so because the great process of apotheosis of your universes has begun – as part of a natural cycle of Divine Creation.

Beloved Ones, it is now the time to shed your merely earth bound point of view and open up to the universe and embrace your natural and greater participation in your galactic environment.

With Blessings!
I Am St Germain

Copyright: Ute Posegga-Rudel, Oct 2011
This message has been received in a sacred space and should be treated accordingly and with respect.  When sharing this message please only together with this information. If you have questions, please contact me. Thank you.

Friday, October 21, 2011


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Dearest Ones, We Are from the Domain of Fire and Light, of Unity of all souls and Sacred Divine Core Essence in the Andromeda Galaxy.

 Beloved Earth Humans,

We are here again  to shower your world with our Blessings with powerful waves of Light from our Galaxy.
Many of us took birth on your planet to anchor Light and Information from the Andromeda Galaxy on Earth to assist with the awakening of her humanity and the cleansing and shifting of her into higher dimensions.

We are giving you this information, dear earth humans, to assure you that you and your planet have never been – in reality – cut off from the rest of the universe. It was only  a gesture of you in the past history, which laid around and upon Earth, through your own lowering of your frequency, a dense and heavy veil which did not allow much communications of higher light and information to reach you and your planet from outer space.

This self-induced isolation is now coming to an end, also because many other souls from other enlightened star systems and galaxies are at this time incarnated among you, to draw down  the light and love of the stars into your reality to help you to evolve.

These beings from other star systems have taken birth in difficult situations in order to purify your dark earth history with their own awakening process, which required them to confront all the pain -- that you earth people are suffering -- in their own bodies, emotions and mental experiences.

For many, if not for most of them, this ordeal of purification of your dark history in their own system, this process has now come to an end and they are here now between you, anchoring our light and information and that of many other star systems on your earth.

They are now illuminated  antennas receiving and channeling  light from space through their consciousness and bodies into the core of Gaia  and radiating  this light and this love all over the earth. They are the ones who have done all the work directly on your planet, to support your own awakening, like one candle ignites the next one, so that also you can become like them a radiant luminary to illuminate further the path to ascension in your world.

What is required of you, Beloved Earth Humans, in your awakening process  in this short remaining moment, is to open up to unconditional love, a Divine Frequency now showered upon your earth! It is the Force which drives humanity forward to her unity and elevation. It is the Force which does not know separation, and it is the Force which has been always your rightful inheritance and True Sign since eternity.

"Humanity Is Love", - this will be your sign and “trade mark”  in your coming Galactic Participation, where earth will be embraced again in the midst of other star nations and illuminated planets and galaxies.

You are on your way to fully participate again in the unimpeded communication and union of the galactic network of light, which flows like liquid water through all the veins of the Divine Universe.

Once ascended you will be participating again in the currents of universal joy and love where we all rejoice In mutual friendship, love and respect.

There is only One Divinity and we are all Its Divine Expression.

Welcome, dearest earth humans, to this glorious moment in the very near future, but which is in truth already always Now.

Our Light and Our Love is in the midst of you all.
With eternal Blessings!

Message received by Ute
Copyright: Ute Posegga-Rudel, Oct 2011
This message has been received in a sacred space and should be treated accordingly and with respect.  When sharing this message please only together with this information. If you have questions, please contact me. Thank you.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


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Dear Ones, we are the Arcturians,

We come with a new and very happy message today. There is no question that Earth is on her way to reveal her total beauty and radiance very soon for very many of you.
With our help and that from Heaven, with the new light pouring down into your world, the Spirit of Gaia  was able to release all heavy and negative energies laid upon her by the negative forces. She is now in her most pristine and Divine State.
Now she is pure again,  and her very Divine essence prevails. Can you feel her Realization of her sacredness?

Dear ones, this is not a 3dimensional event, this Realization has been happening to her very Spirit which is Divine and Sacred.
Gaia is most joyful and wants to thank you, each one of you, who helped her with this clearing process with your own purification and awakening  and your love and service for her. She also wants you to know how much she loves you, her children and protectors.

She now is free to enter with her body into higher dimensions, having done this clearing process.
With this you, who have worked spiritually hard to support her, have earned your way to ascension and you will move with her into her new position in the spiritual realms.

It is her who will take you with her, as you and her are one. You do not need to worry or to be concerned how you will accomplish ascension, as it has been done already in the spirit realm.
The moving of her body into subtlety is a process which will happen with her grace for your own body too. This will be a very wondrous event which never has been done before.
Mother Earth is now in high waiting and expectation mood, she hardly can wait to do her final move – with you.

But she can only do it, when you are ready to move with her. In that she is extremely loyal to you!
To get ready yourselves, she is asking each one of you to deeply connect with her Divine Core Essence from the purity of your heart to achieve this Divine Oneness with her. She is waiting passionately for all of you to join her in her journey.
As soon as you all who have dedicated their loving service to her, have been able to connect with her in your heart, she will move.
This is a glorious moment now where the kingdoms of light in her sphere are breathing with excitement, rejoicing and freed from the heavy burdens of the past.
Mother Earth has arrived at a point which cannot be reversed anymore! She is already victorious and you are part of that! This is a glorious moment in history of earth and mankind.
And she is impatiently waiting for all her children to join her now.

Dear ones, it is you now who carry the responsibility for her moving into her new destiny of joy and love. The heavens are already celebrating as they can see the inevitability what has to occur- her final ascension and yours with her.

Do not hesitate to shed now everything  you are still holding onto in your 3dimensional experience. It is now necessary to let it all go. You need to leave it all behind to allow any needless bondage and burden to dissipate from your energy field to allow the body of Beloved Mother Earth to shift.

If you unite with her joyful spirit presence in your heart, this letting go should be not difficult because of the Divinity you share with her and which you want to enjoy and which you don’t want to miss.
Every holding on to 3dimensional illusions pulls you away from your unity with her. This then is the sign for you to know when you have to let go.

Do it quickly, dear ones, everyone is watching, and we are holding our breath in expectancy of the glorious moment when Gaia begins to shift her body together with her children into her new home.

What we have said, dear ones, describes a parable of the Divine potential of the ascension process.
As you know there are several solutions of how Gaia’s body can ascend. Now as she will shift, different new realities will emerge, and you will ascend with the one which corresponds to your own vibration and desire.

We wish to see you now letting go of the old world and moving into the new and Divine World with her, where you will find never ending joy and beauty. Gaia’s Love is embracing you unconditionally and your union with her will spread this love through the whole universe. This is the most glorious event in the history of your solar system and the heavens are celebrating!

In deep joy and blessed expectancy of this holy moment!
We are the Arcturians

Message received by Ute
Copyright: Ute Posegga-Rudel, Oct 2011
This message has been received in a sacred space and should be treated accordingly and with respect.  When sharing this message please only together with this information. If you have questions, please contact me. Thank you.