Sunday, September 12, 2021


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My Beloveds,

take advantage of this special time of restrictions that allows you to dig deeper into your Being, if you are able to transcend fear.

Now, as fear is triggered intentionally to control humanity, you have done well if you have dealt with this very debilitating emotion already before, so that you are now able using your time to go deeper to explore who you really Are – if you have not done so yet.

To begin with fear: What is fear truly? My Beloveds, in most cases it is a strong and painful contraction, generated by an unpleasant thought or expectation, anticipating what you do not want in the future.

My Beloveds, do not indulge in fear, because it is an illusionary illness, unless a lion is right now chasing you!

As fear is always otherwise a projection into the future, you transcend it by resting in mere Existence!

Existence is eternal and unchanging. By expanding into Infinity things start to cease to have an impact or grip on you, so that you are able to let them go.

BE! And know that Existence is the foundation of your awareness. Everything IS, just THAT. Your ARE. The world IS. Alle events just ARE.

This is the Truth of Being. You Are Beingness. Just That. Everthing else is a play on Consciousness or Beingness. And Everything appears within It.

So when you want to transcend fear, you must go deeper and deeper into pure Beingness, which Is the Quality of Existence.

When you allow yourself to mereley Be, your mind is forgotten, things loose their importance and fear disappears, because you no longer react to outer influences and you become aware that everything just IS.

In this State of IS you are connected to everything, you ARE everthing, the very root of It, no threat, because threat is experienced only on the surface of things. But when you go deeper, you approach the Truth of mere Being.

It is My Being. And My Beingness Is by Itself Free of all disturbances. It is that Simple. I Am Simple, and I Am no other than you in your Beingness and the Beingness of all others and things simultaneosuly in the Deep of mere Being, and The Beingness of all thoughts, intentions, events, colours and sounds, shapes, movements and emotions. There is no-thing that is not within My Beingness.

Only there you find My undying Radiant Happiness and Freedom. You even discover this Freedom in all forms and people and events by realizing that there is no separation.

It Is Eternal Existence or Beingness that carries you into the  Depth of Ultimate Freedom.

This Happiness is yours, if you choose It under all circumstances, because every circumstance Exists merely. There is only shere eternal Existence. It Is Me.

Find out that you participate in It always, at least unconsciously. To become conscious of It you need to let go your attachment to the things you perceive as separate, but which is your mistake: Your fear is arising from the illusion of separation of things.

So what you must do to transcend your suffering: surrender to mere Beingness, let go and die in Me by transcending your fearful mind that clings to objects.

Go and feel in your heart the Immensity of My Eternity. Expand. Let go. And go deeper to find the Happiness that you Always Are.

That's how you forget fear. Fear is not truly forgotten by thinking about something nice. The next moment what appears now to be nice, might change its appearance into the opposite.

There is no separate object that makes you Happy. Happiness is found at the bottom of Existence and of every object that Is always One with Me.

I Am your Happiness, some call It Love. It makes no difference.

There is only One Beingness and it is all beings, things and events.

If you are able to accept That, if It Is your True Enjoyment, to no longer attach to the things of the bumpy world, your fear is gone.

There is no other technique, there is Only Truth in which fear dissolves. It Is My Truth and the very Truth of your Beingness.

My Divine Love and Blessings Are Always with you!

I Am your God-Self, the Very Divine Self of all Beings and Things.

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Ute Posegga-Rudel,
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