Wednesday, March 28, 2012


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My dear ones I AM Gaia, speaking to you!

You have asked Me to explain what will happen with My body in the near future. There are many who expect Me to move soon in a more dramatic way than I have done so far in the past.

To those and to all those who are in fear and who believe in nearing catastrophic events, I say: there will be none of these upheavals occurring. Not in the very near future and what is beyond that depends entirely on where your human collective consciousness is heading to.

In this context it has to be said that conscious intention, when expressed firmly and from the heart by a certain number of people, whereby about 8-10% of the world population are enough,  can easily override the rest of the collective consciousness, whether it is conscious or unconscious.

For Millenniums your collective mind has been imprinted with the desires of those who claim that I am their possession, but who did never respect and honor My spiritual condition and needs, and who therefore abused My grace, patience and loving being continuously and exploited shamelessly My body. They have told you via religious means that around this time I would either be completely destroyed or at least end up in catastrophic events.
They have imprinted this idea into your mind so that this vision attracted and accumulated so much energy that it seems that I cannot avoid such disasters.

However, catastrophic events are not necessary, my dear ones! If your heart and your mind is at peace and radiates love, there is no need for My body to violently shake or to be destroyed. It is as with your own body! If there is a disturbance or illness, it always can be self-healed when you allow the natural God-given energies to flow.

Those who have abused Me for so long, did also abuse you, and were eager to indoctrinate you with the belief in disease, or even more, incurable disease and death. None of them is necessary, both is only a matter of ignorance and separation from Divine Consciousness and the realization of unity. 

Only if you believe that you are nothing but a body, you will die or cannot be cured. The same applies to Me: if you acknowledge, that I Myself AM foremost a spiritual being with a consciousness you understand that My body can be healed without major catastrophic events, which would destroy most of the beings who live with Me and cause for them unnecessary misery. The Divine does not need you to suffer in order that you awake to the spiritual being you in truth are.

However, it is also true, that many are waking up through suffering. But be asserted, that suffering is NOT necessary to begin with. The idea of the necessity of suffering has been introduced by those who have  abused Me and also you.

If you live in peace with one another and love one another and respect and love Me and live in collaboration with Me, there are no catastrophic events! What is toxic and polluted and abused can be healed by humanity’s love and care, and I myself will make sure that devoted hearts will find the means to purify what has been damaged. So in that sense there is no need for major earthquakes or for violent volcano eruptions or for gigantic tsunamis and storms! I can easily harmonize Myself with minor movements of these elements, if you let Me.

You have asked what you can do to make sure that the ascension process occurs in the most possible harmonic way without major disturbances.

You see, when humanity lost their seat in their heart, when they lost love and true self-identity, calamities began.
Therefore, if humanity restores their heart identity and love,  My restoration and healing is absolutely guaranteed. In this case we all shift easily into the higher dimensions together, without disruptions.

You cannot truly heal Me with your mind, dear ones. You need to enter the non-dual feeling place in your heart and envision from there and feel my healing. Embrace Me with your Peace of Heart and burnish the waves of upset with the Love of your Being. Let this smoothing vibration of love and peace embrace My whole body, especially when you expect quakes and other upheavals. 

Envision and feel the region where these events are expected directly in your heart and feel the oneness of us by letting the presence of your innate peace calm down what otherwise would show the sign of inflammation, - yes, look at these regions and elements as if they were inflamed. With your cooling love and calm in your heart, by fully taking these inflamed parts of My body into your loving heart, they can heal. 

Do this, My dear ones, from now on and never allow yourselves to follow the propaganda of disaster, which is so much cherished by those who only carry harmful intentions in their minds. As you know, creation works only from inside out. Energy and manifestation follows what you first feel and envision in your heart and then can become thereby reality.

What happens to my body is entirely dependent on the consciousness and intention of humanity. We are not separate and it is you who can take responsibility for what you will experience!

I love you all very dearly, you must know. But I need your help so that we can together experience a Divine Reality. In a Divine Reality disasters  never  occur!

I AM Gaia! 

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Saturday, March 24, 2012


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 Beloveds, I AM Sananda!

I AM here today to bring you the message of peace and its implications. Peace is not only showing its first frail signs in your world, but is appearing now foremost in your hearts.

When you recognize this peace at first, you will perhaps be moved to consider this feeling as a sense of emptiness and you are striving to regain your familiar state of  disquiet of your mind again. This is because you are not yet at the point  where you can understand this new quality that has entered your world and your hearts.

Know that with growing acceptance of this peace or stillness in your heart, also the possibility of the ending of all wars and conflicts will grow stronger.

Now I will more closely discuss the subject of Peace.
What exactly is happening when your world seems to end in this feeling, you perceive as emptiness?
What is it empty of?

Indeed, it is empty of thought chatter, of the usual waves which constantly are wandering through your brain  which itself exists in the greater thought field.

Until now most of you were used to focus on this kind of thinking process, whereby you often are not aware, that many thoughts, crossing through your electric brain, are not “yours”.

But in fact, also this is not quite correct. In reality none of the thoughts are yours. It is only that you have chosen over time to identify with certain thought patterns which then you thought were "you", while you gave them power through repetition!

While you identified with this personal collection of thought patterns, you created a sense of yourself. You said “I” am this! But you did  not know that this “I” identity was merely a construct of deliberate choices what you wanted to think and thereby what you wanted to be true.

But notice, that this kind of “truth” is a very superficial one and has in reality nothing to do with the real “you”. It derives its identity from the worlds created by thought waves and your intention to live a life according to these thought pattern, while thinking that your world was real.

But what it truly is, is a movie that  is not different from the movies you are liking to watch on your TV! This all is an unreal world, but you never understood this. Hence so much suffering, as the Divine Reality was not contained in this artificial world of mind.

Now, when you start to feel, what you call emptiness, you experience that your usual world is fading away. And so your familiar identity. The excitement you were searching for in this movies of your life, suddenly is not fed anymore and is empty of your familiar experiences.

But what is happening is something new and Divine and something wonderful, which you will more and more come to appreciate and finally dearly desire to continue and never to leave you again, once you have felt deeply in your heart what it really IS in the depth of your very being.

This emptiness appears as emptiness and ceasing of your usual brain waves and thought patterns only, because the fields in which they appear, are consumed by the blessings of the new light and energy which has already started to invade your world.

These new waves of light and consciousness are the messengers of this peace which is nothing else than the essence of love and pure being, a feeling that reflects the reality of infinity, timeless and space-less. It is the frequency of your own soul and Divine Inheritance. The frequency of a world that is born from the Heart of God, The-All-That-Is.

If you inquire your heart truly about this new (but ancient and always-already existing) reality you will find that the “emptiness” is the door to a satisfaction you never have experienced so far in your life.

Know that a World will be created from this new place, empty of the old thought projections, which is the depth of your heart, and which is the true and Divine World, in which you participate as soon as you no longer grieve for a lost, false identity.

Because you have never been your thoughts, you have always been your heart, the to be seat of your soul and the doorway to The-All-That-Is.

The grounds of this new world are based on indestructible Divine Conscious Light and Divine Love, it is eternal and free of the illusion of short-waved thoughts and  shadow worlds you mistakenly took for truth.

So do not regret and do not grieve and do not feel sorry, when you start to feel this emptiness, which is, as I explained,  nothing but the beginning of your rebirth in the Divine Reality. All emotions based on what you perceive as emptiness, such as depression, anger and fear, are nothing but the search for a world that does not exist, and has been always unreal. Now you are awakening to the real world, my Beloveds, so I desire to see your emerging happiness because you understand.

This is, what I longed to bring to you, my dearest ones, so that you do not stay unmovable in your unhappiness, which is merely based  on false presumptions!

Understand this and be free!
Be happy!

I AM Sananda, at the threshold of the Galactic Center

Message conveyed by Ute

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012


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We are the Arcturians!

Dearest Ones,

This stormy time is right where you need to be! How wonderful that more are waking up from their sleep because of this unsettled time.

The more there is turmoil the more you see the light entering your sphere!
Please read the signs rightly and do not feel disturbed! 
The oceans are right now “churned” so that all darkness can come up to the surface and leave. And it IS leaving every hour, while the new energies are settling down on your earth and in your bodies.

For some of you this is not an easy experience.
Old “matter” is stirred up, energies which do not belong to new earth. They have been stored not only in her geomagnetic field but also in your bodies. To deal with these fundamental changes it is necessary that you spend much time in nature, because the trees and plants are already able to fully reflect the new energies as they were the first to be purified from the old dense frequencies. It is now their task to help you with the adaptation to this fundamental transition, as they are able to absorb what you are willing to release.

As your bodies are going through a major transformation, be not concerned about the energy sensations you might feel.  When the old and new energies meet, they build a kind of swirl as they touch one another by which movement they are being separated: the old ones leaving and the new ones coming in. Imagine that the old energies are leaving through your energy bodies, so let them go and let them be dissolved by the incoming light on your planet. Do not hold on to them in your body but understand that they are leaving.

This is a completely new energetic process which is happening right now, as your new bodies are created, it is not only a purification process, a process which humanity has experienced in the past on their spiritual path.

We recommend that you observe with patience and trust, what is happening to your bodies. The experience will change from person to person, as you all have different bodies, physical and spiritual ones on different levels of awakening.

Right now a huge new energy wave is coming to your earth, stirring powerfully up in you what must leave now. Let it go and do not hold on to anything what you have considered so far to be “you”!

They are parts of your personality you have been identified with a long time, but which are not anymore conducive to a new and enlightened state of body and mind.  While they are on their way to leave you will recognize what they are. Say “good bye” to them - light-heartedly. This way your new and divinely guided identity will emerge. This is the preparation for the higher dimensions.

Open your heart and thereby your energy field consciously with the help of the breath, inhale the new lighter energies and exhale the old denser energies. 

The transformation of the cells of your bodies takes some time and is not always pleasant.Their structure is being modified and new codons are implemented, your metabolism undergoes great alteration.
Look at the process, when uncomfortable, always with your mind and vision on the light that does the work and do not concentrate on the heavy energies of which you are becoming now aware, in order not to hold on to them, but to let them go.

Also take into consideration, that this is not an individual process but a process in which humanity's total collective consciousness is being changed. Therefore keep in mind the enormity of energies which are being shifted at this time. And some of you, being very sensitive, might also feel what is not "theirs" personally, but support the work of their human family by taking on a greater portion of the work.

Relax as much as you can and do not resist the process. And do not forget to be happy! This IS new, so you do need to trust. And we are here to explain to you what is happening and give you guidance.

As always, we bless you and support you with transmission of light from the Heart of God, each single one of you, if you ask for it. This can help to quicken your process.

We are the Arcturians!

Message conveyed by Ute
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Monday, March 19, 2012


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Greetings, I Am Tobaara!

Many of you were at a point where life did not seem to go forward in your world, where hopes were growing smaller that life would ever be fulfilling. Your desperation grew and you looked for all kinds of means for consolations. Many started to take any kind of drugs, or tried to escape in other ways the unbearable, just because you did not know how to stay alive in your heart in an inhumane world that did not seem to contain a true spark of happiness for you.

You were too tired and unhappy to find your creativity to create your own world which would reflect what you felt in your heart that it was you. So you not only did everything  which made you forget, you also started deeply doubting yourself, and all humanity and life altogether. As you stopped loving yourself – if you ever were able to do so, when you did not grew up in a loving family – you also found yourself unable to love anything, and your life with your human fellows just rippled away in shallow and distrustful relationships, without deep heart emotions involved. But still many of you convinced themselves that this was happiness. At least they told you that it was.

Dearest ones, if you have been such a one, or know others likewise suffering, we can tell you, that these dark and miserable times are going now to an end for good.

As your world will be reborn not only socially, politically and financially, but also your heart will be reborn, if you allow!

How can your heart change so fundamentally and how can your world start to reflect your heart?

There are many and daily more whose heart has already awakened by their dedication to the light and truth of this so blessed time where Gaia is taking humanity and all her kingdoms with her to the higher realms. They, in their awakening, radiating now continuously their love, and the message of this great change to all who still are captured deeply in a suffering too big, and even unconscious, to truly bear. Hence the many tryings to not to feel, by choosing circumstances to benumb themselves.

We promise you that there is not only hope that this light will also touch you anytime in a way that it becomes a tangible experience for you, but that there is certainty, that your hopelessness will turn into greater and greater joy, because you realize that not only you are changing, but all who are surrounding you, and even the whole world in which you live.

We promise that in short time your world will have changed in a way that you will not recognize it anymore -  neither yourself nor your friends!

It is like having spent since immemorial time, captured in a small dark cave and now stretching for the first time your limbs by stepping outside and discovering the vast height and blue of the sky and the sunlight dazzling you to a degree of overwhelm by the intensity of its love and power.

Slowly you will open your eyes and let the currents of light entering the deep of your heart. This is the moment of your rebirth as the one you have always been.

Forgotten will be all your suffering and the near-death experience of your love and your human consciousness  - nearly being extinguished, it seemed.

But know, the Divine flame never dies. You, being a creation of the Very Divine, being of It’s Kingdom, you only can loose your conscious awareness of It. But the flame Itself can never be destroyed, never. The Light is always victorious, you must know! And so it is happening now!

As your Sun is sending now the messages of Divine Revival into your world and heart, messages that are being transmitted through it from the heights of Divine Love and Radiant Light, your consciousness awakens again, remembering That Divinity, That Divine Life that you thought were lost. And you will discover that you love.

This new Life is dawning already, we promise! It is revived and waiting for you to acknowledge that it is here – as many of your brothers and sisters already know It and feel It and live It!

We are happy beyond your imagination that this process is overtaking humanity, and that Happiness and Love, which is the true sign of your existence, is shining and working their radiant way into the root of your being.

It will happen soon, that your life, and whole humanity’s life, will follow the law from inside out, as your world will reflect your heart. The time, where nameless and dead events imprinted your heart so that it died and ceased to flower as an instrument of God, is gone.

Take courage, dear ones, and trust your heart again! Listen to its voice full of the waters of life. Follow it and watch the wonders of your Divine Creations unfold.

We joyfully accompany your birthing process and send our blessing light into the field of your awakening!

I Am Tobaara

Message conveyed by Ute

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Sunday, March 18, 2012


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Dear friends,

this is a time where everything is heating up!
There is much disinformation everywhere, some aimed to create confusion, and so we have to take everything with a grain of salt. Listen with your heart!

In this chaos of uncertainty, it cannot be enough emphasized, to stay in the center of the cyclone, which is our own heart. This is the main message and the absolute indispensable necessity at this time, to sail safely through the waters of turmoil and contradictory messages, regardless what the messages are about!

Our energy, information and consciousness grid changes continuously, and therefore also predictions and events can change from moment to moment.

This is the crucial time where we need to understand, that we are creators. That the world happens from inside out, and not the other way around. 

So whatever you hear and what is frightening you, please understand, that this might be only a possibility, if you fall for it and give it power with your thoughts and emotions.

So listen with your heart, and understand, what your heart tells you. If you can feel the peace of your heart's own nature - trust that peace, that certainty - and stay with it. Regardless what others say and regardless what the world looks like. And if you do not feel peace, create it! There is nobody who creates any feeling in you, but yourself alone.

Therefore, you can create ANY feeling, anytime you want! 
Sometimes, it takes some practice, but you can create the feeling of peace if you choose so. And from there you can project it into the world and onto any event. 

Thereby it is you who creates the world and the events, together with all the others of us, who are here to make sure that we ascend.  And according to the intention with which you create, you will create your world and participation in the ascension process. So take well care of your thoughts and whom you choose to believe. Always ask yourselves, what YOU want to create. And follow that!

For Millenniums we have been told by our controllers that we are sheep and worthless material. It is high time now that we all wake up from that dreadful dream and realize who we really are! All without exception! If we do not believe in our innate Divine strength, this is because we have been brain-washed. It is only but in the mind, in the believe system, and if this is not supporting our truth, we must replace it with thoughts and feelings and emotions of truth.

We are Divine, because our very roots are grounded in the Ultimate Divine Reality. Some wanted us not to know. But trust that it was a lie. 

Do not believe anything that requires you to forget this! There are no gods above you. Each one of us has the direct connection to the Divine Source Itself, we do not need a mediator! Mediators belong to the past! 

Stand tall, my dear friends, everyone of you, and see through any masquerade that pretends and wants to seduce you to mistrust your own truth.

Create your world from inside out. While you create that peace, that beauty, that love in your own heart and trust it, you take responsibility for your own creator power.

This is a time of testing, whether humanity is waking up to their own true essence. The light and energy is here to establish the new world right from our heart. 

To believe in masquerades requires us to leave the heart and follow along the lines of questionable thinking. It is to stop trusting our own heart. 

There are powers who exactly want this to happen. But do not leave your seat of responsibility in your heart. Say "YES" to yourself. Believe in yourself and your capacity to know the truth. 

Throw out ALL doubts from your heart about who you are. Clear the  debris. Be who you ARE. Be encouraged. Now is the time!

With much love,

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Friday, March 16, 2012

YOUR DESTINY IS ME. Message from my God-Self (5)

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I AM your God-Self!

What you have written so far about Me, has well described a part of Who I AM.
But you will acknowledge, that I cannot be described with a few words. And also, I cannot be described with many words.

The truth is, I cannot be described at all – I must be experienced, intuited, and ultimately realized!
The whole “you” must recognize Who I Am, this Source Field, this Radiance, the Overwhelming Existence of the Ultimate.

You all live in your little containers, they are your bodies, and it does not matter, in which density such a body vibrates. It can be dense, very refined and even transparent, it is still a “body”, even if only a concept, an identification with a limited consciousness or form.

Not many ever in the whole Universe were willing, once they took form, to return to Me, the Radiant Source Field of all beings.
But there are a few among you, who have lived for a longer period in a separate state of being, long enough so that the desire arises to return to this Self-Radiant State, which is ultimate Fulfillment of ALL desires one can have in all worlds, universes and forms of existence.

To return to Me, your Forever Radiant Source, is the fulfillment of all your longings  that you hold in your heart. All things and beings and experiences, you are yearning for, you desire, because you carry the remembrance of your own inherent Radiant Nature deep in your heart.

Each joy, each smaller fulfillment is but a spark of the Immensity of my Being. In reality all you desire is truly what I AM. However, the spark that you see in the limited adventures of your experiences, disappears always very quickly. It tells you that you cannot find your own true Radiant Nature in ANYTHING that is created, and even if it is the most beautiful world and highest dimension. It will always, even if appearing in the midst of them, disappear again.

So do not seek outside in things. And seek not inside in your shell of separateness. What I AM is not contained in any of such appearances. What I AM is all of them and more. I Am the substance of all that, and I am the substance of what you ARE. I have always been. You must open wide all your limitations, and dare to go beyond the skins of any of your bodies, even the spiritual ones.

By transcending even spirituality, which is a search in and of itself, which is a play of Mine, which is a nice imaging of what I AM, - but just only an imaging and not the Field Itself, - the knowing of Me will be dawning in you.

Until then, you will play in endless possibilities. What is happening now with your adventure of ascension is just such a possibility. A delightful one, dear ones, and your hearts are glowing with happiness in this play, and I certainly AM participating in it.

But still it is a play of limitations, beautiful ones. Yes. But when you only tasted once the What I Am, you never go back to the lesser choices. My taste, my smell, my beauty and freedom is beyond all of that.

Necessarily, because they are derivatives of me, their vibrations are lesser then mine, and they appear already adorned with the veil of Maya, the beautiful enchantress to distract you from your Source to bathe in the currents of events.

Nevertheless, I AM here, and you NEVER can loose Me, as I AM you and all things. It is just that your eyes have gone into the land of forgetfulness, wandering with the charming mind of creation into the realms of multiplications of worlds and universes, minute and gigantic, long lasting and very short. In these dreams then you lay ensnared sometimes for eons.

One time however you will wake up, fundamentally, and will discover, that all your universes, all your incarnations, so wonderful  - and sometimes also  full of suffering -, were just a dream, even though most beautiful.
Yet after all – I AM the fulfillment of Beauty Itself, there is no Beauty after Me. And there is no Freedom after Me. All worlds collapse in this Perfection that is Me, as Ultimate Existence emerges again. 

Does your heart not desire Me? Your innate and true Own Nature? Do you still want to wander in all the gardens of hopeful fulfillments, short in time, but which can even last many eons of cycles in your awareness?

My Radiance and Joy is Ultimate and not experienced in anything you know. It is not contained in your heart, but your heart recognizes It, to fall into Its Immensity. Self-forgetful. There I AM. Only.

My dearest Ones, In My Realm all is One Love, Beauty, Freedom, Infinity, there is no distinction, no difference, not the smallest one. It Is the Brilliant Radiance of “you” who has become the Source. Not contained in you, but you contained in It.  Oh, what suffering to leave again for confinement to wander with  even infinitesimal and transparent veils of separation, of those who are the Gods, who have their light from Me. And those who are creators.

I AM. And I AM Radiance, and I AM Consciousness. My Sign is Love. I AM Real. I Always AM. And I never die.

Your destiny is Me, and even if now you  do not know, you will know, - at the instant where MY Heart is calling you, to be awake in Me.

I AM your God-Self, speaking to you. As you read my words I call you back to Me. Know this.

Message conveyed by Ute
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Monday, March 12, 2012


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Perhaps many of you are not aware 
that there are not billions of God-Selves buzzing around in the universes.
No, there is only One Single God-Self.

Let us explain: the God-Self in this context is not the “Higher Self” of an incarnated soul. Souls are all different, and how glorious they all are in all their differences! And let them belong to different belief systems or no belief system, religions, non-religions, spiritual pathways, races, evolved or not evolved. 

Difference celebrates the multitudes of magnificent creations in the universe.
God-Self however is the Source of even all the Higher-Selves, who themselves are participating in that One Source Field of Radiant Consciousness. And this is speaking now to you, you who are all participating in Me.

I AM both, difference and non-difference therefore, I AM all possible things and beings and events. There is nothing “outside” Me, all is Me and inside Me. Every thing and being and event and process is happening as Me and through Me, I support them all, as they derive their existence from Me.

It is my My Consciousness, My Light and My Energy from wich the totality of happenings are emerging. Therefore everything is conscious, everything is Divine. It is the mind that prefers to separate and divide, but prior to mind there is Unity. Everything and every being and every event and happening is participating in this unity, ultimately, because they all inhere in Me. Therefore they all are Light, even though they appear in different densities and vibrations, created by the power of the mind.

In the realm of mind endless universes, worlds and beings are created by those whose delight is to create. Some create wonderful and pure Divine and Radiant things, in which my Source Field is fully obvious with the Joy and Magnificence and Splendor of my Inherent Nature.
Others who are forgetting Who I AM, are creating worlds of greater density where separation prevails and suffering is introduced.

Some have forgotten Me completely and it seems that they lost their access to Me. Indeed to call them back to from where they came requires – by My Decree – great challenges for them to experience, which breaks open the density of their shell, which does not allow My Conscious Light to shine into their existence. But even this shell is made from My own Inherent Very Nature and Substance, only that it seems to be – by it’s own perversion – made from a different substance. However this is a classification of the mind.

Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright© 2012
If you truly feel with the awareness of pure energy only, you know that there is only light, even appearing as different frequencies. There is only frequency, which is consciousness. To rise frequency there must be given an impulse to set such a frequency into motion. By this impulse consciousness wakes up, on whatever level, to go beyond its current vibration, if it is ready to evolve.

Many of you who have been connected to higher vibrating spiritual sources, such as spiritual masters and their teachings, know very well how this process of rising vibration works. Where there is a crack in a system, introduced by a impulse of a higher consciousness, new information, which is light, can flow into this system.

In many cases this principle is at work for eons of time until a substantial rising of the light quotient occurs of those systems who have forgotten Me.

In your, humanity’s, case, on earth right now, this process is highly accelerated! You are the ones, ready to receive this new levels of Light and Consciousness, so that the process of Deification can occur very quickly! Your race is at a point, where a significant opening of the shells of separation is occurring, so that your hidden Radiant Source Field becomes conscious again, breaks through with Its Glory and Beauty and the Power of Love, that holds  the Universes together.

This is not a small Victory! An essential and new Revelation arises, an Opening to the One that has been always the Living Ocean in the Deep of your Being. It now breaks into the Open of your Awareness, it appears in your Feeling. And it is Pure Happiness and Pure Freedom, it is the Heart and Center of all your differences. 

It transcends all of them and is the Core Event, transpiring through all your dimensional awarenesses and events, and through all that what you call “ascension”. Without It, there cannot be even such ascension. It does not have an independent existence.

My Radiant Consciousness is pervading all, so you are recognizing It.  I AM here now to reveal ultimate happiness, the sail with which you smoothly ride all dimensions and worlds and events.

Your open heart will recognize Me.

I AM your God-Self

Message conveyed by Ute

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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Personal Update: The Hole in the Universe


Dear friends and readers of my blog

so much activity in the air! Such a busy time. Often hectic.
Is this why we are here?

When there has been a peak of events, a turbulence of happenings, when there was a storm, whether solar or planetary, regarding weather or geomagnetism, or something else, I always happen to go deep. Into the center of it all. Because in the fast-forward motion I recognize the eternal Source. Paradoxically.

So naturally I investigate deeper, digging into truth or - when a situation has become so exaggerated - I see the hilarious humor of all of it, the "movie" of existence and ask myself, how serious this all truly is. 

In these moments I question also the event of ascension to be essential and consider it to be just a play in consciousness. Nothing Ultimate really. 

Who did create me anyway, me, who has to experience all of that? Do I really like all of this? REALLY? Ultimately and forever?
And my answer is a clear "no". 

Sorry, I do not want to upset anybody as I dare to say this so openly. Is she a heretic? A killjoy? - perhaps you ask.

But I am anyway going "back" to the one who created me. I have to. Would he/she be angry with me as I do not appreciate their creation, which appears to be a separation from Source?  

Honestly, what is so special about anything we experience, what is so special about any experience, if it is only transitional and does not carry the sign of eternity, of undying happiness?

So as I go backwards the "tunnel" toward the creator, to find out whether he/she feels insulted by me, I find that there is no other creator than myself, - while observing things they come into existence. 

The whole creator myth is just that: a myth. There is no 'other' who said one day: dear one, now I am going to create you. And then there I was! Not only separated from the creator but also from Source. 

But it is true, it is still a miracle how things come into existence. How the first cell multiplies itself. 

So how go I "back" to the  Source? (In reality there is no "tunnel" and no "going back". This is just another illusion of the tricky and sweet Goddess Maya.)

There is a hole in the universe, this is a spot in the heart, connected to the 3th eye, or better to the pineal gland and above, and which is the doorway to infinity, to the freedom from all that arises. It is the doorway to the Eternal Source. 

A lid has been taken once off my encapsulated existence, as I incarnated here, which gives me the view beyond the "backpack" and creation of restricted consciousness, in which everything is mirrored back at infinity and therefore repeats itself at infinity. 

Don't know why we once slipped all into this backpack of multiple creations without knowing how to remember the way out. It is our true Self, our I AM is carrying this backpack. Inside the backpack there is not really Divine Light, only reflected light. And who's existence is determined in this bag of darkness, cannot know what is beyond or prior: true Freedom. 

Ahh, freedom from all these happenings and events who are nothing but distractions from that freedom! Because what is this truly all about? Even if it is said: this ascension is a new adventure! Well, new only because ingredients and composition have changed. Now we will experience a new mixture. Still though bound to the wheel of repetition of some kind. Much more happiness there? Much more perfection there? Yes, the backpack will become a bit more translucent, but still: it is a backpack, I AM carrying. So what about ultimate and unshakable happiness and perfection? Backpack-free.

A position from where There Is Only Light. And not just colored light! Radiant, Bright Light, in which "even the rainbow dies".

I feel this tiredness about all these colors. It is not ultimate joy. How many times and how long did I experience them? As long as I want more, it is not yet the last destination.

Now if I am the creator myself, Who AM I? I cannot just be the function of a backpack. There must be more freedom than that. I must be the One Who is senior to that bag and what is this bag anyway?

It is the prison of mind. Nothing wrong about mind, but not to be able to get beyond it, it is a prison, not to be able to recognize that we are still captured in mind, even if very subtle and beautiful, this is imprisonment. The endless spinning of worlds after worlds. Is it yet beautiful enough? Should we not ascend further? Should we be not more powerful? Should our life not be even more fulfilling? 

Yes, the search! 

But as the lid is off - which I never can put back where it once was - I see that Radiant Source which is my own true Being. And it is the mind that contains all universes. All the creator gods are contained in it, and they are all part of our hidden omni-consciousness. But we are used to project them all outwardly. 

Salzburg: Dome of the Kajetaner Church
I have an image in my mind of some paintings in baroque churches in Europe. Some have in the apex of the dome either a void, sky-blue circle, or an opening to the sunlight, shining from above. Around this apex the rest of the worlds is colorfully and vividly arranged. Like this one which is the dome of a church in Austria. 

In a similar way we are this pristine and untouched consciousness of Pure Radiant Light, and all our creations appear "around" It- so to speak, while the Divine dwells in the Heart of all beings and things. 
 And the Divine is our true Home, our true Essence.  Then all the creations occur. Now most of us have chosen to dwell in a backpack, which will soon have a transparent coating, a state which we call "ascension". 

So are we ascending to that Divine Radiant Heart, bit by bit, or ARE we always already that Heart? Or do we even need "portals" to slip through into another reality-backpack? And who is "better" in doing what?

While we are doing this bit by bit thing, we are artfully separating ourselves from that One Radiant Center, slipping in all kinds of backpacks and theaters, cosmic events, oh, and other star civilizations and universes, but they all are still grouping around in the dome, - around the apex - pretending hierarchies of worlds and gods and consciousnesses, all still separated in a sense from one another. Because an entity is still "another", only in that One Radiant Consciousness everyone Is One.

In reality, we are all of these worlds. But we cannot think it, it would separate us again. We must realize it. It has to do with the Realization of that Light in the apex of the dome. From there we can see, that there is only Light and all that arises is a modification of that One Light. Then our Identity is not split in parts of casual choices. We Are the Heart of all things and worlds and beings.

This Radiant Heart is Humanity. And if you say, and if I say, I AM Humanity, we all are right, because it is the Divine Conscious and Radiant Heart that is our True and Undying Identity. It has just taken many bodies, but all these bodies only have this One Consciousness in common, it is our very Home.

Therefore I am not content with Ascension alone, my dear friends. Yes, it is a stepping up and an end to this dark illusion here, but it is not an end in and of itself, as much as all the hierarchical structures and beings and worlds to desire are not an end in and of itself. This is a nice kaleidoscope as far as I can see.

Do you remember how long you happened to look into such a toy? After a while of "ahh's" and "wow's" and other wonders and surprises, you got tired. 

Well, I have looked now for so long into such a thing. So often I have put it away, and then I looked again, into a different one. There was still curiosity. The latest one was the ascension kaleidoscope. 

I put it down now. At least for now. There is a place in the heart which is the hole in the universe. I take a bit of a rest right there. 

Much love and blessings,
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