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Given the fact that the Earth is not a "planet" and not a "flat rock", but a realm, a psycho-physical realm, we begin to understand that everything (EVERYTHING) is fluid, even everything that appears as "matter". And science proofs the atomic structure of matter, where matter is 99.99999 percent nothing, which is nothing but light and information. So there is nothing really there, from the point of view of the gross material mind.

 As psycho-physical realm
the earth has nowhere a firm border! Because where does psychic imagination begin and where does it end.
And also the discussion whether the earth is flat or a sphere does not make real sense! Because in reality a
psycho-physical something whose matter is a kind of electrical nervous system, has no edges and no fixed forms.

Meditate on this, my friends. Localize with feeling the eternal flow of existence. The Greek philosopher Heraclitus stated: "Panta Rhei" (everything is in flow). But this knowledge goes back to the Vedas and the wisdom of Advaita Vedanta of ancient India and most likely to much earlier, if not from the very beginning of human existence.

Be aware that it is the Mind that creates the point of view and the awareness of the world. It is the mind that, depending on the level of consciousness, perceives solid matter or the transparency of things everywhere. And according to each culture, the common agreement defines the forms and density of the world in which people live.

Now, if we allow ourselves to see the world as a psycho-physical realm, the Radiant Reality of God's Transcendental Presence can suddenly be felt through the subtle and even transparent veils of creation. We do not imagine walls between "us" and the Truth. We are the flow ourselves, we feel that we are just energy, resonating with our surroundings and oscillating towards the Radiant Source Shining through the floating universe.
Thus we can easily open our hearts to That Which Is Radiant and Infinite. Like an arrow flying towards the sun magnetically attracted by it.

clouds drifting past below the sun, the emergence of the universe is transparent in the Divine Consciousness. We understand that everything is energy, frequency, and so the Ultimate Divine Power of Being is Present as the Primordial Ground of Eternal Existence.

It Shines through the appearance of things, and one might wonder if all universes have their origin in this psycho-physical realm in which we exist. In fact, the ancient sacred tribes dreamed the whole universe in their heart.

The substance of this world forms according to our imagination and belief. What we believe appears. And so our play can go on for eons until we realize that ultimately nothing is really new, everything already existed from the beginning, only that we suddenly remember what we already knew in order to make it reappear in the endless plays of consciousness. 

At this point at the latest, we get tired of the repetitive game and want to return to where we came from, to finally realize our True Divine Nature.

But because we believe that the earth, objects and our bodies are made of heavy matter, we do not know how to connect with God or the Infinite Radiant Being, the Source in which all creation arises.



My Beloved Ones!

I AM the sun, I AM the clouds, I AM the earth.
And I AM nothing of it. This is the floating and ever changing place of Mine where you can invent millions of worlds, and where you can fall into the depths of the darkest abyss, but also rise to the highest heights within the many dimensions. And above all, you can realize who you are. Worldly and spiritually. As matter, as spirit and as My Eternal Divine Consciousness.  For your thoughts are a direct manifestation of your world. Direct your thoughts and attention to Me, the Radiant Source of all creations, and the world ceases to exist. This is how you ultimately realize Pure Bliss.

I AM untouched by all this while It all happens within Me. To explore the vastness of mere beingness and discover What precedes all is to become free from the worlds. In My Perfect, Radiant Being you will find undying happiness, joy, love. Yes, you will find there your True Immortality.

The Infinite Feeling of Being is your Radiant True Nature. In My Supreme Radiance it is Free from all worlds. I AM That.
Through your heart-deep connection with Me, you breathe through this psycho-physical realm of the earth, untouched in your heart by the good and evil forces.

Although My emanations are benevolent and kind, I AM beyond good and evil, light and dark. For My Light is beyond all cosmic and dimensional lights. You would find  your True Nature, if only you would forget your attention to things, beings and events.

I AM Pure and Forever Present as your  Heart-Truth, rising luminously into Infinity as I radiate through your body and mind.

Consider your world as pure mystery, My mystery. There is no ordinariness and no ugliness. It is all mystery. Everything is inspiring, for nothing is merely trivial. It is your mind that chooses triviality and looks with trivial eyes. EVERYTHING is alive as My wondrous Spirit-Force. This is the Love That Restores your heart.

Discover this! And you change the world! 

I AM your God-Self, The Self of all beings and worlds!

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