Tuesday, March 1, 2022


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My Beloveds!

Everybody is out there only to experience, as if existence is entirely about experience!

But Existence is just Itself Only. It IS Truth Itself. It Is Stillness, It Is Happiness. It Is the Foundation of all beings and worlds and things.

But the world's population has moved so far away from Me,  is so bereft of Divinely Inspired Intelligence, that they are madly seeking exclusively for experience and not for Truth.

Truth is not an experience, My Beloveds, Truth Simply Is. It Is the One Satisfaction that Truly and foreer is worth your every breath. Everything else is a movie, that has nothing to do with the Real You, don't you know!

My very Beloveds, you have all gone astray in endless movies, one dream after the other.

This is because you are a slave of your mind, living casually in an artificial world, a world of imagination only. No substance, it is empty. You have become empty and don't even know it. Therefore you seek fullness in emptiness, choosing over all a phantom world, which you also seek  in the subtler realms in vain. And your anger is deep to destroy the world because you do not find what you seek. And this is what you are seeing now.

But if you are looking for Me in the phantom worlds, Me, the True God and Divine Self, the All-Embracing Radiant Consciousness, I Am not found there in the phantom worlds. 

And therefore you think that I do not Exist! But with thinking you cannot find Me. Because I Am Real!

Almost all humanity, living in this mad world, are seemingly cut off from Me. Cut off from Happiness, Truth, Heart-Satisfaction.

You hide yourself within little things, compulsively convinced this is the real world. But you know nothing. Nothing about what a Real World really Is, What You Are and What I Am.

And this is not intelligent. Real Intelligence is not possible with God absent in your imagination.  Therefore your world reveals more and more foolishness. 

Only I, The Origin of All,  Am Intelligent, and I Pervade All things. Copies of Mine are dead.

Therefore mankind is in a very critical situation, because most worship a copy. 

What do you think will come out of it? A Golden Age?

Even spiritual circles are self-possessed, living in illusionary worlds with uninspected bondage to illusions, which is all a sign of madness.

And it seems, most of you humans are trapped in the prisons of your own strange worlds, where you seem to prefer suffering, because you are used to it.  

I Alone Am Sanity, True Sanity. So if you understand and feel your heart needs healing, then come to Me. To the Only One Who Blesses you with Showers of Heart-Satisfaction.

Humanity, wake up to Me! I Am your SINGLE LIberation from the agony of  these times.

I Am Waiting for You! 


I Am Your God-Self, the Self of All Beings and  Things! 

Message conveyed by Ute 



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