Friday, August 31, 2012


By Ute Posegga-Rudel

Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright ©2012
Please also read update from 21.8.12

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We Are from the Domain of Fire and Light, of Unity of all Souls and Sacred Divine Core Essence 
in the Andromeda Galaxy.

(A Message from my Andromeda Group-Self)

Dearest  Ones,

We  come again to confirm to you all, that the development in the heavenly realms is progressing!

We are more exited  every day, that the immensity of highly increased Light in the universe will soon affect your world in a way that all veils of separation from it will cease to exist!

This Light is Light from Source Itself which is Empowering all realms of creation, to call them back to their own Origin of Self-Existing Radiance.

It is no longer allowed in your universe that creations can continue which do not love and worship Source Itself and through this love allow Source to become fully Obvious and Acknowledged in the heart of Beings in whatever dimension or form they appear.

This IS the Return of Truth which grants happiness and fullness, as the heart, which is the core of every being, is used as an open corridor to its very Source Itself.

The veils of separation from  Source are fading, ignorance and false doctrines are disappearing from now on continuously, especially for those who are ready to accept  and are willing to discover that the door in their heart is open to Infinity.

That Infinity is Radiant, ever Blissful, it is Truth Itself that manifests Its Reality in creation more and more prevailing, so that all things and beings can be recognized as an emanation of this Truth.

We have come to plant this spark of Knowledge into your heart so that your joyful anticipation can be like an opening flower to receive the sunlight.

Dearest Ones, YOU yourself are a seed of this Blissful Truth, if your own flower of heart reaches out with desire to deep inside and out, to meet the Source, to find and locate It as the Infinite that Surrounds you and is therefore found in the deep of your own Radiance.

What we say, cannot be taken lightly or as a metaphor. You must come to the true Spiritual Understanding of It by going through a purification process , through which  in due course you start to understand the nature of your body-mind and its implications in your world, to transcend it.

Truth is absolute Simplicity and Beauty, however a Mystery too, and to recognize it, you cannot use your mind or imagination. Our speech is only an attempt to ignite your inspiration and set your intuition on fire.

Let it be so, so that your limitations of mind are blown open, and your remembrance dawns to rediscover where you are coming from!

There is only One Radiance, One Reality, One Love-Bliss that Pervades all Existence and holds the universes together.
Let That Be your Guidance and utter Joy! Step out of the old incarceration of what you think you are. Your Divinity is much more than that of a creator god. It is the Self-Existing Source-Field Which can be discovered at the core of all beings and with Which all beings are to re-unite.

By this inherence, you are, as humanity, not unique, this inherence is the birthright of all beings. This Radiance is Home for all existence, including you. You share it with all creation and all universes.

Praise to That One, That One Source at the Heart of all Beings and Things.

You are returning to That One. You have already returned, you never have been away. But the dreams you dreamed for so long, created the worlds of separation and bewilderment, lost in doubt and desperation. How could it be otherwise if one’s own Source is unknown and one’s existence is drawn along by false presumptions and illusions.

The Light of Origin now streaming out and reaching your very heart, will make Itself known to you as What It Is, if you recognize It.

We have brought you the message.
Now please use your heart-discrimination to discover that Source-Light is knocking Itself at your door of heart. It brings with Itself the Secret of It’s Unspeakable Qualities, not known in any universe.

Whatever seems to appear to you familiar, know that this is NOT what Source Is. Source is what is non-familiar! 

If you enter the domain of the Unknown because you let go of the known, then you Know that you are entering the Other World. 

This Other World is Untouched. It is Pure, senses cannot see it, imagination cannot create it. You must grow a new awareness to Understand and See. 

With Blessings!
We are the Light Beings from the Andromeda Galaxy!

Message  conveyed by Ute

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012


by Ute Posegga-Rudel
Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright ©2012

Please also read update from 21.8.12

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Dear Brothers and Sisters!

This message has been sitting now for more than a week in the  draft folder. But now seems to be the right moment to publish it! 

There is always a perfect time for everything. And so this time of waiting, supported by the enormous showers of light, providing for us a high frequency environment, is the perfect moment for us to prepare ourselves in the best possible way to be able to participate in this glorious process of evolution. 

But to prepare individually to the optimum degree, I feel it is necessary that we know the options, we can choose from. Because we might have forgotten what we wanted to accomplish, before we arrived here. I have been offering options which are not very much known in the New Age movement, such as the discussion of Divine Consciousness, which transcends mere limited human consciousness. As humanity in general has been deprived from true spiritual knowledge for so long, Ultimate Wisdom Teachings are only known to a relatively few, because we are so brainwashed that we hardly imagine and reach out for them, convinced that they don't exist.

However I felt moved to give my readers at least a small glimpse of the Highest Wisdom Teachings, available to mankind in many of my publications, (, here, here, and here, and many more), because we all can accept that the solution for a problem (here: the present desolate state of our spaceship earth) is always found on a higher level than the problem itself.

In my humble understanding the ascension process is only part of humanity's total spiritual development and evolution. And the general New Age philosophy does mostly not include and invite our deepest Self into the picture, which is Pure Radiant Divine Consciousness. New Age philosophy only allows, with very few exceptions, a definition of the human being that is limited to a body-mind, let this body-mind be even more subtle in the higher dimensions! 

Dearest friends, this is a grave error, and this error, deeply rooted in the human mind, is a result of long-standing false indoctrinations from the 'controllers'. 
After liberation of humanity, the true and original spiritual teachings will surface. But we have actually not to wait for that time of liberation, because these teachings are already available to us, even now.

This True Teachings reveal to us also, what we are NOT: a form, a body, a mind, the waking, dreaming and sleeping state, our thinking and actions, our emotions. What remains Is The One Who is always Awake as Ultimate Love-Bliss-Consciousness and merely Is Aware of all the  qualities which we are NOT. This is the truth about us. This is our true State. 

Please don't understand me wrong, these Teachings are not merely verbal philosophy and book knowledge. They are alive and lived by Highly Evolved Beings in human form who have literally realized this Ultimate State themselves on earth. In my passionate search for Truth I am blessed having met such a Great Being Who is able to transmit His Own Perfect State to others. Therefore I am, in my own experience, graced to be a witness of the Truth of our own Ultimate State of Consciousness.

So why not (at least) consider it to be true! Is this not THE time to do it, while we are facing the most challenging, horrifying and also awesome revelations? They  literally provide a platform for us like never before, to seek the Truth beyond the duality of conditional reality -  because of the monstrosity of the crimes enacted against humanity on one side, and the experience of the most beautiful gifts of the incoming forces of light and the revelation of love on the other side.

Ascending into the dream-state of higher dimensions, even without participating in our own highest Truth, and being  content with a better life in a more refined body, is surely a merit. But we must not forget, that this is merely the continuation of the dream, distracted and far away from our actual Divine Reality! 

Although there are countless beings of light in the universe, to which many of us relate as their family, their state of spiritual development signifies not necessarily already the fulfillment of our True Spiritual Nature. In the higher dimensions the distractions from realizing Divine Reality are manifold because of the BONDAGE to the dreams of fun and creation (nothing against fun and creation itself!), and indeed many of us came here, to recognize this fact in the midst of this low density, because here is no REAL fun at all and to create what we really want is difficult. So we would be driven hopefully to the search of our True Divine Reality.

However, once here, we forgot, many of us simply forgot, and the attractive hope for relief in higher dimensional dream-worlds from our difficult struggles here, might make us so short sighted, that we just want to return to them, because we have become so impatient! 

I consider the fact that many follow their own imaginations today about spiritual life, not willing to learn from others, without being aware what kind of deceiver the mind can be, to be another obstacle! One can literally then live in a state of illusion, without knowing it. Teachers nowadays are for many not welcome anymore. But in my experience it is a mistake, because Truth can only be found beyond mind. But to go beyond mind requires the helping Grace of Somebody who exists already beyond that mind! 

Even all great spiritual Masters of humanity had teachers, including Jesus of Nazareth. So why not you and me too! If one wants to learn a skill, it is commonsense that one studies with a teacher. But in terms of a spiritual path, which is the most profound of all sciences, many believe they can find their way alone in the wilderness of the mind! And mind does not come to an end in the higher dimensions either. The wilderness is only more subtle.

This dense earthly experience has been by many  very wise souls described as the most auspicious form of incarnation, because of the inherent  possibility to Realize the Highest Truth. A Truth which is rarely achieved in the higher dimensions. 

And what is our True State about? It is a State of utter and pristine Freedom, a Clarity and Purity, a Beauty, beyond imagination, a Joy of Perfect Eternity, a Love-Bliss that never diminishes. It is bodyless and mindless  and beyond dimensions. A Fulfillment that ends the search. Such is what WE ARE, beyond the dream. 

In this Radiance controllers do not exist. They have no access to It! It is far beyond their perception and power of interference!

I thought, my readers appreciate this information.

With my prayers and much love!

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Monday, August 27, 2012


By Ute Posegga-Rudel


Please also read update from 21.8.12

Dear friends,

After I received the last message from the Andromeda Galaxy, I have been feeling closer into the situation, to  verify the truth, that something great will be happening soon.

And while the room was expanded, bright with light and joy, the answer was already present, that appeared like being echoed back again and again from the infinite space of the heavens. And it seemed that the answer was one with and inseparable from the radiant space itself.

To understand the timing of this message: in the heavens there is no time, and intention is already result in the present  although it might appear to us to be in the future.

“YES, we are lingering around your planet, getting ready to descend! Great things are on the brink of happening, time does not matter, in fact, you exist actually less and less in time, you are perceiving more and more the presence of the moment. So we descend in any moment! And in the presence it has already happened! The expectations in the skies are high, and the joy is contaminating!

The field of joy is dense and loaded with ecstasy! From this field everything is being born into your world to create the new world and release the old.

This field is full of light and deeply radiant! It is pregnant with the event to happen soon. The  whole universe is going to explode with joy, and all civilizations are being united in one heart.”

I asked: Who are you?

“We are Christed Beings. Let this be enough!

Do you feel our joy in the air? That is, how we prepare you for the Shift!

We have made a quick decision: to not to wait any longer, but to remove now once and for all, all the dark forces from the astral realms.

We have started a huge operation! With joined forces we can manage to let this operation to be fully successful!

You will see!
You will rub your eyes, not believing what you are going to see!

This operation is a great act of Celebration and Puja [sacred ceremony] in the heavens.
It is done with Invocation of the High, the Source Itself, or the Divine Mother, as you love to  call Her.

This powerful incoming light serves the preparation on Gaia for our arrival!

You will notice that this  Light will not be counteracted anymore! The dark ones  are being deprived of their powers to interfere and diminish what is given to you.

We are descending.

You might not see (not everybody will see) our bodies of light, but definitely, all who can feel and are sensitive, can feel our light.

We are present, ever more now than ever before.
From our point of view we are in the room with you.

We are overwhelming the dark and they are now fully restricted to act in their usual manner.
It is done, they lost."

Then I heard:

“End of transmission.”

Conveyed by Ute


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Sunday, August 26, 2012


By Ute Posegga-Rudel

Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright ©2012

Please also read update from 21.8.12

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We Are from the Domain of Fire and Light, of Unity of all Souls and Sacred Divine Core Essence in the Andromeda Galaxy.

Dearest human family!

It is now the time for you to prepare for what lies ahead  of you in a short time. Your waiting is almost over! Very soon the results of your long wait and service  for the light will reveal themselves to you.

It will be a worldwide liberation of the souls who are here to experience this great shift in consciousness and the ascension of earth.

We are full of joy to be able to be part of this great event, as we have significantly contributed to your awakening by beaming the light to your planet that carries love and information to evolve your consciousness.

The consciousness of many has therefore changed and has been elevated. More people than ever before are now able to see and understand the signs of change, and they are ready to accept this change, mainly because they suffer already too much and too long, and others because they desire heaven to be on earth. They are not willing to take much longer the restrictions of the dark ones, laid upon you all. They desire the free expression of their soul-light and consciousness.

You who are desperately waiting for the signs of true transformation, are the ones who came here to help bringing light into the darkness and who are not used to live in such limited consciousness and low vibration. But you are also the ones who are able to push the vibrational field into higher frequencies so that it is easier to receive the incoming light.

How do you prepare best for the moment of the Shift? What is necessary so that you can participate directly in it, as it happens?

Dearest family, the requirements are twofold:

Firstly, prepare yourself to accept the unknown! You cannot know what will happen at the time of the shift and how each one of you will experience it! Therefore the acceptance includes a disposition of surrender and of releasing the urge for control! It is important that you are willing to let go of all concerns, all ideas and all strategies in that moment of shift, and consent whole bodily and energetically to be carried by the living current of the forces of light which orchestrate your ascension process. 

We recommend that you only focus on your heart and the love and desire of your heart where you want to be, what you want to realize spiritually. So this focus should be one-pointed and  you all should prepare yourself to be aware of your principal spiritual goal! This is of most importance. When the shift occurs you must wholeheartedly be able not to loose this focus, but stably be grounded in it.

Secondly: have all the affairs in your present life handled, so that nothing remains unresolved, and  you are at peace on all material and spiritual levels, including your relationships! Make sure you have forgiven yourself and everybody else! Because if you have not, this will be a burden which would make your transition unnecessarily difficult!

The transition, when it occurs, will be a surprise for you, as your familiar world will change and everything appears to be on a higher level of vibration which alters your consciousness and awareness.
And you can only fully participate in this higher frequency if nothing holds you back vibrationally in your old world, this is very important to understand.

Those who still have too much baggage, meaning heavier energy attached to them, will not be aware of the shift. For them it appears as if it had not happened. Or they may get a glimpse and partially or shortly participate in it, but then be drawn back to their familiar experience and level of vibration.

But if it is right for you, you are given the great opportunity to be part of the shift, and so you bear personal responsibility to make sure to participate at the given moment, with your heart wide open!

But do not worry, if the change in consciousness does not occur for you yet! Everybody is still  granted time to prepare, because you can catch up when you are ready later!

As from then on New Earth exists and is vibrating on a higher level, you are free to join, when you are prepared! This is great news! As long as Earth was bound to darkness it was very difficult to leave this dark realm, and penetrate the veil of forgetfulness, even after death. Therefore many souls were captured in lower astral worlds, to return to a new birth to basically the same limited situation and suffering they knew already from other lifetimes.

But after the shift these souls have every support and possibility to ascend too, even by using the portal of physical death later. The powerful impact of the  shift itself will open them up and change the DNA of those who have not been yet aware of the influx of light and the higher vibrations, which have been established already on earth before the shift. And this will move them to discover their own spirituality!

Nobody is left behind who desires to grow spiritually. And you all are given your individual time to evolve. Thereby the place or planet is not important where this growth occurs! It is your inner spiritual process that counts, and whatever realm or dimension serves you best, will be the place for your evolution.

We are aware  that many of you wish to take direct and immediate advantage of the shift when it occurs but doubt whether they are truly ready for it.

To those we say: do not look outwardly or do not compare yourself with  others! All your major decisions and moves are always guided by your own Divine spirit! Also your spiritual growth in lower density is directed by it! So in case you are not able to go with the shift immediately, know it was not the decision of your own spirit! There are no coincidences!

This might teach you a greater surrender to your own soul and to trust your own path and agree with it, rather then trying to push for certain accomplishments with the power of the ego. And when you truly listen, you know already your path.

Be assured that whatever happens, happens because of the working of the Divine Will, which is active in each single one of you. This Divine Will is not an other, it is your own highest Truth that decides, what it wants to experience. And what it experiences always serves your own journey on all levels in this vast universe!

We are here to accompany you in all your endeavors, and with joy we embrace you with the Light and Love from the Creator!

We are the Light Beings from the Andromeda Galaxy!

Message conveyed by Ute 


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Wednesday, August 22, 2012


By Ute Posegga-Rudel

Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, ©Copyright 2012
Please also read update from 21.8.12

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Dear friends!

The Divine Mother has asked me  to write this, and this message has been “cooking” for a while now, while holding its creation gently in my heart. It needed some time to be born like a child –  although it is about the Goddess, the Great Divine Mother.

She has many aspects and is recognized on many levels.

You might have already observed that I always like to go to the bottom and heart of things and never can just remain on the surface of them. I need to understand the totality of everything that touches my life.

This has brought me often in even dangerous situations, even life-threatening.

But here  still  I am, as from every depths into which  I have been diving  down, I have returned stronger.

And so regarding the Divine Mother, I also needed to understand and know her – as much as I am able to. However I am convinced that She is absolutely unfathomable.

For me knowing is not just a looking at something, to fabricate my own picture of it,  but it is rather an assimilation with my whole being of a something that I want to understand – again, as much as I am able to. To do this I must become in a way what I want to understand. This requires passion, great love, devotion and worship. I must be willing to expand and to go beyond myself, or better: the part of myself I am already familiar with. Only then one can grasp the deeper nature of things.

But in reality, we ARE all these things ourselves, because we can only become aware of what is  already part of our consciousness. It only remains in the subconscious, until it becomes conscious.

And so we are touching the real subject: everything is consciousness, WE ARE  CONSCIOUSNESS!

How then could the Great Goddess, the Divine Mother, only be a female figure with gentle features and always nice and sweet? Always giving and nurturing? I understand that this quality is the one, sorely needed in our world of a short waved, judgmental, non-caring and solely demanding patriarchal system. And that these female  qualities are the ones mankind must cultivate, to survive.

However perceiving the Goddess as a mere “other” in female form is the surface the Mother wanted me to scratch on, because my experience of Her is much much more expansive and all-encompassing.

That sweet form is embodying only one quality of her, whereas she has many of them. Yes, the Mother is always embracing, but her arms are much more powerful and deep than the arms of the graciously depicted one.
These powerful arms are not suffocating, as those who fear the Great Female might believe. They are powerful because they widen your being into infinity and unspeakable heights.

They free your soul and open the horizons to That Which Lies Beyond the soul: the Infinite Itself.

The experience of the Mother is therefore Infinite Consciousness, equally paired with Shakti, Divine Energy, some might call it kundalini. But it truly is beyond this, kundalini is personal nervous energy, but Her Kundalini is universal Kundalini, the Shakti of the worlds and universes Itself, not rising from below but crashing down from infinitely above.

This Shakti cannot be contained in  a mere gentle form. It is formless and takes on all forms. It is the consciousness of all forms, and the consciousness in which all forms arise. It is the mover of the microcosmos and the macrocosmos. It is intrinsic Life-Force, and the more we separate ourselves the more we perceive this Universal Life-Force as something outside of us, whereas this Conscious Life-Force manifests as everything, including us.

So in that sense the Mother is us, She contains our body-mind and the in it encapsulated, brain-based individual consciousness. And She contains our Higher Self as well!

Some declare that Consciousness is male, but when we  come from the understanding of Unity of all things and beings, worlds and universes, then the  Great Consciousness and the Great Shakti are One, they are the two sides of a coin, when we still think in terms of duality. But prior to that dividing thinking, there is no difference between Consciousness and Energy. Energy is Conscious, Consciousness is Energy.

Brain-consciousness merely describes and dissociates from the described object. It is about separation and fabricates something over against something else. Divine Consciousness/Energy IS the thing Itself, appears AS It.

And this is, what I call the Divine Mother, the Great Goddess! We must not reduce Her to our counterpart from the point of  view of a limited self-concept.

She is always benign, it is the heart that can see this quality behind all facades which might appear to tell us otherwise, because She Is the substance of all.

She only is fiery if this truth is denied, as she fights for Divine Truth to be lived in all Manifestations.

If we reduce the Goddess to a mere icon of gentle and beautiful femininity we bereave Her of Her Gifts She wants to grant us:
To transcend the idea of separate greatness. Without recognizing the very Source of that greatness, which is Infinite, and which cannot be contained in separate appearances, our greatness is never truly great.

Again we are being lead back to the self-existence of Divine  Consciousness or Energy  Which Shines in the heart of all beings, humans, animals, gods and goddesses; in plants and spirits, even in daemons, -  if they are devoted to the truth of this Reality. It is all a matter of devotion or resistance. And so in this Divine Reality the form of the graceful, gentle, charming, beautiful goddess arises - as the most attractive form of Herself for incarnated beings.

But She desires that we even in this most feminine form recognize Her True Heart and Power of Divinity. She wants to be seen as The One She Truly Is. She wants all beings to rise up to Her Conscious Radiance and to be Happy! 

She does not want us to restrict ourselves to certain merely feminine qualities and behaviors. She wants women to participate fully in  Her Powers and men to be free of fear of Her and to recognize Her Powers in their own hearts.

She Is no sex object in Her Feminine Form, but She is the Conscious Force of non-separateness in the heart of male and female to be united. It is the united, infinite heart that  celebrates Divine Communion with Her. And She wishes that all actions are ascribed to Her, because She desires our happiness.

In Her Presence all left-brain separateness is melting and males become females, because in this process they start to receive Her Shakti  from above. It is therefore said in the ancient sacred scriptures, that before the Great Goddess all men are female, even the Gods!

Again we are laid back to the mysteries of Divine  Consciousness, which we ultimately all are, women and men. But not by thinking and imagining It, but by literally realizing It, becoming It, becoming One with It. Our bodies are a mere play in this Vast Consciousness and Radiant Energy, which we are called to go beyond.

I am aware that we all need our “toys” we came here to play with. And if one of them is the domesticated charming goddess, that’s wonderful too.

But lets not forget What she stands for in her attractiveness: She is a call to reach out for the Great Divine Mother and Source, in Which we all, she and us, inhere. Her Attractiveness transcends all and is Pure Radiance Itself.

With great love,


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Monday, August 20, 2012


by Ute Posegga-Rudel                                                                                                            
Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright ©201
Please also read 21.8.12 update

Dear friends,

While on a walk today in the late afternoon, I detected a big cloud in the sky  above the Bay (I live near the beach) in the form of a triangle, and thought this is a spaceship, similar to the one, that was seen recently in the skies above Sydney.
I felt joy while trying to connect with it, to find out more about it.This joy was for me the sign that my guess was right.

There was also a huge extraordinary  Sylph in the form of the wing of an Angel with many beautiful details in it, which looked like real feathers, and it reminded me somehow of the image I had used a while ago with the message of “The Mighty Angels of the X-Class Solarflare”. There were even some colors in the cloud feathers, and it looked magnificent, covering a huge part of the sky above the waters!

Around this scene there were lots of more very beautiful Sylphs, who looked like gracefully dancing  spirals, pushing darker, heavier and possible HAARP clouds and chemtrails away towards the horizon, if not “eating” them up!

If I only would have had my camera with me!

While I waited for confirmation that the triangle cloud was in fact a star ship, a message came through. It was accompanied by a very benign and loving presence and emanation of light which I can still feel. And nothing "alien" about it! Although it was more like a conversation, I have written down here only their part.

Here is the message: 

We come from the outer Universes.
And yes, yes, we serve the Christ-Light.
It is our task to see to it that the law of light is maintained in the universe.

Your dark brothers are armored  to their teeth and will not give up the battle, because they have a strong will and are not used to surrender. They are determined to fight to the very end. Power and domination is their banner. So  the battle will still go on for a little while, and in case it escalates, we have to intervene. No doubt about it.

From then on your world will change dramatically.

Each one of you who is serving the light, is attracting legions of light, and so your skies are filled with our presence.You know, like attracts like!

We still see the web of separation, your dark  companions have spun around your planet, but it has become much thinner and we are beaming our light and love through it, to support you and your planet. So it is full of holes already.

We admire your courage and determination. 
And we thank you for your cooperation.

Know that you are never alone.
Together the victory is ours.

Be at peace!

Message conveyed by Ute

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Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright ©2012
Please read also the update from 21.8.12!
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We are the Arcturians!

Dear Ones!

Times are accelerating and  your growth with them! But be aware where you turn your attention to and in which direction you want to evolve and grow!

It is clear that you must practice discrimination! Although the incoming energies are strong and the light is coming from high, you still must determine for yourself in which direction you want to go!

Light carries information, but it is you who decides how to benefit from it. There are people who do not take advantage yet from what is pouring down on your planet. And there are people who evolve rapidly while they use their higher intelligence and devotion to the process to allow the incoming information to bless them to the maximum possible degree. In between there are countless variations of how you can make use of what is given to all.

This is so because each one of you is here with different stages of intention, in development of consciousness and the  ability of distinctiveness and wise choice.

Your prayers and aspirations, meaning, to be clear yourself about what exactly  you want from this ascension process, spiritually and otherwise, is very important!

There are very few who have already truly profound knowledge about the depth of human spirituality, because most of you who have started to participate in the ascension process, have themselves merely educated with information, available in the so called New Age community and similar sources, to learn about and understand the spiritual process. But this understanding often only touches the surface and sometimes even contains misinformation.

Remember also, while you always attract energies and levels of consciousness similar to yourselves, from which you take your next information, that this could mean that you do not develop to a higher state of consciousness because you might merely repeat what you have already accomplished in other incarnations, perhaps even in higher dimensions.

Therefore we recommend that you ask yourself what your heart in this special life is spiritually truly yearning for, and not just to follow the information which is easily everywhere available to you!

We propose that you take your time and listen to your heart, in order to actively and intentionally discover your most genuine desire.

Everything is possible! Do not forget, that you are perhaps one of the beings who have  been manipulated since Millenniums not to use the original freedom of your heart to reach out for the seeming impossible!

We would like to inspire you, to allow yourself to remove all thoughts which are spiritually limiting and which are detaining you in a status quo. Aspire what you never dared to dream of! Thereby - to begin with - it is not so much important the degree to which you dream your new world, but the degree to which you open your heart up for higher spiritual realization.

The intent and quality of creation will follow from this realization by itself.

To envision and to create a new world from the status quo you are now living in, without taking into account the degree of spiritual realization your heart truly is desiring, deprives you from authentic growth and the opportunity to use these times of planetary and universal changes to the maximum degree.

Unfortunately most of you had not the chance to enter their deep space of  heart to synchronize with their very root to know their most profound purpose. This is so because you have been kept busy with superficial knowledge and distractions to prevent you from being attuned to your own personal source field.

Therefore many of you do not dare to enter their own depth of being to know themselves.

And so we recommend that  you use the power of the incoming light to help you at first in your process of entering your own depth of being and not to allow yourselves being led astray by your thinking process, even if it is about structural elements of your evolving body or higher dimensions. 

And even in your heart there might be layers upon layers by which you might be driven away and which distract you from going deeper. But this is about penetrating all of them until you reach the bottom to be in contact with your very soul motivation.

It will show you naturally your true spiritual aspiration and will guide you into the right direction to achieve it!

There is no external means, other than the incoming energies which are able to expand your awareness, which can help you to touch your own core. This  core is not reached by any external means, which pleases the senses, such as music, smell, candle light and so on, although they can be relaxing. It is only reached in silence, in forgetting your total environment, surrender and letting go of everything your social persona is otherwise identified with.

It is only reached in that moment where you dare to detach yourselves from all concerns, all desires of the body-mind, all events, all people, even your most loved ones. It is a process only you can do and alone, therefore it is like the dying of the world. You must be willing to release all identifications with what you think you are or what you consider to define you, you must release all wishful thinking.

This is what we recommend to you, if you wish to be completely true to yourself and your own path. Otherwise you just run with the flow everybody is following. But also this is valuable, if you prefer to do this, because this  would be then what you have chosen in this life-time.

But when your heart is still at unrest about your own process in the midst of all the everywhere easily available information, we advise you to follow what we have explained here.

You must know that you can achieve any spiritual goal, any spiritual realization, once you have identified it, nothing is too high, if you are determined and willing to do what it takes. And then you will attract the right means for the realization of that goal.

All of you have now been given an unprecedented chance to accomplish what has not been possible before in a relatively short time.

Ascension into higher dimensions or even spiritual realization of a certain degree does require more than just to be in the company of high energy and higher light.

Realizing the Divine Consciousness that you are, requires you work to do. Although it might be helpful, to exist in a higher density, Spiritual Realization has nothing to do with the level of dimension in which you live, because Divine Consciousness can be realized in any dimension.

Furthermore, distractions from this Realization are everywhere and in any dimension present, but  the low density of your dimension provides even an excellent environment to realize the most Supreme.

We bless you so that you may find your true heart’s desire which is ALWAYS about your most individual path towards the Unity of All-That-Is.

We are the Arcturians!


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