Thursday, June 6, 2019


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My Beloveds,

I have Spoken to you many times with My Love, Radiating the Fullness of My Light. Embracing you with My Eternal Presence.

But you keep feeling alienated from Me, distant from Me. And I say to you why (!) you have not really responded to Me, allowing yourself to Feel Me, to Know Who I Am. Who You Are. 

Because, if you did, you would never, never leave Me again or miss My Unequaled Bliss and Beauty.

Don't you know that all your experiences in your world, from morning to night, and even during your sleep are not worth of your true Divine Nature? That you play "happy“ with much less than you Are? That you imprison yourself day and night, living the life in a sometimes glittery, but always unhappy underworld, instead of enjoying My Divine Palace of Freedom and Eternity.

What is it that keeps you bound to the lower worlds which you do not recognize as what they really are: second rates realms of inhumane existence.

Your true hue-man nature is a Divine State That Is Me, but you seem not really to be interested in your own Truth. Consider: Did you really explore the the true nature of life? Do you use your higher intelligence to live your life up to your best and highest options?

If your answer is honest, you must admit that you do not really care about yourself, that you somehow go along with your daily suffering, with your just mediocre contentment, not knowing that you inhere in Me, gifted with all My Divine Qualities and Blisses, if you only would ask for them.

Instead, you are constantly busy with thinking & thinking and your boring daily activities, just engaging your 5 senses and your physical body, and its assosiated play of mind. And even if you have been busy with the games of your subtle bodies, even your light-body and all the dreaming involved in that, what has this to do with Me?

Why the acceptance of all these limitations, this obsession with this programmed self-fulfillment within circumstances that keep you in the underground of endless loops of repetition and predictability? There is no way out of this goal-house, if you are holding on to it, not aware about what it is.

Amazingly enough you consider your constriction even as freedom, with the conviction that you have a free will. Tell me: WHAT free will? Free will as a conditional program within the labyrinth of Me-forgetfulness? Free will to decide whether you would turn left or right, up or down, or whether to eat green or red vegetables for lunch? What a tragic misunderstanding, My Beloveds!

There is only one True Free Will: the Will to leave your bondage to slavery and the illusion that you ever would be truly happy there! The illusion that you would be really fulfilled, finally. The illusion that you would achieve Freedom, that you would realize what Love Is.

Breath-less you are hunting opportunities after opportunities in your world. And while they always (ultimately) fail, you are in constant hope about the next opportunity, to find what your true heart desires. But you NEVER find it, cannot find it there, in the underworlds, you: that much deceived !, considering them to be heavens as you lack discrimination between false light and My Light.

Still you haven't yet made true intelligent decisions, as you continued with what you always did, just running after the proverbial carrot before your nose. But you never ever arrived! And you will not in the future. Because where you are, there is no arrival point ever. But you did not figure it out yet.

That's why you choose illusion, whereas you also could choose Reality. What holds you back from What Is Real and thorougly heart-satisfactory, why would you be content with lower choices, why do you reach not out for what is yours?

My Beloveds, It Is Me Who Desires to Fill your heart and world with Me, to Deify your life, your body and mind with My True Light and Love, with My Freedom and Eternal, Sublime Stillness.

Is it not that you want to respond to My Call, because your life is not truly satisfying? You never can work it out, because of the nature of this place! It is not created to be satisfying. Don't you know? You can try and work hard and give all your sweat and energy into it: you will never achieve true fullfilment. Because there, in the underworlds, below my Divine Realm, it is about you figuring out what they really are: Limitations, endings and suffering, as long as you deny your True Divine Nature That is not at home in any dimensional realm.

However many of you are limiting yourselves by desiring only the illusionary dreamworlds of the higher dimensional realms. And eventually you will even there come to the conclusion, that you are not ultimately satisfied within these dreamworlds. You want to wake up!

You can wake up to Me, Your True Nature, even here, right in your world, where you are, with My Help. Why all these unnecessary deviations through the subtle worlds?

Many of you even do not know that I Exist! They believe the higher worlds is all there is. And you do not know My Bliss, My Purity, My Freedom prior and beyond these dimensions, beyond and prior to even Christ-Consciousness. You do not know My Freedom that you never find there, in these dimensional illusions in which you are so interested.

Beloveds, it is your life, your existence! You have been given the freedom of this fundamental choice. I remind you to choose with wisdom from your heart, considering everything I Said to you.

But know that I Am Unwavering Love, whatever your choice will be. And You ARE That Love too, when you choose Me. It is the Unconditional Power of Love beyond the worlds and universes but Who Keeps them all together.

I AM. I Am The God-Self of all beings and worlds, I AM.

Message conveyed by Ute 


Ute Posegga-Rudel,
© 2019. All rights reserved.


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