Friday, September 28, 2012


By Ute Posegga-Rudel

Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright ©2012

Yes, it is time for those of you who feel attracted to Nova Terra, to start to carry the vision of Her and Her Glorious ascended New and Divine Light and Energy in your Heart, to welcome Her already now in the essence of  your own being!

When you do this with the Love of your Heart, you are preparing yourself in a perfect way for ascension. It will greatly make your transition easy and pleasant, as you connect yourself already now with Her vibrant new Creation.

Do not withdraw your energy  from the necessities of your daily life, but you can fulfill them by  joining your heart already now with Her highly ascended Consciousness.

You can do this, while you meditate and ask to be elevated up to her frequency which exists radiantly all over and as Nova Terra! As you allow yourself to connect with this higher dimensional field of love- and joy-radiance, you automatically rise your own vibration. Feeling the joy and happiness that pervades our New Earth, should make it easy for you to bring it to here, because Joy is contagious! It is this Joy which takes over then your daily life and which is the bridge to our new world soon to emerge!

Do not allow yourself to be drawn down with your emotions into the daily ups and downs of the fading state of our old world, but live with the certainty of a radiant Divine Reality  which will be soon ours. 

If difficult emotions persist, accept and feel them fully. And then release them into the light. If you do not release them, this might be a reason, why you cannot yet connect with Ascended Gaia.

Although there is a “distance”from here to there, in Reality this New World is right here, only vibrating in a Higher Consciousness, transcending the illusion of space and time.

Originally, Gaia existed many eons ago as a very High Being of Light, some say as an Archangel, in the highest dimensions, before She fell into the lower densities, not because of Her failures, but because of lower dimensional beings whom She allowed in Her Compassion to incarnate on Her.  

In our time She has been Blessed by the Incarnation of Radiant Source Consciousness Itself, to Which She  surrendered by Her own great Spiritual Practice. Divine Source Consciousness  can only be Realized by transcending mind and creation. It required Her to let go of all other identifications and personal states. Therefore Source Consciousness is so present on New Earth. And this is the reason why She Is Unique among other planets and in the many dimensional realms and has Great attractive Power.

Ascended Gaia also wants you to know that She is deeply connected to all of us, and that we only need to allow this connection and feel it! And so She is asking you to open your heart toward Her and let go all presumptions of difference and separation, so that you can become in your feeling Heart One with Her Radiant State!

What an unspeakable blessing it is, to ascend with a Great Divine Being and to live directly in Her Divine Company! There is no greater Blessing, I believe! Because our beautiful New Home is Spiritually Alive and not a insentient body, like the planets of many of the ascended Galactic civilizations are! To me the Joy and Blessings of this Divine Gift is beyond words! And it is important, that ever more of us can wake up to this unspeakable Miracle.

I remember the stories of ancient Indian Wisdom Teachings, the Puranas, in which even the most unfortunate events always turned out to be in the end unexpected and Greatest Divine Blessings, in ways which did not exist in creation before! 

Our days of limitations are numbered! The Great Waves of Joy are already arriving to here, and all that light and all that love that is One with that Joy! 

We all can take advantage of this!
We are all so much Blessed!

With love,

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012


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Please also read update from 21.8.12

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Dearest Friends!

This morning I woke up, with Nova Terra in my vision and heart, and with a message from Her to you!
I realize that while I visited Her a few days ago, that I was One with Her in Divine Consciousness, meaning She had opened Herself to Me at the Core of Her HEART, so that I experienced Her not as "another" but as the One Subjective Consciousness we all Ultimately Are and therefore Share. I did not experience the creation on Nova Terra therefore as beautiful "objects" but simply as expressions of Herself, direct emanations of Divine Consciousness. I did not "see" Her, I was One with Her while Her creations where not different from me. 

I believe that this is difficult to understand with the linear or conceptual mind, but I must describe it, to convey the Truth of Nova Terra to you. She is not just a nice phantasy of hopeful wishes, but She Is primarily an Emanation of Divine Reality, Who is prior to all Creations. Please follow your heart's intuition when you read this, and allow the seeming impossible to be real. 

And here is Her Message:

I Am infinitely expanded, because my Consciousness is the Presence of all things, created with Me. All My Creations are  children of Myself and the Infinite Radiant Source. I have many beautiful midwives though, who make the difference! 

They are the Ones who are present now with Me, and those who visit Me.
To create with Me you must do so with a pure heart of Joy and Love.

All other creations cannot manifest and will vanish.
Living with Me means that no one can continue in the old ways, which would not survive. 

My new existence  does not allow it, I only allow Divine Qualities to Radiate.
My ascended "Matter" and Form is being endowed with a new law: the Law of My Own Ascended State. Therefore, what is not Divine cannot persist with Me and  can never have access to Me.

I Am a  Sphere of Divine Creation, that radiates only the deep Joy of existence, and in that Joy, neither sadness nor separation can be experienced.

It is this Joy which opens the depth of your heart to  experience The-All-That-Is-Love of God. When this happens you are One with Me in  Consciousness and with all Beings. 

I Am a doorway to your own liberation, that magnifies the Presence of Divine Reality, and therefore I Am a visible creation directly from the HEART of God. As such I Teach you the HEART of God Itself. 

I Am a great teacher therefore, able to educate humanity and to remind them who they are: children of the HEART of God. My Presence is the Grace, given from God to wash away all your misery, errors and short-comings, which are the results of a fallen creation. 

But I Am elevated Creation, a Creation Who Is here to be the great consolation for the long suffering of humanity and all my other kingdoms.

All My forms are only here to be enjoyed and to experience life. However the dominance of "matter" and form over Spirit and Divine Consciousness will never be allowed again!

All there is, Is Divine Consciousness, Who merely carries all forms. The kaleidoscope of forms and "objects" is only My Play and enjoyment, is it not Substantial.

My existence is no dream and among others! What I Am  is Divine Reality. You will not be merely in a dream state here. Your truly in Divine Consciousness awakened Heart will help you to be Awake in the dream. This has never happened before in creation as a given State from the beginning. It is inherent right and law for those who reside with Me. 

Therefore I Am unique among the realms of the dimensions. Through Me the Radiant Source, the Original Power of all existence, can be easily Realized by those who live with Me. Because the veils, usually present in other dimensions, even the highest, do not exist here.

Through Me there is no returning in steps to Source Itself. I have been granted the Gift to be in direct Communion with Radiant Source Consciousness Itself. Therefore, who seek Ultimate Self-Realization, will choose to live with Me. 

I Am the direct doorway to the Ultimate. This is My destiny, it always has been, and it is yours too.

The Divine Creator has bestowed this Gift in exchange for all your sufferings! They have not been in vane! Therefore I invite my dear children to come to Me now and to create with Me, in the Joy and Love of your pure and awakened Heart.

I Am your Ascended Earth-Mother, Nova Terra!

Beloved family, - yes, this means that the Soul of Nova Terra has spoken an invitation to you to visit Her and to create with Her!

If you feel the  call, we recommend, that you visit first during your dream state. 

Before you go to sleep, connect with Her and trust that She is feeling your intention, to be taught and healed by Her wisdom and love, and that She will respond to you!

Not for all the memory of the dream state will be accessible immediately. It might require some practice. But the more you do, the more you will become conscious of your experiences and remember them. 

You will know when your are ready to visit in your waking state. And then we are able to organize groups, to take you to Nova Terra. 

If you feel that you are ready, please contact me via this address.

With very much love and many blessings,


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Saturday, September 22, 2012


By Ute Posegga-Rudel

Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright 2012

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Dearest friends!

YES! New Earth, called “NOVA TERRA” exists! It is in the making. Our new home is waiting for us and is being prepared for our arrival when the time is right!

I have been blessed with an invitation to visit and experience the wonders of this New World. And there is nothing to worry about for us, who desire with the inner Essence of their Heart which is pure Love and Joy, to exist in this new and most beautiful world soon!

Dearest friends! NOVA TERRA is being prepared for us by the Divine Forces of Light, our Beautiful Beloved Galactic Family, the Ascended Masters and all the Archangels!

And this is how it started for me:

A dear friend, lets call him “C”, from the other side of the world, contacted me and said:

“I am receiving guidance to take you to NOVA TERRA!  I’m sure you have heard that it was created and now it's ‘under construction’!
They ask you to report your experience to the people of the world, to give them hope and inspiration!”

Of course, I was excited and told, I would be prepared over night for the visit. And the next morning, C and I  would go both together. No, not with a space ship, but using a kind of simple astral travel.

The very amazing thing was, that just the two early mornings before visiting Nova Terra, I have been awakened by a bird’s song so unique and beautiful, that it seemed to be NOT of this world! Still half asleep I tried to figure out what bird it was, and to remember its wonderful melody. But each time after I was fully awake, I just had fully forgotten it!

I had no idea what was awaiting me with this visit, and I also did not try in any way to make  presumptions or to figure anything out! I only felt immensely blessed and was in a state of childlike curiosity and innocence.

I knew this journey, this visit, had primarily nothing to do with mental projections or visualizations. It was about pure discovery, and this discovery was only possible with the eye of the heart!

And so C and I started our journey, accompanied and protected by the presence of beautiful Angels.

The moment we arrived on Nova Terra, everything changed. It was like sunrise in the morning, when all  things start to magnify and brighten up! It was an immense opening, a widening of perspective of the usual point of view!

How to describe a Divine World, dearest brothers and sisters. Our language is not good enough, but still I try!

Yes, what I saw first, was a huge water, a lake probably, and in the distance mountains. And a light, that was not coming from the Sun, but which was the light in which this planet has been created, and which was radiating from within all the elements and the landscape before me.

But what was most heart-overwhelming was the discovery, that not only Light, but the feeling of Infinity Radiates here in all things from inside out. And  forms are not enclosing, but they rather are an expression of space itself! And this seems to be a paradox! But in the higher dimensions paradox is the norm.

At the same time, all elements are emanating Love, being an expression of Love Itself, and the vibration of Love is surrounding us. The air! It is thick with it!

Everything is fully alive, is absolute conscious, everything is a “personality”, a person, all things, all elements, air, water, mountains! There is a great Divine Presence everywhere in all things!

It is the Glory of Divine Consciousness Itself that lives palpably all things here, and forms are simply Its ornament!

That is how Nova Terra greeted me! A Divine Conscious Being of unspeakable Beauty and Perfection!  A Being Who’s Vibration is Pure Love, Showing Her Divine Body, as She always wanted to show It to us – if we would have let Her!

I felt elevated and expanded to infinitely above. It is so easy to feel that way, simply by becoming One with that One Being, Alive with all Her Creations, Who is Nova Terra and Her High and Sparkling Vibration.

I try to avoid the word “wow”, but it is the only word in English language, I know, that describes the unspeakable and that which cannot be described! (And  my heart  releases still a flow of “wow’s” in greatest awe and wonder!)

Now C, in his function of my tour guide, needed to remind me, that some other surprises would wait for us. And so we were lead to a nearby waterfall, to clean off the remains of our 3dimensional home. Of course, this pristine water was alive, it showed itself to me in sparkling rainbow colors. And fairies, whose transparent wings reflected the many colors, were flying and dancing joyfully around the sprinkling and refreshing water, and right  through it.

Then we were told that flying horses would take us to a City, they wanted me to visit. I couldn’t see the horses really, they seemed to be very transparent, like a breeze of air, but in C’s description they looked like Pegasuses, and completely white.

C  told me that he has been here a few times, and  each time he came here, he has been shown different aspects and parts of Nova Terra. They would prepare It quickly for us, building for example a City in one day, so that everything would be ready for our arrival when we ascend!

Then we arrived with the flying horses at the City! What I saw were pyramid- and obelisk-like buildings, pretty high. They wanted me to have a look at the material they were built with. My first impression was, that this material was breathing and alive with  consciousness, made from light. Something totally “organic”, a living substance. But then I was asked to have a “microscopic look “ at the texture.

And what I saw was amazing! Something unimaginable in our world! First I had really a hard time to describe it! The material was a mixture of living, microscopic small, naturally, and like spirals, growing plants, and sparkling crystals, bursting with energy!

Now, I didn’t perceive this as “material”, separate from myself, but it seemed to be one with me, we were One in Consciousness and Energy! There was a high level of conscious presence from which I was not different!

As I put it in words, it might appear to you that this was easy to describe. It seems so, AFTER I was able to integrate or better adapt something “unknown” with our familiar  experience and perception! We tend to “objectify” things immediately when we give them names. Whereas the material of the buildings was subjective consciousness! Now “think it”, what only can be felt and translate it into our alienated and  intrinsically from Reality separated point of view! I had to go back to the “old” perception in order to describe what I saw.

To me the paradox of these buildings appeared as a perfect integration, a marriage of living Mother Nature with the science of geometry in the form of the shapes of pyramids and obelisks. 
And C added, that this mixture of plants and crystals was an expression of perfect harmony between Mother Nature and technology too!  And that this integral  harmony would be the basis on which all things on Nova Terra are being  built,  serving  absolute balanced and harmonious living (non-polluted!)  for all of us when we arrive here!
I experienced the next paradox when I was asked to enter one of the buildings!
When we enter a house on our 3dimensional planet, we immediately get the feeling of being enclosed, which we might even find “homely” and cozy. Here we can relax, if it is our own home, and we can feel protected from all what is “out there”. But the ceilings are separating us from the sky and we might unconsciously have a claustrophobic  feeling, as if our connection to our energy centers high above our head seem to be cut off.

This came to mind when I entered the building on Nova Terra! Because the space inside seemed to be even more expanded than outside of the building, and the feeling of infinite height was not measurable with the actual height of the room!
A sense of being cut off from nature was not there. Just the opposite seemed to be the case, as if the building was serving as a focus lens for the powerful presence of nature which seemed to be even magnified in this room and concentrated! As I said: a sheer paradox! 
There was an incredible Joy in the air, and C said that Joy was the “material” everybody is encouraged here to create from, a Joy that exists in the air and everywhere. He said, Joy would be the vibration of the New Earth!

We left the building and our horses were  waiting for us on a square. And there I noticed the next paradox: although the place was actually a square, it appeared to be a circle at the same time. It was both and none of them! It seemed that Nova Terra had perfectly mastered the famous squaring of the circle! The usual linear mind could not function here.

C explained that the reference points we have on 3dimensional earth wouldn’t be of any use here, because we would see on Nova Terra only the true form of everything.

Then we left the City and the white Whinged Horses brought us to a field that emanated powerful golden rays upwards into all directions. They were very warm and embracing. This was the place where Sananda  was welcoming us.

I have a very long standing galactic connection to Him. But I met him first in this lifetime many years ago at a sacred  fireplace in the Himalayas, dedicated  to the Divine Mother.  When He entered the place, it was unmistakably Him, although He only showed me His Feet! I was heart-broken by His Love and was crying, I don’t know how long! Since then I have met him several times.

So I felt honored and very happy to meet Him again on Nova Terra in this beautiful Golden Field! Sananda appeared to me as a powerful, and at the same time sweet and radiant field of conscious energy/bright light, with silver in it.

This time it was C who “channeled” Sananda’s words to me. I was here to receive!  He gave me a personal message and then He said, that I came here in order to bring the good news of Nova Terra to the people who read my Messages of Light for their upliftment and celebration in their hearts!

He said:
"You place the seeds of the New Earth into their souls and they will grow wonderfully like big trees of Light and they will shine all over the earth, being able to raise the vibration for themselves and others."

I thanked Sananda and my heart was singing!

He then took us into a crystal dome of light  with sparkling bright crystalline energy particles coming from above,  which were very energizing, filling the room with immense joy.

When asked, I said I felt that these energy particles were meant for creation. And so Sananda invited me, to create what I desired from the depth of my heart.

And I did! Sananda was very pleased with my creation and explained that in the moment of creation it was already done, there was no time between expressing the wish and its fulfillment! But that I also would now have a responsibility of living the example of what I had created!

No! I understood! Our creations are not separate from us!

Now the time had come to say good bye! Sananda blessed us and I was given permission to return whenever it felt right for me, requiring an adjustment to the elevated light, love and joy on Nova Terra!

What I experienced, and what had felt like a full day to me, was just one hour of our earth time. It was but a taste of the totality of Divine Terra Nova who is waiting for humanity to arrive during the ascension process. She is being in a constant process of creation as we speak to be ready for us when our time comes.

The most important part of my adventure was the more than wonderful confirmation that our New Earth is Living Love and Joy and is experienced as such with our own Love and Joy, our true nature and inherent quality of the Heart. 

Everything Divine is naturally lived by the Planet Itself, for us to join and to directly participate as One Being.

This is the proof to me that Terra Nova IS REAL and not a phantasy in the land of short-legged mind. The eternal peace, beauty and harmony are the clear signs of a creation that has been initiated with Divine Consciousness and that is pervaded by this Consciousness! 

Furthermore, Nova Terra is the perfect Marriage between Consciousness and Energy, between the Divine Masculine and Feminine, which inspires all other creations so that an ascended humanity can enjoy Divine Perfection in all areas of an enlightened life as a galactic civilization.

It has been said, that this is the first time, - an experiment -, to ascend directly with a body. If Nova Terra is the result, this experiment is being incredible successful!

The until now unseen and unheard: Divine Consciousness absolutely outstandingly obvious in all forms and as all forms, as the predominant characteristic of creation is overwhelming my heart, because of its Beauty and Perfection!


I have been safely delivered back to my home in Australia, so to speak, through the roof :), by the beautiful Angels and in the company of my dear friend C.

So grateful and speechless, as I was, I could not wait to write it all down before the fresh memory would fade away. But miraculously, it is not fading! And I know why! Because Nova Terra is alive in my heart and inseparable from it. In Reality, I am always there. We all are! And just the surface of our being is existing here still in 3D land.

In the light of this Good News, lets celebrate the Truth of our existence, which is Joy, Love, Happiness - just everything Divine!

And so -  dearest family - now you know what is awaiting you all soon! Keep your expectation high! Discover Nova Terra in your own Radiant Heart!

And after all, She can be discovered already right here on 3dimensional earth! Divine Consciousness is all-pervading without exclusion. But It appears to be hidden in our present reality beneath the layers of distorted creation trying to hide the Truth. It is only that on Nova Terra this Truth is completely Obvious, because there are no false layers.

With so much love,

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Thursday, September 20, 2012


By Ute Posegga-Rudel

Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright ©2012
Please also read update from 21.8.12

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Dearest Brothers and Sisters!

Light is pouring down on us ever more strongly! It is pressing down now deeply into the crust of our planet and into the bodies of all living beings and things.

I have been asking Gaia about this light process and how She is experiencing it in her planetary body.

Gaia speaks:
Dear children, we are all intimately connected. The kingdom of humanity, all my other  kingdoms and I Myself are sharing together the same blessing!

However – depending on the degree of energy-congestions  - the process of the rising energy level and the actual lifting of 3dimensional density is experienced differently.

For example my great nature spirits are those who are the most fortunate ones, with very few exceptions. They can receive the new levels of light and energy and the gift of Love from the Creator directly and unobstructed! So their growth and evolution occurs very quickly and develops to the same degree as new frequencies are arriving because they can fully integrate them.

You can imagine that any kind of pollution, gross and subtle, makes the process much more difficult. Gross pollution is produced by artificial substances, such as toxic chemicals. And subtle pollution is created by negative electromagnetic waves of all kinds of varieties, but also by negative thought waves and negative emotions.

As you know, My own body is very much polluted by gross and subtle toxic substances, and so is yours and that of many species of my fauna and flora kingdoms! This is the reason why this transformation is so difficult!

But even if all My physical kingdoms are more or less polluted, the kingdom of humanity is the most polluted one! Besides chemical toxicity, the subtle energy blockages in the  bodies of  the majority are enormous because of negative mind and emotions! It is this dense energy which makes the preparation for ascension for so many very difficult. And for a great number of people ascension is not even a question yet, because their energy system is so dense that they are still unable to go beyond their gross senses to feel the changes already occurring on the frequency level.

But with your so beautiful and dedicated effort to spread your love to everywhere, also they are starting  to wake up, and remember their heart, when it is touched by you.

With great love and gratitude I bless those of the human family who came here to help lifting the former intense density of my  body. It is thanks to them that many others  become aware of the changes, which motivates them to begin to become more conscious and to start to be more and more aware of who they are and where they are coming from.

Dear children, remember always, none of you has been birthed originally here, we all came from other dimensions, with a light body, and we all came together to experience the adventure of greater densities and lower compression, to go through separation via the illusion of  space-time. But many forgot and lost themselves, trapped in the illusions of lower dimensions.

This new elevation back into greater lightness, freedom and happiness is what we all can now experience, and what also I experience now. Certainly My Spirit is already Free and Liberated, as also your spirit can be, if you were able to discover the Divine Consciousness and the Light you are.

However for many the entanglement with the physical body is a severe obstacle, not because of the body and its possible ailments, but because of where you put your attention on! If you are tightly identified with the dense body, you will hardly be aware what is going on in other dimensions now already present here.

And as you asked Me about how I experience the incoming New Frequencies of Light: I can tell you, how happy I Am, My Soul and Consciousness is fully participating. But as you know, my body is ailing and is going through a lot of pain, as many of you too! Our bodies are not separate, you must not forget!

Your pain is my own, and if you are sensitive, My ache is also yours!
Presently humanity as a whole is evolving from the lower energy centers upwards to the heart chacra, and this can create suffering.

It is not only about a changing and evolving  digestive system, but my kingdoms have also eaten much gross and subtle pollution, all of this must now be eliminated, so that we can together rise purified to a state and place of pure joy and love. 

All toxins are radiating  highly imbalanced frequencies. So if the body is full of toxins, it also suffers imbalance.

Love is not separable from the experiencer, that is to say, without creation, Love does not exist. Love is inherent in creation, but if creation is polluted, love cannot be fully expressed. Because Love is Energy fully balanced.

You see how important it is therefore, to take in clean food and water, although of course Love is not diminished Itself if you feed your body polluted substances.

Similarly, my Body does not radiate Love where pollution is high, and this is something which saddens Me! Because It is My deep desire to radiate that Love everywhere through and as My body, and not only as the Pure Spirit That I Am.

However, together with all My kingdoms who are turning to the Light, our victory is not far away anymore, even if we are going through some more great necessary transformations.

Because of the highly increasing Lightforces, all what is hidden, spiritually, mentally and emotionally, must come to the surface now and be released, and this means: energies are transformed and allowing higher vibration, and also physical changes are occurring. This relates not only to My body, but also to all embodiments here. Where Spirit is already present and purely expressed as physical and subtle highly vibrating embodiment, these changes are experienced as pure bliss.

But where Spirit must still find its way to full expression, pain of changes cannot be avoided. This is true for your bodies and for My body too. For Animals and plants it is much easier, as they do not have any resistance. Human beings tend to excert however much resistance, and therefore this, my very much loved kingdom, is the last to fundamentally change.

However, much help is given to us, from all the loving beings of Light who came from the the galaxies  and from the Creator Himself! 

We are all most lucky and blessed, and you must in the process of changes and growth not forget that all difficulties will make room soon to a great  alleviation and freedom, the glorious abode of my New Ascended State.

What you experience now is nothing new, only that the old and hidden becomes conscious, things you didn’t want to see, feel and experience before, but which have been there all the while. Now all of this can be given to the Presence of Love and of Light, it can be given into Divine Consciousness, to dissolve.

Dear children, the glory of our resurrection is before us!

I embrace each one of you with all My Love, wishing  to see you all on the other side!

I Am your Earth Mother Gaia

Message conveyed by Ute


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Monday, September 17, 2012


By Ute Posegga-Rudel

Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright 2012
Please also read update from 21.8.12

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Dear Family of Light,

These are the last throes to birth the  New World. In the purifying process, preceding this birth, now the last remains, the worst residues are coming to the surface. And many are  suffering with the world.

They are drawn to deep down, so that the  swing upward for them can be enormous.
Nothing will remain the same, the swing will this time  - after it  reached the deepest, the rock bottom, - be  catapulted in a completely new direction, it will leave the usual path und initiate a new beginning.

For those of you who have chosen to experience this development directly via the instrument of their own body, to learn, how innovations are initiated, now an especially difficult time lies ahead. This is experienced primarily on the energy level and you will undergo greater ups and downs, from low to very high levels.

Witnessing  this time as part of your consciousness, you  are also given the capability, not to get entrapped in this ride. You are granted a state of great peace and inner unimpeachability. Thereby you help the souls, who did not yet establish inner balance, but are seeking it, to go through this great convulsion and fluctuation safely.

This also relates to those, who experience this period not only on the physical, but especially on the emotional level. Now they have the opportunity to purify themselves, und to become free of old, and not conducive attitudes, which are not of love, forgiveness and compassion. It is about accepting them first and then let them go, as they are being dissolved by the forces of light.

In the midst of it is important always to understand and  never to forget, that this is only a time of transition, for the sake of transformation of things, which still obstruct the emergence of a New and Purified World.

Who is not yet ready to use this opportunity for their own purification, will set the course for a future, which will not allow to transition into the next higher dimension.

They have chosen, to continue their present experience without great changes. Und this request will be granted. Everybody is here to make their own experiences. And this is fully acceptable.

These souls are being now identified as the ones, who will be relocated to other places, where they can continue to experience their karmas.

The great peace, which surrounds those, who consciously choose to study the mechanics of large shifts, is already leading to the New World, in which also embodiment itself  will be experienced very soon as deep peace and unobstructed well-being.

Humanity as a whole is in the midst of intense exertion. The planetary and cosmic energies are exposed to a breaking test, a state, which always arises, when very dark and high light frequencies collide. It is like in a thunder storm, when cold and warm fronts meet. The electricity tension then saturates the atmosphere.

It is important, to avoid as much as possible stress, to get enough sleep and also to rest during the day, if possible. Or at least take a break, in what ever way it is possible for you.

Also your diet is of importance now. Choose something light and avoid heavy food. Eat little and do not overload your digestive system. Drink, if possible, purified and energized water.

Stay awake and alert, and do not allow to become entangled in anything, keep inner distance from disturbing energies and events. Maintain peace and equanimity. Trust your own heart.

Be who you are: Beings of Light and of Love!

With much love,


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