Sunday, November 20, 2016


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We are here, as you know, to support your ascension process. Meaning to support your endeavors to rise your frequency which is equivalent to raising your consciousness. One without the other is not possible, both belong to one single phenomenon: the evolution of your planetary situation, that is you, the species on your planet, including your planet itself.

This is only the beginning. As you evolve, more events are evolving out of the then present situation in an exponential manner.

What you are now not able to see yet, is a state of being that is evolving into a new awareness and state of creation that comes out of your present situation like a new evolved appearance that elevates your heart in a benign and awesome deepening process, not yet experienced by the majority of mankind.

This can happen as you and many other star people, now incarnated on earth, are spreading the seeds of evolutionary cosmic possibilities, of which not even us know the exact outcome.

The process requires a consciousness with a heart and brain that is far beyond even ours and that has humanity on its agenda. It is a pure Divine Agenda, that is born from Pure Divine Intent.

We care about humanity as a whole, and we respect the lower developmental state of human beings who are not yet able to ascent, still too closely attached to their present state of consciousness and awareness, not yet ready to open their eyes and leave lower densities behind.

Our message for now to you is: do not be concerned about the current global affairs and how they present themselves to humanity. There are countless variations of levels of positive consciousness-units that each bring forth different aspects of truth and possibilities how to change present circumstances. And in fact most of them are well-minded. Do not underestimate the positive forces on your planet.

Unfortunately they are not as much supported by the majority and as much propagated like the almost unisono voice of the media of your slowly disintegrating establishment. The positive voices that bring  the news of advancement and human growth to your awareness, are more or less single personalities, without the power of large groups behind them and actively supported by them. So there seems to be a split in the communities of those souls that are more advanced than most of humanity. But if you look from a higher perspective, this is mistaken.

Their encouraging voices count in a manner that raises the earth's frequency potentially unlimitedly, as they find those who support them in their heart, because they feel the truth of what they bring to them and what they desire to change and how. Please be aware that heart-felt support weighs much more than superficial and ignorant fellowship.

We would like to ask you to focus on that Divine power, the power that is already finding new channels and ways of positive more enlightened creations within the Pure and Divine Creation that has not been falsified, altered and polluted by those that are not interested in your free joy and happiness, the love that unites all hearts.

If you can find that energy in your heart that propels you forward and towards a new, inspired vision and feeling of Divine Creation in all areas and levels of human life, you are indeed blessed, as you are serving humanity with this immensely.

Humanity is indeed on a crossroad right now: whoever will pick up now the road of evolution will catch the train, so to speak. Even jumping on it although it is already set in motion, will enable you to participate in the ever more powerful current of evolution. Blessed is your heart.

We are here to support this, reminding all of you of the love you can always choose under all circumstances.

We are the Blue Avians!

Message conveyed by Ute


Ute Posegga-Rudel,
© 2016. All rights reserved.

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Friday, November 4, 2016


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MY Beloveds, 
I AM often telling you Who I AM. 

It is My always present proclamation where past and  future do not exist.

But how do you truly find Me, how do you come to Know Me? How do you penetrate the veils and transcend the realms of mind!
Can mind transcend itself? Try it!

As long as you observe mind there are two! You, the observer, and the observed, the play of mind.

But I AM not two! I cannot be observed. I can only Be You. All things AS objects vanished. Can mind ever imagine that!   
Recognize mind itself by its dual condition. 
As long as you observe Me as an other from your finite point of view, there are two -- but I AM One!

You believe and feel: Love is the answer. However even Love is many- and multi-faced. It expresses and is felt according to your level of evolution and consciousness. On each stage of your personal evolution you always THINK you know Perfect Love now. But later you realize that the stages of deepening Knowledge of My Love are endless.

They appear to be stages of - even the enlightened - mind, that is multidimensional, fugitive, shape-shifting, multi- and inter-dimensional, always changing, in the for ever expanding realities of (spiritual) imaginations. And each time you insure yourself  that you found Me, I dissipate in undefined clouds of  hallucination, which is a trickery of mind too.

Do you understand that seeking Me never succeeds! Because you seek My Waters while punting self-consciously down into My Depths with some paddles of your sliding boat on My surface.

So how do you find Me, although this should be easy and simple, because I AM your very own and  Innate Nature?

There is no religion or mindful teaching-system that answers this question, or provides the means to find Me truly. Because religious means are made to distract you from Me,  attracting you towards their specific mind made structures as a kind of prosthesis that keeps you away from Me forever. 

So to find me you must renounce all synthetic means and systems! There can be no-one and no-thing between Us, because We Are One and Only and Non-dual.

The more profound your heart desires Our genuine and pristine Oneness, the more your mind is retiring from its constant and tireless search for Me.

Your mind does not retire just by any strategy, making it silent, by suppressing its activities, by entering voluntarily a silent room of being-ness, which is merely another shape and frequency of mind, because even that room itself is mind and the silence a vessel of mind! Or using some other meditation techniques. Because also meditation and techniques are mind.

It is your desire, your deepest  heartfelt-desire, that attracts the Way to Unite with Me, beyond duality. This desire cannot by any means be fabricated by your seeking mind. Because this Desire is rooted in Myself.

I Confirm to you that the entire Process of Me-Realization Is Me Only. If you are willing to surrender your mind and body to  Me, so that it ceases wishing  to create the Great Path by its own will and imagination.

Let your mind be the leader and you will move away from Me further and further!

I AM the One that Ultimately Comes Forth in, through and as You. By a process of transforming and literally enlightening your total body-mind.

You can't do it yourself, as if a fragment could create the Force and Totality of Existence That I Am, of Which it is a part only.

Rather, I Replace you with Myself, Overwhelming what you think is you, to let it be Un-done in Me. Only then you truly Know Me. All veils dissipated, all errors surrendered, mind Known as My True Servant.

I AM your God-Self!

Message conveyed by Ute


Ute Posegga-Rudel,
© 2016. All rights reserved.

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