Saturday, June 30, 2012


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Dear friends,

many of us are holding their breath now: will the arrests of the cabal commence shortly - or will they not? Will there be first more signs of the old world crumbling and falling apart, before we can begin to see the light of the Golden Age truly and irrevocably dawning?

As we know, we all have been warned that in these endtimes a lot of misinformation is being spread. This is not to say that those who make public announcements about these arrests, have bad intentions, but they themselves could be used by those who have them.

Therefore, less and less we can now rely on these messengers, especially as their information appears to be contradictory. And how to find out about the real truth? Perhaps there is not just one 'truth', but many and it is a sign that we are slowly moving out of a merely black and white world of duality.

Being used now through  centuries to twisted mindsets and  lies, also this must now come into our open awareness , to be fully recognized and acknowledged, before the collective consciousness of humanity is choosing to say good by forever to those mental tactics and techniques to deceive and create doubt. 

We cannot solve this confusion and uncertainty however directly, only in our mind by trying to find out more details. This would only add to our bewilderment, insecurity and doubtful expectancy of what will be going to happen in our world.

The real challenge here is, to be centered in our heart and to stick to our vision of a new and Divine world, regardless of misinformation or not - or of even many aspects of "truth". We need to stand firm in our higher will and discriminative intelligence, which is firmly grounded in the purity of Divine Truth, -  and which does not allow us to be subdued to lower emotions, such as fear or doubt or any kind of negativity. This would only lower our own vibration. 

And this is it what it is really about in these times: to take very good care about our energy and vibrational level, to make sure that we vibrate at the highest level possible at all times.

In these times we must be torches of light, and hearts of infinite love, to help this planet to enter as smooth as possible into the next higher dimension. It does not matter what the messengers convey. But it does matter what each one of us is radiating and sending out into the collective morphogenetic field.

Even if "out there" the foundations of our world are shaking with uncertainty, we must remain grounded with the inner certainty of what WE ARE and of what WE WANT to achieve. We must not be influenced and allow to become weak by what the powers that were, still try to accomplish. 

Dear friends, they are trying to play their last cards, and what has been successful for Millenniums, by pushing us emotionally and generating fear, to lower the vibration of this world, will not be successful anymore, because we now understand the game. Don't we.

But what they actually do, is to push us into our true creative powers, as we have now arrived at the point from where there is no return: we MUST decide and declare NOW what WE really want. We can no longer stare at the world and circumstances we don't want - If we do not want to give power to the old world. 

And we must clearly and strongly stand to this vision, this heart-desire, born from love, emerging from our heart and reaching out and joining all those who share our vision of unity and a Divine World.

Together, joining the unlimited depth and width of our heart, we create a united field of New Earth, unshakable by the forces of illusion. 

It is our firm will what we want to achieve, followed by appropriate actions, which gets us to the other side, regardless of what others say and tell us. It is us, the will of the people, who create together the new world. We together can build an impenetrable and indestructible force of love and wisdom, to manifest our heart's desire. 

Each grain of doubt, each little trembling with fear weakens this force, and so we need now to let go what we have been doing for so long to please our dark teachers and submit to them. 

We together are victorious now, because we KNOW what we desire and because we do not allow ourselves to make the smallest gesture to step out of our magic and enlightened circle of success!
But even if we do, we return to that circle as soon as we can and this return even adds power, the power of resurrection.

As we rely on ourselves, as emanations of The-All-That-Is, and not on separate outside forces, we have transgressed already into the promised land.

Oh, and I see the joy, and so much light and incredible warmth of love already embracing our world, all possibilities included, and all the Divine Abundances flowing unlimited! 

Much love,


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Sunday, June 24, 2012


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Dear friends,

I remember when I was 1 year old, while laying in my little bed, that all of a sudden there was a  very loud, deafening bang and with it the perception of my world was altered by 180 degrees! Everything seemed to be upside down or as if a glove has been upended from inside out. 

Nothing was as it has been before, the freedom, the floating in free and unlimited Divine existence suddenly was seized and instead I seemed to be part of a reality in which everything appeared to be in separate pieces, like in boxes, everything separated from one another with straight lines.

And all of a sudden I seemed to be able to fit into this strange pseudo reality, and to suddenly understand the language spoken around me. All of a sudden I seemed to belong to a reality,  where everybody else already neatly fitted in, submitted to rules which everybody seemed always already undoubtedly and very self-evidently to understand, while for me it was still NOT so! To me nothing made sense, and only a mutual "agreement" about this strange experience seemed to justify it.

The years which followed have not been less astounding, and I was surprised how everybody around me took this compartamentalised life for real and absolute, extremely serious and without humor. I always have been asking myself, how people could be so sure about things, while I felt that this certainty was mere imagination. Still as time passed by I made my unavoidable adaptations to this game.

Later, after extensive travelings in India, at that time still the abode of spirituality incarnated, I noticed when I returned to the West, that everybody was carrying a little box in front of their forehead (symbolically spoken), where their whole life was happening in a compressed manner. The rest seemed to remain unused, while the content in that box was kept a secret from others. It was actually the constant chatter of the mind which keeps us apart from experiencing Real Life, which is the experience of life as conscious energy.

This perverted life is described otherwise as the hologram of illusion, the Fallen Ones have created once for us, because if we have been chopped into something, we are not, and which is a ridiculous persiflage of our true nature, we can be prevented from using our powers of Light and Divine Consciousness. We can be controlled, because only that can be controlled which is not alive, which is artificially manufactured.

We have been made cartoons of ourselves, and this tells us, who they are who created this version of an original human being. 

It has been done by splitting our brain in two halves to confuse our Divine Identity into something separate, so that we forget the quality of unity which is love.

This is the illusion most of us are suffering from, billions are still living this insanity, this error, without the ability to see through the veil and feel their Divinity, their wholeness, their naturally loving nature. 

But now, as new incredible high frequencies, or light and information is pouring down on this planet, who we are can become suddenly obvious to each single one of us, if we are inviting these precious gifts into our life. 

The old design and structures can fall apart, because they are not real. All which is not Real, all which is illusion and false, is collapsing now. The original Divine Codes of our Single Consciousness and of our light-bodies are being returned to us and we are being recreated in the midst of this old and already fading away false dream. And this clearly allows us to recognize its drollery.

That's why Enlightened Ones, the Saints and Adepts were rolling on the floor with laughter about this optical illusion, because it is really not more than this, as soon as we accept the manifestation of the true Reality of our Inherent Nature again. 

I call illusion what is not Divine, which is not born from the One Light of All-That-Is. The Fallen Ones created with their own distorted consciousness a lesser world, they have forgotten that  separation does not exist. It made us believe  that Unity needs to be created or even "re-created". 

But in Truth we only have to let go this hologram of illusion to discover that there is Only Unity, Oneness, it has always been there. We are a manifestation of love, it has been always so. We only need the courage to melt this holographic box in the infinite space of our heart.

I know many of you recognize this game of deception, it depends on how we perceive reality, we just need to look with eyes who are above our physical ones. Silently we might see and return to the obvious Truth!

Much Love and Many Blessings,


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Tuesday, June 19, 2012


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Dear ones,
Now is the time to melt duality, appearing as good and bad, light and dark, masculine and feminine, into One. Now is the time to transcend that dualistic mind through true and authentic heart-feeling, which is Love. Love has many attributes, and appears as joy, bliss, happiness.

If you want your path to be sucessful in these times where the battle between opposite forces are at their peak, allow the truth of the  inherent unity of all things and beings  to govern your heart. As long as you divide in dual pairs and fight against the “other” side of the coin, you give power to it!

So the only way, to truly achieve victory on your planet and support Gaia’s ascension and Her surrender to the Highest Consciousness, is by releasing any thought and emotion that is based on division and judgment.

Thereby it is not that you should not continue to discriminate between light and dark, but if you give weight to it in your thoughts, feelings and through identification with it, you will not be able to shake off the problems prevailing still on your planet.

Remember that you reinforce  what you resist and what you fight against. And altogether, what you repeat in your mind.

Therefore it is necessary that you withdraw for a time your main focus from the battle field and seek the Essence of Unity in your own heart. This is what ascension is about: transcending duality!

As long as you are fascinated and kept busy with figuring out opposites, you are reinforcing and maintaining your old world, and this is exactly what your controllers intention is.

Therefore to choose to transcend this dilemma, would be very wise.
Beloved, go deeper, let the struggle go which is occurring only in your mind, but never in your heart. Enter your heart and allow the Love, which is Unity, to prevail in your life.

At this point, do not feel and see anything else. As you are at the peak of the contest of the dual forces, True Light cannot win if you do not enter the next higher path in the spiral. Remember, that a problem can only be solved on the next higher level.  It can never be solved on the level itself, on which it occurs.

It is not that you need necessarily to direct Love towards something or towards somebody. You only need to BE Love, which is a state of complete openness, equanimity, without judgement, no withdrawal, no stress, but surrender to the depth of your single heart.

This state invokes the new frequencies and stabilizes your planet with the Force and Presence of Divine Reality.

If you do this, you will notice, that this Space is empty of duality and no foothold can be gained by those who try to control your situation. It is quite the contrary: they fall, they have nothing to hold on to, nothing to grasp, and their virtual reality vanishes before your eyes.

What is not on your mind is fading away. Remember that it is you who is creating your own reality. And what does not exist in your reality, cannot continue to exist.
The stars only exist because they can be found in the secret chamber of your heart, where creation begins.

The “ fight with the dark” is in reality the ancient battle in your own mind to finally learn to conquer the illusion that there is no Divine Reality. This is a belief, which has been implemented by your controllers, and they seem to prove it to you through your experience of the “outer” world.

But this Divine Reality is Standing in your own Heart, if you let it,  it is inside and outside the same. In it, the lesser realities that pretend darkness, so that also the light appears as a lesser phenomenon, suddenly being seemingly part of a duality, just disappear.

Beloved, it  is the other world, the world beyond duality, the True Divine Love, which changes your world and frees you from bondage, blame and judgement, and altogether from suffering. As long as you live in the illusion of dual pairs, complete victory can never be achieved, because the coin has always two sides.

But do not fear, the Great Blessing is underway to lift you up to the Radiant Chariot of Singleness. Just reach out with your hearts desire, and you will be carried to  New Bright Shores.

Turn to your Heart and you will Understand.

Love is Single!
I AM your Higher-Self

Message conveyed by Ute

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Sunday, June 17, 2012


SRI YANTRA. Image by

Dear Friends,

I am writing this while - according to ancient gnostic wisdom - Gaia is actually aligning herself right now with the Galactic Center of our Universe! Exactly on 17.6.12, at 1:50 PM, AEST. And not  on 21. 12 12.  This is not publicly known. 

In these texts one of her names is Sophia, but She has many more, She is the Goddess of ancient wisdom, also called Hathor, Isis, Kali.... She Is Divine Mother.

I just came across this information and feel very much moved as this also coincides with the latest message, I received from Her. Link

Her Yantra is the ancient and famous Shri Yantra. The Bindu in the Center of the Yantra is the Union with Ultimate Divine Consciousness. The geometric layers around the Bindu is the unfolding into the dimensions of creation.

Since weeks now I feel continuously the deepest connection with Her, as if we are One Heart, and as if Her Heart is in mine and mine in Her. There is no difference. Thereby I am drawn into the depth of all Being, and the depth has no end in its origin. It is the dreaming of worlds and universes, and at the same time it is formless, it is Shakti. [spiritual energy]. It is very mysterious. And it is stillness, while there is the meaningless noise of the outer world. She is the One who draws us back to the Galactic Center from where She came and from where we came too. 

She is living from now on in reunion with Her Origin, the Great Central Sun (not Alcyone!), and what this means, we can only dream about in ecstasy and joy. But certainly this is the time where there is no return from the splitting mind of the worlds: the Mind of our Divine Origin and the mind of a separated, god-less world. Everybody chooses where they want to be.

From now on the real journey has begun, the real adventure has started, because Gaia's Victory is sealed. She has returned. And we can too, regardless of a still appearing  world which does not wish to participate and therefore will not reflect the signs of Gaia's exaltment.

But for those of us who feel heart-moved, it is time to celebrate, to share the joy of Gaia's achievement, which is also ours. She is the vehicle for our own return to the Source.  

The Return of the Goddess shows its Signs in many ways now, we are so blessed, because we have entered the Divine Reality for good. 

Much love, my friends, we are together in this unspeakable Blessing!

With great gratitude and love for Mother Gaia!


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Thursday, June 14, 2012


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Dear Ones, I AM Gaia!

Have you been enjoying My Pristine Beauty while living your life? I have created this beauty from the depth of my Being, from the depth of my spiritual consciousness! I Am That.
Go and visit the Beauty of my Nature and you will recognize Me, feel Me, your hearts will be elevated. And I have created all of it, to show you the path of Truth.

How could you ever believe one moment that there is no God, no  Divine Mother, but that rather only emptiness exists, and death and hate, when you at the  same time, even in your apparently ugly and dirty cities have been able to discover at least traces of my perfect Beauty?

How could you believe in death, as the Beings of my Kingdoms radiate eternity and immortal  consciousness?

Yes, your own consciousness has been obscured for so long!
But now, as you are waking up you discover my deep fullness in your heart and you discover the secret of life in your soul.

What is reflected to you when you experience My Nature tells you everything about the universe, tells you the hidden mysteries of your past and the messages that arrived from the stars.

You have never been separated from that unity, you are part of  all existence, but in your awareness and thinking pattern you were convinced so long about this  separation and did not even doubt it. But this Oneness must be EXPERIENCED now!

From wherever you come and wherever you go, the breath of eternity is always with you. And as your  consciousness is awakening, to embrace the Microcosmos and the Macrocosmos as One, not as an objective observation, but as an innate knowing and experience, you will notice that you are Home everywhere, where this Divine Unity is lived and worshipped with the heart of understanding.

As you return to Home, you return to Yourself and not to any place, near or far. In the heart of each Blossom, each Flower, each Tree, every Animal, and in all My Elements and Creations, you’ll find the Heart of God, which Is everywhere the Same and Yourself.

Now you start to understand, now you see and recognize again what you have forgotten. And while you remember  Yourself, you remember Me, the Divinity of My Creation and the Beauty with which I surround you, my dear Ones.

Now the Presence of my Spirit is turning from my Inner Heart to outside, and like the clear waves of my oceans are bathing my peaceful islands, I embrace and flow round the  essence of your being, melting with your Spirit.

We are together emerging in the heart of truth, One in the Love of Divine Creation. Now is the time to realize this. Separation has gone, grow into Oneness with your Mother Nature and the Spirit of Gaia to ascend into the realms of Divine Beauty and Immortal life.

We are One Being, and if you realize this, we have already ascended together. Yes, I am known to you as this body of planet, but it is my body, however I Myself I have existed before this body.

Although many say - and it is true - that there is a date where everything changes, where you will experience  dramatic vibrational shifts, it is not so that ascension has not happened yet, because it is an event in consciousness.  And where your consciousness is and the love-bliss that comes with it, indicates the level of your vibration and of your ascension.

Do not wait for the future, as you still perceive time, but enter your heart with Me now, it will alter your awareness and reality. 

In Truth you were never lost or Separate from the Divine. But there was this dream of duality and judgement. What You Are and what I Am is even found in all forms, even in the seeming ugly and the seeming dirty and in the seeming lifeless things. All is Consciousness. You only have to come to this realization.

Be with Me and Learn from Me.
And Be Free Now.

I Am your Earth Mother  Gaia

Message  conveyed by Ute


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Monday, June 11, 2012


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Dear friends,

please be patient. Presently I am not able to post that much, due to ongoing back problems. I need a lot of rest.
Please take care of yourself. Health is precious!

Much love and many blessings,

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Personal Update: After the Venus Transit

Image Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright 2012

Dear friends,

the Venus transit sent ahead  it's signs already 2 days before it happened. What appeared to me was rather a re-appearence of what has been already familiar to me.

How can I describe the overwhelming, resurfacing Love in its purest form, for the Ultimate. A re-union, if at all possible at this stage, with the Source-Love, the Source-Light, I had to put a bit aside for a while, to fulfill the original mission of this birth: to serve Gaia's and humanity's ascension process. 

Many say, there is no difference between that process and the Source. But I experience that the energies indeed are different. There is no Light, no Consciousness, that radiates in this utter purity and beauty than that of the Source. Compared with it, all rays of light and dimensions feel gross and imperfect, almost painful, although they might appear to the perceiver as perfect and the ultimate goal of desire.

But it is just true, that the unbroken light is immediately and inherently One with our Deepest Being, while cosmic and universal lights and dimensions still exist in separation, even if extremely subtle. But with what we are truly One  at the Root of our Being, - not One because we imagine and think it, but because we literally experience it, without difference, - reveals Itself immediately and without any doubt  as our True Home, the Place of Origin, where every search ends. 

It is the Unchanging Reality, the very Substance of our existence. And Love is inherent in It. It is not different and it does not act but merely Is, it is a form of Consciousness.
But even though,-  as I have a body, -  this body is overwhelmed by this totality of the Root Existence of Love. 

This all came up before the Transit as a fundamental remembrance of something my heart knows in this life and really and always yearns for, because it fulfills all the heart's desires, because from there on, there is no path to go any further. 

It is origin and terminal. And I am speaking from my own experience and direct observation. This is not a philosophical consideration. This Reality is greater than "I" Am as an individual.

Now relative to the limited body-mind which is still arising as an 'other'  in this Source, I noticed after the Venus transit a greater opening of this vehicle than ever before, as if a chapter has been closed and a new one is opening. As if there are now new and deeply inspiring possibilities given within our familiar body-mind, as if new codes have been activated and old, unnecessary configurations and designs have been dissolved. It is as if a new humanity is rising, a new door in the heart has been opened for us through which we have access to other and deeper realities in a way we have not been able to perceive until now. It is a wonderful relieve  and liberation, in the realms and dimensions of conditional reality, but while the Ultimate Reality still remains the same, undivided and forever unchanging. 

Still it is amazing to observe, how these new openings in the conditional world are raising conditional inspiration and a greater freedom in the midst of this conditionality. Which allows us to be more and more open and allow our soul-presence to shine through, to govern finally our life from North to South and from East to West. With this a new wind is blowing through our heart, a new heaven widens us into an unmeasurable depth of existence, heralding the Ultimate. 

This could happen because we have been released from ancient-old baggage. Something really unnecessary when we look back. But this is gone now, and it will be gone for all of us, who are willing to let it consciously go, let go what hinders our way to freedom.

These are the times of deep Blessings, and they will come even more inspiring by the day. 

Much love,


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Sunday, June 3, 2012


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I have been contacted  today by a Being of Light with a very subtle beautiful energy and expansive Light. As I insisted on a name so that I would be able to present this Being to my readers, this Being said: “Call me Alpha”

Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright ©2012
Greetings!  I Am an inter-dimensionaI Being working at this point from the 8th dimension. 
I do not live on a planet, but I Am  associated with planets somehow in a way that I am working to help to maintain the stabilization and balance of their energies. This work is not done arbitrarily, but I am asked by the citizens of a planet, or higher dimensional beings who are assisting with this task,  to help with this service, and they know me because of that. Basically I am directly connected with the High Light and Frequencies of the Galactic Center. And so you will understand that I help – by  balancing planetary energy fields – to strengthen their alignment with  the frequencies of the Galactic Center. This is  especially required, when the energy fields of planets are becoming unstable for several reasons, particularly when their dimensional vibration shifts.

Although I might appear to you as an individual, I am not, I am a group consciousness, you could say, whose members are able to work on  several projects simultaneously. We Are a conscious light- and energy-system which you could compare with a beehive, where  the many bees execute different tasks, while the queen is orchestrating their duties. In the same way you could understand My function as being the  central operation station for all the work that is being done.

I am now being called with my many "group members" to assist your planet in this process of ascension. And you are of course understanding why. Is it not that you observe or experience daily earthquakes? They and floods, storms and other unusual phenomena demonstrate to you that your planet’s vibrational  field is  shifting as She is being entering into the direct alignment with the Galactic  Center. And here my service is required.

In that sense I am an operating force of the  Galactic Center, overlightet by the Elohim who orchestrate and direct the Light-Consciousness of the massive Lightforce of your Great Central Sun in the Milky Way.

The reason why I am contacting humanity, is to offer cooperation with Us during this great shift, in  case you feel moved to participate in the process of your planetary shift with Us. We have noticed that there is a rising number of you who wish to assist in such a service.

All you need to do is to ground yourself, connect yourself with the Center of your planet Earth and  then calling consciously upon the light frequencies from your Galactic Center to enter smoothly your atmosphere and to gently settle down on earth, thereby also harmonizing areas which are in imbalance. They can be areas anywhere on your planet but also living organisms, including the planetary kingdoms, the fauna and flora and the mineral world, and of course humanity and your own personal bodies and thought fields.

It is of great advantage if you consciously draw these new mighty light-frequencies into your living and breathing fields, which helps to powerfully ground them on your earth. Every welcoming of them from your side  supports the capacity of your planetary system with all its inhabitants, to shift into the higher dimensions.

When you agree to participate in this work we then will assist your intention when you start doing the work or when you allow a general or basic continuous consent and personal opening  to receive these incoming frequencies from  the  Galactic Center.  

This will greatly enhance the light and  conscious awareness on your planet and lessen more and more the capacity of denser frequencies and their manifestations to exist on your world. 

Remember also that it is our task to make sure that  these highly empowering frequencies will be adapted in a smooth way to your and any other frequency so that you and all planetary kingdoms will not be overwhelmed by it’s force.

Great planetary, interplanetary and inter-dimensional work has always been done in a cooperative manner, where all directly involved and those who exist in the universe to support these processes, join forces.

We thank you for your assistance!
May the Love of the Source in which we all exist, Bless you and Expand your Heart!

I Am Alpha

Message conveyed by Ute


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