Monday, May 15, 2023


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This message of the Elohim was partly very difficult to translate into human words. Because the white-radiant God-light of the highest creator level of the Elohim has a frequency which our language cannot cover. Therefore allow yourself to experience this message on the energy level of light. It might open new spiritual dimensions for you!


We are always one with you and are always with you.  You are concerned with the question of how the situation on your world will develop. You have already heard various predictions and interpretations. Some say that the entire world is coming to an end and that the human experiment has failed.

Some say that most of humanity will be saved by the grace of God. Some say that in the future all mankind will be enslaved.

We will tell you what is planned by the highest orders of creation.

You must understand that everything is a play of consciousness. You must understand that attachment to the materialistic view of existence causes your experiences to then develop on that level. However, having a physical body does not necessarily mean understanding this materialistic view as the principle of existence and life.

The more spiritual your view of the world is, the more spiritual your life will develop, and it will develop more and more rapidly in every direction. This means that the more material your understanding is, the more Pandora's box will open for you. And the more you look at life from the spiritual point of view, the faster the gates will open into freedom, into the freedom of love and the freedom of light.

Everything is being accelerated at the moment, all processes are accelerating. The material side will implode, and the spiritual will explode into a hitherto unknown freedom, an exstatic freedom.

Everything will multiply now, in every direction. That is why it is so important to consciously decide on which level, on which level of consciousness you want to live. However, it is no longer a question of a true decision now, because each of you has already decided long ago. But it is about standing by this decision. One hundred percent and without compromise, so that the intention of acceleration now given into the space of creation accelerates that which serves your highest good.

Surely you understand that the consciousness which is connected to the Divine is the most desirable, for it is the consciousness which can unfold into infinity, into freedom, love abundance, happiness, - while the imploding consciousness means imprisonment, suffering, confinement, unhappiness, darkness.

You have all now arrived at a point where it is of the utmost importance, as we have just explained, to understand that the baseline at which each of you stands will lead either to an implosion or an explosion. 

Everything aligned with the Divine will explode. Everything that is not aligned with the Divine will implode.

Now the question arises: What is God! Who is God. What should I imagine about God?

God is transcendental consciousness. God is the maximum expansion of the maximum light and love consciousness. That is God. God is freedom and bliss.

Everything that is not God is imprisonment and suffering. But who is connected to God can experience their highest potential. It will develop to where their longing for freedom, light and bliss, where this desire is satisfied.

The die is already cast for each individual, as to where they are, and whether they are on the path to implosion or explosion, - implosion into darkness, or explosion into light.

Some, however, stand only half-conscious on the starting- point that leads to the light or to God, and at the same time they are attracted to what they call security, because they are directed, guided and determined by the ruling authorities. So some tend to, and therefore flirt with darkness. But it is essential to commit to one side or the other. Otherwise, people will not survive the wrenching test of being caught between light and darkness.

So there will be three directions: One will implode, the other will explode, and everything in between will be torn apart. This will happen because of their undecided consciousness.

Where one stands is the result of one's aspirations over the last few years, especially the last three years, that has been the touchstone for all as to where they want to go.

To go the way of implosion does not require courage, only obedience. And submissiveness, which many confuse with security.

The path of explosion requires great courage, the pursuit of truth and freedom and true greatness. Because whoever walks on the path of explosion will be able to develop their full potential. They are  free to do so. They will get to know the whole range of Divine Life and will blossom in it with great joy and the feeling of fulfillment and bliss.

Now, how will this manifest itself on the so-called material plane?

As already said. Those who are attached to matter, in the sense that they do not allow the Divine Light, will continue to go the way of implosion in this material world. It is the way of increasing confinement, of increasing loss of freedom, of increasing fear, of increasing suffering, of increasing darkness.

The one who walks the way of explosion will be freed from the material bonds and the oppression and constraints by matter. That is, the spirit will no longer be tied to matter.

A firm decision is required by everyone. And so every soul must choose in its deepest being between courage, freedom, love, light, - and fear, imprisonment, assumed security in the material world and darkness.

However, whoever asks the question about the evolution of man on the basis of a material understanding of the world, i.e. whoever considers this as the basis of life, will not receive a satisfactory answer.

So the question must be aligned to our divine understanding: Will there be a creation for man, which is based on the radical freedom of the spirit. And the radical freedom of the spirit means: liberation from matter. To this we say: Yes, there will be.

This is the future and already presence to those who truly love God. That means freedom, infinite expansion, love-bliss.

This is our answer. We bless you, we love you all.

May you walk the path of liberation.
We are the Elohim of the Central Sun!

Message conveyed by Ute Shan'A'Maa


Ute Shan'A'Maa Posegga
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