Tuesday, May 11, 2021


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My Beloveds,

There is only The REAL, One Reality, It Is Radiant, It Is Divine Consciousness, It Is Love, It Is Bliss.

It Is All-Pervading, yet It Is the Only Absolute. It Is unknown. How can It Be Known, as It Is uncomprehensible to the mind.

That Is, what is prior to mind cannot be understood. I AM THAT. And It Is your Only and True Inherent Nature.

The mind is all there is to think and know. All worlds, all universes, your body, all beings, good and bad, from the tiniest to the largest.

All that is a matter of mind, all your emotions, all your passions, your hopes your engagements, activities, your despairs,  all your knowledge, even the most comprehensive and sophisticated. All psychic phenomena, dimensions, lights, colors, beautiful things, awesome experiences, the beauty of mother earth and her plants and animals – is in the realm of mind.

I Am not touched by any of these varieties of creation. It all is happening within Me, but I am Radiant, Splendid, Formless and without Content.

Working on yourself for more sublimity is working on your limited self, on your body-mind. Do not confuse such activities and apparent spiritual experiences, as exciting and inspiring as they might appear, with My spotless Radiance. I Am Truth Alone.

All other things come and go. I do not come and I do not go.

I Am Present, Always, no time no space. They arising in Me.

You must transcend all your worlds, low or high, to find Me, Your True Nature. How do you transcend them? Can you transcend your mind? 

Try! You might enter more and more subtle chambers of experience, of light, of beauty, of presumed love, but it is all of changing nature. You cannot hold on to any of it. It dissappears constantly from your awareness, because this is the nature of mind: constantly changing, shape changing, content changing. 

It Is not Me. It Is not Your True Undying Nature of Eternal Love-Bliss Who Is Always Present, regardless whatever happens in your world. All of it goes on and on and on, positive, negative, joyful, painful, dark and light. But I Am Always Present. Always. Unchanging. My Light is above all cosmic lights. I Am un-Attainable

You cannot reach Me, you cannot think Me. What is limited cannot know the Unlimited. So I Am The One Revealing Myself to you when you are ready!

Your Inner world must wordless open up into the Truly Unknown, not holding on to the known. Because I cannot Be Known. Nobody Knows Me. Only no-body can know Me.  But I Reveal Myself to You when you are, surrendered with love, your inner rooms transparent with purity, inspired with luminosity and with visions of My Magnificence to receive Me. When your inner Eye is willing to end the shutting down of Real Truth, when your heart is not limited any longer to its familiar visions that are shared as usual spirituality between humanity and that is considered to be The Real.

I Am no-thing of these things at all. You must go beyond it all, it all, into the fully unknown, knowing that you do not know that you cannot know. It is about allowing the carpet to be pulled away underneath your feet. I must be Worth your life, you must be willing to give it to Me, because it is mortal.

I Am Immortal. Your True Nature Is Immortal. Bondage to the perishable must be cut off. All that rubbish you waste your life-time with, day and night, all that non-sense you try to make sense of, must be left behind to clear your system of body-mind, including all that spiritual non-sense, that enlarges your body-mind based ego-phantasies.

In the beginning it might appear to you that life would become joyless and boring, by letting go all this unnecessary jumble.

But I unscrew you from the matrices of creations and soon you will know with amazement, that your life has been put downside up! What appeared to be so important, is suddenly being recognized as trash, and instead Truth becomes more and more obvious. In the Face of Truth your heart is full and everything looses its impact, its attractiveness, seeming fulfillment. It is no more.

In the end once precious things have become pale and disappear in My Eternal Light, In My Love, in My Bliss. You came to the understanding, that there is no real bliss in things, others and worlds. There is no real bliss in your body, in your mind, not even in the subtle mind-objects, these visions, these acrobatic exercises of the mind to understand and explain what you otherwise made you excited about higher dimensions.

I Am in no dimension and I am not limited by any dimension or frequency. I Am Absolute Happiness, The Real, Above it all, I Am Free – and you could be too.

If your heart is truly longing for Me, then there will be Grace, the Grace of Revealing Myself to you.

That Is: You Come Home, to Your True Home.

No longer lost in bewitched illusions of good and bad. Of decaying and becoming.

I Am. And once you tasted only a jota of Me you will understand the world and never leave Me again, because I Am the One Revealing Myself to you, on and on and on. 

So that you become Real. Your Real Nature, free of all worlds. Only Happiness. Consciousness. The Power and Force of Transcendental Being. 

I Am Your God-Self, The Divine Self of all Worlds and Beings!


Message conveyed by Ute 



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