Sunday, July 30, 2023


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My Beloveds.
The time is running towards goals.
I AM no goal. I just AM. I AM HERE. Always.
So you cannot run to Me as if I were a goal.

There is no distance between Me and you.
There is no time between Me and you.
"We" are simultaneously, As I am You.
However you do not realize this.
Because your mind acts in between.

Your mind measures.
I Do Not Measure.

I AM the Now above your now.
I Am Always, but you have separated yourself from Me.
And then you wonder whether and where I Am.
Like the woman whose seemingly lost necklace sits around her neck, but she is looking everywhere else for it.

It is you who contracts away from Me.
If you contract away from Me I seem to be lost or not existent.
It is your own doing of from Me separation.
And you do it compulsively.
Without knowing though, not being aware.
Because you do not know your body-mind for real.

And so you start to seek Me as another Person or Being, away from you.

Or you polish your body-mind with spiritual garlands to look divine.
But it is your identification with that body-mind, even if with garlands, that is the acitivity that keeps you away from Me.

I Am the Unity of all of your body-mind, and above and beyond it and everything altogether.
My Presence is You, Is your body-mind, around and through it and everything. And without it.

I do not need a body-mind and neither do you.
I do not need a universe and neither do you.

The Secret of My Oneness: YOU cannot force Me or fabricate that Unity with Me, that Oneness, That is Me.
My ONENESS must overwhelm you as my Gift.

You cannot come to Me.
I Must Come to you, it is My Revelation. 

It is My Radiant Blessing-Grace only, that Sets you Free.

I Set  you Free if you allow  Me to purify you first:
All your bodies, low and high, all your mind, low and high,
all your ideas, low or high,
all your presumptions, low or high,
all your beliefs, low or high.

And even everything that is dear to  if you are attached to it.
I Set you free of all your body-minds and universes, galaxies  planets and higher-dimensional personalities, all holy figures.

I AM not a holy One. I Am Divine Reality.   

I AM YOUR GOD-SELF, The Very Self of all Beings and Worlds.

Message conveyed by
Ute Shan'A'Maa


Ute Shan'A'Maa Posegga
© 2023. All rights reserved.

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