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I am Andraphon from the dimensions of infinity, home of the true human being. I am the highest potential of the planes of the ultimate spirit. I am Andraphon and I sing the song of the perfect human being. I am singing about the highest spiritual heights, inhabited by the perfect human, insofar they seek to realize their ultimate potential. I am an interdimensional being, as no dimension is infinite, characterized by the limits of a distinct frequency.

My frequency is associated with the ultimate plane of Unconditional Divine Consciousness. This allows me to change my form according to my state of conditional consciousness. My form is depending on frequency and vibration, that I choose in every minute and every second. Therefore my experiences are infinite and limitless, experiences which explore the Divine Existence in Its highest planes.

I am Andraphon and I am here, to show humanity their possibilities, to know the higher dimensions of consciousness and to explore them, to utilize them and to bring them into your limited, finite and confined existence.

I am your companion and I am the one to expand, fecundate and bless your mind, I am the one who removes the obstacles of limiting thoughts, feelings, ideas and even visions, removing all these limitations, opening the doors into the infinite, which is beyond any measure.

You might say now that I exist or live in a domain of illusion regarding to what I just described to you. But it is not so. Rather I will prove to you, that your world is mere illusion.  You are perhaps convinced, that the limitations, in which you dwell and which have been created by the power of your imagination, - that these worlds are fulfilling. But are they really? Are they nourishing and life-giving as much as the Divine Realm in which I exist?

You can discover how real indeed your world is when your ideas, intentions and visions are truly life-giving, life-creating, allowing life to flow, allow you to be penetrated by the life force with the rays of highest Divine Light of Inspiration, the Light of infinite Love, beyond imagination, and which can be felt and perceived above the domain of the heart, and further more into the infinity of Being.

I reveal to you the secret of Divine Existence, which is limitless. Its supreme mind not only explores the cosmos, but creates it continously anew. Because exploration is also creation.

There are few among you who will follow my explanations and teachings, because many are doubting, being afraid to loose the alleged solid anchor in the illusory materiality and their identification with it. 

But as the multidimensional being you are, you are able to exist in all planes simultaneously, why not then also become conscious where I live as you. 

I am the expanded consciousness of all existence, I am Love Itself, I am the Light in all manifestations and forms. You can experience yourself as such through me, ready to open the doors of your awareness absolutely and unconditionally. Only then my message is being understood with your spirit body of unrestricted feeling and spiritual experience, even ready to transcend the mystery of squaring the circle.

I am Andraphon, die voice and song of man, who is prepared and willing to advance into the highest light of Divine Creation, carried by the wings of desire for their own and true Being-ness.

I am forever nurtured by the Eternal, inexhaustible Divine Source of Being, the Divine Reality, Who never ceases to radiate, never changing, and from Which all changing things that rise and fall, originate.

I am the direct link between the infinite plane of Divine Existence and the creations of Divine Ecstasy in the mind of man, which can also be felt in the purified and transformed body.

I reveal the possibilities of Divine Man, I reveal the Supreme Divine Creation, Which to live, to experience, to embody you have been created for.

I am Andraphon,

transdimensional Being of the Ultimate Planes of Existence and Creation!

Message conveyed by Ute



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