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My Beloveds,

to put Me first and above all things is necessarily a sign of intelligence!

Not the intelligence you need to pass school or university examina, but the intelligence of the higher mind and the heart that is far beyond the intelligence of the brain and includes it even.

Why is this so?

You see, the more peripheral you approach and live your life processes, the dryer you are and the more you feel separate and cut off from the Ocean, the Power of Existence that is Me. The less you use My Energy, the less joy, peace and love you will experience. Whereby there exist different qualities of joy, peace and love, according to the level of your consciousness.  

The more you observe this the more than Wonderful Happening of Mine with less and less identification with your little self, the greater and all-encompassing your joy, your love, your freedom as you have ceased to be bound to anything.

Just imagine the oneness of water with all the possible wave forms on its surface.

You will admit that when you merely identify with and try to live as the tip of a wave you will feel alone, insecure, unsupported and unhappy, with very little energy, being tossed around, according to the winds which blow as they like.

The deeper you feel into the depth of My Ocean to let it into your life, the more support, volume, strength, vitality, fullness, love and much more divine qualities you will experience.

But when you forge down into the deepest depth of the ocean, when you dare to become One with the Ocean Itself, you participate with Me, the Divine Primordial Substance of all things and beings and events. Everything happens and arises in Me, and you understand this secret of Mine and the universe and how it all happens and emerges quite naturally. There is no difference between Me, your God-Self, and all Creation That Happens all spontaneously. But you cannot  grasp this with your brain-mind, it is the Realization of the One Heart.

Perhaps you never considered that your identification with a separate wave within the immensity of Existence can never fulfill your deepest heart because you have limited yourself to experience only separate things and appearances which you try to add to yourself, instead to BE All You Are.

So what is it that you are forgetful of Me Who Is the Eternal Source of your life, the Primordial Oceanic Divine Consciousness, the True Nature of all Beings? Why do you continue to ask for little things and separate experiences only?

There is only Me, the Totality of My Divine Water, but most of you live their lives in the limiting understanding that you can be truly happy and free by trying to make the little separate wave perfect, to work on it, to exploit energies to console you, believing that's what you apparently are. While I Myself, the Divine Truth of your Being is considered to be something else, quite different, alien, a strange idea and perhaps even far away. There is some madness involved, don't you know?

You might imagine as a seeming separate wave that you are holy or at least very special, perhaps a god, a goddess as the highest principal of life? But the paradox is that you can only become truly Great, Free, Happy and Perfect if you allow yourself to give up all ideas about the burden of separate grandiosity and merge with the Great One, the Ocean Itself. The more you observe your freedom from identification with unnecessary limitations, the greater and all-encompassing your joy, your love, your freedom as your bondage is fading  away.  

In that case there is no greatness to observe, but only Beingness and Enjoyment, not special, not grandios, because I Am the Oneness of all diversity. You can only enjoy fully your individualty by knowing it is Me Who Lives as You. Only related to Me your life will be full. Until then you suffer trickling separately along, never fulfilled, always searching for the One Thing that will finally fill you up.

I Am no special thing away from you, in My Divine Fullness I Am simply You! 


I Am Your God-Self, Your Home, Your Fulfillment, Your Joy and Happiness!  


Message conveyed by

Ute Shan'A'Maa

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