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Now a time of spiritual testing has come for EVERY human being, for everyone, on whatever path they are. No one can avoid this any longer.

No difficulty, no catastrophe, no serious challenge that arises in your life now should be considered any more as a mere "coincidence" or of no particular cause. Because it is a reflection of your unprocessed issues. It is now for all without exception, about much more than ever before: about a fundamental global transformation process of humanity!

Why now? According to a non-public event by medium Sangitar, we seem to be relatively "shortly " before the opening of the dimensional gates to the New Earth. Otherwise we would not have received this information now.  An exact time however,
when it will happen, cannot be given.  But the whole process is supposed to last only 24 hours. The more love expands among the people, the sooner the gates can open. "But it is getting darker and darker here, no trace of love," some may say.

However, we have been told by the spirit world that ALL light is being now directed to the New Earth, so that less and less light is found in the old world, that is why it is literally becoming darker and darker there. So it is important to live the New Earth already now in your heart and your light-filled thoughts.

Those who find this difficult, because they feel dragged down by their own unresolved dilemmas and
illusions about the nature of this world, but avoid the necessary healing process, also those will then too automatically be drawn into the transformation fire during the transition, when the gates of the New World open. And this can then become particularly difficult, because you have to deal with all your unresolved aspects within a few hours, and without any help from your friends. Thereby you have no more possibility to control this process, concerning the intensity and time factor!

But all of the unresolved conflicts will be purified anyway within a short time by these incoming very high magnetic energy light-waves. And most likely,  whatever you have still suppressed,  firstly would come upon you like a shock, like a hurricane, like a tremendous cleansing wave, which you cannot avoid. All your unloved aspects,  held in your subconscious, will suddenly reveal themselves to you without mitigation, since you have not learned to deal with them consciously and to forgive yourself. 

The good news is that everyone has now
still the chance to start with this required healing and transformation process as gently as possible and - if necessary - to receive help from experienced guides who have already gone through one or more of such processes. They are prepared for this great incoming cosmic wave, and can therefore quite easily pass through it and stand by your side now. 

And so now everyone can still choose in which way they want to experience this ordeal of purification.
Therefore, dear friend, to  set out now to transform the shadows in your subconscious into light is for your own best advantage! 

This message is not to scare you, beloved friend! This message is given to you for the sake of your safe transition when the Great Event arrives. 

I have asked the Spirit World for additional information about this great transformational process, so that I can pass it on to all people who need to hear this information.

And it was Angel Anael*, one of the seven creation angels and who he oversees, who came forward with the following message.

With love and blessings and the joy about what is to come,

Ute Shan'A'Maa


I am Angel Anael.

I come with an answer to your question. Your question is justified. We, from the High Cosmic Council, aim to reach as many people as possible with our messages. We also wish people to be calm and relaxed in view of what awaits them when the time of the great transformation comes. Therefore, it is important that they come into contact with our messages.

As for the mentioned 24 hours, I would like you to consider  that this timeframe corresponds only approximately to the earthly time calculations. It is true that the time of transition has been shortened, but whether it is 24 hours, cannot be said. Everything that we convey to you about the time frame can only be an approximate indication of the briefness of the event in this case.

Yes, there are 3 phases.

The first phase
brings the great process of transformation. As you have described it correctly, everything that is unconscious is being brought up, everything has to come into the light of consciousness.
People who are not trained, who do not know themselves, who have never really gone within themselves, for them this first phase will mainly take place on the outside, because they do not understand the transformation of the inner being. As the inner events present themselves as outer ones, they will therefore go through a phase of insecurity and thereby also great fear.

The external events have to do primarily with earth changes. These earth changes will completely upset the familiar perceptions of their world. Many will have great difficulties to integrate the incoming high energy currents physically, but also psychically and energetically, at least not immediately. And since they are not used to being in the energetic flow, it will be very tearing to their nervous and cellular system. The fear will be synchronous with the events they perceive externally. They will then perceive these external events directly in their physicality, i.e. these will transfer to the states of their physicality and their psyche, and this will challenge their entire system, their entire world view. Because everything, absolutely everything, will go out of glue, that's how they will interpret it. And it is indeed true, after all, this is actually a very big wave of transformation.

And so many, who have built their lives merely on the outer world of appearances, cannot maintain their body. For they have no means to surrender to the process. And since they cannot surrender themselves, it is the resistance to the transformation process what breaks them. But this process is necessary in order to enter the New Earth. They will therefore be taken from this world, and you can be asssured that they will be taken care of with great love. They will be brought to where they will be given a new life, to continue their journey where they left off, to evolve and to raise their consciousness. Be assured that all are taken care of.

Those who have prepared themselves, who have purified themselves, will respond first and foremost to the high energies that are coming in, and welcome them. That is to say, they too will experience this transformation in their nervous system and in their physicality, but since they have already done a lot of work and have accessed the lower and higher dimensions of their being, they will be able to welcome this energetic storm. Trusting that it will only destroy what cannot pass into the New World.

As they have learned to go beyond their own resistances many times in order to expand their consciousness and increase the ability to absorb higher energies, for those this process will be bearable and acceptable, and they will come out of it with great relief and joy.

Trance will be experienced by those who have already worked with more subtle levels and worlds, and have a light body. In the trance state, everything is much easier to bear, and their experience will take them into higher fields of awareness.

Now to the second phase:
Who have been able to embrace the first phase of the great transformation, who have the strength and have realized that the various layers of consciousness, and not the outside world, and not matter, is their true nature, enter the second phase. Since they have already been put into the trance state before in the first phase, the trance state continues in the second phase. In this state, their organs of perception are wide open. The blindness because of the three-dimensional matter, in which the vast majority of people were enclosed, transitions into an expanded perception.

What happens: They enter the dream state. In this dream state, they can perceive things that can only be perceived there. They will experience the sky as rainbow colored, and also their own body will be reflected to them in the colors of the rainbow, most with a specific hue, mixed hues are rather rare. It is this hue that produces a sound so that the atmosphere is full of music. You will all hear a wonderful music. Each tone resonates with a particular color. Through the rainbowcolor play in the sky and through the fact that the whole atmosphere is enriched with the sounds and the color play, natural resonance fields will be formed, which will make it possible to intensify and increase the vibrations of the individual. These intense color vibrations, combined with the sounds of the colors, transform and heal the body-mind, refining it and bringing it to a new level of vibration.

The underlying sound of the whole process and happening, the sound that springs directly from the heart of hearts, the center of all being, is the sound that connects everything in the unity of all beings, in a unity that has always been. The vibration of the fundamental sound, which is felt as the unity of all beings, this fundamental sound will amplify powerfully, alongside their own sounds and colors. And it is this fundamental sound that will give birth to the New Earth, and transition into the third phase. This fundamental sound will be deeply embedded within all beings who have gone through this second phase alive and consciously, and it is this sound that enables people to live a peaceful and loving coexistence in the New World.

The third phase 

The earth will still be material, as will your bodies, but it will be a much lighter and more transparent matter, vibrating with this keynote of unity of beings. The colors will be much more intense than you are experiencing them now, more in motion and more vibrating, and your thoughts will be adapted to this vibration of love.

Because everything is so much finer now and vibrating higher, you will observe that you can manifest with your thoughts. It is just so that what everyone needs can be manifested quite quickly and immediately, so that there is no need and no lack, but everything you need can be supplied. In the process, you will experience that a lot of experimenting is going on, because this is absolutely new to you, and everyone has to learn how to deal with this new situation. So there will be a time of trial and error, but this cannot cause any major damage. You will support each other in learning and building your world more and more perfectly in love with each other. What is being tested now are your right thoughts. All your attention must now be focused on right thinking to avoid mistakes.

The whole process until the start of the 3rd phase will take up to 42 hours of your time, which means that it can take a little longer than 24 hours. 42 is a number where 4 comes first and then 2, the numbers appear reversed, which means that this time frame is an inner time, where the inner time is timeless. So don't hold on to how long it will take, it will take as long as it will take. This is a process that is new and unprecedented.
When you have arrived at the third phase, which is about creating the New World, be prepared for the creation of the New World to take place over a longer period of time. But the essence is that you have been born into a New Consciousness, with a New Body and a New Earth, all more transparent than now, lighter than now. The vibration of love and the keynote of love, bears everything,  nature, you and your life and your soul. Be aware that not one of you is alone, that each one of you is accompanied by Beings of Light who are already with you now, who are studying you to know you better, and to know how they can best support you during these processes. They will always be with you and at some point you will also be able to see them. So you are not alone, help will be given if you ask for it, always, and at any time, and immediately. Therefore, rejoice with confidence in what is being given to you and thus to the whole universe in this wonderful process of transformation. Be blessed.

I am Angel Anael, Ruler of the Earthly and Cosmic Fire

Message conveyed by

Ute Shan'A'Maa



About Angel Anael:
Angel Anael is one of the 7 creation angels and is presiding them.
Angel Anael creates new life. As ruler over fire, he is the destroyer of worlds, the destroyer of old structures in the past and in the future. As the destroyer of worlds, it is up to him to use the fire of renewal to prevent sick and destructive worlds from destroying themselves. On the cosmic level, he is the destroyer of obstructive experiences in the past, as well as the destroyer of effects in the future that we cause.

Guardian of the past.
We humans carry within us memories of anger, fear, aggression and despair from the horrors of past times . These are in part currents of potential fear and aggression that carry on from generation to generation. Archangel Anael can free us from these collective shocks and traumas that have accumulated in our etheric bodies and release us from the cycle of aggression, fear and violence. Once we are willing to re-transform our old belief patterns to direct our consciousness to a higher level, we can entrust ourselves to Archangel Anael so that he can confront our own hostilities, blockages, intolerances, adamantly. Then a new existence can emerge from the ashes of the fire.

Guardian of the Future.
The universe follows the law of abundance, and this law states that we will receive all that we create for ourselves by our faith. You will experience whatever you have made a law for yourself, and thus these laws will become your truth. For example, if it is your idea that other-ness is a threat to you, then you are following the basic idea that causes wars. If you are concerned about survival and follow the law of scarcity, then you have no access to the level of abundance. Archangel Anael can help you to order your future. He will direct your attention to the divine level and you will realize which collective and personal thought patterns determine your life.
Through the cosmic fire of Angel Anael our humanness is transformed. Where there was anger and hatred before, there is equanimity, truthfulness and acceptance.

Source: https://meinekraft.ch/Karten/Engel/ES/E33.htm



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