Sunday, December 30, 2012


By Ute Posegga-Rudel
Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright 2012
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Under the blessings of your New Sun, in Me all prophecies for the year 2013, and all possible unfolding events during this time are contained.

They all are the result of humanity’s highest aspirations in unity with the Will of the Creator. While old paradigms are falling apart, after they have risen their already dying heads to their last height with very much effort and their last power, a new world is slowly dawning! 

What you have dreamed about will show their first blossoming signs, in the beginning not so noticeable, but increasingly manifesting before your eyes. 

And you will notice, if you observe with an awareness that is already participating in higher dimensional vibration and realities, that by now something very new is being birthed into manifestation, something that has not existed on your earth before.

The new reality that will appear and make its way into your world and experience, needs to be given vision and energy so that it can manifest by the power of your desire and recognition of it. Otherwise it would slip the conscious awareness of most of you.

Having descended from the heavens, by now it is merely still existing unmanifested in your world. But it is seeking to find its form by being drawn down from the etherical body of Earth into Her biological sphere. Then it will become obvious to more and more human beings, until it is an undeniable reality of new manifestation to all, as you, the forerunners have been helping to create it.

If this happens, it also rises the level of consciousness of humankind altogether and contributes thereby to the great process of ascension for every soul on your world.

It will be noticed in due course that your life will start to manifest on a completely new level. Many things will seem to be similar or even the same like they are now, but they are not, as they will begin to vibrate much higher, a Quality instilled with new Divine Clarity and In-Spiration of Great Beauty. And with this, the information of all things changes, which in turn also changes your level of consciousness. One triggers the other, but in truth there is no difference between them.

As your body-mind and world  will vibrate on an increasingly higher level, you will perceive reality differently, and although your new world will still be a world of manifestation, as it is now, your old reality will be shifted slowly to something new and fully arisen in the Divine, not manipulated by the intention of lower minds, but rising pure and unstained, sublimely expanded and sacred.

This comes with a profound change of paradigms. The Beauty of inseparable unity of all things and beings will become more and more obvious, and ever more people will suddenly realize that what is outside is somehow also inside.

However if a mind is still looking into the direction of the old world, it will not notice the arrival of the great change and claim that indeed nothing has changed at all! It is all a matter of not letting go of old habit and familiarity.Therefore it is necessary to educate and inspire the mind and heart of those who tend to persist in the old ways of perception, so that also they can begin to open their mind and heart to receive the vision of the new reality.

This can be done, if more and more servants of the light are living the unconditional love that is already present on Earth. This enables them to become transparent to the new consciousness that is waiting to be manifested, so that they are able to utilize it for creation. If the still unconscious majority of humanity is experiencing Love’s Light of non-separation, their mind and heart will wake up rapidly, willing to open for the new dawning truth.

Therefore, because of much resistance of the many in the beginning, the willing servants of light and unconditional love, are called to open their mind and heart first to begin seriously to notice what occurs. They are called to take active steps in this process and grant support with their good will, by serving their own growth first, and then humanity and the planet.

Those who desire to serve the Light must understand that much is indeed already happening, and that the path has been paved for a new world, although not yet noticeable for all. To recognize this, some more work of purification might be necessary, by releasing denser energies, mostly emotions, but also limiting beliefs from  their system. As soon as they are cleared, they will be in resonance with the dawning of the new world, able to participate in it and support it.

The more are aware of this big change and hold it consciously in their heart and mind, the stronger and sooner will your new reality shine and become a tangible experience for everybody. With this a great weight will be lifted from humanity and a new freedom in lightness and happiness will fill all hearts, relieved from the shadows of the past.

In that moment, light can fully enter your domain. And so, by receiving the Divine Gifts, humanity has liberated itself, by their willingness to rise their consciousness and SEE what already has been given by the Divine Heart to all.

Those who can grasp already now my words and what they convey  to you with their open heart and mind, are already helping with the manifestation of this new reality in your world so that soon all can participate in it.

I thank you all for your dedicated work and your love! It is up to humanity now to receive all the already given gifts more and more and to integrate them into their heart and mind.

Servants of the Light are now given a great and joyous responsibility, to open for and cooperate with this new consciousness, so it can show its signs and manifest.

May all who wish to serve, be inspired with the desire to support this growing new consciousness on earth. May they understand, that there is no end in their own evolutionary process and that all are creators of their own state of mind and heart, and that all things are possible.

May all grow beyond self-inflicted limitations and understand that every Divine Power resides already in themselves!

I AM the Angel of 2013!

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Thursday, December 27, 2012


 By Ute Posegga-Rudel
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My Beloved Ones,

now as the race for the Grand Galactic Alignment is over, what remains in your heart?

I AM your Truth in whatever ways you  search for IT. All that you can think and feel is only the beginning of what I AM as your own Divine Self.

Human beings have been limiting themselves for eons, forgetful and not knowing the Very Source of their existence.
You have been therefore searching in the limitations of your narrowed down illusionary appearances, that what you call “world” or even “cosmos”.

You have put on blinders on your inner eye of inspiration, you have put on the dullness of an incarcerated mind, incarcerated by the  restriction of imagination.
In deed you seriously belief that you just only need the imagination of your mind in order to reach the very outskirts of existence.

In this endeavor you have been lost though many times, some became literally “in-sane”, by their attempt to find truth with the mind. The mind only measures within the limitations of conceived finitudes.

Please understand. As such the mind is ever evolving the spirals of creations in its search for betterment, and there is no end to it. In that regard evolution has no end in itself. It has no goal in itself, it IS the infinite move of unfolding realities in the womb of existence, to become better and better.

Each of these unfolding realities is bound to certain intrinsic laws of doctrine and understanding.  There are untold limitless possibilities how these realities, or call them worlds, can manifest. And each one of them establishes itself according to their own set of laws and regulations, so that each being who participates within this world must obey these rules to be congruent and successful in their endeavor. They then are the so-called co-creators of that specific reality or world, who can create according to that specific set of parameters.

In that way there have been created, and there is being created and there will be created innumerable more worlds and realities, each one with their own rules and laws.

I AM explaining this to you, so that you even dare to expand your mind further to understand that in your specific reality or world the rules and laws are just that: specific laws with their own boundaries. What you can think and create is only what is within these laws and boundaries of your own world.

This then should make clear to you the polar nature of the mind, that thinks it is infinite, but  is on the other hand  limited to the rules of a specific  reality, and must be therefore  humble in the recognition that it only can function within its own boundaries, knowing that there are endless more realities with completely different laws and parameters, but each with their own limitations, according to the unique creation of such a reality or world.

Do you now start to grasp the nature of the mind and its imprisoning nature?

But I tell you now: you are NOT the mind. You are not the vastness of creations with all their respective chambers of  evolving realities.

You are not it, because it is within you! But you have mistakenly identified for eons with that which is in you, rather to Know That Which IS You.

It will now dawn on you, that there must be Something that cannot be thought, but WHICH only IS. Which size does it have and which form?

Can you think IT?  Now take as measure all what I have explained above! And again, I AM asking you: can you think IT?

Now stress your mind to the farest and widest, think beyond what you can imagine.  Stretch your mind like a rubber band ad infinitum! Will it tear apart?

And if it tears apart: What now suddenly  flashes and  swells up now in an explosion of NOW and EVERYWHERE and IS and ALL-AT-ONCE and CLARITY and ONE WITHOUT ANOTHER in your feeling Heart without noise of thought and world and creation and with STILLNESS?

You see: this Stillness comprises ALL the worlds and concepts and creations. It reveals the illusion of time and space, the illusion of finiteness, the illusion of movement, as all IS the Play of ME, of ME-CONSCIOUSNESS, ME-MERELY-BEING, ME-PRESENT, ME-AWARE, ME-WITNESS, -  where the idea of betterment does not even exist. 

And still: I AM ONE with all the worlds, with all the space and time and movements. I AM ONE with mind, but without ME you are lost in the infinite gardens of vastness of creations.

I AM THE ONE, found in the HEART. If you want to know Me, My Heart: from your side My Heart starts with your heart and expands beyond your personal limitation of body-mind. Therefore What I AM, My Heart, Is surrounding and yet pervading your body-mind. But I cannot be contained in it, as your body-mind is one of the infinite creations, surrendered to your specific set of laws, regulations and paradigms, which are the constituents of your reality of world. 

I AM beyond your reality of world and every stretch of mind you desire to endeavor.

I can only be Felt. In the Domain of Feeling there are no boundaries. Therefore I have Given you the tool of feeling. It coincides, if pure and undisturbed, with the surrender to What cannot be expressed with mind and language, surrendered to What is beyond all worlds and creations, to That Which is even beyond Bliss, but  Which is One with Bliss at the same time, and One With Love, and Which is Beyond Love and yet at the same time IS LOVE,  completely and fully and exclusively.

Enter the domain of Feeling. It Is Unity with the Divine and only Feeling can understand. On your plane it is the female doorway to the Infinite. Female not to be understood as the opposite of male but as a Quality. Surrender of mind and Receptivity to the Infinite is its characteristic.

Without Me your little play of mind does lead you nowhere, My Beloveds. It has to be all played on MY own Playground, without Me you are a lost dancing leaf in the spiraling winds of endless creation. But with Me the spiraling winds of creation appear as the dreams they are, because you have woken up from the dream, merely enjoying them as wonderful appearances of sparkling joy, while you ARE the Sovereign  Enjoyer, rather than the in creation encapsulated experiencer of countless plays in the womb of existence.

One day when I Myself AM tired and Desire to Take Rest from the spiraling course of evolving creations, I will draw them all into Myself. Then there will be only the vastness of Stillness and Being. There will be Only the Source-Ground of all you have enjoyed (and experienced). And you will thoroughly BE JUST ME ONLY, until I Start again to dream for Your sake and for My Own.

I AM always You, even if you do not notice. But for you to become Me, to transcend your limitation of body-mind, you must cease for a moment to think, to let Me draw you out of the encapsulating membrane of your finite nature and allow the Divine Force of My Infinity to baptize and penetrate you, to  transform you, to liberate you to Myself.

This must be so because you cannot think Me. I Begin where there IS Feeling of ME. And Feeling in due course, when truly ALL is felt and transcended, all limitations and densities,  opens your vehicle to ME, to enter you so that  YOU Become ME.

While I Love You, It is You that Is Love.

I AM your  God-Self!

Message conveyed by Ute

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Sunday, December 23, 2012


By Ute Posegga-Rudel
Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright 2012
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Beloved Family of Light!

Today, on the morning after the event:
A most luminous day, not only because of the sublime and blue sky and the most brilliant  radiance of the New Sun, but also because of the palpable radiance of a New and Enlightened Consciousness in the atmosphere of Mother Earth! The air is sparkling with joy and excitement and each single cell of my body is breathing it in!

Yesterday evening, a few hours before the Great Event, there was a sudden rush of cool and whitest light, illuminating my heart and chest and throat with transparency. And I knew I had to walk on Her beach.

There It was, and I took into my heart the powerfully expanded Sky, Utterly Pure, Who increasingly melted deeply into the arched horizon of Her ocean waters. I was imbibing  the merging of both, while Earth completely received and became One with the Love-Presence of the Sky. It was not possible to see where earth ended and the Sky began. It was a dance of Infinity. Such Love was in the air, such Deep Silence. And such was in the subtle worlds the preparation and heralding of the Most Sacred Event, the Event of the Galactic Alignment. 

Barefoot I was caressing and loving with each step Mother Earth’s Beautiful Sacred Grounds. I knew that She wanted Her children to witness this Great Event, and loves our service in assisting her by channeling the Great Currents of the Heavens into Her Inner Heart.

This was the Magnificent Prelude to what I experienced at the supposed “time” of the  actual alignment.

I began to sit in formal meditation about 60 min before the event. Immediately I fell  into a deep mindless state, my body felt in an instant empty and transparent. And in another instant I felt like levitating, about 20 cm above my seat, as the body felt very very light.
This state seemed to go on forever. No thoughts, as if I was merely transparent to a greater Reality. And if this Greater Reality had  fully taken over this body-mind.

Suddenly I became aware of my assembly point, which has been described in the traditions as a small ball, and I moved it around slightly and very carefully, and while I did so, my awareness changed accordingly, moving me into higher dimensional vibrations. However I was very careful with this, in order not to suddenly arrive in other realms, somewhere, from where there was no return, as I felt, this was NOT the time, to leave earth for good!

Then I went into the Sacred Space of my heart for the time of the  actual alignment. 
In there I experienced the Most Sacred Sexual Union of Beloved Mother Earth and Father Great Central Sun.

SHE: in an incredibly open receiving gesture, completely dedicated, one-pointedly and surrendered, devoted  with Great Giving Love.
HE: very powerfully holding Her with infinite tenderness and fullness, with  sweetness and all-embracing love, to Which She responded, in Incredible Perfect Union of Perfect Divine Love, Such Softness, such Heart-deep Feeling. 

Such Greatness and Heart Worship for One Another, such Respect and Tenderness, such Embrace and complete Union, in which She received fully the Insemination of the Great Central Sun. 

Everything was Watered by this Sacred Love everywhere, and Only Love Remained.

This Embrace took an Eternity, in my personal awareness, This Revelation of the Love of the Universes!

I was told, that 'by direct witnessing this most wonderful Cosmic Event, the Information was now deeply imprinted in my DNA.  And that from now on EVERYTHING has changed dramatically by Such Cosmic Intimate Embrace and Powerful Love.'

'And because many Servants of Light have participated consciously in this sacred marriage, this new imprint is now in the DNA of all human beings and will work its way to birth the New Consciousness and the New Earth.'

With gratitude I was marveling about the wonder, that this greatest cosmic event of all time was now part of our DNA. What a Divine Gift! But at the same time, it was not a new experience for me, indeed, it seemed somehow to be familiar, as if something very old had just happened again. It is the ancient wondrous and sacred marriage between the Heart of God and the Heart of Creation.

After the event itself, I continued to meditate, and again this feeling of levitation occurred. It lasted again a very long time, about an hour. I opened my eyes and saw that my physical body was not levitating. But I observed myself as if looking down on my body, not from “high above”, but rather surrounding the body, that appeared to me like an empty shell, something very strange, as my spirit had been drawn out of it.  The body was just sitting there, and I looked at it like a tool, that had not really anything to do with me at that moment. 

Then suddenly a very powerful surge of energy and light crashed down from high above, to unite me again with the body. And “I” didn’t seem to exist, being again fully transparent to that energy. “I” was just a kind of  boiling pot of that energy.

And then I suddenly understood: I have been taken apart, I have been dismantled, so that the usual process of the body-mind could be interrupted for a while! Yes, interrupted! And then I have been re-assembled again! 

Makes absolutely sense, I thought, when my usual thinking capacity returned! An old cycle has come to its end, and a new higher cycle on the eternal spiral of evolution with a new Sun and a New Earth has begun!

To begin a new cycle there had to be an interruption, so that a new cycle could begin. This interruption took more than two hours in my case, where all mind was gone, all familiar self-identification, all memory, one hour before, and one hour after the Alignment. 
After the event, and after I have been newly put together, and coming out of my meditation, I had no idea what all of this will mean. I was wondering whether I would function in the old ways. There was still this immense stillness in and around me. Indeed only stillness was there as strong, tangible presence. My whole being and this body-mind was an expression of this stillness.
As if nothing else existed, although I was writing already some details of this experience down. But this activity was an experience on another level which had nothing to do with me. However it was proof that I was functioning "normal" again.

Now, the next morning, I feel that we are clearly being pushed towards our New Destination, if we allow! It is already here! The  Great  Change has occurred, and we are heading with a new strong glorious tailwind towards the shift into a higher dimension.

It will probably not always be easy, as this occurs still in the midst of the old paradigm. As the New Light is so powerfully dominant now here on our highly Empowered Mother Earth, it might stir some greater upheavals.

But standing tall, devoted to the Presence of Love and to the now here embedded Force and Light of Cosmic Consciousness, the old house of cards will fall like autumn leaves in the wind. And with our compassion they will dissolve in our Love.

Dearest brothers and sisters, let the Celebrations of Joy and Love be ignited near and far all over our Beloved Planet!

With much love and gratitude!


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Wednesday, December 19, 2012



Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright 2012

Within an eight Minutes Window
on 21.12.12 at 11.11 UTC: 

The Heart of our Beloved Mother Earth,  
the Heart of our Beloved Sun,
and the Heart of our Beloved Galaxy,
the Great Central Sun,
are joining together as One! 

The day before, the 20th and the day after, the 22th, are important too
as the alignment process takes 3 days.

The Light and Energy from the Universe, that is pouring down to us and our planet Earth through the Portal of our Sun, is rising already tremendously, to culminate on the 21. 12, the day of the summer/winter solstice (depending on the Southern or Northern Hemisphere).

This Most Important Millennium Event then leads to the finale 
during our traditional Christmas and New Year celebrations. 



See you on the other side! 

With much, much Love,
to all beings on Earth!


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Monday, December 17, 2012


By Ute Posegga-Rudel

Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright 2012
Please also read update from 21.8.12

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My Beloved Friends, 
while dreaming in the heart, I fell asleep under the sky. Beautiful luminous landscapes were rising there, radiating from inside. The Source of Light not contained in them but radiating from an Infinite Source-Light  through them. 
A world upside down, from the point of view of our, from truth alienated, artificial world. But in fact this is the Original Upright World, while the artificial worlds could only be kept going by holding them secretly, and without our knowing, upside down.

In the artificial world, light from outside shines upon things, which appear dull and dense, sometimes though with the shine of a reflective surface.
But in the Real World “surface” is not a question, all is Essence, considered to be emanation and expression of One, Radiant Source, and Consciousness.

It Is Love That Shines through everything, indeed nothing else exists and what seems to exist is transparent to that Truth Which is the natural Carrier of all things and beings that float in It.  Such is our New World.

I ask for signs, but it seems I cannot do anything but deliver Her joyful and lovingly given sneak peek to you.

Because I have been awakened from a bird’s sharp cry, flying closely over my head, splaying for me extra wide its wings, so I could see all his single beautiful feathers, 
to pretend to be a condor. As we have here only the small sorts of birds, Earth Mother sent me what She had, with loving  Smile.

It seems right now I must live again my Shaman past, She often loves reminding me. And the more, the closer She approaches Her Great Shift. But it is so beautiful because this is the life inside the womb of creation. It is the feeling-vibration from inside the Living Unity of all things, directly at the breathing and beating Heart of Life.

Inside there is only Unity, but not as we understand it in our crazy world as opposite of separateness. Inside here there are no opposites and not even the idea of separation exists! Separation is an artificial addition, created by an insane mind that measures from outside.

In what strange adventure humanity has been lead astray – fully convinced about its undeniable reality! Yes, it has been madness since millenniums! Time to retire back to Truth.

We all live in this Truth but do not know. It is only that a certain switch must be turned around. Only a switch, so that we suddenly can see what is Real and Truly Beautiful, just IS.

With much love my sisters and brothers, this is the female world, even lived as such by souls with male appearance. (By the way: before Spirit all souls are female, the Ancient know.)

Be happy!

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Saturday, December 15, 2012


By Ute Posegga-Rudel
Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright 2012

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I AM PachaMama!
I Am the Mother of the World, and I bring ancient wisdom back into the Heart of Mankind.

Many of you have forgotten the ways of the Ancient and do not know how to be respectful in the understanding that this Ancient Wisdom is your own Sacred Root without which you cannot return to your true humaness, and therefore needs to be re-integrated.

From the brain you think that you have free choice about what will happen in the future and how the transition to the New Earth will occur. The brain thinks but the Sacred Heart* Knows. This is  the  secret! The dice have been cast and there is a firm pathway lead out in the Sacred Heart of humanity. Enter It and you will know.
I AM PachaMama, I Am the Conscious Energy  and the Energy Process of the New Creation that will soon reveal your new World.  It is not just limited to your New Earth but also relates to your surrounding Universe. I Am that Power, that moving Force that is bringing about the New Creations, already dreamed in the Hearts of those who direct the  destiny of mankind.

They are the Ancient Wise Ones, the Loving Ones who care about you and who have your very best at Heart. They are the hidden benevolent leaders and benefactors of humanity’s evolution.

Please accept the truth that you, who’s consciousness is seated in the brain, cannot create the True new world, whose foundation must be Singleness. But also know that there are only very few and rare Beings, who’s consciousness dwells truly in the Heart. They show you the way. It is the Goddess Way, and the male must now release its  dominance and allow the Goddess power to rule the future destiny of humankind.

Also you will return to the ancient way of the Sacred Heart and resume your rightful place as Divine Co-Creators in the universe. But until then you do not possess the true Creator-Power that once was yours.

But be assured that all is well! You are so much loved, and even if your old world changes, you will not be affected, because you will be gracefully shifted to New Earth, before this happens.

You cannot "think" your Sacred Heart. You must Become It! You all now must find your way back to Its Holy Domain. Much information will be poured into your consciousness, much remembrance of Who You Are, which helps you to step down from the separate pride of your brain and enter the humble Most Sacred Space, the Hidden Cave of the Heart, where you truly recognize your Oneness with all Beings and Worlds and Things.

In your New World, supremacy over others will not work anymore, it will just not be any longer part of your consciousness. It will be forgotten and replaced by true knowledge and the Reality of Expanded Consciousness, through the Portal of the  Sacred Heart. This state will allow you to love all differences while being in the  Realm of Oneness. Even more, you will recognize yourself in All you see, in All-That-Is.

This will bring you true Happiness, as separation exists no longer, and you experience that there is Only One Being. You Are That.

I AM PachaMama and ask you to take My word serious and to understand the true nature of this Great Shift. You need the foundation of your Heart to go with it! You need to give up your false identity and return to your Original Nature in the Sacred Heart.

Meanwhile while you were wandering around in separation and judgmental difference, the ancient ones continued over many Thousands of years to preserve the Sacred Knowledge of your true Origin through all the generations. And they are here now to offer you their gift of Sacred Knowing, so that humanity can go on and find again their true destiny.

Let go what makes you only a limited and poor copy of That What You Are and enter your Sacred Heart to regain What You once lost.

My Blessings are with you, Feel the Presence of My Ancient Wisdom and let it enter your bewildered heart.

Release all disturbing memories that prevent you to enjoy the Peace and Stillness  of your Own True and Ancient Heart, to open into your New Reality with all the  Wonders of your New World.

I AM PachaMama!

Message conveyed by Ute 


*The Sacred Space of the Heart is not the Heart Chacra in the middle of the chest, and also not the new "High Heart" between chest and throat. It is the "Zero-Point" in the heart, where the physical, the ethereal, the mental, the emotional and  the spiritual coincide perfectly. You can find it with your feeling-intuition.

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