Sunday, April 29, 2012


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Dearest Ones,
we are the Arcturians!

As you move forward in your effort of what you call "occupy your world", this is indeed a very necessary undertaking in the process of your evolution. The more of you are consciously participating the more power, the power of light, will be received and facilitated among you and in the energy field of your Mother Earth.

As it is you, the human family, who have lived for so long below your true Divine Power of Love and void of the Light of Christed Consciousness, it must be you who change this! You must change, you must allow all your natural Divine Powers emerge to activate the necessary shift in your world.

When the united power of your higher will, accompanied by the Light of Love, reaches a certain level of accomplishment, this will be the day when your controllers will loose their power they are still able to hold on to.

Even though there are massive loads of light directed at your planet, there must be an active and conscious response to it, so that it can become fully effective! It must be received, and you are the ones who must receive it, dear ones.

We observe with joy that there are ever more of you who have opened their heart and who nurture the desire, to receive this light and who awaken to the love they are!

We ask you all to spread this Light of Love by choosing It in any moment over against the old and so familiar frequencies  of intolerance, nonconstructive criticism and judgment. 

Now is the time that all those who are here to work for the light join together.

In spite of differences in perceptions of spiritual matters and spiritual paradigms, in spite of differences of culture, personality, preferences and life style, we ask you to put all of that aside now and join with the unity of the heart, the one place you all share without difference. If you want to see the victory of the light and a new and Divine World to emerge, you all must sacrifice this last bit of egoity which still lives in the illusion of competition and a sense of separation.

How can you all, who are working for the light, be victorious over your controllers if you do not all unite in your heart! But you can unite if you truly incorporate the power of light, which carries the information of unity and  which is now available abundantly for each one of you.

We ask that you take advantage of it, of the energies now available, all these frequencies, including the frequency that makes itself known as Love as soon as you assimilate it. 
Everything is now at you finger tips, beloved ones! Now you must act! 

Full of Light and having integrated your original gift of Love, you  cannot but know that you all are here together to fight this fight for the victory of light. Each one of you carries gifts, they are different, yes, but they all are part of this huge puzzle, where each piece is needed for the shift to occur!

If only one piece would be missed, the whole glorious Divine Operation of liberating earth (and, yes, the whole universe) would not be successful. Each one of you, here to carry the banner of light, is needed to give an impulse to those who are here to be awakened by this specific impulse. It is due to this necessary and desired chain reaction, that you must honor and embrace  and tolerate each other!

You all carry an important mission, which includes many civilizations in your universe. When you join together, united by your self-transcendence, your whole universe unites in Love.

Only if you do this you prove that you are a true worker for the light, because you know that light does not make a difference. Therefore you will recognize one another in that light! And you will be drawn to one another by this love in your hearts. This is the One and Single Link that links you all together.

Difference and separation is the language of the left brain! The language of the heart is unity and non-separation from each other. 

Dear ones, workers for the light, now is the time to acknowledge this and act accordingly. Join, all of you. Join with your hearts and what will happen is that the power of light, existing already on your planet,  will fully enter you all, causing a tremendous wave of Divine empowerment.

Your self-transcendence is the last step you must accomplish to see a new world arise. Without it you share with your controllers separation and empower them. 

And you cannot look at others whether they are willing to let go their sense of specialness and separate ideas, you must start with yourself, not looking right or left. But joining into the feeling of unity, that is all you need to do. The more the power of unity stands out in your feeling heart, the more you know have joined this undivided unity already. Be driven by that power, by that joy and love, it will grow exponentially. 

Let your day of "World Liberation" be the day of your own personal victory of self-transcendence!

We bless you and are here to support you in your desire for that victory, if you call upon us. 

We Are the Arcturians! 

Message conveyed by Ute


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Friday, April 27, 2012


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Dear friends,

It is for many difficult to accept the absence of mind boggling happenings  = being constantly fed by exciting information so that the mind can rotate and one does not have to truly do the work, the inner work, the work of conscious awakening.

Most  people want to be entertained: when will happen what. How will the world look like tomorrow, what are the promises, what can we expect. 

Unfortunately the (profound) change we are waiting for does not work like this, otherwise we would have already experienced it, and especially not with the ascension process. We have to come to know ourselves first before we can "ascend". 

Even though it is said that evolution is given to us for free, this does not mean that there will be a Big Bang, and everybody is enlightened all at once.

It is still each individual’s own process which involves an individual "time"-frame, and what our Galactic friends and other Sources are trying, is to inspire us and keep us moving, but the move itself truly does not happen outside, but within, to begin with.

The evolutionary process is being done by each single one of us and not by any force and consciousness off the planet. They can only offer guidance, inspiration and also help with rising our energy and light quotient by holding a space of light for us,  and by rising the frequency of our world. But it is always us who must do the work. Nobody will do it FOR us, although many are hoping so and mistakenly believing it. Water can be offered to us, but it is us who must drink it. Sometimes we are not yet able to drink because of certain obstacles. So we must first remove the obstacles to be able to drink. But eventually everybody of us will drink. However this is a question of "time"!

The process of evolution is therefore an individual process too, always has been, only that it is now easier than ever before because the global and solar and universal "trend" and light frequency is now going in unison into this direction. Therefore this time offers an incredible chance for evolution.

Not so before. It has been so far the heroic act of a very few who achieved degrees of enlightenment - against the odds of the very low frequencies and  consciousness of a dark environment. They are known to us as the spiritual masters of humanity.

Now we all have more support and can be in the flow WITH the energies when we evolve and are being all supported on that path. But this does not mean that we have not work to do. 

As enlightenment has always been a process in consciousness and rising the light quotient of the body, so evolution is. It is to a great deal a false “New Age” philosophy which looks at evolution merely from the point of view of the mind that changes perspective and understanding of our history, environment and limiting functioning since Millenniums. But the awakening of a broader conceptual mind is not sufficient. The lower mental level is only a part of our structure but does not match our true identity. Even so this level of mind is important,the use of it to its full extend is only the very beginning.

Certainly, to welcome our Galactic family into our lives and open up to the universe is a wonderful and very liberating step in our evolutionary process, but as long as we look at our galactic family as an extension of our 3dimensional consciousness, nothing really evolutionary is happening with us, as we are merely projecting our present situation and self-identification onto other realities. It is like the belief in a Father-God with a beard.

I consider our star brothers and sisters as beings who are far more evolved than humanity in general is, as most of them have been going already through the process we are now going through. The belief that we only need to drop this body and we are enlightened, is just not right. Because why then have there been the cycles of birth and rebirth since eons on this planet while we are still a very un-enlightened society? Because this very body-mind hasn’t been enlightened! And it is the enlightenment of the body-mind that sets our spirit free.

We cannot blame our "controllers" for that because there HAVE been a few who achieved a state of enlightenment, in spite of the dark times. And again only very few took the chance and were drawn to them for instructions.  And if more of us would have been waking up already, we would have  certainly made sure that the controllers would have left already the planet, but nothing like that did happen yet. 

We must face the reality and not fall for a superficial New Age propaganda which makes promises on false presumptions and which is therefore rather dangerous. A mere collecting of information is alarming as long as there is no intention to personally engage in an actual spiritual practice. Merely feeding the mind with information is just another avoiding of responsibility for ourselves. The mind is exactly the place where our controllers want us to have, because if we mainly exist on this level, we do not practice our full humanness. 

We all must come to the point, to find all we need in ourselves, we must all personally evolve our higher faculties, which is  discriminative intelligence (higher mind) and the heart, but which is only the first step in developing our true spirituality.  

As this is a planet of free will, only if we are willing to genuinely evolve, the life on this planet will truly change. To expect change outwardly first, is an illusion. And it is already commonplace to say that WE ourselves must BE the change we want to see. A would be reality  based on mental ideas is vane and never satisfactory, as the search for information goes on and on. 

Merely to be inspired is not enough, we must act on this inspiration. We must widen our understanding, we must go deeper, we must know ourselves, we must know our thoughts and our emotions, and actively go beyond them, we must transcend ourselves, to establish a platform for peace and true love. This will change our world.

With all that being said: it is important to understand that we do not need to be "perfect", meaning being a "saint" with no emotions and personal flaws, just sitting around in "holiness", motionless, without a sign of life. Such idealization is an illusion. We are still in a 3dimensional environment where such perfection is not programmed and not possible to achieve. This is still a realm of duality. But we need to truly know our deepest truth, our Divine Essence and let it govern fully our life. And we can only know It when we understand all our thoughts and emotions for what they are and not merely think about them or suppress them in our unconsious. Self-discovery cannot be avoided and the chatter of mind must be transcended to come in touch with our True Nature. Even the Nature of Love must be rightly understood.

Can we all do this? Sure we can, it is only a matter of will and agreement with ourselves. And with all that, there is a growing number of voices who see this process taking more than 200 years until finally our world will have been completely changed.

This is  quite possible because how many of us are ready to enter the path of real self-understanding. On the other hand, 200 years in the face of timelessness is nothing and a short moment only in the higher dimensions. 

There is also talk about the splitting of earth, even in 3 parts or timelines. One for those who ascend now, one for those who ascend later and one for those who prefer the situation as is and worse.

I personally do not see Gaia splitting in 3 parts! Would you yourself like to split like that? Gaia wants quickly to return fully to that Christed state where she is originally coming from. But there are many other planets to go to and who would exactly fit the vibration of those who would not choose to ascend in the very near future. On these other planets everybody has the opportunity to awaken at their own pace.

I just felt the urge to take that hype out of this sometimes insane New Age ideas. And there are some who sense that this misleading New Age philosophy has been planted into our consciousness by our controllers themselves, so that they could continue to manipulate us. Because as long as we are not grounded in ourselves, we are like dry leaves in the wind of mind and prone to deception. As long as we are not deeply rooted in Gaia we cannot be trees who reach the skies, conducting and merging the energy and light of heaven and earth in our body. The trees are by the way our ancestors.

The Pleiadians call our body a cosmic library. We need to become fully conscious of all its content. And by doing so we allow light to enter. This is the process of enlightenment. Literally. It is about this body, to allow the light to circulate through it. This process is the basis for realizing Divine Consciousness. Being preoccupied merely with the lower mind does prevent this process. And that is exactly what our controllers wanted to happen.

These few words touch only the tip of the iceberg. But they needed to be said, and I am aware that some might not like it. But a deep love for humanity is the motivation that drives me to speak up.

Many blessings,

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012


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Dear friends,

presently I am writing less as you have probably noticed.
Time stands still and I seem to exist in this vast silence where no talking  occurs and no world appears other than the one of immediate daily necessities. 

When I look deeper into this silence which is just a state of being, I discover it in all the objects around me, they all are silent and just are. 

Thoughts and even emotions (not feeling, feeling coincides with the stillness) are just occurring, when they occur, as automated mechanisms of the body-mind. For sure they do not have a substantial and true existence. They just occur as a kind of noise. 

It seems I exists in this very dense bubble of stillness into which no chatter enters and into which also no message from other realms is coming through. The world holds its breath. 

We are not the body, it is our instrument to know creation, and even the paper staple on my desk, reminder of a heavy world out there, demonstrates merely presence, and what is printed on the surface of the sheets seems to be an unnecessary disturbance in this sea of stillness and just the expression of the trial to achieve something. 

But in truth, nothing has been ever "achieved" here. It is all a mere motion, like ripples in the ocean, they do not have a goal and destiny in themselves, they just happen. 

This silence that abides me, or call it the mere presence of existence, has a tangible "density" and power of materialization. It is a void while things appear to be merely on its surface. Like in a centrifuge. 

There is a radiance with it also, very subtle in its shine, like silk, and it permeates the body. So the shine and the stillness are going together: a shining stillness. That is what is transforming the body and is altering our consciousness. 

And indeed it is not separate from anything or anybody, and not even from our Earth Mother Gaia, it is Her very state as well, as we go together through this transformation. Deeply rooted with our body in Her and being  One with Her Christed Heart. 

We all share this if we are willing and ready to share. We all are part of this stillness and this shining essence, we are not separate from it and not separate from one another. 

Although we might "think" it separate. But that is the thinking part. Remember: we become what we are meditating on. So if you think you are separate, assume with no doubt and explore deeply the truth of non-separation. First the mind must agree and then the feeling kicks in. Non-separation can only be felt. 

Feeling is the foremost quality of the human being, and emotion is the more denser part of it. But when we clear the density of what is called the "lower emotions", free feeling remains, and it is unobstructed. But even if emotions arise, deep down free feeling ALWAYS exists. 
Try it. You can reduce any emotion to free feeling, because it is the root of emotion.

It is the feeling which makes us spiritual beings, and by feeling Divinity, our own Divinity and the Divinity in which we are all arising, the Conscious Source Light, we ultimately become what we meditate on or become one with the object of our feeling-awareness.

This free feeling is the Love we all share, which is not a sentimental entity and no object to us or a "product" of something. It is inherent being-ness. Without a thought.
Love that we create with the power of thought, is made of emotion and thought: it is senti-mental! 

I had no intention to make this into an essay or produce a certain message. What I wrote emerged out of the silence, somehow by itself, without a plan or concept. 

Should I say: enjoy the journey?
I am not sure. This silence does not know any journey, it is motionless, and in it even the journey appears to be an illusion.  

So I better conclude with: BE HAPPY, dearest friends, ENJOY you Being-ness, be encouraged to let go all the un-necessary by-products of your own true and Divine Essence! 

Much love,


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Sunday, April 22, 2012


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We are the Light Beings from the Realm of Tse-Bo-Rah, Seeding earth and humanity with the light of Ascension 


Dearest Ones,

We have been communicating with you a while ago and have been inspiring you to participate in the more and more increasing light that is reaching your planet, filling your atmosphere and is entering all beings who invite this light. 


Yes, there is a growing number of members of your human family that is indeed opening up to this new frequency that is able to grow your light quotient. This is a beautiful response as you are supporting with this work the awakening of the whole planet.

This alone is already a service which is sufficient to participate actively in the ascension process, as everything is frequency, everything is energy. And evolution IS about rising your level of frequency.

As your light quotient is growing, naturally the power of love is awakened as the expression of your inherent being.

Yet also the desire that this power of love may become your direct and own experience, opens you up to receive the increasing light and higher frequencies.

We notice that it is necessary to consider the term “Love” from our perspective, a term that has been used in so many ways by you.

We do not consider “Love” as a personal, self-created feeling towards something or a person, although it can appear as such. Love is from our perspective a power that is much greater than a personal, individualized experience, it is the power that keeps all the universes together. And why? Because there is no repulsion “against” anything but a free and radical opening and openness toward all and everything that is arising. This openness is based on the deeply felt recognition of the Source of all creation, a creation of which you are a part.

When you allow Source, which is Ultimate Conscious Light, to enter your being, or when you open up to Source to freely communicate with It, by allowing It’s Ultimate Conscious Light into your existence, it will touch your heart-torus and generate a very specific feeling-perception. This is what you call “love”.
Actually this energy of love is a quality of the Conscious Source Light, when it expresses Itself through creation.

Therefore if you open yourself up to the Divine Source Light you invite what you call Love into your experience to the point where you become It. And you become It by fully open yourself to The-All-That-Is, so that you are conducting Source Energy through the vehicle of your body. In this way you have called down Highest Wisdom and Truth into your being while living on your Earth Mother Gaia.

This is to be a living torch of light on Mother Earth, helping Her and your human family to purify what has made your living space dense to the degree that this density rejected the light.

But now as ever more of you are accepting this Light and invoking It consciously into your being, the old density cannot take hold anymore on your world.

If you have not done so yet, we are encouraging each one of you who is studying this message, to consider to invoke the Supreme Light of the Source of All-That-Is. By your conscious invocation you will draw this Light to yourself. And while you do this, it will purify you and allow your God-Self ultimately to enter your incarnation to fulfill your true purpose here.

Dearest ones, do not think that you cannot do this! Free yourself from any dis-beliefs which have been planted deeply into your unconscious mind by your controllers. You must know that it is not the truth, but that the inherent heritage of each one of you is the Source Itself, Which Is Conscious Love-Bliss, Radiating as the Supreme Source Light.

Calling upon your own and true heritage and claiming it as your Own is the necessity of this time and the reason why you are here.

And even if there are emotions and thoughts arising which you have allowed to arise, those of unworthiness, guilt, desperation, hate and lovelessness, you must know that these are all attributes which you have artificially attached to yourself. A magnet can attract a lot of debris, but it still remains to be always a magnet. Release, dear ones, release it all! YOU are not any of it, you are merely That Which Inheres in the Divine Source. This is literally so, only that this Truth is lying hidden in your unconscious.

Make it conscious, by invoking It, call into your consciousness now what you have forgotten: your true Home and Divine Heritage. Shake off the illusion of what you are not, shake off the illusion of dense vibration, in which you hurt with painful thinking and emotions. In the Light of Truth of All-That-Is, this all is untrue. And now you have been given every opportunity to prove this to yourself!

Divine Light is waiting to be invited to enter you, if you only wish to make room for it!

Your deepest heart will be satisfied if you do so, and you will experience the unity of All because it is the Power of Love that recognizes the non-separation from your own Source.

Glory to That One Radiant Source, in Which we all participate!

Message conveyed by Ute


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Tuesday, April 17, 2012


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Dearest Ones,
We are the Arcturians!

Today we wish to present to you a point of view about the involvement in the evolutionary process of humanity on earth as a whole. There are several ways how to look at this matter. But we would like to show you this: Nobody, and we say: nobody! will be forgotten in this time of great changes and left behind. And how does this process work?

Even though it appears that there are Billions still ignorant of the actual happenings and soon to occur transformations on all levels, material, mental and spiritual, none of them will be left behind.

None of them will continue to be blinded by darkness and the obliviousness of Divine Truth and what their real own essence is.
This is so because being incarnated on your planet at this time with the desire to evolve, has a specific meaning for all those who chose to be here.

Many, many, although still deeply in forgetfulness about their true nature and the  destiny of your world, are going through experiences, sometimes of the lowest ones, because this is a way to fulfill karma, or because with this experience they are able to let go at once their desire for the lower worlds. They have chosen these levels to complete cycles of experiences in density while at the same time having been given the opportunity to leave this density and all involved karmas behind.

In order to be able to go through this unique combination of experiences, many beings from other worlds and dimensions lined up for incarnation at this time.

We are discussing this, so that you are not concerned or even judging those around you who are still denying  to look into the reality of how your world is being operated for Millenniums.

These brothers and sisters of yours have all contracts with everybody else, to make this transition possible.
You see, it is all one single ingenious plan. Do not forget, that you are One Humanity, one single Divine Consciousness incorporated as the One Single Body with Billions of cells, or individuals, such as yourself.

It is all one great orchestration of awakening, which stands  on the grounds of those who are still sleeping. As they do so, they provide a time of seeming delay and necessary obstacle which helps you to grow spiritually. Tangible changes can occur exactly at that moment when you, who are already on the awakening path, are spiritually ready for it. At the moment many of you may be impatient or frustrated that nothing really fundamentally has been altered in your daily world.

But exactly this slow movement provides the leverage effect, which moves you to grow, to develop self-transcendence and trust in your own Divinity, and which provides actually the frame to seek the place in your heart.

It gives you the opportunity to cultivate your heart, as the situation outwardly is not pleasing your old identity which tends to strive for outer changes first, instead for inner changes.

All is actually in place as it should be! As soon as your inner transformation comes to a certain completion, it is time for the transformation of your outer world. Because this is the law of creation, which always starts from inside first, to manifest outside.

And when your spiritual process has matured, the old keepers of power will be removed, and your world transitions. Many of the still sleeping souls will be rubbing their eyes and remember who they are and why they are here! The experience of the radical changes will be the great trigger for their awakening!
Then you will be able to fully support the spiritual growth of those who start to awaken by the power of these changes. 

Do you see the glory of this process, in which you all are helping one another?

Those of you who came at this time  from other star systems, from other realms and dimensions, and those who have been mainly inhabitants of your earth in the last many Thousands of years, you all have been uniting for this one and great purpose of fundamental spiritual transformation. Together with the help of your Galactic friends and human Masters, on and off your planet, with the help of cosmic powers and systems, far beyond your present ability to understand them, - all these powers and consciousnesses are bringing about the great changes of evolution on your planet, and thereby also evolution for many other worlds and beings, associated with your world.

Of course the completion of a Divine New World will not happen at once at a given date, but will be a gradual process which takes "time"! But this process has already begun! And this is the very good news, dear ones!

You can indeed happily relax and trust this process of unfolding, because the light is already anchored in your world and does its work with each being that arrived here for that reason.

So do not worry or doubt that humanity will not make it or more and more slide into darkness and misery.
No! These scenarios, a short while ago still possible, have now become impossible! You have already transcended the threshold to your New World, and there is no going back anymore. It is just not possible!

The Light has won, and so each heart of you! Now go and dream with a full and happy heart your new world! Unite with all your brothers and sisters and with Gaia, the wonderful Spirit of your planet Earth!
It is high time to leave behind all thoughts and feelings associated with your old world.

You will find a strength in your heart, all of you, you never have felt before, as you start to move and join together and unite as One. All of this will help you, to know the power of Love, indeed, you, humanity, will know that Love has always been your own Unique Divine Gift.

There is a new vibration in your air, listen to it with your inner ear, listen to its singing sound, it is a high vibration, and no darkness can penetrate or lower down this sound. Its vibration is enveloping your earth. This crystalline  sound is transforming everything!  And it makes your heart sing!

Open up to this frequency, open every cell of your body and let it resonate with it. This is how you rise your own light quotient.
As you know, vibration is everything on your path of evolution.

Together we vibrate with the new Song of the glorious Expansion of God, The-All-That-Is, to bring forth the Divinity into the last corner of your world and all surrounding worlds!

We are the Arcturians!

Message conveyed by Ute

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Sunday, April 15, 2012


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Dear One,
yes, we are speaking now through you and it is us, the Light Beings from the Andromeda Galaxy, your original family!

We know that you are on your journey to fully access your true identity, because this is your deepest desire,  and you were asking yourself whether your Galactic Family would support the deepest search for that identity and support humanity in finding out the truth.

We, your family from the Andromeda Galaxy, can only say, that this is exactly what we have been trying to do through our messages to you, of which we knew you would publish them for everybody to study.

So far we have been encouraging everybody to go back to the Source from where all of you came, and Which is your ultimate identity.

Yes, your remembrance of the "time" before you started to explore more individuated states of experience, is still alive, a time where your existence has been together with us, very close to Source. 

Speaking to all of you, dear ones, at this point we wish to go more into humanity's origin. And this origin did not begin with a distinct, separate body, equipped with a subtle  nervous system, able to emanate a subtle light body, to begin with, at a time before you took on a more dense body in a 3dimensional existence. And of course, this light body never really disappeared as a possibility to evolve and to develop even while having a dense body on Earth.

But these evolvements of your association with subtle light bodies and more dense and darker, material bodies, have been occurring only more lately in your total history, yet extending for Thousands of years in your experience of history. 

Nevertheless, all these bodies, lighter or denser, you have been associating with in dimensions of different densities, are but tools to experience different worlds via subtle or gross senses, instruments of the body you have chosen to experiment with.

However all humanity should always remember that your true origin IS indeed Source, the undifferentiated Field of Radiant Consciousness. That is where you are coming from and the remembrance of this Source-Field is deeply rooted in each of you. It exists prior to the creation of your soul which most of you consider to be your highest and deepest identity. Yes, it is your identity, as long as you prefer  to experience a state of distinction and separation to one or another degree.

But when a human being has journeyed long enough through the experience of these bodies and came to know what there is to know, the fascination with these experiences start to fade away and you begin to remember the Source-Field where you originally came from.

And this is happening in the case of this scribe who has discovered that never diminishing happiness, full completion and contentment is nowhere to experience in totality in any of the limiting creations of distinct "personalities" , not even if you are living in the higher or highest dimensions. Indeed experience itself requires always a state of non-completion. There is still the remembrance of the Undivided Reality rooted deep in your Being which is the Home of humanity and which you all share. 

But most have forgotten this paradise of undifferentiated Light, before it divided Itself into many for the sake of experience. But experiences always required a gradual separation and forgetting of the Source Condition.

Although many worlds can be called "Divine", they are rather reflections of the Pure Source, even if the veils are very thin. It is only the Source which is not a reflection of something but which reflects everything that is arising in It back to itself. 

You have been seeking for the Truth all your life and we know as your family, that you have never forgotten your existence with us. And we describe ourselves to those who do not know us, as a group consciousness of extreme subtlety after our first division from that Radiant Source Condition. 

That is the state you are desiring to return to, as it is familiar to you. It is a state yet still separated from your Source, as you can touch it. But it seems that your experiences in the conditional worlds have strengthened enough your desire to go even beyond that subtle separation, tired from experiences which have lost their attractiveness to you. 

So all you want is to return Home, but which is not the subtle realm many of your human family call "home".

Human beings are much more than divided subtle bodies, even existing in higher realms. They have been only very few of you who found this out and brought this knowledge to you. But again, only very few of you felt attracted to this truth. 

In the human body, even in the dense body on 3dimensional earth, are hidden all the secrets to access Divine Knowledge and the Ultimate Divine Source-Field, to enable everybody to return to their Home of Divine Origin. It is available to everyone who wants to go Home and shed all separation from the Source.

Dear one, we are aware that there are not many who are attracted to what we are pointing out and to which you are so much drawn by heart. You know very well what you know, not objectively, but inherently. 

The world is not at this moment going into this direction, as the general fascination is busy with ascension themes. But this is desirable as it is the first step back to the origin all humans have been coming from. But from there, there is for many of you still a long journey back to Source. And so this might be the time where pathways are separating. 

We are with you, know this. You are one with us, more than ever before! 

We Are your family from the Andromeda Galaxy!

Message conveyed by Ute


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Saturday, April 14, 2012


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Dear friends,
the software of this blog has been playing crazy, images disappeared into the nothingness and I had to replace them which was no easy task. I would not have been able to post anything so far, and I am not even sure whether I will be able to make the graphics of this message appear as I am intending to design it. Still my ISP has not been able to figure out what's going wrong. In the background of this mess: 

Having allowed myself to flow with the "energies", sink into them and become one with them,  has turned out to be very beneficial. The highly uncomfortable condition of my body with pains everywhere have been the signs and the voice to change my direction. Solitude and listening to and feeling deeply into the process is still an absolute necessity. 

Yes, it is a process of - I would not even say "energy" - but of a force which is greater than my body and in which there are no emotions or thoughts, although they are arising of course, but they are not essential and more unimportant  background noise, in the face of this force raging through my body. 

I would even rather prefer to call this force "Shakti", a Sanskrit term, or "The Mother", and I remembered from my studies of the ancient Advaita Vedanta and the Path of the Siddhas, how to appropriately meet Her. So I started to worship Her and as I worship Her She becomes sweet and gentle and stops Her raging, even though Her Force remains sometimes to be overwhelming. 

In order to not experience pain and my body being tortured by that raw force, I must refrain from identifying with my body or the "world" which appears "outside" of that body, which clearly is an indication, that this body and its world is a truly secondary appearance and not the Truth itself. 

In the exoteric forms of religion all the Essentials of Existence are projected outwardly, we are then worshipping a god or goddess as an external icon, while we imagine us as from them separated beings.
That's what since Millenniums we have been taught and made to believe by those who control our world. 

Pure Esotericism reveals that all these images are living forces which are supporting and living as our own form, if we allow them. As far as we allow this we are able to recognize that this is so. And we will allow to the extend to which we withdraw the force of our attention from the external world of mere appearances. Feeling is the key. Receptivity is the key. Acknowledging that feeling and thought is energy. Reducing everything to mere energy, that there is only energy is the key then.

Friends, there are no chacras,  although they may appear to exist if we consider ourselves to be separate entities. But this is all an illusion. 

This Shakti, this Force, is removing them all and She alone remains, even AS the body, while the body appears to be mere light. Infinitely. Imagine a 1000 Watt bulb suddenly ignited. Is there any wire visible then? Perhaps it is, but we do not think of a wire we only perceive one single light radiating infinitely through that bulb. 

Mind appears then to only have the function of observing and describing the process. 
We are not the body, and we are not the chacras. All the worlds only are arising in ourselves.

Where then is "ascension"? Is there anywhere "higher" to go? 
Higher worlds? What worlds - if not arising in ourselves?
What misleading myth which keeps perpetuating our sense of separation from the Source. 

Actually there are no worlds other than the ones we are agreeing to exist. The Mother is Pure Radiance, One with the Father-Consciousness. This is What we Are. It is a mystery, yes. We are mislead to believe that we are a separate being with some chacras and a spine and some glands, such as the pineal gland, and that this separate being is in and of itself Divine. You know, a holy entity, perhaps a separate God or Goddess, filled with some lights on it like a Christmas tree.

The Mother clearly points out to me by Her sheer existence that doing this is blasphemy and she teaches me through pain. She wants to be acknowledged as the Only Radiant Force that exists, containers outshined. She doesn't want to be merely contained, She wants to Exist as Herself Infinitely and  Only. Worlds, dimensions, bodies, chacras, glands, spines, everything secondary to Her. Then She reveals a prior Happiness  which goes beyond that one we can feel in that separate heart of ours, because then there is Only One Heart. It is Radiance without a body and a world, it is Consciousness without a separating mind born from a separate brain. 

Friends, I am not theorizing,  philosophizing or imagining or dreaming. Or putting out nice ideas here or "creating" or "seeking" something. 
This is the reality that I experience tangibly and observe directly and without a thought. This Reality speaks for Itself. And this Reality is certainly greater than the body, the mind, dimensions, worlds. Rather all of this is contained in this Reality.

But this is just the beginning, I feel. And I am grateful beyond words, that The Mother is literally undoing me. Truly, there is no point in holding on to the illusion of the separate Christmas tree we think we are. There is only The Mother, One with Consciousness, which makes it One: Radiant Consciousness. We are that Ocean, every single one of us. This is our true home, our true identity. But we have strangely enough started to limit ourselves to separate bodies, worlds, dimensions, and everything that exists. 

Dreaming all these separate worlds there is lots to go to, to improve, to experience.

However if we stop limiting ourselves being merely dreamers, we realize that in truth there is nowhere to go.

Is this what the Galactics are teaching us? Or the Ascended Masters? Are they still dreaming the separate worlds, I am asking myself. 

Find out for yourselves, dear friends.
This earth is a very special place that allows us to realize the Highest Truth. This is why many of us are here, to realize what is hard to realize anywhere else in the universe.

And now I remember that the Ancient Wise Ones have been saying this already again and again. 

Much love and many blessings,

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