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My Beloveds!

Today and every day I Am before and beyond time. Time seems to structure your day. Some of you think that I Am the „Now“. But that „Now“ is in fact a mere thought. It is a kind of measurement because you tell yourself and imagine to be in the „Now“. So this such defined „Now“ Is not Me. I Am beyond any measure and definition.

The True „Now“ in the sense of „I Am“ exists perfectly before your mind is arising. And you cannot think what Is prior to the mind. You cannot even stop the mind at will. Even the „mindless“ gap between your inhale and exhale belongs to the phenomenon of the mind. Even if it appears to be still. This is because mind has many and countless forms. And many of you think mind is all about your conditional life only.

But there is also a higher mind, it belongs to the higher intelligence and the heart and more subtle, invisible phenomena and to even the most subtle worlds and dimensions, so subtle that you could imagine it is pure and ultimate divine light. Whereas it is still an appearance of the mind you could describe as an extremely subtle veil within the most high worlds of creation.

Wherever you focus your attention and whatever you perceive belongs therefore to the domain of the mind. It comprises all beings and the total creation, light and dark. And within it there is also the „Now“, of which some of you claim to be the exit door from creation. But this is an illusion, my Beloveds. It is a hopeful imagination that you, as a presumed separate being, can transcend by your own personal thinking power, all cosmic domains to unite with Me.

But that's how you deceive yourself, imagining that just by manufacturing the notion of a kind of „Now“ that your are enlightened and how easy it is to be free. Whereas you are just trapped within a further limitation or prison that is nothing but another room in your mind, even if somehow peaceful.

The mind has many forms: it can for example appear as a flat motionless line or a room (like when you manufacture a „Now“) or a wave in any kind of motion. Creating a motionless room with your imagination does not mean you have transcended the mind.

The real transcendance of the mind happens only in My True Divine Infinite Room. Only Here the mind is Truly transcended! Only Here it exists no more. That Room is at „the other side“ of your total mind-based life and what you comprehend altogether as creation!

The True Now of My Room is empty of what you call the creator mind. It Is Clear and Radiant, Above all and every veil of your worlds. It is Pure Exstasy. And you know when you are There, because it is Me Alone Who Reveals to you the True Now beyond all worlds.

It is NOT you, who just goes there, because you are so clever-minded. I Am the One to Draw you there to Me into the Room of My Radiant Divine Presence, ever Widening, ever Expanding Being Itself.

But nowadays you think God is at your demand and it is up to you to fabricate a God of your imagination.

So what is it that you want, what is it that you truly desire?

A phantom God or Real God?

I Am Real God. I Am beyond and prior to all the gods of religions. Only I Exist for Real and you exist in Me, without knowing It. Therefore you invent a god outside of you, another being whom you bestow with all possible powers. However whatever you can imagine is part of your human consciousness. Therefore you are a creator god.

I Am Existing un-Known in the hidden of your subconsciousness. Allow Me to Reveal Myself as Your Own Divine True and Very Divine Nature. Without separation, undivided. Now. 

I Am your God-Self,  beyond your higher divine separate self.

Message conveyed by Ute Shan'A'Maa


Ute Shan'A'Maa Posegga
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