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My Heart-Embracing Infinite Radiance and Blessings are tangibly with you, who know that I Exist.

Moving around the figures on the checkerboard for better positions in your conditional life, will not save you. Your seeking will not save you in this unprecendet time.

But I Exist as the Root and Substance of this world, in the midst of all its dangers and atrocities.

How do you find Me?

Usually you are identified with your checkerboard figures and you cannot find Me there. They are patterns like frozen wave crests of the Ocean. I AM the Ocean.

When you realize that you ARE the Ocean, the wave crests are no longer frozen. Always changing, they take fluid shape and dissolve again and again, being part of the great cosmic currents. It is the movement of life, the endless stream of coming and going. And ultimately there is absolute Freedom from all in the Infinite Waters of My lucid Ocean, when you are ready to let go transcending the by your own palpatable experience aquired spiritual knowledge of good and evil. Only by being conscious of and surrendering to the nature of  My Translucent Energy you come to Me, the Eternal Power and Consciousness of all things.

However identification with the wave crests of My Ocean keeps them in place, which took their shape by repetition. If you let them go they merge with the ever streaming currents of events. Allow yourself to fall into the greater Dimension and Room below what you experience as objects, facts, your daily reality, the Room in which the patterns arise. Allow yourself to float with the underlying currents, without identification, until you are drawn into the Nothingness Which Is the Fullness of the Eternal Being, the Ocean of Light Itself, Me Myself. Not the light of the worlds and the cosmos, which you might already know.

It Is the Transcendental Light, in Which all cosmic lights arise.

To understand My Transcendental Light, you must develop, with My Grace, entirely new perceptive organs. They are not contained in your cosmic self, your cosmic self is within them. Only when you know that you don't know, are you able to enter My Room. Your new organs are being borne here – and it is a koan! They are like new arms and legs! It Is a Gift from Me Alone.

And you will notice that the Radiant Ocean does not seem to Be merely in the deep, It Is Everywhere. YOU – are swimming in It. You always are swimming in It, in this untold Light. You only did not know, you did not notice it, lashed to the frozen wave crests, you call your identity. But the luminous Light of the Ocean Is Your True Nature. I AM That, Your God-Self.


Letting go of identification with limitations is the first step to open up to My Divine Touch, Your True Being and Source, God, the Radiant Primordial Ground of all Existence.

To stand as Truth in this upside-down world, YOU - must penetrate with the very depth of your heart all falseness and surface-illusions. Your heart must be opened by Me beyond your usual experience into My Transcendental Eternal Divine Room where only Happiness IS, Expanded to Everywhere.

Live within and as That Happiness That Protects you from dying in the emptiness of those who do not accept My Existence. It does not mean that there is no pain. Pain is always included in this physical experience here.  And the purer the Consciousness and Light, the greater the pain. Ignorant are those who claim otherwise.

Do not let yourself be bound by those who celebrate their separateness from Me, but stay in My Light, so that you might be protected from all that is full of the darkness of My seeming absence, because many have chosen to be absent from Me in their utter illusion.

But I AM never absent, all beings and worlds are always within Me.

However the mind is creator and creates worlds, dreams, in which I Am supposed to not to occur.

So do not allow yourself to forget Me, even as the whole world is turning mad. All god-less worlds are mad. I AM Wholeness, Perfect Radiance, Limitless Beauty. I AM your inner and outer Balance and Equanimity. I AM your Sanity. Do not let yourself to be shaken by the artificial stuttering of liars who want to create a dead world without My Living Breath.

My Eternal Sublimity draws you, self-forgetful, into My Sacredness.  Stay strong as the Beauty of My Unwavering Truth of Divine Light and Radiance. This Is My Love, submerge yourself in My Love. Avoid to be scattered by a broken world. I Am the Eternal Healing of your Divine Oneness with Me. I Am your True Existence and Being. I AM the Eternal Healing of your Divine Oneness with Me. I AM your True Existence and Being.

This time demands ultimate vigilance and integrity of your True Being in Me. Be such rescued. You will not fail by My Grace. Be My signpost in this shadow world, that soon may Brighten up, as you do not deny Me.

Because you love Me, because I Loved you first, I always loved you.

I Bless you, My Beloveds!

I AM Your God-Self, the  Divine Self of all Beings and Worlds!

Message conveyed by Ute 



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