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Opinions are divided. Some say terrible catastrophes are coming, others: Everything will become better, peace will come.
1. Can both come true on the one earth at the same time, and if so, how should we imagine it?
2. How do you see the earth, flat or as a sphere?
Thank you for your teaching.

First of all, the earth is flat and a sphere, depending on how you look at it. And neither is better. But these ways of looking at it are merely different. A person is not more evolved if they see the earth flat, nor less evolved if they see the earth as a sphere. Both views have their advantages, and perhaps also their disadvantages.

Basically you know that the reality of the earth is psycho-physical. And that there is no matter in truth, that form is only an imagination. And that form can always change. Therefore this question and this argument, whether the earth is flat or a sphere, is actually irrelevant.

As for the separation of the worlds, the answer to this question is based on the same principle as the question of whether the earth is flat or round.
It is all a process in consciousness, and the more spiritual a person is, the less they will be bound to materiality, and this will show on the outside. So the cognition, depending on the consciousness, is different, and what is called: "the chaff separates from the wheat", that is the light from the matter, means nothing else than that the denser vibration and the lighter vibration crystallize quite clearly.

And in this respect your earth is not solid, but your earth is a band of energy that happens on different frequencies. On lighter frequencies and on darker frequencies. And depending on which frequency someone stands on the energy band, - according to their consciousness, - then also the reality of it will be reflected in the outside.

That is, the so-called ascent of mankind takes place in consciousness, it cannot be pushed from the outside, it develops from within. And depending on the frequency then also the world presents itself accordingly, which is, as most of you know, a projection of inner consciousness to the outside.

The higher the frequency band vibrates, the stronger is also the manifestation of the creative power. Darkness and solidity has a hard time manifesting. Therefore, everything always remains the same there for eons. But the brighter the frequencies become, the lighter they are, and the lighter the world becomes, which subsequently appears on the outside.

So you can't look at this question as if it were about something material. This question of the separation of the worlds is absolutely an immaterial matter. And the lighter and higher the frequencies of consciousness are, the less it will be possible to look back into the so-called material worlds. Because they will simply no longer exist or be perceived.

And so each living being and each person, each community of people creates the world according to their consciousness.

Your present understanding of the cosmos and the cosmic worlds and the galaxy, is based for most of you on a still very material view. But when this is overcome, when the spirit is freed from the dense vibrations, your universe will also appear completely different. The great masters perceive this other world in this way, to which so far the largest part of the people had no access.

But this will change. So, in the course of evolution, the wheat will indeed be separated from the chaff. The heavy falls down, the light rises up. And he who rises with the light does not look back. And he who falls into darkness and clings to heaviness will not be able to perceive the worlds of light. That is simply the nature of things. Therefore, everything is a matter of consciousness. There is no value hidden in it, but there are simply, if you like, quantum physical laws at work.

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